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  1. Novel triblock co-polymer nanofibre system as an alternative support for embryonic stem cells growth and pluripotency

    Perestrelo, Ana Rubina; Mouffouk, Fouzi; Costa, Ana M. Rosa da; Belo, José
    Conventionally, embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are cultured on gelatin or over a mitotically inactivated monolayer of mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFsi). Considering the lack of versatile, non-animal-derived and inexpensive materials for that purpose, we aimed to find a biomaterial able to support ESC growth in a pluripotent state that avoids the need for laborious and time-consuming MEFsi culture in parallel with mouse ESC (mESC) culture. Undifferentiated mESCs were cultured in a new nanofibre material designed for ESC culture, which is based on the self-assembly of a triblock co-polymer, poly(ethyleneglycol-β-trimethylsilyl methacrylate-β-methacrylic acid), conjugated with the peptide glycine-arginine-glycine-aspartate-serine, to evaluate its potential application...
    - 30-jun-2018

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