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  1. 平成30(2018)年度「経済思想Ⅰ」講義資料

    佐々木, 憲介

  2. Intra-metropolitan spatial patterns of female labor force participation and commute times in Tokyo

    Kawabata, Mizuki; Abe, Yukiko
    We explore intra-metropolitan spatial patterns of female labor force participation, and examine how they relate to commute times in Tokyo. The spatial patterns differ markedly by marital status and the presence of children. For married mothers, the spatial clusters of low participation and regular employment rates are largely located in the inner suburbs, many of which overlap with the spatial clusters of long male commute times. The spatial regression results indicate that for married mothers, a longer commute time is significantly associated with lower participation and regular employment rates, while for unmarried and childless married women, these associations are mostly...

  3. Assessment of wellness tourism development in Hokkaido : a multicriteria and strategic choice analysis

    Romão, João; Machino, Kazuo; Nijkamp, Peter
    New lifestyles in contemporary mobile and leisure societies are changing the way people deal with their health, inter alia by attaching an increasing importance to wellbeing and preventive behavior, along with growing concerns on environmental sustainability and with an interest in unique and authentic place-based experiences. This dynamics has far reaching implications for tourism, with wellness products and services showing a significant growth over the past decades, on top of the general growth in tourism services. With a long historical tradition and abundant natural resources potentially related to health and wellness services, the region of Hokkaido (Japan) offers a variety...

  4. A spatial analysis on the determinants of tourism performance in Japanese Prefectures

    Romão, João; Saito, Hisamitsu
    Assuming tourism as a place-oriented activity where tourist flows often cross regional borders, local and global indicators of spatial autocorrelation can be useful tools in order to identify and to explain different patterns of regional tourism dynamics and their determinants. These techniques recently became widely used in applied economic studies, as a result of their useful insights to understand spatial phenomena and benefiting from the existence of geo-referenced data and adequate software tools. This tendency is also observed in the tourism sector in the last few years. In this work, an exploratory spatial analysis and a spatial econometric model are...

  5. Economic impact of ocean acidification on shellfish production in Europe

    Narita, Daiju; Rehdanz, Katrin
    Ocean acidification (OA) is increasingly recognized as a major global problem. Despite the scientific evidence, economic assessments of its effects are few. This analysis is an attempt to perform a national and sub-national assessment of the economic impact of OA on mollusc production in Europe. We focus on mollusc production because the scientific evidence on the biological impact on calcifying organisms is ample relative to other types of marine organisms. In addition, Europe and its regions are significant producers of marine molluscs. By performing a partial-equilibrium analysis, we show that the highest levels of overall impact are found in the...

  6. Analysis of Job Satisfaction: The Case of Japanese Private Companies

    Hasegawa, Hikaru; Ueda, Kazuhiro
    The scope of economic theory expands if we consider that working provides people with both pecuniary compensation for its disutility and job satisfaction. This study empirically analyzes the job satisfaction of employees in Japanese private companies using a multivariate ordered probit model. In particular, we examine the effects of a big economic shock, such as the Lehman shock, on job satisfaction, as well as the effects of differences in gender and employment status. We estimate the model using a Bayesian analysis and a multivariate ordered probit model using the Markov chain Monte Carlo method. We show that non-pecuniary aspects of jobs...

  7. Territory and Sustainable Tourism Development : a Space-Time Analysis on European Regions

    Romão, João; Guerreiro, João; Rodrigues, Paulo M. M.
    In the long run, tourism competitiveness depends on the sustainable use of territorial assets: the differentiation of destinations depends on the integration of cultural and natural resources into the tourism supply, but also on their preservation over time. Using advanced spatial econometric techniques this work analyses the relationships between regional tourism competitiveness, the dynamics of tourism demand and investment, as well as the existence of natural resources and cultural assets in the European context. Despite the close relationship between tourism activities and the characteristics of the territories, the application of methods of spatial analysis in tourism studies is still scarce...

