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121. Assuring safety in an air traffic control system with defeasible logic programming - Gómez, Sergio Alejandro; Goron, Anca; Groza, Adrian
Assuring safety in complex technical systems is a crucial issue in several critical applications like air traffic control or medical devices. We present a preliminary framework based on argumentation for assisting flight controllers to reach a decision related to safety constraints in an ever changing environment in which sensor data is gathered at real time.

122. Modelo de gestión del proceso de fabricación basado en la incorporación de conocimiento mediante ontologías. Aplicación a los sistemas de fabricación ágil - Ferrándiz Colmeiro, Antonio
En la presente tesis se realiza un trabajo de investigación en el ámbito de la gestión de procesos aplicado a las organizaciones manufactureras. Concretamente se ha centrado en la integración y automatización de la gestión de los procesos de negocio y fabricación de forma que las organizaciones manufactureras puedan acortar el ciclo de vida de los procesos, recortando su tiempo de respuesta ante las nuevas demandas de un mercado cada vez más orientado a la personalización masiva, y por lo tanto les sitúe en una posición ventajosa en un mercado de competencia global. El objetivo principal de la presente tesis...

123. Semeando um novo mundo : a Companhia de Jesus e a administração Habsburgo no Brasil - Sabeh, Luiz Antonio
Resumo: Semeando um novo mundo é um estudo sobre o empreendimento missionário da Companhia de Jesus no Brasil no período da União Ibérica. Entre 1549 e 1580, os jesuítas tiveram o privilégio da atividade missionária nos domínios de Portugal. Porém, no momento em que a Coroa espanhola anexou a Coroa portuguesa, ocorreu a abertura do campo missionário brasílico e a missionação jesuítica sofreu mudanças em sua dinâmica e espaços de atuação. Tendo esses dados como indícios e fundamentando-nos nas cartas escritas pelos missionários, em documentos normativos da ordem e no material auxiliar da evangelização que ela produziu no período (catecismos,...

124. Writing about academic labour - Winn, Joss
This essay calls for a return to the labour theory of Marx, or rather to Marx’s negative critique of labour and its “pivotal” role in comprehending the political economy of higher education. It argues that a critique of capitalism and its apparent complexity must be undertaken through an immanent critique of labour, rather than from the standpoint of labour as has been the case in both Marxist and non-Marxist traditions of labour studies. Through a review of exemplar articles on ‘academic labour’, the essay draws attention to the fundamental importance of employing Marx’s method of abstraction so as to understand...

125. Revision based total semantics for extended normal logic programs - Abrantes, Mário
The purpose of this thesis is the development of a formal semantical approach for extended normal logic programs, where contradictions are tackled by means of a reduction ad absurdum with respect to default negation mechanism, in the fashion of arti cial intelligence belief revision, that leads to a set of implicit revisions. We ful lled these objectives in two steps. The rst one was the implementation of a total paraconsistent models semantics for extended normal logic programs MHP , that combines the merits of two already existing semantics: it inherits the existence property of the abductive minimal hypotheses semantics MH, a semantics of total models, and the...

126. An abductive paraconsistent semantics – MHP - Abrantes, Mário; Pereira, Luís Moniz
In this paper we present a paraconsistent abdutive semantics for extended normal logic programs, the paraconsistent minimal hypotheses semantics MHP . The MHP is a semantics of total paraconsistent models wich combines the merits of two already existing semantics: it inherits the existence property of the abductive minimal hypotheses semantics MH [1], which is a semantics of total models, and the property of detection of support on contradiction of the paraconsistent well-founded semantics with explicit negation WFSXP [2], which is a semantics of partial paraconsistent models. The MHP enjoys also the property of simple relevance, which permits top-down query answering for brave reasoning purposes. Besides, the MHP lends itself to...

