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  1. Acoustic alterations of ultrasonic vocalization in rat pups induced by perinatal hypothyroidism

    Wada, Hiromi
    Perinatal hypothyroidism causes serious damage to auditory functions that are essential for vocalization development. In rat pups, perinatal hypothyroidism potentially affects the development of ultrasonic vocalization (USV) as a result of hearing deficits. This study examined the effect of perinatal hypothyroidism on the development of USVs in rat pups. Twelve pregnant rats were divided into three groups and treated with the anti-thyroid drug methimazole (MMI) via drinking water, from gestational day 15 to postnatal day (PND) 21. The MMI concentration (w/v) was 0% (control group), 0.01% (low-dose group), or 0.015% (high-dose group). After birth, the pups were individually separated from...

  2. The Ubiquity of the Fluid Metaphor in Japanese : A Case Study

    Nomura, Masuhiro

  3. アートプロジェクトにおけるボランティア活動の持続要因の考察 : 瀬戸内国際芸術祭で活動するボランティアの視点から

    三宅, 美緒

  4. Hand-independent representation of tool-use pantomimes in the left anterior intraparietal cortex

    Ogawa, Kenji; Imai, Fumihito
    Previous neuropsychological studies of ideomotor apraxia (IMA) indicated impairments in pantomime actions for tool use for both right and left hands following lesions of parieto-premotor cortices in the left hemisphere. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with multi-voxel pattern analysis (MVPA), we tested the hypothesis that the left parieto-premotor cortices are involved in the storage or retrieval of hand-independent representation of tool-use actions. In the fMRI scanner, one of three kinds of tools was displayed in pictures or letters, and the participants made pantomimes of the use of these tools using the right hand for the picture stimuli or with...

  5. Multiple attentional sets while monitoring rapid serial visual presentations

    Kawahara, Jun I.; Kumada, Takatsune
    The present study examined whether observers are able to establish multiple attentional sets to concurrently monitor two different spatial locations. Observers identified a target letter in red or cyan among nontarget letters of other heterogeneous colours during a temporal feature search. A peripheral distractor display consisted of one item of either the same colour as the current target, and the other potential target colour, or an irrelevant colour that could never be the target. They identified an odd-ball colour letter among homogenous colours during a singleton search. The results revealed that observers maintained multiple attentional sets for detecting two singletons...

  6. Observed and Normative Discount Functions in Addiction and other Diseases

    Cruz Rambaud, Salvador; Munoz Torrecillas, Maria J.; Takahashi, Taiki
    The aim of this paper is to find a suitable discount function able to describe the progression of a certain addiction or disease under treatment as a discounting process. In effect, a certain indicator related to a disease decays over time in a manner which is mathematically similar to the way in which discounting has been modeled. We analyze the discount functions observed in experiments which study addictive and other problematic behaviors as well as some alternative hyperbola-like discount functions in order to fit the patience exhibited by the subject after receiving the treatment. Additionally, it has been experimentally found...

  7. 聞き書き 小別沢 : 北海道札幌市小別沢地区の生活誌


  8. Gatsby's Green Light as a Traffic Signal : F. Scott Fitzgerald's Motive Force

    Takeuchi, Yasuhiro
    F. Scott Fitzgerald's use of vehicles in The Great Gatsby constitutes more than just a symbolic motif: cars, trains, boats, and other means of transportation structure the plot, providing the narrative with motive force and mobility. Characters are brought together and torn apart through changes to the scenario, when vehicles actually start and stop. The characters' ephemeral relationships start with their riding in the same vehicle, and end-or are brought back to reality-when the vehicle comes to a halt. Within this structure, the novel's central motif, the "green light," acts as a traffic signal, giving Gatsby the go-ahead to move...

  9. 十三浜小指 八重子の日記

    佐々木, 八重子; 佐藤, 恵子; 宮内, 泰介; 髙﨑, 優子; 武中, 桂; 庄司, 知恵子

  10. 様々な属性の目撃証人の信用性に関する調査

    名畑, 康之; 仲, 真紀子

  11. 満洲国軍と国兵法

    及川, 琢英

  12. 辺境と異境 : 非中心におけるロシア文化の比較研究 No.1

    望月, 恒子; 諫早, 勇一; 中村, 唯史; 岩本, 和久; 宮川, 絹代; 井澗, 裕; E.A., イコンニコヴァ; 越野, 剛; 塚田, 力

  13. 辺境と異境 : 非中心におけるロシア文化の比較研究 No.3

    МЕЛЬНИКОВА, Ирина; ИКОННИКОВА, Елена; ПОТАПОВА, Наталья; 望月, 恒子; 諫早, 勇一

  14. 20世紀前半の在外ロシア文化研究

    МЕЛЬНИКОВА, Ирина; 望月, 恒子; 諫早, 勇一; 大野, 斉子; 宮川, 絹代; 沢田, 和彦

  15. Differential Contributions of GABA Concentration in Frontal and Parietal Regions to Individual Differences in Attentional Blink

