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  1. Remittances, rituals and reconsidering women's norms in mahallas : emigrant labour and its social effects in Ferghana Valley

    Kikuta, Haruka
    This paper describes recent economic and social changes in Central Asian neighbourhood communities known as mahallas, using data from a town in the Ferghana Valley. First, the paper examines how the increasing costs of life-cycle rituals are damaging the harmony of mahallas. Since 2007, more and more hosts have begun to outsource the provision of food and services for these rituals, using money acquired mostly through emigrant labour. This in turn lessens mahallas’ mutual aid practices, and reveals emerging economic disparities between neighbours. Secondly, the paper argues that emigration has had transformative effects on the lifestyles of Muslim women in...

  2. ゲンナジイ・アイギのロシア語詩におけるヴォルガの不在

    後藤, 正憲
    Gennady Aygi (1934 - 2006) is a poet from Chuvash, the Middle-Volga basin in Russia. During the Soviet era, Aygi had little chance of getting his works published in his home country. However, he was well-known to readers outside of Russia because many of his works had been translated into various languages. It is widely known that Aygi started his career by writing in his native language, in Chuvash, and later he began to write poetry in Russian on the advice of his mentor, Boris Pasternak. On the other hand, only few are aware that Aygi continued to write in...

  3. ロシアにおける金融政策手段および政策運営

    大野, 成樹

  4. 地図情報共有化に向けての課題 : グローバルCOEプログラム「境界研究の拠点形成 : スラブ・ユーラシアと世界」特別報告書

    兎内, 勇津流 [編]

  5. 専門図書館としての?北海道大学スラブ研究センター図書室

    兎内, 勇津流

  6. Oil Price Shocks and Stock Markets in BRICs

    Ono, Shigeki
    This paper examines the impact of oil prices on real stock returns for Brazil, China, India and Russia over 1999:1-2009:9 using VAR models. The results suggest that whereas real stock returns positively respond to some of the oil price indicators with statistical significance for China, India and Russia, those of Brazil do not show any significant responses. In addition, statistically significant asymmetric effects of oil price increases and decreases are observed in India. The analysis of variance decomposition shows that the contribution of oil price shocks to volatility in real stock returns is relatively large and statistically significant for China...

  7. Barter Transactions and Reproduction of the Economy: A Theoretical Approach on the Basis of Russian Cases

    Ono, Shigeki
    This paper seeks to theoretically analyze the relationship between barter transactions and reproduction of the economy, taking into account causes of barter operations in Russia: liquidity constraint and tax evasion. This paper suggests that when firms are suffering liquidity constraint, price ratios both for currency settlement and barter exchanges are required and commodities are non-equivalently bartered. Furthermore, when firms barter in order to evade taxes, and bilateral and multilateral barter transactions are combined, in some cases firms in deficit become firms in surplus, making the economy reproducible.

  8. NII 総合目録データベースにおける著者名典拠ファイル形成過程

    兎内, 勇津流
    NII の総合目録においては,著者名典拠レコードの新規登録件数が低下傾向にあり,書誌レコード中の著者標目フィールドと著者名典拠とのリンク形成率もまた低下傾向にある。その一方,著者名典拠レコードの「歩留まり」には向上が見られるが,これには新規レコード作成に与かる館の減少が関係している可能性がある。NII の総合目録システムにおいては,参加館が多く登録書誌レコードが増えるほど目録負担が軽減され,それがさらに拡大を生むという循環の一方で,参加館の中に目録作成能力が十分でない館が増え,「歩留まり」の低下により,維持コストを引き上げる等の負の循環が生じるおそれがあり,それを踏まえた運営体制が要請される。

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