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Publications and Working Papers

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  1. Newspaper Reporting on Campaign Finance

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Snowberg, Erik

  2. Why Is There So Little Money In US Elections?

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; de Figueiredo, John

  3. "Using Term Limits to Estimate Incumbency Advantages When Incumbents Retire Strategically"

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James

  4. Incumbency advantages in state elections

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James

  5. Party Control of State Government and Distribution of Public Finances

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James

  6. The Introduction of Voter Registration and Its Effect on Turnout

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Konisky, David

  7. Reapportionment and Party Realignment in the American States

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James

  8. Baker Vs. Carr in Context

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Issacharoff, Samuel

  9. Why did a majority of californians vote to limit their own power?

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Woon, Jonathan

  10. Voting Weights and Formateur Advantages in the Formation of Coalition Governments

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Ting, Michael; Stauss, Aaron

  11. Legislative Bargaining Under Weighted Voting

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Ting, Michael

  12. Bargaining in Bicameral Legislatures: When and How Does Malapportionment Matter?

    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Ting, Michael


    Ansolabehere, Stephen; Snyder, James; Gerber, Alan
    A study of the effects of legislative re-districting in the states during the 1960's. Also contains data file

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