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  1. Multi-Tensors of Differential Forms on the Hilbert Modular Variety and on Its Subvarieties, II

    Tsuyumine, Shigeaki

  2. On Functional Equations of Zeta Distributions

    Sato, Fumihiro

  3. On Zeta Functions Associated with the Exceptional Lie Group of Type $E_{6}$

    Muro, Masakazu
    We define a zeta function associated with the exceptional Lie group of type $E_6$ and compute their functional equations and residues as an application of microlocal analysis.

  4. A Note on Zeta Functions Associated with Certain Prehomogeneous Affine Spaces

    Murase, Atsushi; Sugano, Takashi

  5. Invariants and Hodge Cycles

    Kuga, Michio

  6. The Structure of the Icosahedral Modular Group

    Kobayashi, Ryoichi; Naruki, Isao

  7. T-Complexes and Ogata’s Zeta Zero Values

    Ishida, Masa-Nori

  8. On Automorphism Groups of Positive Definite Binary Quaternion Hermitian Lattices and New Mass Formula

    Ibukiyama, Tomoyoshi

  9. A Formula for the Dimension of Spaces of Cusp Forms of Weight 1

    Hiramatsu, Toyokazu

  10. Any Irreducible Smooth $GL_{2}$-Module is Multiplicity Free for any Anisotropic Torus

    Hijikata, Hiroaki

  11. Zeta Functions of Finite Graphs and Representations of $p$-Adic Groups

    Hashimoto, Ki-ichiro

  12. Selberg-Ihara’s Zeta function for $p$-adic Discrete Groups

    Hashimoto, Ki-ichiro; Hori, Akira

  13. Special Values of $L$-functions Associated with the Space of Quadratic Forms and the Representation of $Sp(2n, F_{p})$ in the Space of Siegel Cusp Forms

    Arakawa, Tsuneo

  14. Vector Valued Modular Forms of Degree Two and their Application to Triple $L$-functions

    Satoh, Takakazu
    We report some properties of vector valued Siegel modular forms of degree two and triple $L$-functions of different weight. Their relation is discussed in the section 3. This is motivated by an observation in the section 2. In both sections, certain differential operators are relevant. They are defined in the section 1.

  15. On the Graded Rings of Modular Forms in Several Variables

    Tsuyumine, Shigeaki

  16. On Dimension Formula for Siegel Modular Forms

    Tsushima, Ryuji

  17. Cusps on Hilbert Modular Varieties and Values of $L$-Functions

    Sczech, Robert

  18. Zeta Functions Associated to Cones and their Special Values

    Satake, I.; Ogata, S.

  19. Boundedness of Certain Unitarizable Harish-Chandra Modules

    Flensted-Jensen, Mogens; Oshima, Toshio; Schlichtkrull, Henrik

  20. A Realization of Semisimple Symmetric Spaces and Construction of Boundary Value Maps

    Oshima, Toshio

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