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101. Como un zombi en Pompeya. El sujeto neurológico en su Ciberágora - de Vos, Jan
In current iconographic culture the brain plays an important role. In their turn brain images engage in a compelling way today’s subjectivity. In this paper I claim that, while contemporary subjectivity implies an identification with the brain-image, the latter is already constructed and given form by the psychological and neurological discourses. First, I will explore more closely how the psycho-neurological discourses themselves are caught in the logic of iconographic culture. Then, I will address in more details how the new technologies and the dimension of virtuality gives this scheme another twist. In this way I argue that contemporary subjectivity has...

102. Laboratorios de procomún: experimentación, recursividad y activismo - Estalella Fernández, Adolfo; Rocha, Jara; Lafuente, Antonio
The urban public space, digital creations or the air, all of them are objects that have been traditionally thought within the dichotomous logic of the public and private property but in the last decade they have started to be considered as common resources. Commons is an old concept that has been recovered with intensity in the last decade; it refers to collective resources and goods that are governed collectively and whose property regime is different from the public and private. This article introduces the contributions to a monograph devoted to the topic of ‘Laboratories of commons’. Contributors discuss the diverse...

103. Biopatentes. El cercamiento de lo vivo - Ptqk, Maria
El régimen de biopatentes, que contribuye a la privatización de la materia viva y a su exclusión del patrimonio común, reproduce y actualiza los mecanismos del proyecto colonial en la gestión de los recursos de la naturaleza. Se analizan dos alternativas al sistema de biopatentes: la que corresponde con la lógica del acceso libre y abierto a los recursos y la que desmboca en el concepto de medio ambiente como patrimonio común de la Humanidad.

104. El pastor, el doctor y el Big Data - Segura Vázquez, Alejandro
The rise of the Internet as a space for global interaction makes the political subjectivation of automated surveillance especially important for understanding the mechanisms of social control in our current culture. This essay approaches mass electronic surveillance from the perspective of the processes of production of subjectivities among users of the Net. It will briefly outline a history of the production of subjects as related to the necessity of expressing a certain truth about themselves, of confessing and conforming to a normality regulated by the strategic frameworks of power. At the same time, it will attempt to associate the logic...

105. O melhor interesse da criança e o "mal menor": quando os requerentes são gays - Uziel, Anna
A partir da Constituição Federal de 1988, a legislação brasileira considera família como composta por qualquer dos pais e seus filhos, sem distinção se são biológicos ou adotivos, e sem necessidade do casamento como base. A lei não se refere à orientação sexual. A homossexualidade dos pais, que pode aparecer nos relatórios de assistentes sociais ou psicólogos, não tem impedido a adoção. E desde 2005 é possível um casal de pessoas do mesmo sexo adotar uma criança, que tem seu registro civil no nome dos dois. Cada vez mais, juízes e desembargadores têm sido favoráveis aos requerentes que se declaram...

106. Diversidad cultural y lógica colonial sobre los impedimientos para el reconocimiento de derechos políticos a los inmigrantes - Lucas Martín, Francisco Javier de

107. A norma jurídica e sua expressão lógico-deôntica - Guerra Filho, Willis Santiago

108. Por uma carta dos bens fundamentais DOI - Ferrajoli, Luigi
This article addresses the question of whether the stipulation of fundamental rights and obligations and prohibitions related to them is sufficient to properly ensure the needs and vital interests, especially those from collective interest. Fundamental goods are those whose access is guaranteed to each and every one since they are the object of fundamental rights, excluded from the logic of the market. The warranty for new goods and basic goods in the bottom of civilization requires a political decision to submit the right market relations. Thus, to the international charters and conventions and fundamental constitutional rights should be added Charters...

109. ¿Hacia una Democracia y tecnologías - Piana, Ricardo Sebastián
Internet may become a channel to promote horizontal accountability, creating a more cooperative interaction between citizens, government officials and civil society organizations. The growing crisis of representation has caused the state modernization to each time appear increasingly as the central focus in politician campaigns. But before building and implementing enormous reform processes, it is necessary to research whether the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has actually contributed to the state reform and what uses these instruments receive from governors and citizens. Information Society logic is not unavoidable: Internet and the ICT will modify the grammar of the political power, but we do not know how. It depends on what use we will give them. They will...

110. O conflito, o monopólio estatal de seu tratamento e a construção de uma resposta consensuada: a “jurisconstrução” - Spengler, Fabiana Marion; Bolzan de Morais, José Luiz
The jurisdictional role, currently a State’s monopoly, does not offer answers for the conflicting society, which goes through a crisis phase demanding a search for alternatives. In those terms, the present work has as its main scope the discussion of the conflict and the possible paths to address it.  Yet the social conflicts are to be analyzed, which translates into a conflicting judicial issue, that is, litigation that searches answers in the judicial structure. Thus, being the meaning of the word conflict limited, the judicial performance and the logic exercised by the State in facing it, will be one object of this study. At the same time other more democratic and freed...

