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  1. Adulthood as Action Changing Meanings of Adulthood for Male Part-Time Workers in Contemporary Japan

    Cook, Emma E.
    Before the 1990s, Japanese routes to adulthood appeared to be well structured and strongly linked to the school-to-work transition and other status transitions, such as marriage, parenthood and home ownership. However, with significant changes in employment practices, a weakening of school-to-work transitions, and the rapid increase of the irregular labour market to 38.2% in 2012, there exists a greater acknowledgement of a diversity of routes into the world of employment and adulthood. Freeters, part-time workers aged between 15-34 who are neither students, nor housewives, have been at the epicentre of these discussions. By drawing on participant observation and interviews conducted...

  2. ソーシャルメディア時代におけるコミュニケーションのあり方の研究 : 初音ミク衛星プロジェクトを事例として

    渡辺, 謙仁

  3. メディア産業におけるファンのn次創作文化 : ニコニコ技術部と初音ミク衛星プロジェクトに着目して

    渡辺, 謙仁

  4. 野火的な超小型衛星開発のエスノグラフィー : ソーシャルメディア衛星開発プロジェクトSOMESATを中心として

    渡辺, 謙仁

  5. 北海道発バーチャルシンガーがソラカケルミライ : ソーシャルメディア衛星開発プロジェクトSOMESAT

    渡辺, 謙仁
    Next 50 years フェス 北海道150 周年記念~オホーツクの未来に向けて~(仮)に向けて, 2018年1月18日, 2018年1月25日, 北見工業大学 総合研究棟2F 多目的講義室, 北見市.

  6. コスプレイヤーとの共創による天文普及

    渡辺, 謙仁
    This action research is based on "performance psychology." The author tried to utilize a cosplay (costume play) space as a stage of co-creative and improvised learning and development through holding astronomical events. These events may start to expand communities of learning and playing astronomy. It will be good to walk about initiatively to make chances of improvisation.

  7. コスプレイヤーとの共創による天文普及

    渡辺, 謙仁
    This action research is based on "performance psychology." The author tried to utilize a cosplay (costume play) space as a stage of co-creative and improvised learning and development through holding astronomical events. These events may start to expand communities of learning and playing astronomy. It will be good to walk about initiatively to make chances of improvisation.

  8. 国内における宿泊施設型ゲストハウスの実体に関する考察 : 2017 年に実施した質問紙調査を基に

    石川, 美澄

  9. 国内における宿泊施設型ゲストハウスの実態に関する考察 : 2017 年に実施した質問紙調査を基に

    石川, 美澄
    本稿の目的は、質問紙調査を通じて、国内におけるゲストハウスの実態を明らかにすることである。本調査は2017年6~8月にかけて行われた。その結果、ゲストハウスは、総じて旅館業法上の簡易宿所営業の許可を有していることや相部屋や交流スペースを設けていることが確認できた。また、一部のゲストハウスでは、相部屋にカプセル型ベッドを配置していることも明らかとなった。今後の課題は、2012 年に実施した同様の調査との比較分析を進めることである。

  10. アートと趣味縁の拠点における「非クリエイティブクラス」のハーフシフトについて : 札幌市のOYOYOゼミの事例から

    加藤, 康子

  11. 趣味縁研究の系譜と現代社会におけるその現れの一例 : 群馬県前橋市「前橋○○部」の事例から

    加藤, 康子

  12. 地域経済システムの創出とNPO : 北海道グリーンファンドの社会変革モデルを事例に

    加藤, 知愛
    Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are expected to lead the local economy and contribute to local society by implementing changes. The Hokkaido Green Fund (HGF) was established in 1999. Since 2001, 18 citizen-financed windmills have been built, which are operating in Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Chiba, Ibaraki, and Ishikawa prefectures. The HGF's policy and business model, as expressed in its “Community Wind Farm Projects” in regional areas, has caused changes in the social structure, making it possible to form “collaborative networks and platforms” between public and private sectors and integrate the divergent renewable energy policies of the national and local governments. Its major...

  13. TOYAKOマンガ・アニメフェスタ2017での天文普及活動

    渡辺, 謙仁
    2017年北海道地区天文教育研究集会(天文教育普及研究会北海道支部集会), 2017年7月15日, 北海学園大学, 札幌

  14. フェス観測会2016報告書

    山崎, 翔

  15. 日本と中国の遠隔交流が創出する質的価値の探求

    杉江, 聡子

  16. A Conceptualization of Strategies for Reducing Students' Language Anxiety

    Fujii, Satomi
    Language anxiety has long been considered to have a negative effect on second language learning. Despite this, only a few studies have been conducted that have focused on possible strategies for reducing students' language anxiety. This current study aims to ascertain: (1) what strategies students believe to be effective in decreasing anxiety in an English classroom, (2) how the strategies can be classified, and (3) the correlations among the different factors. In this study, a questionnaire was compiled based on suggestions and proposals made for reducing language anxieties in previous studies. In addition, the degree of students’ language anxiety was...

  17. 野火的な「プロジェクト」と学び : メディアとしての超小型衛星開発プロジェクトにおけるフィールドワークを通して

    渡辺, 謙仁; 田邉, 鉄
    The purpose of this paper is explorning potential for new learning through an ethnographic study in a nanosatellite-developing project generated from among "Nico-TECH:." "Nico-TECH:" is a makers' community spreading like wildfire mainly mediated by NiconicoVideos. "Nico-TECH:" has no institutional organizasion. It is "Social Media Satellite Development Project" (SOMESAT) which is the project for developing a nanosatellite on which "Hachune Miku" (Hatsune Miku) does performance in the space. From the result of the ethnographic study, SOMESAT was able to be taken as a goal-oriented project, and also a zone of human development such as a distributed, mobile and multidirectional pulsation. Activities...

  18. A Note on Ellipsis-Resistant Constituents

    Oku, Satoshi

  19. なぜSTEAM教育には「宇宙」がいいのか?

    渡辺, 謙仁
    An international organization called ATC21S suggests “21st century skills” and states importance of merged skills which are not resolved into learning contents of each subject in school. It is difficult to enhance such skills by old unsystematic education among each subject. On the other hand, “STEAM education,” which is merged Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and design, and Math is attracting attention and is being promoted in the United States, Korea and other countries. It is thought that education into which several subjects are merged like STEAM education is effective in enhancement of merged skills like 21st century skills. The author...

  20. Holding and Evaluation “Real Stargazing Party” at an Anime Festa in a Region

    Watanabe, Takahito
    Animations, pop songs and other fictional contents are popular among young people in Japan. In such fictional contents, stargazing is often represented hyper-beautifully. Possible socio-cultural background of the phenomenon is that stargazing and astronomy are not familiar in many people’s life. Thus, in this research, the author held a stargazing party combined with “TOYAKO Manga Anime Festa” and making people experience in reality stargazing represented in fictions. The party consisted of a night part and a day part. Besides, the author aimed to find out things which participants of the party learned through the party, and relations between the participants’...

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