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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 12 (June 1972)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 12, June 1972)

  2. Back Matter (Number 12, June 1972)

  3. A Note on Temporal Compensation

    Gregorski, Richard; Shockey, Linda

  4. On the Perception of Coarticulation Effects in English VCV Syllables

    Lehiste, Ilse; Shockey, Linda
    Öhman's (1966) investigation of the acoustic correlates of coarticulation in VCV syllables indicates that terminal formant frequency transition values are strongly influenced by the nature of the transconsonantal vowel. This experiment was designed to explore the perceptual correlates of Öhman's spectrographic findings. It was discovered that when a VCV sequence (where C is a voiceless plosive) is cut in two during the period of consonantal closure, there are not enough remaining cues in either the resulting VC or CV sequences to allow for identification of the deleted segment or of its articulatory features. However, it appears that coarticulation effects may...

  5. Vowel and Speaker Identification in Natural and Synthetic Speech

    Lehiste, Ilse; Meltzer, David

  6. Temporal Compensation in a Quantity Language

    Lehiste, Ilse

  7. Manner of Articulation, Parallel Processing, and the Perception of Duration

    Lehiste, Ilse

  8. The Units of Speech Perception

    Lehiste, Ilse

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