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  1. Ramsey Algebras and Formal Orderly Terms

    Teh, Wen Chean
    Hindman’s theorem says that every finite coloring of the natural numbers has a monochromatic set of finite sums. A Ramsey algebra is a structure that satisfies an analogue of Hindman’s theorem. In this paper, we present the basic notions of Ramsey algebras by using terminology from mathematical logic. We also present some results regarding classification of Ramsey algebras.

  2. Models as Universes

    Halimi, Brice
    Kreisel’s set-theoretic problem is the problem as to whether any logical consequence of ZFC is ensured to be true. Kreisel and Boolos both proposed an answer, taking truth to mean truth in the background set-theoretic universe. This article advocates another answer, which lies at the level of models of set theory, so that truth remains the usual semantic notion. The article is divided into three parts. It first analyzes Kreisel’s set-theoretic problem and proposes one way in which any model of set theory can be compared to a background universe and shown to contain internal models. It then defines logical...

  3. Locally Finite Reducts of Heyting Algebras and Canonical Formulas

    Bezhanishvili, Guram; Bezhanishvili, Nick
    The variety of Heyting algebras has two well-behaved locally finite reducts, the variety of bounded distributive lattices and the variety of implicative semilattices. The variety of bounded distributive lattices is generated by the $\to$ -free reducts of Heyting algebras, while the variety of implicative semilattices is generated by the $\vee$ -free reducts. Each of these reducts gives rise to canonical formulas that generalize Jankov formulas and provide an axiomatization of all superintuitionistic logics (si-logics for short). ¶ The $\vee$ -free reducts of Heyting algebras give rise to the $(\wedge,\to)$ -canonical formulas that we studied in an earlier work. Here we introduce the...

  4. Disarming a Paradox of Validity

    Field, Hartry
    Any theory of truth must find a way around Curry’s paradox, and there are well-known ways to do so. This paper concerns an apparently analogous paradox, about validity rather than truth, which JC Beall and Julien Murzi (“Two flavors of Curry’s paradox”) call the v-Curry. They argue that there are reasons to want a common solution to it and the standard Curry paradox, and that this rules out the solutions to the latter offered by most “naive truth theorists.” To this end they recommend a radical solution to both paradoxes, involving a substructural logic, in particular, one without structural contraction. ¶ In...

  5. Layered graph logic as an assertion language for access control policy models

    Pym, D; Collinson, M; McDonald, K
    We describe a uniform logical framework, based on a bunched logic that combines classical additives and very weak multiplicatives, for reasoning compositionally about access control policy models. We show how our approach takes account of the underlying system architecture, and so provides a way to identify and reason about how vulnerabilities may arise (and be removed) as a result of the architecture of the system. We consider, using frame rules, how local properties of access control policies are maintained as the system architecture evolves.

  6. Smart design rules for smart grids: analysing local smart grid development through an empirico-legal institutional lens

    Lammers, Imke; Heldeweg, Michiel A.
    Background This article entails an innovative approach to smart grid technology implementation, as it connects governance research with legal analysis. We apply the empirico-legal ‘ILTIAD framework’, which combines Elinor Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework with institutional legal theory (ILT), to an empirical case study of a local smart grid project. Methods Empirical data were collected in an exploratory, descriptive example study of a single case, focusing on the Action Situation and interactions towards establishing a local Smart Grid. The case was chosen because of its complexity, following the ‘logic of intensity sampling’. Data triangulation took place combining participatory observation, semi-structured interviews,...

  7. El cine argumental español durante la dictadura de Primo de Rivera: 1923-1930

    Medrano Coll, Francisco Javier
    La época de la dictadura del general Primo de Rivera no ha sido aún suficientemente estudiada especialmente en el terreno cinematográfico. Sólo en estos últimos años se ha detectado un mayor interés por analizar más a fondo su naturaleza y características. Uno de los objetivos del trabajo es comprobar si el cine del momento es o no un reflejo de la sociedad española y por otra parte, si ese mismo cine tiene la capacidad de modelar esa sociedad. Por otro lado, también se intentará comprobar si se usaba como herramienta para transmitir contenidos ideológicos. Para conseguir esos objetivos, se acomete el...

