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  1. Relationship between motor corticospinal excitability and ventilatory response during intense exercise

    Yunoki, Takahiro; Matsuura, Ryouta; Yamanaka, Ryo; Afroundeh, Roghayyeh; Lian, Chang-shun; Shirakawa, Kazuki; Ohtsuka, Yoshinori; Yano, Tokuo
    Purpose Effort sense has been suggested to be involved in the hyperventilatory response during intense exercise (IE). However, the mechanism by which effort sense induces an increase in ventilation during IE has not been fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between effort-mediated ventilatory response and corticospinal excitability of lower limb muscle during IE. Eight subjects performed 3 min of cycling exercise at 75-85 % of maximum workload twice (IE1st and IE2nd). IE2nd was performed after 60 min of resting recovery following 45 min of submaximal cycling exercise at the workload corresponding to ventilatory threshold....

  2. 演劇教育による協働的創造性の獲得 : 部活動による高校生の演劇創造過程に着目して

    加藤, 裕明

  3. 演劇教育における教師の支援 : 札幌K高校『K版 ロミオとジュリエット』上演を事例として

    加藤, 裕明

  4. 接触の機構に着目した摩擦の法則の教育内容の設定と教材の構成

    工藤, 保広

  5. 小学生を対象とした摩擦力の指導 : 接触の機構に着目して

    工藤, 保広

  6. 高校生を対象としたトライボロジー授業の提案

    工藤, 保広

  7. 札幌の高校生はアフリカの児童労働をどのように学び、フェアートレード活動をどのように行ったか : 演劇的手法を用いた「国際協力」の授業

    加藤, 裕明

  8. 授業論:北海道古代史の授業 : 高校日本史における「進歩・文明史観」相対化の試み

    加藤, 裕明

  9. よみがえる炭鉱文学 : 高橋揆一郎原作『観音力(かんのんりき)疾走(しっそう)』歌志内公演による高校生の「出会い」をめぐるオートエスノグラフィー

    加藤, 裕明

  10. Oscillation of tissue oxygen index in non-exercising muscle during exercise

    Yano, T.; Afroundeh, R.; Shirakawa, K.; Lian, C-S; Shibata, K.; Xiao, Z.; Yunoki, T.
    The purpose of the present study was to examine how oscillation of tissue oxygen index (TOI) in non-exercising exercise is affected during high-intensity and low-intensity exercises. Three exercises were performed with exercise intensities of 30% and 70% peak oxygen uptake ((V)over doto(2)peak) for 12 min and with exercise intensity of 70% (V)over doto(2)peak for 30 s. TOI in non-exercising muscle (biceps brachii) during the exercises for 12 min was determined by nearinfrared spectroscopy. TOI in the non-exercising muscle during the exercises was analyzed by fast Fourier transform (FFT) to obtain power spectra density (PSD). The frequency at which maximal PSD...

  11. Voluntary breathing increases corticospinal excitability of lower limb muscle during isometric contraction

    Shirakawa, Kazuki; Yunoki, Takahiro; Afroundeh, Roghayyeh; Lian, Chang-Shun; Matsuura, Ryouta; Ohtsuka, Yoshinori; Yano, Tokuo

  12. ペレストロイカ下のソ連における教育史の見直し(B・ビム=バード論文の翻訳紹介を中心に)

    所, 伸一

  13. Changes in Japanese-style Management considering Gender Perspective

    Komagawa, Tomoko

  14. Oscillation in O2 uptake in impulse exercise

    Yano, T.; Afroundeh, R.; Yamanaka, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Lian, C.S.; Shirakawa, K.; Yunoki, T.
    The purpose of the present study was to examine 1) whether O2 uptake (VO2) oscillates during light exercise and 2) whether the oscillation is enhanced after impulse exercise. After resting for 1 min on a bicycle seat, subjects performed 5-min pre-exercise with 25 watts work load, 10-s impulse exercise with 200 watts work load and 15-min post exercise with 25 watts work load at 80 rpm. VO2 during pre-exercise significantly increased during impulse exercise and suddenly decreased and re-increased until 23 s after impulse exercise. In the cross correlation between heart rate (HR) and VO2 after impulse exercise, VO2 strongly...

  15. Coherence between tissue oxygen indexes in vastus lateralis and gastrocnemius in repetition of impulse exercise with high intensity

    Yano, T.; Widjaja, W.; Shirakawa, K.; Lian, C-S; Xiao, Z.; Yunoki, T.
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether tissue oxygen indices (TOIs) in two muscle groups oscillated and were synchronized in repetition of impulse exercise with high intensity. Five impulse exercises of 400 watts for 10 s were repeated with intervals of 6 min. During this period, TOI was determined by near-infrared spectroscopy in the vastus lateralis and gastrocnemius muscles. TOIs in the two muscles oscillated at rest. The TOIs rapidly decreased during each impulse exercise and then recovered and overshot after each impulse. The TOIs oscillated during each interval period. During this test period, coherent and phase differences...

  16. Effects of heat exposure in the absence of hyperthermia on power output during repeated cycling sprints

    Matsuura, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Yunoki, T.; Kimura, T.; Yamanaka, R.; Yano, T.
    The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of heat exposure in the absence of hyperthermia on power output during repeated cycling sprints. Seven males performed four 10-s cycling sprints interspersed by 30 s of active recovery on a cycle ergometer in hot-dry and thermoneutral environments. Changes in rectal temperature were similar under the two ambient conditions. The mean 2-s power output over the 1st-4th sprints was significantly lower under the hot-dry condition than under the thermoneutral condition. The amplitude of the electromyogram was lower under the hot-dry condition than under the thermoneutral condition during the early phase...

  17. Emergence of visual objects involves multiple stages of spatial selection

    Kasai, Tetsuko; Takeya, Ryuji; Tanaka, Sho
    Attention may select objects or perceptual groups as fundamental units. Previous studies with event-related potentials (ERPs) have found that obligatory attention-spreading over spatial regions within stable objects is associated with intermediate feedforward visual processing, as reflected by the posterior N1 component of the ERP at a latency of 140-180 ms. The present study examined object-based spatial attention effects in response to individual objects, by recording lateralized ERP attention effects over the posterior scalp (i.e., contralateral versus ipsilateral to the attended visual fields). The stumuli were bilateral unfilled line objects with minimal figural enhancement, and their connectedness and the difficulty of...

  18. Effect of Work Intensity on Time Delay in Mediation of Ventilation by Arterial Carbon Dioxide During Recovery From Impulse Exercise

    Afroundeh, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Yamanaka, R.; Lian, C. S.; Shirakawa, K.; Yunoki, T.; Yano, T.
    Time delay in the mediation of ventilation (V. E) by arterial CO2 pressure (PaCO2) was studied during recovery from short impulse-like exercises with different work loads of recovery. Subjects performed two tests including 10-s impulse like exercise with work load of 200 watts and 15-min recovery with 25 watts in test one and 50 watts in test two. V. E, end tidal CO2 pressure (PETCO2) and heart rate (HR) were measured continuously during rest, warming up, exercise and recovery. PaCO2 was estimated from PETCO2 and tidal volume (V-T). Results showed that predicted arterial CO2 pressure (PaCO2 pre) increased during recovery...

  19. 発達障害におけるワーキングメモリー特性を活かした学習支援

    室橋, 春光

  20. 教員養成のための地方小規模大学間連携の考察 : 模擬授業交換会の実践を通して

    齋藤, 眞宏; 菊地, 達夫; 菊池, 葉香

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