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121. Altius, citius, fortius...ditius? lógicas e estratégias do Comitê Oliímpico Internacional, comitê de candidatura e governo brasileiro na candidatura e escolha dos jogos olímpicos e paralímpicos Rio 2016 - Almeida, Bárbara Schausteck de
Orientador : Prof. Dr. Wanderley Marchi Júnior

122. The determination of the neuronal phenotype - Anderson, David J.; Jan, Yuh Nung
This chapter addresses the following questions: What are the key regulatory genes that specify a neuronal fate and a particular neuronal identity? What do they do? How are they controlled? In addition of identifying key regulatory genes, an attempt is also made to address the “logic” of neuronal determination and differentiation. It argues that current knowledge of the details of the underlying molecular genetic circuitry that determines the identity of any kind of neuron, in any organism, remains sketchy. However, a few general principles are beginning to emerge, particularly the idea that neuronal identity is implemented in series and in...

123. MASH genes and the logic of neural crest cell lineage diversification - Anderson, David J.
Avian embryos have traditionally been the system of choice for studying neural crest development, but the combination of reverse genetics and clonal culture should allow new insights to be gained from mammalian systems as well. We describe one of the first examples where a targeted mutation in a developmental control gene, isolated on the basis of its homology to Drosophila neural determination genes, causes a highly selective phenotype affecting the early development of a subset of neural crest derivatives. Detailed analysis of the cellular phenotype and expression pattern of the gene, called MASH-1, have led to novel insights into the...

124. The future of ruins: the baroque melancholy of Hashima - Lavery, Carl; Dixon, Deborah P; Hassall, Lee
Here, we present an iteration of our theoretical/creative writing project Hashima, begun in 2012. The paper is a collaboration and draws on the different discourses, practices and sensibilities of a performance theorist, a geographer, and a visual artist. For us, Hashima, located off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, and a former site of forced labor and intensive offshore coal-mining, is a provocation for experimentation. Hashima, exploited and abject, has offered itself, unsurprisingly, to the fetishistic gaze of artists, photographers urban explorers, and ruin enthusiasts. The logic here is to control representation, and to determine and fix the meaning of the...

125. Gramáticas lógicas: resolución de problemas en lenguaje natural - García Serrano, Ana
Esta tesis tiene por objeto estudiar las posibilidades de realizar en castellano tareas relativas a la resolución de problemas con sistemas basados en el conocimiento. En los dos primeros capítulos se plantea un análisis de la trayectoria seguida por las técnicas de tratamiento del lenguaje natural, prestando especial interés a los formalismos lógicos para la comprensión del lenguaje. Seguidamente, se plantea una valoración de la situación actual de los sistemas de tratamiento del lenguaje natural. Finalmente, se presenta lo que constituye el núcleo de este trabajo, un sistema llamado Sirena, que permite realizar tareas de adquisición, comprensión, recuperación y explicación de conocimiento en castellano con sistemas basados en el conocimiento. Este sistema contiene...

126. Macroeconomic effects of ownership structure in OECD countries - Gatti, Donatella
The article investigates the impact of ownership concentration (OC) on GDP growth, for a sample of 18 OECD countries over the period 1980-2004. The econometric analysis shows that more concentrated ownership can speed up growth, for countries approaching the technological frontier, provided that labor market regulation is sufficiently tight. In the absence of employment regulation, the logic of financial markets discipline applies and dispersed ownership appears as more favorable for growth. Based on econometric results, I calculate impact coefficients that allow to evaluate the growth points gained/lost following given variations in OC. This exercise reveals that a reform in the...

127. Lancasterian logic of taste and preference - Billot, Antoine
The aim of this paper is to reconcile the natural meaning of a taste defined as a subset of attributes and the theoretical modeling of a preference defined as a binary relation over alternatives. For that purpose, in a Lancasterian framework we first introduce attributes, addresses, alternatives and subjective associations between attributes. Second, we define tastes as subsets of attributes resulting from a specific mapping T over the powerset of attributes and we establish the two conditions, monotonicity and normalization of the mapping T, under which tastes can be said to be well-formed; that is, formally relevant as a representation of the subjective...

