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101. Implementação em hardware reconfigurável de operadores matriciais para solução numérica de sistemas lineares - Arias García, Janier
Tese (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Faculdade de Tecnologia, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica, 2014.

102. Application of fuzzy logic in performance management: a literature review - GURREA MONTESINOS, VERÓNICA; Alfaro Saiz, Juan José; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Raúl; Verdecho Sáez, María José
Performance management has become in a key success factor for any organization. Traditionally, performance management has focused uniquely in financial measures, mainly using quantitative measures, but two decades ago they were extended towards an integral view of the organization, appearing qualitative measures. This type of extended view and associated measures have a degree of uncertainty that needs to be bounded. One of the essential tools for uncertainty bounding is the fuzzy logic and, therefore,the main objective of this paper is the analysis of the literature about the application of fuzzy logic in performance measurement systems operating within uncertainty environments with...

103. Art and Food. Imagen corporativa de un gastro bar - PASTOR ANCIO, MIRIAN
En este trabajo vamos a realizar un análisis, concepción y desarrollo de la imagen de un gastrobar. Este proyecto se centra en el diseño gráfico, pero forma parte de un proyecto coordinado con la diseñadora de interiores María Galán, encargada del diseño del local, gente especializada en sala como Javi Roncero; Carlos Aliaga y Miriam Pastor (Yo), al frente de la cocina y Sandra Mascarell encargada jefe de aspectos relacionados con Marketing. Como es lógico la investigación previa requiere documentación sobre el mundo de la cocina, para lo que resulta importante mi experiencia como cocinera titulada.1 Los elementos que se...

104. Efficient tree searches with available algorithms - Giribet, Gonzalo
Phylogenetic methods based on optimality criteria are highly desirable for their logic properties, but time-consuming when compared to other methods of tree construction. Traditionally, researchers have been limited to exploring tree space by using multiple replicates of Wagner addition followed by typical hill climbing algorithms such as SPR or/and TBR branch swapping but these methods have been shown to be insuficient for “large” data sets (or even for small data sets with a complex tree space). Here, I review different algorithms and search strategies used for phylogenetic analysis with the aim of clarifying certain aspects of this important part of...

105. Security analysis of socio-technical physical systems - Lenzini, Gabriele; Mauw, Sjouke; Ouchani, Samir
Recent initiatives that evaluate the security of physical systems with objects as assets and people as agents – here called socio-technical physical systems – have limitations: their agent behavior is too simple, they just estimate feasibility and not the likelihood of attacks, or they do estimate likelihood but on explicitly provided attacks only. We propose a model that can detect and quantify attacks. It has a rich set of agent actions with associated probability and cost. We also propose a threat model, an intruder that can misbehave and that competes with honest agents. The intruder’s actions have an associated cost...

106. Refinement modal logic - Bozzelli, Laura; Ditmarsch, Hans P. van; French, Tim; Hales, James; Pinchinat, Sophie
International audience

107. Automata Techniques for Epistemic Protocol Synthesis - Aucher, Guillaume; Maubert, Bastien; Pinchinat, Sophie
International audience

108. The Complexity of One-Agent Refinement Modal Logic - Bozzelli, Laura; Ditmarsch, Hans P. van; Pinchinat, Sophie
International audience

109. The Complexity of Synthesizing Uniform StrategiesWe investigate uniformity properties of strategies. These properties involve sets of plays in order to express useful constraints on strategies that are not \mu-calculus definable. Typically, we can state that a strategy is observation-based. We propose a formal language to specify uniformity properties, interpreted over two-player turn-based arenas equipped with a binary relation between plays. This way, we capture e.g. games with winning conditions expressible in epistemic temporal logic, whose underlying equivalence relation between plays reflects the observational capabilities of agents (for example, synchronous perfect recall). Our framework naturally generalizes many other situations from the literature. We establish that the problem of synthesizing strategies under uniformity constraints based on regular binary relations between plays is non-elementary complete. - Maubert, Bastien; Pinchinat, Sophie; Bozzelli, Laura
International audience

110. The Complexity of One-Agent Refinement Modal Logic - Bozzelli, Laura; Ditmarch, Hans van; Pinchinat, Sophie
International audience

111. Supervisory Control Theory in Epistemic Temporal Logic - Aucher, Guillaume
International audience

112. Axioms .2 and .4 as Interaction Axioms - Aucher, Guillaume
International audience

113. Principles of Knowledge, Belief and Conditional Belief - Aucher, Guillaume
International audience

114. Dynamic Epistemic Logic as a Substructural Logic - Aucher, Guillaume
International audience

115. HOCore in Coq - Escarrá, Martín; Petar, Maksimović; Schmitt, Alan
National audience

116. Formal Validation of Fault Management Design Solutions - Karban, Robert; Gibson, Corrina; Day, John; Andolfato, Luigi
The work presented in this paper describes an approach used to develop SysML modeling patterns to express the behavior of fault protection, test the model's logic by performing fault injection simulations, and verify the fault protection system's logical design via model checking. A representative example, using a subset of the fault protection design for the Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) system, was modeled with SysML State Machines and JavaScript as Action Language. The SysML model captures interactions between relevant system components and system behavior abstractions (mode managers, error monitors, fault protection engine, and devices/switches). Development of a method to implement verifiable...

117. Two varieties of conditionals and two kinds of defeaters help reveal two fundamental types of reasoning - Politzer, Guy; Bonnefon, J.-F.
Two notions from philosophical logic and linguistics are brought together and applied to the psychological study of defeasible conditional reasoning. The distinction between disabling conditions and alternative causes is shown to be a special case of Pollock's (1987) distinction between ‘rebutting' and ‘undercutting' defeaters. ‘Inferential' conditionals are shown to come in two types, one that is sensitive to rebutters, the other to undercutters. It is thus predicted and demonstrated in two experiments that the type of inferential conditional used as the major premise of conditional arguments can reverse the heretofore classic, distinctive effects of defeaters.

118. Economic production in a small dairy goat operation: toward an alternative design for rural development - Paz, Raul Gustavo; Rodríguez Sperat, Ramiro; González, Viviana; Lipshitz, Héctor
Although during the last six decades rural development in Latin America has been dominated by the paradigm of modernization, which has been considered as the only route to development, there can be observed in certain operations, especially those involving family farms, emergent strategies of which intensification of family work and non-commodification are the most important. Within this framework economic agriculture is conceived to be an alternative method of production in which the internal logic of the practices implemented by the producers permits understanding of the way producers adapt successfully to an ever more competitive market. These analyses are necessary when...

119. Mèlich, Joan-Carles (2014), Lógica de la crueldad. Barcelona: Herder, 262 p. ISBN 978-84-254-3256-9 - Armengol Sans, Andrés

120. Performativitat i aporia derridianes en la creació del món segons Hasday Cresques - Rosàs, Mar
L’objectiu d’aquest article és fer llum a la complexa i ambigua explicació sobre la creació del món que proposa Hasday Cresques —un rabí, metge i filòsof jueu nascut a Barcelona al segle xiv— a Or Adonay (La llum del Senyor). Harry A. Wolfson (1953) analitza com Cresques intenta conciliar la doctrina de l’emanació, d’arrel plotiniana, amb la de la creació del no-res, d’origen bíblic. És a dir, les dues explicacions, d’entrada excloents, que filòsofs i teòlegs jueus, musulmans i cristians empraven per explicar l’origen del món. Al nostre entendre, Cresques i, en menys mesura, Wolfson sembla que passen per alt...

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