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  1. Conceptos, discursos, prácticas sociales

    Seoane Suárez, José Luis
    En la presente composición, realizamos análisis y reflexiones sobre las relaciones entre conceptos, discursos y prácticas sociales dentro del marco de Campos y Fuentes de Legitimidades, en función de revisar y repensar componentes de la organización y del ejercicio profesional del Trabajo Social en un hospital psiquiátrico. Los Campos y Fuentes de Legitimidades, en tanto matrices de pensamiento posibilitan avanzar en el conocimiento de los seres humanos. Demandan el encuentro con los saberes y aprendizajes previos que se conectan con experiencias y vivencias significativas de sus historias, nutriendo pensamientos discursos e ideas que fundamentan y entraman prácticas sociales subjetivizantes. En el...

  2. Dual characterizations for finite lattices via correspondence theory for monotone modal logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Santocanale, Luigi
    International audience

  3. Fixed-Point Theory in the Varieties Dn

    Frittella, Sabine; Santocanale, Luigi
    International audience

  4. A proof-theoretic semantic analysis of dynamic epistemic logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Kurz, Alexander; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Sikimic, Vlasta
    International audience

  5. Multi-type display calculus for propositional dynamic logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Kurz, Alexander; Palmigiano, Alessandra
    International audience

  6. Multi-type display calculus for dynamic epistemic logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Kurz, Alexander; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Sikimic, Vlasta
    International audience

  7. Multi-type Sequent Calculi

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Kurz, Alexander; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Sikimic, Vlasta
    International audience

  8. Categories: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Two Sorts

    Conradie, Willem; Frittella, Sabine; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Piazzai, Michele; Tzimoulis, Apostolos; Wijnberg, Nachoem
    International audience

  9. A Multi-type Calculus for Inquisitive Logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Yang, Fan
    International audience

  10. Probabilistic Epistemic Updates on Algebras

    Conradie, Willem; Frittella, Sabine; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Tzimoulis, Apostolos; Wijnberg, Nachoem
    The present paper contributes to the development of the mathematical theory of epistemic updates using the tools of duality theory. Here we focus on Probabilistic Dynamic Epistemic Logic (PDEL). We dually characterize the product update construction of PDEL-models as a certain construction transforming the complex algebras associated with the given model into the complex algebra associated with the updated model. Thanks to this construction, an interpretation of the language of PDEL can be defined on algebraic models based on Heyting algebras. This justifies our proposal for the axiomatization of the intuitionistic counterpart of PDEL, of which prove soundness and completeness...

  11. Tool support for reasoning in display calculi

    Balco, Sam; Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe; Kurz, Alexander; Palmigiano, Alessandra
    We present a tool for reasoning in and about propositional sequent calculi. One aim is to support reasoning in calculi that contain a hundred rules or more so that even relatively small pen and paper derivations become tedious and error prone. As an example, we implement the display calculus D.EAK of dynamic epistemic logic. Second, we provide embeddings of the calculus in the theorem prover Isabelle for formalising proofs about D.EAK. As a case study, we show that the solution of the muddy children puzzle is derivable for any number of muddy children. Third, there is a set of meta-tools,...

  12. Cidade e direitos humanos : o comum como exercício ético da vida urbana

    Reis, Carolina dos
    Esse estudo parte da problemática da moradia no Brasil para pensar o modo como temos construídos as políticas de gestão do espaço urbano. Desde 2009 acompanhamos o aumento das práticas de remoção, impulsionadas pela demanda de organização do país para a Copa do Mundo de Futebol de 2014. Esse cenário agrava-se pelo fato de que, de maneira geral, as famílias removidas são oriundas das comunidades mais pauperizadas, habitantes informais de um modelo de cidade que os exclui da possibilidade de acesso a moradia legal. Tomamos como campo de pesquisa a remoção de 1500 famílias para ampliação da Avenida Tronco na...

  13. Bimodal Logics with a “Weakly Connected” Component without the Finite Model Property

    Kurucz, Agi
    There are two known general results on the finite model property (fmp) of commutators $[L_{0},L_{1}]$ (bimodal logics with commuting and confluent modalities). If $L$ is finitely axiomatizable by modal formulas having universal Horn first-order correspondents, then both $[L,\mathbf{K}]$ and $[L,\mathbf{S5}]$ are determined by classes of frames that admit filtration, and so they have the fmp. On the negative side, if both $L_{0}$ and $L_{1}$ are determined by transitive frames and have frames of arbitrarily large depth, then $[L_{0},L_{1}]$ does not have the fmp. In this paper we show that commutators with a “weakly connected” component often lack the fmp. Our...

