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Working Papers in Linguistics: Volume 15 (April 1973)

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  1. Front Matter (Number 15, April 1973)

  2. A Cross-Language Study of Vowel Nasalization

    Schourup, Lawrence C.

  3. Baby Talk in Greek

    Drachman, Gaberell

  4. On the Interpretation of Phonological Primes

    Drachman, Gaberell

  5. Generative Phonology and Child Language Acquisition

    Drachman, Gaberell

  6. On the Notion 'Phonological Rule'

    Drachman, Gaberell

  7. Phonology and the Basis of Articulation

    Drachman, Gaberell
    There is a tradition in Europe, going back at least as far as Wallis in the seventeenth century and continued in the work of Sweet, Viëtor, Jespersen, and their contemporaries of what it is to speak like a German, a Frenchman, or an Englishman. It is a tradition still in fashion with language teachers--though to some extent only as a matter of lip-service, since with honorable exceptions (e.g. Malmberg, Delattre) the Basis of Articulation has been largely ignored by theoretical linguists over the past decades. Nevertheless, it is proposed here that the insight central to the notion Basis of Articulation...

  8. Studies in the Acquisition of Greek as a Native Language: I. Some Preliminary Findings on Phonology

    Drachman, Gaberell; Malikouti-Drachman, Angeliki
    This paper discusses some preliminary findings from a 'pilot' study of the acquisition of phonology by normal Greek children in a monolingual environment in Athens, Greece, and draws on data elicited by the authors during the summer of 1971 from children of from 24 months to 9 years of age. The five topics treated concern (1) the problem of observational adequacy in the transcription of child language, (2) the developmental disruption of the syntactic function of suprasegmentals, (3) the 'primacy' of the labial stop, (4) child speech-production and the migration of Features, segments, and syllables, and (5) the acquisition of...

  9. Some Strategies in the Acquisition of Phonology

    Drachman, Gaberell

  10. Assumptions about Acquisition

    Drachman, Gaberell

  11. Physiology and the Acquisition of Phonology

    Drachman, Gaberell

  12. Creative Errors in the Writing of Deaf Children

    Geis, Jonnie E.

  13. The Acquisition of Liquids

    Edwards, Mary Louise

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