128. Tax-benefit revealed social preferences - Bourguignon, François; Spadaro, Amadéo
This paper inverts the usual logic of applied optimal income taxation. It starts from the observed distribution of income before and after redistribution and corresponding marginal tax rates. Under a set of simplifying assumptions, it is then possible to recover the social welfare function that would make the observed marginal tax rate schedule optimal. In this framework, the issue of the optimality of an existing tax-benefit system is transformed into the issue of the shape of the social welfare function associated with that system and whether it satisfies elementary properties. This method is applied to the French redistribution system with...

129. The Design of Climate Policy - Guesnerie, Roger; Tulkens, Henry
Debates over post-Kyoto Protocol climate change policy often take note of two issues: the feasibility and desirability of international cooperation on climate change policies, given the failure of the United States to ratify Kyoto and the very limited involvement of developing countries, and the optimal timing of climate policies. In this book essays by leading international economists offer insights on both these concerns. The book first considers the appropriate institutions for effective international cooperation on climate change, proposing an alternative to the Kyoto arrangement and a theoretical framework for such a scheme. The discussions then turn to the stability of...

130. On the Context-Freeness Problem for Vector Addition Systems - Leroux, Jérôme; Penelle, Vincent; Sutre, Grégoire
10 pages

131. The FC-rank of a context-free language - Carayol, Arnaud; Ésik, Zoltán
International audience

132. Proceedings Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science - Baelde, David; Carayol, Arnaud
International audience

133. C-SHORe: a collapsible approach to higher-order verification - Broadbent, Christopher H.; Carayol, Arnaud; Hague, Matthew; Serre, Olivier
International audience

134. Higher order indexed monadic systems - Caucal, Didier; Knapik, Teodor
International audience

135. Regularity and Context-Freeness over Word Rewriting Systems - Caucal, Didier; Dinh, Trong Hiêu
International audience

136. Boolean algebras of unambiguous context-free languages - Caucal, Didier
International audience

137. Synchronization of Regular Automata - Caucal, Didier
International audience

138. $rec.titulo - Penelle, Vincent
Higher-order pushdown systems and ground tree rewriting systems can be seen as extensions of suffix word rewriting systems. Both classes generate infinite graphs with interesting logical properties. In-deed, the model-checking problem for monadic second order logic (re-spectively first order logic with a reachability predicate) is decidable on such graphs. We unify both models by introducing the notion of stack trees, trees whose nodes are labelled by higher-order stacks, and define the corresponding class of higher-order ground tree rewriting systems. We show that these graphs retain the decidability properties of ground tree rewriting graphs while generalising the pushdown hierarchy of graphs.

139. Andamios para una nueva ciudad: acción y gestión comunicativa - Reguillo, Rossana
El fin de todo lenguaje es la muerte. Por tanto, vencer la muerte es vencer el silencio y la invisibilidad. La ciudad como escenario central de la vida contemporánea se enfrenta hoy a múltiples tensiones, quizás la más importante es la que se sitúa entre la palabra y el silencio. La ciudad ha visto erosionarse paulatinamente el vínculo comunicativo sacrificado o ignorado por los brutales procesos de urbanización. La ciudad convertida en metrópoli (Simmel, 1977) por la acelerada concentración de bienes, servicios y personas, derivada a su vez de la expansión de la economía monetaria, trajo consigo un detrimento de...

140. Analysis, Filtering, and Control for Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models in Networked Systems - Zhang, Sunjie; Wang, Zidong; Hu, Jun; Liang, Jinling; Alsaadi, Fuad E.
The fuzzy logic theory has been proven to be effective in dealing with various nonlinear systems and has a great success in industry applications. Among different kinds of models for fuzzy systems, the so-called Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model has been quite popular due to its convenient and simple dynamic structure as well as its capability of approximating any smooth nonlinear function to any specified accuracy within any compact set. In terms of such a model, the performance analysis and the design of controllers and filters play important roles in the research of fuzzy systems. In this paper, we aim to...

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