    Kihara, Ken; Kondo, Hirohito M.; Kawahara, Jun I.
    Selective attention plays an important role in identifying transient objects in a complex visual scene. Attentional control ability varies with observers. However, it is unclear what neural mechanisms are responsible for individual differences in attentional control ability. The present study used the following attentional blink paradigm: when two targets are to be identified in rapid serial visual presentation, the processing of the first target interrupts the identification of the second one appearing within 500 ms after the first-target onset. It has been assumed that the reduction of the second-target accuracy is mainly due to a transient inhibition of attentional reorienting...

  16. On a Deterministic Property of the Category of k-almost Primes: A Deterministic Structure Based on a Linear Function for Redefining the k-almost Primes (∃n∈N, 1≤k≤n) in Certain Intervals

    Zahedi, Ramin
    In this paper based on a sort of linear function, a deterministic and simple algorithm with an algebraic structure is presented for calculating all (and only) k-almost primes (where ∃n∊N, 1 ≤ k ≤ n) in certain intervals. A theorem has been proven showing a new deterministic property of the category of the k-almost primes. Through a linear function that we obtain, an equivalent redefinition of the k-almost primes with an algebraic characteristic is identified. Moreover, as an outcome of our function’s property some relations which contain new information about the k-almost primes (including primes) are presented.

  17. Even Unreliable Information Disclosure Makes People Cooperate in a Social Dilemma : Development of the “Industrial Waste Illegal Dumping Game”

    KITAKAJI, Yoko; OHNUMA, Susumu
    This study explores whether information disclosure can cause co-operation in a social dilemma, even when people can disseminate false infor-mation. In the past, illegal dumping increased in Japan despite the strengthen-ing of penalties and surveillance laws, due to practical limitations in monitoring and surveillance. To resolve this, the tracking sheet used to trace the trading and processing of the wastes must be traceable in order to detect illegal dumping. This means that manifests must be written precisely in order to be effective but if maintaining a tracking log has some function other than surveillance this may not be the case....

  18. Social Dilemma as a Device for Recognition of a Shared Goal : Development of “Consensus Building of Wind Farm Game”

    OHNUMA, Susumu; KITAKAJI, Yoko
    This study explores the processes required to achieve consensus on controversial issues that involve social dilemmas and developed the “Con-sensus Building of Wind Farm Game” (WinG). A social dilemma is a conflict between personal profit and public benefits wherein the results of individuals pursuing their own profit means that public benefits decline; thus, ultimately, individuals lose their profit. Shared recognition of a common goal is crucial in resolving social dilemmas; however, in actual practice, developing such a shared recognition is difficult due to conflicts among stakeholders. To help identify effective resolutions to this problem, we examined a case of planning...

  19. Transmitting pro-environmental behaviours to the next generation : A comparison between Germany and Japan

    Ando, Kaori; Yorifuji, Kayo; OHNUMA, Susumu; Matthies, Ellen; Kanbara, Ayumi
    The present study examined the processes by which children acquire pro-environmental behaviours in different cultures. Our focus was on parental influence. Several studies have been conducted on adults' environmental behaviours; however, we know little about how children's environmental attitudes and behaviours are formed. We conducted a questionnaire survey with elementary school children and one of their parents in Germany and Japan. Two hundred and twenty-one pairs participated in Germany and 365 in Japan. The results of structural equation modelling showed that parents' behaviours affected children's environmental behaviours directly and also via the subjective norm (the children's experienced expectations of their...

  20. フランスにおける高レベル放射性廃棄物管理方策と地層処分施設のサイト選定の決定プロセスの公正さ

    大澤, 英昭; 広瀬, 幸雄; 大沼, 進; 大友, 章司
    The purpose of our study is to estimate procedural fairness and distributive fairness of past decision-making process of the management policy for high‒level radioactive waste (HLW) and siting of repository in France. We conducted normative analysis by document review and interview survey with CLIS members and a sociologist participated in the public debate on HLW management policy in 2005 by CNDP. The results show that prior clarifi cation when and how decision‒making of HLW management policy and siting of repository will be carried out in the step‒wise approach is important to enhance the legitimacy of the process. With regard to...

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