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O Repositório Institucional da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa desenvolvido no âmbito do projecto RCAAP. Este repositório destina-se a recolher, preservar e disponibilizar o acesso às publicações científicas e didácticas de seis: Escolas da UTL: Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas , Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Faculdade de Arquitectura. O Instituto Superior Técnico, igualmente Escola Da UTL, tem repositório independente.

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  1. Editorial note

    Brito, Paulo; Straume, Odd Rune
    - 21-jun-2018

  2. Trade policy in the face of price and non-price strategies

    Khatibi, Arastou; Vergote, Wouter
    When selling their products domestically or internationally, firms rely on more than just price as a strategic variable. They also rely on non- price instruments such as advertising and/or R&D investments. Any trade policy that affects or limits the use of one variable will likely have strategic consequences for the use of all the others. Using a Hotelling model with vertical differentiation we focus on how trade policy barriers alter price and non-price competition on the goods market. The main results are as follows: first, no matter whether the trade restriction (tariff) is placed on the non-price instrument or on...
    - 21-jun-2018

  3. Agricultural trade liberalization under bilateralism : an international network perspective

    May, Daniel E.
    Global negotiations in agricultural trade have been considered unsuccessful. Given this fact, the paper studies whether bilateral agreements, rather than global agreements, can lead to Agricultural Global Free Trade by means of decoupled and compensatory payments. For this purpose, the new advances of the international trade network literature have beenadopted.
    - 22-jun-2018

  4. International macroeconomic interdependence and imports of oil in a small open economy

    Sousa, Teresa
    To the extent that oil imports may be relevant to the international dimension of policy, we study the transmission of shocks to open economies dependent on oil within a NOEM framework through a DSGE model of a small open economy with flexible prices, staggered price setting and local currency pricing. For this purpose we introduce imports of oil as a new intermediate good needed to produce the final good and, apart from the usual exogenous shocks when a small open economy is being modeled, we consider an uncovered interest-rate parity shock, a technology shock and an oil price shock. A...
    - 21-jun-2018

  5. The macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy in Portugal : a Bayesian SVAR analysis

    Afonso, António; Sousa, Ricardo M.
    With a new quarterly dataset we estimate a Bayesian Structural Autoregression model and a Fully Simultaneous System approach to analyze the macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy. Results show that positive government spending shocks, in general, have a negative effect on real GDP; lead to “crowding-out” effects of private consumption and investment; have a persistent and positive effect on the price level and a mixed impact on the average financing cost of government debt. Explicitly considering the government debt dynamics in the model is also important. A VAR counter- factual exercise confirms that unexpected positive spending shocks create relevant “crowding-out” effects.
    - 21-jun-2018

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