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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 19 (September 1975)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 19, September 1975)

  2. Back Matter (Number 19, September 1975)

  3. African Literary Communications and the European Languages: The Case of Francophone Writers of Senegal

    Madubuike, Ihechukwu

  4. Sex-Based Differences in Cognitive Processing of Spatial Relations in Bilingual Students in Niger

    Hill, Clifford Alden

  5. Historical Implications of the Vai Consonant System

    Welmers, Wm. E.

  6. The Reconstruction of Proto-Bantu Culture from the Lexicon

    Polomé, Edgar C.

  7. The Semantics of Noun Classes in Proto-Bantu

    Creider, Chet A.; Denny, J. Peter

  8. The Beginnings of Ethnohistory in Western Wellegga: The Mao Problem

    Bender, M. L.

  9. The Conceptual Framework of Humboldtian Ethnolinguistics in German Africanistics

    Wolff, Ekkehard

  10. Creole Speech Communities

    DeBose, Charles E.

  11. Stable Triglossia at Larteh, Ghana

    Johnson, Bruce C.

  12. Some Structural Changes in Bantu Languages Due to Their Specific Communicative Functions

    Okhotina, N. V.

  13. Multilingualism in Lagos--What it Means to the Social Scientist

    Scotton, Carol Myers

  14. On Typological Approach to Sociolinguistic Problems in West Africa

    Koval, Antonina I.; Porkhomovsky, Victor Ja.; Vinogradov, Victor V.

  15. Language Planning in Cameroon: Toward a Trilingual Education System

    Tadadjeu, Maurice

  16. A Function-Oriented Model of Initial Language Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Okonkwo, C. J. Emeka

  17. Language Planning and Literacy Development: An African Example

    Okezie, Joyce A.

  18. The Official Language Controversy: Indigenous versus Colonial

    Kotey, Paul Amon

  19. Language Reforms of the Past and in the Developing Countries

    Fodor, István

  20. What Do We Know About Language Planning? (A Preliminary Statement)

    Fishman, Joshua A.

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