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O Repositório Institucional da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa desenvolvido no âmbito do projecto RCAAP. Este repositório destina-se a recolher, preservar e disponibilizar o acesso às publicações científicas e didácticas de seis: Escolas da UTL: Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas , Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Faculdade de Arquitectura. O Instituto Superior Técnico, igualmente Escola Da UTL, tem repositório independente.

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  1. Special Issue on Health Economics : Introduction

    Barros, Pedro Pita
    - 24-may-2018

  2. The economics of crowd out under mixed public/private health insurance

    Encinosa, William
    It is well known that public insurance sometimes crowds out private insurance. Yet, the economic theory of crowd out has remained unstudied. Here, I show that crowd out causes two countervailing effects: (a) the intensive margin effect–since high demanders are crowded out, the private market now has a larger proportion of low demanders on the intensive margin (The intensive margin are those who have already bought private insurance), and so will drop quality to lower the price to the low demanders’ liking; and (b) the extensive margin effect–before the public insurance expansion, the private sector had lowered quality to make...
    - 26-may-2018

  3. Optimal payment schemes for physicians

    Levaggi, Rosella; Rochaix, Lise
    Increasingly, physicians’ payment schemes are being reformed to en- hance performance and to ensure an optimal allocation of scarce medical resources. The empirical evidence points towards the use of mixed payment schemes that appear better at achieving efficiency than either lump sum payments (such as cap- itation) or piece rates (fee for service). Yet, this alleged superiority remains to be established from a theoretical standpoint. The Principal-Agent model developed in this paper offers a contribution in this line, with a primary care physician as agent and a public regulator as principal. Alternative specifications of the princi- pal’s objective function are...
    - 26-may-2018

  4. Treatment effects of selection behavior in managed care plans : evidence from Medicaid

    Gomes, Carla S.
    This paper tests whether capitated payments to Medicaid managed care plans induce to plans’ strategic undercutting of treatment for specific diagnostic groups. I focus on treatment (measured by length of stay and cost) in acute care hospitals in Massachusetts. I use a “differences-in-differences-in-differences” ap- proach, where the third differences compare treatment patterns between managed care plans that receive capitated payments with those that do not. I find that the first reduce treatment significantly more to mental health patients than to patients in other disease groups, whereas the latter reduce hospital resource use more uniformly across disease groups. These results highlight...
    - 26-may-2018

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