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1. Big Brother Logic: Logical modeling and reasoning about agents equipped with surveillance cameras in the plane - Gasquet, Olivier; Goranko, Valentin; Schwarzentruber, François
International audience

2. Toward a Verified Software Toolchain for Java - Pichardie, David
Software are increasingly complex and are unavoidably subject to programming errors (a.k.a. bugs). The problem is well known and many techniques have been developed in order to reduce the number of bugs in a program. Among them, this document specially studies automatic verification techniques that operate at compile time and that aim at catching all errors of a certain kind: static analyses and type systems. For example, we can rely on an information flow type system to verify, before running or distributing a program, that it does not leak confidential information to the external environment. One concern we can have is about the reliability of such a verification. Indeed, verification tools...

3. Revisiting the categorical interpretation of dependent type theory - Curien, Pierre-Louis; Garner, Richard; Hofmann, Martin
International audience

4. Formalisation mathématique, certification logicielle, même combat - Curien, Pierre-Louis
International audience

5. Técnicas de detección y diagnosis de errores en consultas de bases de datos - García Ruiz, Yolanda
El objetivo de esta tesis es el diseño y desarrollo de técnicas para la detección y diagnosis de errores en el campo de las bases de datos y en particular, en consultas a bases de datos. Para ayudar a la detección de errores se desarrollan técnicas para la generación automática de casos de prueba. Estos casos de prueba no son más que instancias válidas de la base de datos que facilitan al usuario probar de forma sencilla la corrección de los resultados de las consultas. Para realizar el diagnóstico de errores se proponen técnicas relacionadas con la depuración declarativa o...

6. Nanometer-scale InGaAs Field-Effect Transistors for THz and CMOS technologies - del Alamo, Jesus A.
Integrated circuits based on InGaAs Field Effect Transistors are currently in wide use in the RF front-ends of smart phones and other mobile platforms, wireless LANs, high data rate fiber-optic links and many defense and space communication systems. InGaAs ICs are also under intense research for new millimeter-wave applications such as collision avoidance radar and gigabit WLANs. InGaAs FET scaling has nearly reached the end of the road and further progress to propel this technology to the THz regime will require significant device innovations. Separately, as Si CMOS faces mounting difficulties to maintain its historical density scaling path, InGaAs-channel MOSFETs...

In order to model systems actuated by pneumatic artificial muscles, it is necessary to approximate a nonlinear function of generated force (static modeling part) which depends (basically) on two variables: pressure within the muscle and its contraction. In this paper an approximation of the mentioned function is carried out using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) with data points extracted from the characteristic supplied by manufacturer. The powerful approximating capabilities of ANFIS are clearly evident when compared to the approximation using traditional least squares method with function finder. Matlab's Fuzzy Logic Toolbox with ANFIS environment was used for the fuzzy approximation...

8. Evaluation - The John F. Finn; Robert E. Worden; Ph. D; Moonsun Kim Ph. D; Tara L. Garmley; Heidi S. Bonner
Exposure to crime occurs when an individual’s activities place them in vulnerable situations. A collaborative problem-solving approach to address student victimization in one area of the City of Ashton resulted in the development of a safe passageway initiative, Operation Safe Corridor (OSC). OSC applies the logic of crime and place research by focusing efforts that seek to modify behavior and reduce opportunities for criminal behavior in the corridor. Despite concentrated deployment of resources in a relatively small area, OSC has not had the expected impact on student victimization. While OSC was introduced as a measure whose primary focus was to...

9. Decompress - Yasuhiro Manabe; Kenichi Sakai
ic edematous spinal cord extending from C2 to T2. T2-weighted images showed high the posterior and la MR images of the relative to that of sp Treatment with h and methylprednisol logic status improve position and vibratio resis during a previous decompression incident. This ic thoracic cord. d a swollen cervi-al over nine seg-erior part of the s was consistent l decompression 5), in which sym-

10. On the Design of SET Adders - Mawahib Sulieman; Valeriu Beiu
Single-Electron-Technology (SET) is one of the future technologies distinguished by its small and low power devices. SET also provides simple and elegant solutions for threshold logic gates (TLG’s). This paper presents the design of an optimal TLG adder implemented in SET. It provides a detailed procedure for designing capacitive– input SET TLG’s for building the adder. The paper also presents design details and characteristics (delay and power dissipation) of a 16-bit Kogge-Stone SET adder.

11. Don't care Sets for Multiple-Level Combinational Networks - Maurizio Damiani; Giovaimi De Micheli; Maurizio Damiani; Giovanni De Micheli
This work pre5eJlts new algmthms for the extraction of exact and approximate Observability Don't Care sets (ODC sets) in a combinational multiple-level logic ~twork. The P'opo8ed algorithms are efficient because they use local information, i.e. the computation of the ODC for a vertex in the network requires only the knowledge of the don't care sets at the adjacent vertices. Two approaches are proposed. The former computes the exact ODC sets. The latter computes ODC subsets and can be used when partial information on the don't care sets is available. The algorithms for the simplified computation finds the largest subsets of...