127. ‘Something simple and striking, if not amusing’ – the Freedom 7 special exhibition at the Science Museum, 1965 - Gouyon, J-B
From October 1965 to May 1966, the Science Museum in London displayed the American spacecraft Freedom 7, the first capsule in the NASA’s Mercury Programme to take a human on a sub-orbital flight. Archival records concerning this temporary display are extensive and contain written sources as well as photographic ones. This case therefore lends itself quite nicely to a study aimed at evaluating the comparative merits of these two types of records, for understanding the logic at play in the display, and for retrieving at least part of the visitors’ experience. Unwritten sources emerge from this comparison as invaluable records...

128. Cyclic abduction of inductively defined safety and termination preconditions - Brotherston, J; Gorogiannis, N
We introduce cyclic abduction: a new method for automatically inferring safety and termination preconditions of heap-manipulating while programs, expressed as inductive definitions in separation logic. Cyclic abduction essentially works by searching for a cyclic proof of the desired property, abducing definitional clauses of the precondition as necessary in order to advance the proof search process. We provide an implementation, CABER , of our cyclic abduction method, based on a suite of heuristically guided tactics. It is often able to automatically infer preconditions describing lists, trees, cyclic and composite structures which, in other tools, previously had to be supplied by hand.

129. Why (So many) Parties? The Logic of Party Formation in Senegal - Kelly, Catherine Lena
Political parties proliferated in Senegal and other competitive authoritarian regimes in post-Cold War Africa. This dissertation examines the causes and consequences of that proliferation. Why do so many politicians create their own parties in this context and what are the consequences of party proliferation for opposition party behavior and presidential turnover? The dissertation addresses these questions with original data collected over sixteen months of fieldwork in Senegal, including over one hundred interviews, material from party archives, local press clippings, political biographies, and data on elections and party behavior. Party formation, strategy, and competition are shaped by the "uneven playing field,"...

130. Discrete quantum causal dynamics - Richard F. Blute; Ivan T. Ivanov; Prakash Panangaden
We give a mathematical framework to describe the evolution of an open quantum systems subjected to finitely many interactions with classical apparatuses. The systems in question may be composed of distinct, spatially separated subsystems which evolve independently but may also interact. This evolution, driven both by unitary operators and measurements, is coded in a precise mathematical structure in such a way that the crucial properties of causality, covariance and entanglement are faithfully represented. We show how our framework may be expressed using the language of (poly)categories and functors. Remarkably, important physical consequences- such as covariance- follow directly from the functoriality...

131. Quantum temporal logic and decoherence . . . - C. J. Isham; N. Linden
We analyse and develop the recent suggestion that a temporal form of quantum logic provides the natural mathematical framework within which to discuss the proposal by Gell-Mann and Hartle for a generalised form of quantum theory based on the ideas of histories and

132. On traced monoidal closed categories - Masahito Hasegawa
... focus on a simple observation that a traced monoidal category C is closed if and only if the canonical inclusion from C into Int C has a right adjoint. Thus, every traced monoidal closed category arises as a monoidal co-reflexive full subcategory of a tortile monoidal category. From this, we derive a series of facts for traced models of linear logic, and some for models of fixed-point computation. To make the paper more self-contained, we also include various background results for traced monoidal categories. 1

133. Análisis sociológico del discurso: métodos y lógicas - Ruiz Ruiz, Jorge
El análisis sociológico del discurso presenta similitudes en muchos de sus procedimientos con el que se realiza por otras ciencias sociales. Además, con frecuencia encontramos importantes diferencias de enfoque entre los análisis del discurso realizados por distintos sociólogos. Este panorama puede crear confusión e, incluso, llevar a cuestionar la propia existencia del análisis sociológico del discurso como un método con entidad propia. Este artí­culo pretende contribuir a clarificar las bases metodológicas del análisis sociológico del discurso, distinguiéndolo de otras aproximaciones y prácticas de análisis. Para ello, se plantea una explicación de lo que hacemos los sociólogos cuando analizamos discursos, centrada...