  14. Why Intuitionistic Relevant Logic Cannot Be a Core Logic

    Vidal-Rosset, Joseph
    At the end of the 1980s, Tennant invented a logical system that he called “intuitionistic relevant logic” ( $\mathbf{IR}$ , for short). Now he calls this same system “Core logic.” In Section 1, by reference to the rules of natural deduction for $\mathbf{IR}$ , I explain why $\mathbf{IR}$ is a relevant logic in a subtle way. Sections 2, 3, and 4 give three reasons to assert that $\mathbf{IR}$ cannot be a core logic.

  15. Dunn–Priest Quotients of Many-Valued Structures

    Ferguson, Thomas Macaulay
    J. Michael Dunn’s Theorem in 3-Valued Model Theory and Graham Priest’s Collapsing Lemma provide the means of constructing first-order, three-valued structures from classical models while preserving some control over the theories of the ensuing models. The present article introduces a general construction that we call a Dunn–Priest quotient, providing a more general means of constructing models for arbitrary many-valued, first-order logical systems from models of any second system. This technique not only counts Dunn’s and Priest’s techniques as special cases, but also provides a generalized Collapsing Lemma for Priest’s more recent plurivalent semantics in general. We examine when and how...

  16. Systematic Analysis of Quantitative Logic Model Ensembles Predicts Drug Combination Effects on Cell Signaling Networks

    Morris, Melody Kay; Clarke, David C.; Osimiri, Lindsey C.; Lauffenburger, Douglas A
    A major challenge in developing anticancer therapies is determining the efficacies of drugs and their combinations in physiologically relevant microenvironments. We describe here our application of “constrained fuzzy logic” (CFL) ensemble modeling of the intracellular signaling network for predicting inhibitor treatments that reduce the phospho-levels of key transcription factors downstream of growth factors and inflammatory cytokines representative of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) microenvironments. We observed that the CFL models successfully predicted the effects of several kinase inhibitor combinations. Furthermore, the ensemble predictions revealed ambiguous predictions that could be traced to a specific structural feature of these models, which we resolved with...

  17. Advanced atomic layer deposition and epitaxy processes

    Gordon, Roy Gerald; Lou, Xiabing; Kim, Sang Bok
    Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) was used to grow single-crystalline epitaxial layers of high-k dielectric oxides on semiconductors with remarkably few defects or traps at the interfaces. La2O3 on GaAs(111) produced record-breaking transistors with both n-and p-channels, and CMOS circuits entirely in GaAs, including inverters, logic circuits and 5-stage ring oscillators. More conventionally oriented GaAs(100) substrates with etched (111) slopes also produced working transistors. ALD also grew single-crystalline epitaxial La2O3 films on Ge(111), and (Ca, Mg)O films on GaN(0001) substrates with high-quality epitaxial interfaces. These processes can be run in commercial ALD reactors using precursors produced by the Dow Chemical Company.

  18. $rec.titulo

    Rodríguez, X.P.; Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució Social (IPHES); Rosell, J.; Universitat Rovira i Virgili
    En este trabajo presentamos una aproximación, inspirada en el Sistema Lógico-Analítico, al estudio del conjunto lítico descubierto en Nerets (Conca de Tremp, Catalunya). Intentamos obtener un buen conocimiento de las cadenas operativas más representativas en este conjunto tecnológico. La comparación con otros yacimientos de Catalunya nos indica que el Centro de Intervención de Nerets pertenece al final del Pleistoceno medio.

  19. Market Definition Alchemy

    Kaplow, Louis
    In a recent series of articles, I argue that the market definition/market share paradigm should be abandoned entirely. Among my central claims are that: (1) as a matter of economic logic, there exists no valid way to infer market power from the market shares in redefined (non-homogeneous-goods) markets — short of entirely reversing the market redefinition; and (2) choosing a best market requires already having in hand one’s best estimate of market power, rendering the exercise pointless — actually worse, since the market power inference from the chosen market is inferior to the estimate with which one began. Not surprisingly,...

  20. Thomas Hobbes: la condition naturelle de l'humanité

    Pasquino, Pasquale
    Thomas Hobbes The natural condition of mankind A study of the Latin edition of Th. Hobbes's Leviathan (1668) leads to a new interpretation of the concept of state of nature. After underlining its rhetorical status — an attempt to found a doctrine of political obligation and of the rationality of obedience to civil law — the author deals with the issue of natural law. He shows the need to distinguish the concept of self-preservation and that of a right over all things, a distinction necessary for understanding the logic of Leviathan. Finally, a hypothesis concerning the reasons that make this...

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