111. Reflexiones en torno a la logica kelseniana - Russo, Eduardo A.

112. Neopositivismo e teoria pura do direito: notas sobre a influência do verificacionismo lógico no pensamento de Hans Kelsen - de Carvalho Luz, Vladimir
The project of a Juridical Science by Hans Kelsen is clearly influenced by the epistemological environment present in the period between World War I and II. A relevant contact point between the neopositivist ideals and Kelsen´s Pure Theory of Right can be found in the issue of logical verificationism. Within this framework, the criterion of verification of  falsity or truth of a proposition, central element in scientific discourse according to Carnap and Schlick, is also used by Kelsen to support the specific activity of his Science of Right. This clear influence of the Vienna Circle on Kelsenian thinking, nonetheless, did not eliminate a few relevant paradoxical issues, namely the issue of rational foundation of values,...

113. Kelsen e Wittgenstein: as interfaces da lógica - Graça Neto, Antônio

114. Retórica como metódica para estudo do direito - Adeodato, Joao Maurício
According to ontological, essentialist philosophies, clearly prevailing in Western tradition and in contemporary philosophy of law, language is a mere instrument to the discovery of truth, which can be apparent to some, or to hide behind appearances, to others, with all combinations and eclecticisms. The common idea is that with method, logic, intuition, emotion and all their knowledge apparatus, it is possible for human beings to find truth, statements which would compel everyone to acceptance (“rationality”). In what ethics is concerned, truth equals correctness, justice and other laudatory adjectives. This paper defends the thesis thatthis is a highly functional illusion and that the precarious agreements of language not only constitute the maximum possible guarantees,...

115. Aporte lógico informativo al analisis de la legislacion - Martino, Antonio Anselmo

116. La resolución de problemas como mejora contínua y progreso de las empresas - Juarez Varón, David; Mengual Recuerda, Ana; Rodríguez Villalobos, Alejandro; Sempere Ripoll, Francisca
La resolución de problemas es fundamental para la mejora continua y progreso de las empresas. Conocer herramientas para resolver problemas de manera tanto lógica como creativa, puede ayudar a contribuir a alcanzar mejores resultados de negocio y, en definitiva, a poder realizar de manera más eficiente el trabajo y a que reconozcan el valor añadido que la persona representa para la empresa. El siguiente trabajo aborda cómo desarrollar las habilidades de pensar de forma completa (lógica y creativamente) para alcanzar mejores resultados de negocio, identificar la influencia de los paradigmas en la forma de pensar, reconocer la importancia de utilizar tanto...

117. Los ma`abir o puntos de cruce en el Beirut de la guerra civil - Ruiz Herrero, Juan Mª
Durante la Guerra Civil libanesa, la capital Beirut y su periferia se vio escindida en dos mitades en función de una lógica de segregación confesional que liquidó en gran medida el carácter mixto de numerosos vecindarios. La fractura que dividía un tejido urbano de considerable complejidad correspondía a la línea de demarcación, el principal frente del conflicto que, aparecida con el inicio de las hostilidades en 1975, impondría hasta 1990 una reinterpretación del espacio a nivel social, económico y político. El acceso entre ambos sectores, Este y Oeste, quedaría a expensas de los ma´âbir, puntos de paso controlados por la...

118. Significaciones imaginarias sobre alimentación y su relación con la seguridad alimentaria - Sánchez, Marlén Cortés
Se buscó develar las Significaciones Imaginarias sobre alimentación que tienen los niños y niñas, que generan  hábitos y prácticas alimentarias determinantes de su Seguridad Alimentaria. Este estudio de carácter cualitativo se apoyó en  la entrevista estructurada y el taller iconográfico, desarrollados con estudiantes de tercer grado de un colegio distrital, quienes expresan que la alimentación que reciben en sus casas es buena, rica y saludable, aunque en realidad dicha alimentación esté lejos de ser equilibrada, nutritiva y saludable; entre las preferencias de los niños se encuentran alimentos como el helado, perro caliente, pizza y papas de paquete; los de  mayor...

119. Dificultades detectadas al pasar del álgebra al cálculo en educación matemática - Sanabria, Gloria Inés Neira
El escenario usual del trabajo inicial del cálculo muestra repitencia,  deserción escolar, incomprensión de conceptos, inadecuado manejo de  razonamientos, escasa competencia algebraica en la resolución de los nuevos problemas; cursos desarrollados mecánicamente, trabajo puramente algorítmico y algebraico, sin alcanzar comprensión de los razonamientos y conceptos del cálculo. Desde  las investigaciones de Artigue y Sierpinska, planteamos que el lenguaje, los razonamientos, la lógica, la alternancia de cuantificadores, el tratamiento de los signos usados en  cálculo, plantean una “ruptura” con lo que se hace en álgebra, y se propone una investigación en la Transición Algebra-Cálculo como una manera de impactar significativamente en...

120. Aproximación al estudio del gobierno y la administración local desde una perspectiva comparada - Sánchez González, José Juan
The current logic operation according to the economic principle has forced reflect on the study of traditional structures on which the government rests, and in particular on those that we believe should be used to restore the credibility of political institutions, the local authorities, whose proximity to the city places them in a privileged place for this purpose. It has been estimated from a comparative study trying to provide references for use in decision analysis strategies on the development and reform of local government perspective.

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