  8. Are Creative Cities Good Places for Creative People? Notes on the Social Conditions for Cultural Production in Contemporary Economy

    Romao, Joao Fernando Guerreiro
    Purpose: This paper discusses the social conditions for cultural production in contemporary cities, in the context of a globalized economy, with rising importance of the integration of cognitive, symbolic and emotional elements into tradable products and services. Although the agglomeration dynamics of creative activities in urban contexts and the social or spatial inequalities related to processes of urban reorganization in Post-Fordist societies have been analysed in the last years, the interrelations between these aspects still lack adequate investigation and empirical analysis. Methodology/Approach: By synthetizing diverse theoretical contributions related to different levels and interactions arising from creative activities, their transformations into...

  9. 業界再編をもたらした法改正に伴う株価変動とコーポレート・ガバナンスの関係性について

    松谷, 崇人; 櫻田, 譲

  10. Corporate Governance Issues regarding Transfer Pricing Taxation : Evidence in Japan

    Ohnuma, Hiroshi; Sakurada, Joe
    This study focuses on a transfer pricing taxation (TPT) action as one of corporate governance issues. TPT is a tool for preventing the manipulation of transfer pricing. We investigate which factors affect corporate valuation, using a sample of Japanese companies to which TPT was unintentionally applied. With this regard, we put emphasis on the role of corporate governance for the preparation against a risk event. In addition, we attempt to determine what kinds of corporate governance structure are most likely to prepare for an unexpected TPT inspection. As a result of our examination, we find that the association of the...

  11. The effect of diagnostic and interactive uses of management control systems and managerial coaching on reflection in teams

    Matsuo, Makoto; Matsuo, Takami
    Purpose - The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of managerial coaching, as well as interactive and diagnostic uses of management control systems (MCS), on reflection and critical reflection, which are important for teamlearning.

  12. Multidimensional inequality for current status of Japanese private companies' employees

    Hasegawa, Hikaru; Ueda, Kazuhiro
    In this paper, we show a method for measuring multidimensional inequality. We use a Bayesian method for a multivariate ordered probit model to obtain a single index, which we refer to as a probability associated with an individual's overall status, from a multivariate distribution representing a number of attributes. We evaluate multidimensional inequality by the Gini coefficient and the generalized entropy measure of inequality using this index. This method is used for the employee data of Japanese private companies, which include income and attributes related to subjective perception such as job satisfaction.

  13. 平成29(2017)年度「経済思想I」講義資料

    佐々木, 憲介

  14. 日税研究賞受賞論文から 会計参与の法的責任に関する裁判事例からの規範的考察 : 税理士に対する損害賠償請求事例を中心として

    柳田, 具孝

  15. 会計参与の法的責任に関する裁判事例からの規範的考察 : 税理士に対する損害賠償請求事例を中心として

    柳田, 具孝

  16. 乳幼児の車内放置死亡事故がゲーム関連企業の株価に与える影響

    櫻田, 譲

  17. 「損金の侵食」の要旨

    櫻田, 譲

  18. 貸金業法改正が株式市場に与える影響について

    櫻田, 譲; 松谷, 崇人

  19. 平成28(2016)年度 「経済思想I」講義資料

    佐々木, 憲介

  20. Human resource development programs for knowledge transfer and creation : the case of the Toyota Technical Development Corporation

    Matsuo, Makoto
    Purpose - The purpose of this study was to examine how human resource development (HRD) programs promote the linkage between knowledge transfer and knowledge creation in engineering departments. Design/methodology/approach - This study adopted a case study approach to the Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC), an affiliated company of Toyota Motor Corporation. Data were collected from interviews with managers of the TTDC as well as its internal documents. Findings - Three major findings can be extracted from the paper. First, The TTDC effectively links knowledge transfer to knowledge creation so that new knowledge on vehicle development is created by transferred competencies....

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