12. Intelligent Interleaving of Scenarios: A Novel Approach to System Level Test Generation - Shady Copty; Itai Jaeger; Yoav Katz; Michael Vinov
Parallelism in system architecture and design imposes a verifica-tion challenge as the exponential growth in the number of execu-tion combinations becomes unwieldy. We report on a method for system-level test case generation. This method relies on dynamic interleaving of scenarios from the core level or sub-system level. We discuss the relevance of this method for the system level. We also describe a tool that implements this method and show how it was used in IBM for system verification of the Xbox 360 chip and Power Management in the Cell processor, as well as verifica-tion of the pSeries eServers. We claim...

13. The Effect of LUT and Cluster Size on Deep-Submicron FPGA Performance and Density - Elias Ahmed; Jonathan Rose
In this paper we revisit the FPGA architectural issue of the effect of logic block functionality on FPGA performance and density. In particular, in the context of lookup table, cluster-based island-style FPGAs [4] we look at the effect of lookup table (LUT) size and clus-ter size (number of LUTs per cluster) on the speed and logic density of an FPGA. Although this question was addressed some time ago in [17] [18]

14. A Test of the Conversational Logic Analysis Model of Question Order Effects - Philip Gendall Victoria
The conversational logic analysis model of question order effects proposed by Schwarz, Strack & Mai (1991) was tested on a set of specific-general questions concerned with approval of abortion under various circumstances. Though results consistent with those predicted by the model occurred when respondents were explicitly instructed to include or exclude certain information from their consideration of the general question, there was little other evidence in support of the model. Possible reasons for the failure of this study to reproduce Schwarz et al.'s findings are that the questions used did not constitute an unambiguous part-whole set, that opinions which are...

15. Abstract The Sky Island archipelagos of the
Sierra Madre Occidental contain diverse, highly endemic, and topographically complex ecosys-tems, yet the local and landscape-scale controls on woody plant dominance and diversity patterns are poorly understood. This study examines variation in woody plant species composition in relation to a suite of environmental variables (i.e., elevation, potential soil moisture, soil type, geo-logic substrate, and heat load) in the Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona (CHIR). Nine vegetation types were identified using cluster analysis that varied by species composition and plant life form. Non-metric multidimensional scaling and correlation analyses identified signif-icant relationships between vegetation composi-tion and elevation, potential soil moisture, and heat load....

16. On the density of truth in Dummett’s logic (Extended Abstract) ∗ - Zofia Kostrzycka; Marek Zaionc; Politechnika Opolska
For the given logical calculus we investigate the size of the fraction of true formulas of a certain length n against the number of all formulas of such length. We are especially interested in asymptotic behaviour of this fraction when n tends to infinity. If the limit of the fraction exists it repre-sents a number which we may call the density of truth for the investigated logic. In this paper we apply this approach to the Dummett intermediate linear logic (see [?]). Actually, this paper shows the exact density of this logic and demonstrates that it covers a substantial part...

17. Presenting Author’s - Benjamin Bradu; Silviu-iulian Niculescu
This paper presents a real-time simulator for large scale cryogenic systems of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) using helium refrigerators controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). The results of the first tests carried out on the cold-box used in the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment at CERN are also described. It is worth to mention that the CMS experiment is a particle detector used in the future CERN accelerator (the LHC) where a superconducting magnet of 225 tons must be maintained at 4.5K. The work objec-tives are threefold: first, to provide a tool to train the operators, second to...

18. Gridless Routing for Generalized Cell Assemblies: Report and User Manual by L.P.P.P. van Ginneken - Coden Teueoe; L. P Pp. Van Ginneken
DEliVERABLE Repon on activities: 5.3.C: Develop place- and route concept for logic family, and 5.3.0: Implement totally integrated cell generator and place- and route scheme. Abstract: A new routing system for the general custom celliayoul style is presented. The main features of the system are: construction of a floor plan topology by slicing. global routing by means of a Steiner tree heuristic and gridless channel routing with rigorous contour compaction, which allows variable width wires and easy adaptation to the design rules. The router handles arbitrarily sized cells and takes advantage of irregular channel boundaries. Power and ground lines are...

19. Entre el movimiento y el partido político: los movimientos indígenas en Bolivia y Ecuador - Cruz Rodríguez, Edwin
This paper analyzes the link between the logic of social movement and that of a political party in the case of indigenous movements in Bolivia and Ecuador. Specifically, it sought to explain why a movement capable of organizing plenty of protests, like the Ecuadorian, was unable to succeed in the electoral arena during the important 2007 elections to the Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly, while the fragmented Bolivian movements achieved some success by participating in a similar electoral scenario. The author argues that the relative success of Bolivia’s indigenous movements in the electoral arena was due to a greater ability of these...

20. Paiva: Constructive CK for Contexts - Michael Mendler; Valeria De Paiva
Abstract. This note describes possible world semantics for a constructive modal logic CK. The system CK is weaker than other constructive modal logics K as it does not satisfy distribution of possibility over disjunctions, neither binary (3(A ∨ B) → 3A ∨ 3B) nor nullary (3 ⊥ → ⊥). We are interested in this version of constructive K for its application to contexts in AI [dP03]. However, our previous work on CK described only a categorical semantics [BdPR01] for the system, while most logicians interested in contexts prefer their semantics pos-sible worlds style. This note fills the gap by providing...

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