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  1. Absorption of Microwaves by Atmospheric Gases

    Rosenkranz, Philip
    The theory of absorption of microwave emission by common atmospheric gases is reviewed.

  2. Optical Communication Through the Turbulent Atmosphere with Transmitter and Receiver Diversity, Wavefront Control, and Coherent Detection

    Puryear, Andrew Lee
    Free space optical communication through the atmosphere has the potential to provide secure, low-cost, rapidly deployable, dynamic, data transmission at very high rates. However, the deleterious e ects of turbulence can severely limit the utility of such a system, causing outages of up to 100 ms. For this thesis, we investigate an architecture that uses multiple transmitters and multiple coherent receivers to overcome these turbulence-induced outages. By controlling the amplitude and phase of the optical eld at each transmitter, based on turbulence state information fed back from the receiver, we show that the system performance is greatly increased by exploiting the instantaneous structure of the turbulence. This...

  3. Generating Pictures from Waves: Aspects of Image Formation

    Accardi, Anthony
    Thesis Supervisor: Gregory W. Wornell Title: Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  4. Avoiding Interruptions - QoE Trade-offs in Block-coded Streaming Media Applications

    ParandehGheibi, Ali; Medard, Muriel; Shakkottai, Srinivas; Ozdaglar, Asu
    We take an analytical approach to study Quality of user Experience (QoE) for video streaming applications. First, we show that random linear network coding applied to blocks of video frames can significantly simplify the packet requests at the network layer and save resources by avoiding duplicate packet reception. Network coding allows us to model the receiver’s buffer as a queue with Poisson arrivals and deterministic departures. We consider the probability of interruption in video playback as well as the number of initially buffered packets (initial waiting time) as the QoE metrics. We characterize the optimal trade-off between these metrics by providing upper and lower bounds on the minimum initial buffer size,...

  5. Scaling Laws for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

    Niesen, Urs
    Thesis Supervisor: Devavrat Shah Title: Associate Professor Thesis Supervisor: Gregory W. Wornell Title: Professor

  6. Collision Helps! An Analytical Study of ZigZag Decoding

    Gheibi, Ali Parandeh; Sundararajan, Jay Kumar; M´edard, Muriel

  7. Estimation and Calibration Algorithms for Distributed Sampling Systems

    Divi, Vijay
    Thesis Supervisor: Gregory W. Wornell Title: Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  8. A Comparison of Parallel Gaussian Elimination Solvers for the Computation of Electrochemical Battery Models on the Cell Processor

    Geraci, James R.
    Thesis Supervisor: John L. Wyatt, Jr. Title: Professor Thesis Supervisor: Thomas A. Keim Title: Principal Research Engineer

  9. Ultrafast Sources of Entangled Photons for Quantum Information Processing

    Kuzucu, Oktay Onur
    Thesis Supervisor: Franco N.C. Wong Title: Senior Research Scientist

  10. Applications of Single-Photon Two-Qubit Quantum Logic to the Quantum Information Science

    Kim, Taehyun
    Thesis Supervisor: Franco N. C. Wong Title: Senior Research Scientist Thesis Supervisor: Vladan Vuletic Title: Associate Professor

  11. Multiple-User Quantum Information Theory for Optical Communication Channels

    Guha, Saikat
    Thesis Supervisor: Jeffrey H. Shapiro Title: Julius A. Stratton Professor of Electrical Engineering

  12. Phase-Sensitive Light: Coherence Theory and Applications to Optical Imaging

    Erkmen, Baris I.
    Thesis Supervisor: Jeffrey H. Shapiro Title: Julius A. Stratton Professor

  13. Using the Cell Broadband Engine to Compute an Electrochemical Battery Model

    Geraci, James
    electrochemical battery model of a lead acid battery cell as a state-of-health indicator in an embedded application. The model equations are a set of coupled highly non-linear partial differential equations that evolve with time. At each time step, these equations are solved using Newton’s Method, and a direct skyline LU solver without partial pivoting is used to solve for the battery cell’s state at each Newton step. The entire model was implemented on a Sony Playstation 3 and the direct solver at each Newton iteration step exploits the parallelism in the Cell Broadband Engine to improve performance. The parallelized direct solver outperforms state-of-the-art dense and sparse solvers running on an AMD Opteron...

  14. Novel Trapping Techniques For Shaping Bose-Einstein Condensates

    Boyd, Micah
    Thesis Supervisor: Wolfgang Ketterle Title: John D. MacAurthur Professor of Physics Thesis Supervisor: David E. Pritchard Title: Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics

  15. Long-distance Quantum Communication with Neutral Atoms

    Razavi, Mohsen
    Thesis Supervisor: Jeffrey H. Shapiro Title: Julius A. Stratton Professor of Electrical Engineering

  16. Coding Techniques for Multicasting

    Khisti, Ashish
    Thesis Supervisor: Gregory Wornell Title: Professor Thesis Supervisor: Uri Erez Title: Post Doctoral Scholar

  17. Dynamic Information and Constraints in Source and Channel Coding

    Martinian, Emin
    Supervisor: Gregory W. Wornell Title: Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

  18. Accurate Nanofabrication Techniques for High-Index-Contrast Microphotonic Devices

    Barwicz, Tymon
    Thesis Supervisor: Henry I. Smith Title: Joseph F. and Nancy P. Keithley Professor of Electrical Engineering Thesis Supervisor: Harry L. Tuller Title: Professor of Ceramics and Electronic Materials

  19. Experiments with Interacting Bose and Fermi Gases

    Stan, Claudiu Andrei
    Thesis Supervisor: Wolfgang Ketterle Title: John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics

  20. Hot Electron Transport and Current Sensing

    Abraham, Mathew Cheeran
    Rajeev J. Ram (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Robert M. Westervelt (Harvard University)

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