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  1. Marcelo Arenas

    Rajeev Alur; Catolica Chile; Pablo Barcelo; Kousha Etessami; Neil Immerman
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    Roberto Bruttomesso; Alessandro Cimatti; Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Alberto Griggio; Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Roberto Sebastiani; Roberto Bruttomesso; Ro Cimatti; Alberto Griggio; Roberto Sebastiani
    Abstract. We presentMathSAT 4, a state-of-the-art SMT solver.Math-SAT 4 handles several useful theories: (combinations of) equality and un-interpreted functions, difference logic, linear arithmetic, and the theory of bit-vectors. It was explicitly designed for being used in formal verifica-tion, and thus provides functionalities which extend the applicability of SMT in this setting. In particular: model generation (for counterexam-ple reconstruction), model enumeration (for predicate abstraction), an incremental interface (for BMC), and computation of unsatisfiable cores and Craig interpolants (for abstraction refinement). 1


    Noriichi Kanaya; Seiji Asaoka; Hideki Maezawa
    A vacuum-pump control system has been developed using programmable-logic controllers (PLC) for the 2.5-GeV storage ring at the Photon Factory, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK). There are sixty-six titanium-getter vacuum pumps at the storage ring. Evacuation of gases in the storage ring is done by controlling the current in the titanium filaments in the vacuum pump (max 50A). A PLC has a TCP/IP network port, 16-bit-digital output ports connected to sixteen solid-state relays (SSR) for current control. The PLC can simultaneously control up to sixteen pumps. These vacuum pumps are connected to SSRs which chop the AC current so...


    David Holness; James A. Pharmer; Wendi L. Buff
    This paper describes the results of data collection that occurred during the alternative format session presented to the 45 * annual meeting of HFES. During the session, six participants were briefed on fuzzy logic as an alternative to regression for analyzing policy-capturing data and on usability issues associated with Advanced Distance Learning (ADL) applications. Participants then rated the extent to which usability violations impacted learning in three different ADL environments. After the conference, the validity of the regression and fuzzy models were assessed across the three ADL applications. In addition, exploratory analyses were performed in order to gain insight into...

  5. $rec.titulo

    Single-chip heat-pump control system based on an MCS-51 microcontroller core Tung-Chien Chiang1, Cheng-Yuan Chang2, and Yi-WeiWang2 Heat pumps are typically controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). However, PLCs are generally expensive and large. This work uses an MCS-51-based controller to control a heat pump, so that the size of the controller of a heat-pump system can be reduced markedly. Moreover, the proposed MCS-51-based controller can detect the status of each heat pump’s sensor automatically, so that a user can know whether a sensor is normal or abnormal, thereby protecting the heat-pump compressor. Knowing the number of a faulty sensor...

  6. TITLE Debate as a Paradigm for Deionstrating Skills in Argumentation and Logic.

    Gerald H
    This, paper a4ines that the judge who uses argumentation and logic as the sole criteria for determining the winner of an academic debate sees debate as an intellectual contest with speech being only an incidental element. A paradigm for judging is presented and discussed in terms of the following core concepts: analysis, investigation, evidence, reasoning, refutation,1and rebuttal. Analysis is thearriving at an understanding ofthe proposition and the discovering of the inherent issues. Investigation is the processof accumulating information about a proposition. Evidencelis aninformative statement believed by the listener and employed,,by anarguer to secure belief in another statement. Reasoning is the...

  7. Simulation and Analysis of MPPT Techniques for PV Systems

    Mr. Disant Trivedi; Mr. V. B. Babaria; Mr. B. R. Nanecha
    Abstract — The power available at the output of solar arrays keeps changing with solar insolation and ambient temperature. The solar arrays must be operated at maximum power point (MPP) continuously for economic reasons. So, that the different MPPT (maximum power point tracking) Controllers are using for track the maximum power point. Also that these control techniques vary in many aspects as simplicity, sensor required, convergence speed, range of effectiveness, popularity, cost and other aspects. This poster presentation in details comparative study between two MPPT controls techniques are Perturb and Observe (P&O) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). Two different converter...