134. Evaluación de frameworks para aplicaciones web - Funes, Ana; Dasso, Aristides
En la línea de investigación aquí presentada, nos ocupamos del desarrollo de modelos para la evaluación de sistemas usando el método LSP (Logic Score of Preference). Dentro de esta línea de investigación, nos encontramos avocados al desarrollo de modelos para la evaluación de Frameworks para Aplicaciones Web (WAF; Web Application Frameworks) así como al desarrollo de modelos para la evaluación de Web Integrated Development Environments (WIDE). El empleo del método LSP permite expresar aspectos en la evaluación que otras técnicas meramente aditivas no permiten, ofreciéndonos la posibilidad de construir modelos que se ajusten con una mayor precisión a las necesidades del...

135. Entre la autonomía y el paternalismo: ¿quién decide sobre anticoncepción o tecnologías de reproducción asistida? - Brown, Josefina Leonor; Buratovich, Paula; Perl, Irina
Las nociones de decisión, responsabilidad y autonomía constituyen elementos de gran importancia en el imaginario de la clase media argentina, especialmente en su vinculación con cuestiones de salud y derechos (no) reproductivos y sexuales. La intervención del Estado en dichos aspectos es considerada en algunas oportunidades como un avance sobre lo privado, o bien, como una intervención legítima. Que se entienda de una u otra manera depende de la clase social a la que se aplica así como del tema al cual se haga referencia. En este sentido, el presente trabajo se propone identificar y describir que lógicas y representaciones...

136. Homo Fabulans : ficcionalidade, epistemologia e pragmática - Ferreira, Rodrigo Bueno
Resumo: Em um trabalho seminal publicado no ano de 1975, sob o título The Logical Status of Fictional Discourse, o filósofo John Searle evidenciou duas questões que, conforme a revisão do antropólogo cognitivo Pascal Boyer (2007), permanecem enigmáticas à ciência. A primeira diz respeito à motivação para a ficção - quais processos evolutivos a teriam fixado como um atrator transcultural entre os seres humanos; a segunda remete ao processo da comunicação ficcional, pertinente ao que possibilita um autor usar as palavras literalmente sem se comprometer com seus significados literais. A fim de promover uma hipótese explicativa aos questionamentos searleanos, este...

137. Summa philosophiae : ex variis libris D. Thomae Aquinatis doctoris angelici / - Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.; Alamanno, Cosmo, 1559-1634.
v.1. Logica; Physica, pars prima.--v.2. Physica, pars secunda; physica, pars tertia.--v.3. Ethica; Metaphysica

138. Philosophical lectures and remains of Richard Lewis Nettleship / - Nettleship, Richard Lewis, 1846-1892.; Charnwood, Godfrey Rathbone Benson, Baron, 1864-1945.; Bradley, A. C. (Andrew Cecil), 1851-1935.
v. 1. Biographical sketch. Miscellaneous papers and extracts from letters. Lectures on logic. Plato's conception of goodness and the good -- v. 2. Lectures on the Republic of Plato.

139. Consumer dominant value creation: a theoretical response to the recent call for a consumer dominant logic for marketing - Anker, Thomas; Sparks, Leigh; Moutinho, Luiz; Grönroos, Christian
Purpose: This paper discusses consumer driven value creation (value-in-use) across three different marketing logics: product dominant logic (PDL), service dominant logic (SDL) and consumer dominant logic (CDL). PDL conceptualises value as created by firms and delivered to consumers through products. SDL frames consumer value as a function of direct provider-consumer interaction, or consumer driven chains of action indirectly facilitated by the provider. Recently the research focus has been turning to consumer dominant value creation. While there is agreement on the significance of this phenomenon, there is disagreement over whether consumer dominant value creation is an extension of SDL or calls...

140. Logic and imagination in the perception of truth : the nature of pure activity in two series, book I and book II / - Stoner, J. Rush, 1875- .
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