  8. De la postmedievalidad a la postmodernidad = From postmedievality to postmodernity

    Maffesoli, Michel
    Thinking outside wrath, fear and the logic of must-be means getting started on a road to understanding that encourages us to recognise that which is happening in our society. The great difficulty that intellectuals face today lies in being able to adopt this attitude and come to terms with the decline of modernity and the emergence of a new way of being-together that are taking place in front of our eyes. Once social saturation has been reached, there appears a new phase that makes it possible to ask different questions and find other clues for inquiry. It is here that...

  9. Didáctica de la competencia histórica en la sociedad digital = Teaching historical competency in the digital society

    Gudín de la Lama, Enrique; Lasala Navarro, Isabel; Iturriaga Barco, Diego
    This article outlines the didactic effectiveness of working the historical competency by digital tools. The change of direction in the field of teaching history in the last years has been slow and limited. Text books and teachers didactic plannings have incorporated procedural activities related to history, but memorization has continued being the axis of teaching and learning this subject. Nevertheless, the approach of teaching promoting competences is becoming more and more important. The historical competence teaching has already plenty of scientific literature and step by step research on this field is becoming increasingly significant. On the other hand, digital world...

  10. How Does Football Influence the Political System and Juridify Social Movements? : Brazil, June 2013

    Schwartz, Germano; Costa, Renata Almeida da; Brandão, Alexandre Fleck Soares
    According to current trends in the analysis of new social movements, protests are related to economic issues or social inequalities, particularly those of a religious or ethnic nature which, in turn, produce new communications directed at the political system. The present study aims to determine the relationship between football and the social movements that occurred in Brazil in June 2013, as well as investigate the responses of the political system to these social grievances, centered primarily on the juridification of these social spheres. Thus, it focuses on how the legal and political systems absorb these communications into their self-referential logic....

  11. Sweden, a Society of Covert Racism: Equal from the Outside: Everyday Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Swedish Society

    Schomer, Eva
    Sweden is widely considered to have one of the most equal and gender-equal societies in the world. But the Swedish society is also one in which the Labour Court can find discrimination when a 60-year-old ‘Swedish’ ‘white’ woman fails to get a job interview – yet not when workers call a colleague of Gambian background ‘blackie’, ‘big black bastard’, ‘the African’, and ‘svartskalle’, or a man of Nigerian background ‘Tony Mogadishu’ and ‘Koko stupid’. In this article, I will try to explain the logic behind these positions. I will also suggest an extended jurisprudential methodology that might help to prevent...

  12. Reflexiones sobre la carrera docente y la organización de los servicios docentes en la Universidad de la República

    Gulla, Mariana; Criado, Luján; Cabrera, Carolina
    A partir de la consideración de la docencia universitaria como una profesión académica, pretendemos dar respuesta a los interrogantes que a continuación presentamos, los cuales se analizarán, en cada caso, en el marco del régimen estatutario vigente para los funcionarios docentes de la Universidad de la República (Udelar) y su propuesta de modificación actualmente en discusión en el seno del órgano jerarca de la institución, el Consejo Directivo Central. El análisis se hará de acuerdo a las dimensiones identificadas en la documentación recabada y dentro del marco teórico correspondiente a este campo de estudios. Se presentarán y analizarán asimismo una...

  13. Educación física y formación docente: Impacto de las prácticas pedagógicas en las trayectorias formativas universitarias

    Fernández, Marisa
    El abandono de la formación universitaria durante los primeros años ocupa un lugar relevante en el discurso y producción pedagógicos en tanto resulta una preocupación central en Nivel Superior. La antigua selección académica en el ingreso pareciera haberse trasladado al interior del trayecto formativo. Sin dejar de situar esta problemática en el actual contexto y sin olvidar aquellos aspectos que hacen referencia a los propios estudiantes, afirmamos que en la actualidad las prácticas docentes universitarias son interpeladas por las formas que adoptan las trayectorias educativas. Por lo tanto, en este estudio, proponemos abordar de manera focalizada las prácticas pedagógicas desarrolladas...

