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  1. Delamination structure imaged in the source area of the 1982 Urakawa-oki earthquake

    Murai, Yoshio; Akiyama, Satoshi; Katsumata, Kei; Takanami, Tetsuo; Yamashina, Tadashi; Watanabe, Tomoki; Cho, Ikuo; Tanaka, Masayuki; Kuwano, Asako; Wada, Naoto; Shimamura, Hideki; Furuya, Itsuo; Zhao, Dapeng; Sanda, Ryohei
    The Kuril arc collides with the northeast Japan arc in the southern part of Hokkaido, Japan. 3-D tomographic inversion of data from a dense network of sensitive ocean-bottom seismographs and land stations has allowed imaging of previously unseen details of the arc-arc collision structure. A low velocity body dips gently southwestward, at depths of 35 to 45 km, from east of the Hidaka Mountains to the source area of the 1982 Urakawa-oki destructive earthquake (Ms 6.8). The low velocity body is the lower half of the lower crust of the Kuril arc, which must have been delaminated by the collision....
    - 02-mar-2018

  2. Scattering attenuation, dispersion and reflection of SH waves in two-dimensional elastic media with densely distributed cracks

    Murai, Yoshio
    We compute the synthetic seismograms of multiply scattered SH waves in 2-D elastic media with densely distributed parallel cracks. We assume randomly distributed cracks in a rectangular-bounded region, which simulate a cracked zone. The crack surfaces are assumed to be stress-free. When the incident wavelength is longer than the crack size, the delay in the arrival of the primary wave is observed at stations beyond the cracked zone and the amplitude of the primary wave is amplified in the cracked zone in the synthetic seismograms. This is because the cracked zone behaves as a low velocity and soft material to...
    - 02-mar-2018

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