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O Repositório Institucional da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa desenvolvido no âmbito do projecto RCAAP. Este repositório destina-se a recolher, preservar e disponibilizar o acesso às publicações científicas e didácticas de seis: Escolas da UTL: Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas , Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, Faculdade de Arquitectura. O Instituto Superior Técnico, igualmente Escola Da UTL, tem repositório independente.

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  1. On the effects of highway investment on the regional concentration of economic activity in the USA

    Pereira, Alfredo M.; Andraz, Jorge M.
    The empirical results in this note are based on state-level VAR esti- mates using private output, employment, and investment, as well as diff erent measures of highway investment to capture, for each state, both the direct effects of highway investment in the state itself and spillover effects of highway investment in other states. Empirical results suggest that the largest states tend to also be the biggest beneficiaries of highway investments which means that highway investment has not only contributed to regional concentration of economic activity but has done so in many of the largest states thereby contributing to regional asymmetries...
    - 23-jun-2018

  2. Facts and distortions in an endogenous growth model with physical capital, human capital and varieties

    Sequeira, Tiago Neves
    This article studies a model with physical and human capital accumulation and varieties. The model includes several distortions: duplication effects, spillovers, creative destruction, surplus appropriability, and an erosion effect. We show that the duplication effect in R&D is essential to make the model replicate several stylized facts linked with R&D. We evaluate the distance to the optimal solution, comparing the strength of each distortion.
    - 23-jun-2018

  3. Treatment effect analysis of early reemployment bonus program : panel MLE and mode-based semiparametric estimator for interval truncation

    Hyun, Ah Kim; Yong-seong, Kim; Myoung-jae, Lee
    We use Korean data to find the ef fects of Early Reemployment Bonus (ERB) on unemployment duration; ERB is a bonus that the eligible unemployed receive if they find a job before their unemployment insurance benefit expires. A naive approach would be comparing the ERB receiving group with the non-receiving group, but the ERB receipt is partly determined by the unemployment duration itself (thus, an endogeneity problem). Interestingly, there were many individuals who did not receive the ERB despite being fully eligible, and this is attributed to being unaware of the ERB scheme. Taking this as a ‘pseudo randomization’, we...
    - 23-jun-2018

  4. Decentralization and regional government size in Spain

    Cantarero, David; Perez, Patricio
    The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact of fiscal decen- tralization on the size of regional governments in Spain, by controlling for economies of scale, interregional heterogeneity and institutional framework. We study it over 1985 to 2004 using a panel dataset of seventeen spanish regions. The results can be easily summarized. Firstly, it supports the classic public goods theory of a trade-off-between the economic benefits of size and the costs of heterogeneity. Secondly, it doesn’t reject the “Leviathan” hypoth- esis and neither does the “common pool” hypothesis. Thirdly, by contrast, the paper partly rejects the “Wallis”’ hypothesis....
    - 23-jun-2018

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