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  1. To Denounce, or Not To Denounce : Survey Experiments on Diplomatic Quarrels

    Kohama, Shoko; Inamasu, Kazunori; Tago, Atsushi
    Despite widespread concern over heated diplomatic debates and growing interest in public diplomacy, it is still incompletely understood what type of message is more effective for gaining support from foreign public, or the international society, in situations where disputing countries compete in diplomatic campaigns. This study, through multiple survey experiments, uncovers the effect of being silent, issuing positive justification, and negative accusation, in interaction with the opponent's strategy. We demonstrate that negative verbal attacks work and undermine the target's popularity as they do in electoral campaigns. Unlike domestic electoral campaigns, however, negative diplomacy has little backlash and persuades people to...

  2. 生活保護における加算の意義の検討と運用についての考察

    渡辺, 真央人

  3. Evaluating Welfare Effects of Rice Import Quota in Japan : Based on Measuring Non-Tariff Barriers of SBS Rice Imports

    Gao, Qianhui; Ito, Shoichi; Ogundari, Kolawole; Saito, Hisamitsu
    The principal objective of this study is to analyze welfare effects of Japan's rice import quota focusing on the simultaneous buy and sell (SBS) of the rice importation minimum access (MA) policy. Based on the utility function specified in this study, the constructed model is adopted to measure consumption patterns through estimating elasticity of substitution between imported rice and Japan's domestic rice, and consumers' preference parameters for different kinds of rice. The results showed that Japanese households prefer domestic rice to the imported rice. Besides, three scenarios of adjusting rice quota volumes were carried out to examine the changes in...

  4. Equal Employment Opportunity Law and the gender wage gap in Japan : A cohort analysis

    Abe, Yukiko
    In this article, I perform a cohort-based analysis of the female-to-male wage gap using aggregate data in Japan from 1975 to 2005. While the inter-cohort closing in the gender wage gap is apparent, the convergence is smaller when the gap is calculated for each level of education. This pattern suggests that a certain portion of the gender wage convergence is due to changes in the educational composition of the workforce. I find that educational composition changes played a larger role in closing the pay gap for younger cohorts than it did for older cohorts. Highly educated women who entered the labor...

  5. Regional patterns of employment changes of less-educated men in Japan : 1990–2007

    Abe, Yukiko; Tamada, Keiko
    We investigate regional patterns in employment of less-educated men in Japan from 1990 to 2007. The employment–population ratio of junior high school graduate men (9 years of compulsory schooling) decreased from 1990 to 2007. Wage growth across regions had a unique pattern during this period: it was high in the low-wage regions in the 1990s but high in the high-wage regions in the 2000s. We use these regional variations in wage growth to identify the labor supply elasticity of less-educated men. The estimated elasticity of the employment-to-population ratio of junior high school graduate men is around 0.15.

  6. 韓国における使用済み電気・電子機器再活用と輸出の考察

    鄭, 城尤; 吉田, 文和
    本稿では,韓国において,関連データが得られた使用済み電気・電子機器の輸出動向と国内制度との関係に焦点を当てて分析を行った。その結果および含意は,以下のとおりである。1) 韓国では,生産者責任再活用制度 (拡大生産者責任) に基づく生産者による無料回収の実施後にも,生産者の回収ルートにのらないまま使用済み電気・電子機器の輸出が活発に行われている。中古品として輸出に回される量は,生産者の回収量全体に対して約75~90%に相当する。2) 国内回収のうち中古品輸出の割合が大きい品目であるテレビとパソコン類は,生産者による無料回収ルートにのらず,海外の需要状況と国内の供給状況 (製品機種の更新による排出量の増加など) に影響され,輸出が行われる傾向が見られる。3) 制度設計との関連で,2003年から施行されてきた中古CRTに関する例外規定が,生産者と委託関係を結んだ中古CRT輸出業者による輸出を促進している。生産者により支給される委託処理費は実質的な輸出補助金として機能し,中古CRT輸出業者の輸出量を増加させている。

  7. 国旗国歌訴訟と教育の地方自治

    渡辺, 真央人

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