  8. S.: The fixation of radioactive digitoxin by isolated hearts. Circulation 4

    A. Sjoerdsma; Ph. D; C. S. Fischer
    The nature of digitoxin fixation in isolated hearts was studied with C14 labelled digitoxin. Fixation wvas greatest in the early stages of perfusion. The amount of drug fixed was measured directly. A considerable percentage cf the digitoxin in cardiac muscle was changed to other substances. These substances are more firmly bound to the heart than digitoxin. T HE preparation of pure, randomly la-belled, radioactive digitoxin in this lab-oratory ' has made available a sensitive tracer technic particularly suited to studying the fate of digitoxin in isolated organs and in-tact animals. In contrast to other methods of assay, this new technic...


    Citable Link; Stuart M. Shieber; Yves Schabes; Fernando C. N. Pereira
    (Article begins on next page) The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Citation Stuart M. Shieber, Yves Schabes, and Fernando C. N. Pereira.Principles and implementation of deductive parsing. Journal of

  10. Optimized integration of test compression and sharing for SOC testing

    Anders Larsson; Erik Larsson; Petru Eles; Zebo Peng; Linköpings Universitet
    The increasing test data volume needed to test core-based System-on-Chip contributes to long test application times (TAT) and huge automatic test equipment (ATE) memory requirements. TAT and ATE memory requirement can be reduced by test architecture design, test scheduling, sharing the same tests among several cores, and test data compression. We propose, in contrast to previous work that addresses one or few of the problems, an integrated framework with heuristics for sharing and compression and a Constraint Logic Programming technique for architecture design and test scheduling that minimizes the TAT without violating a given ATE memory constraint. The significance of...

  11. Review Urban affairs annual reviews 37. Leadership and urban regeneration: cities in North America

    Over the past thirty years, politicians, administrators, and academics on both sides of the Atlantic have debated the future of cities, and whether they could, or should, be 'saved'. One side of the debate (see The President's Commission for a National Agenda for the 80's) argued that it was impossible or unwise to resist the logic of the global market which was driving the process of change. The other side pointed to unrestrained urban decline as a form of "Social Darwinism... with pernicious consequences to individuals and social classes" (Bluestone and Harrison, 1982). Inevitably, the debate involved local power: were...

  12. Włodzimierz Funika∗,∗∗, Filip Szura∗,∗∗, Jacek Kitowski∗,∗∗ AGENT-BASED MONITORING USING FUZZY LOGIC

    In this paper we present two solutions of monitoring automation for distributed systems. We develop this system to automate monitoring of distributes systems. Both solutions are aimed to monitor data storage and web services like web page servers. The first solution implemented in a system called Saude-Net, is an rule-based top level monitoring tool. In this system there are implemented rules which provide conditions which refer to one or more measured values. This system is able to choose the best action for an observed situation, e.g. a failure. It is possible to define more than one rule which relate to...

  13. Improvement in Transformer Diagnosis by DGA using Fuzzy Logic

    Nitin K. Dhote; J. B. Helonde
    Abstract – Power transformer is one of the most important equipments in electrical power system. The detection of certain gases generated in transformer is the first indication of a malfunction that may lead to failure if not detected. Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) of transformer oil has been one of the most reliable techniques to detect the incipient faults. Many conventional DGA methods have been developed to interpret DGA results obtained from gas chromatography. Although these methods are widely used in the world, they sometimes fail to diagnose, especially when DGA results falls outside conventional method codes or when more than...