  14. La formación docente y la generación de conocimientos

    Ungerfeld, Rodolfo; Moron, Silvia
    En el presente trabajo se revisan las ventajas de incluir la formación en investigación en los procesos de formación docente, y que por tanto el futuro docente cuente con herramientas de investigación para incluir y utilizar en sus actividades de enseñanza. Esto implica que conozca adecuadamente las fuentes de información de conocimientos originales, que pueda desarrollar una visión crítica frente a estas fuentes de conocimiento, que pueda promover procesos de razonamiento, pensamiento lógico, recombinación de conocimientos, desarrollo de capacidades propias y de la metacognición en sus estudiantes, así como el desarrollo de aptitudes intuitivas y de diseños que permitan solucionar...

  15. “Ceremonias mínimas” en la formación psicológica desde la perspectiva de los derechos de infancia

    Blanco, Rossana
    En este trabajo se pretende reflexionar acerca de distintas circunstancias y algunos obstáculos que se presentan en la docencia universitaria de grado en la carrera de Psicología de la Universidad de la República a la hora de enseñar y aprender acerca del quehacer psicológico y los derechos de infancia.A partir del año 2013 la Facultad de Psicología implementa el Plan de estudios de la Licenciatura de Psicología (PELP), nueva estructura curricular que incorpora innovaciones conceptuales-metodológicas orientadas hacia la articulación de saberes de la psicología con otras disciplinas y la promoción del psicólogo en la investigación y producción de conocimiento.En este...

  16. Los órganos de decisión de los grupos de acción local en el periodo 2007-2013 en España: relaciones entre los actores del medio rural

    Sacristán López, Hugo; Martínez Arroyo, Francisco; Yagüe Blanco, José Luis
    El desarrollo rural en España no podría entenderse hoy en día alejado de los programas LEADER. Después de 23 años en los que esta metodología ha formado parte de las políticas impulsadas desde la Unión Europea, la actividad de los Grupos de Acción Local (GAL) se ha incrustado en la realidad rural como una de las herramientas consolidadas para su desarrollo. El presente trabajo realiza un análisis de la representatividad de los GAL a través de la composición de sus órganos directivos. Aparte de constatar las lógicas diferencias regionales y territoriales en cuanto a la composición de estos grupos, se...

  17. La necesaria (y desatendida) dimensión social del estado colombiano en la consecución de la paz

    Ríos Sierra, Jerónimo; Camerano Fuentes, Edith
    The following lines are an effort to highlight the need, unattended, to incorporate a sense of "positive peace" in understanding and political will to overcome the Colombian armed conflict. From the social agenda of President Ernesto Samper (1994-1998), in Colombia has prevailed a way of understanding peace in a negative sense that is, in terms of the absence of war. It somehow has avoided the need to accompany this logic of a set of social policies and measures to mitigate structural conditions that have fueled the violence of the Colombian conflict during the last decades. The peace process in Havana (Cuba) requires the need to rethink the...

  18. Organizações sociais e políticas públicas : inserção da Fetraf-Sul nas políticas públicas de segurança alimentar e nutricional

    Conti, Irio Luiz
    O objetivo geral desta tese foi compreender as mudanças ocorridas no interior de organizações sociais da agricultura familiar, como a Fetraf-Sul, em virtude de sua participação na formulação e implantação de políticas públicas de segurança alimentar e nutricional (SAN). Para concretizar os objetivos foram utilizados os enfoques teóricos da Contentious Politics e da Perspectiva Orientada ao Ator. A investigação se caracterizou por ser um estudo de caso e privilegiou a abordagem qualitativa, auxiliada pela quantitativa. Optou-se por duas unidades de análise, sendo uma em Brasília, Distrito Federal, e outra no município de Constantina, no Rio Grande do Sul. As entrevistas...

  19. SAT-based optimal hypergraph partitioning with replication

    Wrighton, Michael G.; DeHon, André M.
    We propose a methodology for optimal k-way partitioning with replication of directed hypergraphs via Boolean satisfiability. We begin by leveraging the power of existing and emerging SAT solvers to attack traditional logic bipartitioning and show good scaling behavior. We continue to present the first optimal partitioning results that admit generation and assignment of replicated nodes concurrently. Our framework is general enough that we also give the first published optimal results for partitioning with respect to the maximum subdomain degree metric and the sum of external degrees metric. We show that for the bipartitioning case we can feasibly solve problems of...

  20. Detection and Prevention of Hardware Trojan through Logic Testing

    Ba, Papa-Sidy; Dupuis, Sophie; Flottes, Marie-Lise; Di Natale, Giorgio; Rouzeyre, Bruno
    International audience

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