  14. Epidemiology in History Hume, Mill, Hill, and the Sui Generis Epidemiologic Approach to Causal Inference

    Alfredo Morabia
    The epidemiologic approach to causal inference (i.e., Hill’s viewpoints) consists of evaluating potential causes from the following 2, noncumulative angles: 1) established results from comparative, observational, or experimen-tal epidemiologic studies; and 2) reviews of nonepidemiologic evidence. It does not involve statements of statisti-cal significance. The philosophical roots of Hill’s viewpoints are unknown. Superficially, they seem to descend from the ideas of Hume and Mill. Hill’s viewpoints, however, use a different kind of evidence and have different pur-poses than do Hume’s rules or Mill’s system of logic. In a nutshell, Hume ignores comparative evidence central to Hill’s viewpoints. Mill’s logic disqualifies...

  15. Forgetting for answer set programming revisited

    Yisong Wang; Kewen Wang; Mingyi Zhang
    A new semantic forgetting for answer set programs (ASP), called SM-forgetting, is proposed in the pa-per. It distinguishes itself from the others in that it preserves not only skeptical and credulous con-sequences on unforgotten variables, but also strong equivalence – forgetting same variables in strongly equivalent logic programs has strongly equivalent results. The forgetting presents a positive answer to Gabbay, Pearce and Valverde’s open question – if ASP has uniform interpolation property. We also investigate some properties, algorithm and compu-tational complexities for the forgetting. It shows that computing the forgetting result is generally in-tractable even for Horn logic programs. 1

  16. A Novel Method for the Design of Digital System Fault Diagnosis Instrument Based on VXI Bus

    Juan Xua; Qizhong Zhou B
    Abstract. To meet the requirements of the testing for modern complex digital systems and devices, A novel method for the design of digital system fault diagnosis instrument based on VXI bus is described in this paper, and the composition and design principle of the hardware of the presented method is introduced in the paper. The instrument designed with the novel method provides 64 pins of Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) digital I/O for the test of digital modules and systems. Testing can be automatic accomplished by programming a sequence of test vectors. Real-time data comparison ensures fast test execution by eliminating the...

  17. Turtle logic: Novel IC digital probabilistic design methodology

    Antonio Rubio; Francesc Moll; Antonio Calomarde
    With the progress on VLSI process technology, the design complexity and the transistor density in system increases rapidly, causing that the power consumption and power density in system rise with the same trend.

  18. Experimental Analysis Of Design-For-Testability Techniques In SRAMs

    Anne Nkengafeh Fomin
    Semiconductor memories most specifically SRAMs are becoming very popular in today’s System-On-Chip(SOCs). As technology shrinks and the share of memories in these complex systems increases, memories become more susceptible to faults. One of the most important faults in SRAMs is Data Retention Fault (DRF). DRF is a fault which occurs as a results of an (partial) open in the Vdd path of the cell.This open defect causes the memory cell to be unable to keep its logic value after a certain time interval. Testing memories for these defects has therefore become a major issue to test engineers as they try...

  19. Designing an Intelligent Warehouse Based on Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic for Determining Reorder Point and Order Quantity

    Esmail Khanlarpour; Hamed Fazlollahtabar; Iraj Mahdavi
    Abstract We develop a model to determine the reorder point and the optimal order quantity in a warehouse. Due to the maintenance costs, it is better to consider the order time period and the order quantity to prevent excessive inventory storage while reducing the cost on the other hand. In our study, we employ fuzzy logic as time decision aid and Genetic Algorithm for optimal order quantity. The decision making process is performed in an application software designed for a diary firm.

  20. Robust ESD Protection Design for 40-Gb/s Transceiver in 65-nm CMOS Process

    Chun-yu Lin; Li-wei Chu; Ming-dou Ker
    Abstract — To protect a 40-Gb/s transceiver from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damages, a robust ESD protection design has been proposed and realized in a 65-nm CMOS process. In this paper, diodes are used for ESD protection and inductors are used for high-speed performance fine tuning. Experimental results of the test circuits have been successfully verified, including high-speed performances and ESD robustness. The proposed design has been further applied to a 40-Gb/s current-mode logic (CML) buffer. Verified in silicon chip, the 40-Gb/s CML buffer with the proposed design can achieve good high-speed performance and high ESD robustness. Index Terms — 40...

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