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141. Modeling defeasible argumentation within a possibilistic logic framework with fuzzy unification - Teresa Alsinet; Carlos I. Chesñevar; Llúıs Godo S; Ra S
Possibilistic Defeasible Logic Pro-gramming (P-DeLP) is a logic pro-gramming language which combines features from argumentation theory and logic programming, incorporat-ing the treatment of possibilistic un-certainty at object-language level. This paper presents a first approach towards extending P-DeLP to in-corporate fuzzy constants and fuzzy propositional variables. We focus on how to characterize the result-ing, extended language, and how to deal with conflicting arguments in the context of the proposed frame-work.

142. Optimal Sizing Coefficient of Photovoltaic Supply (PVS) Systems - Adel Mellit; Soteris A Kalogirou
In literature several methodologies based on artificial intelligence techniques (neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy-logic) have been proposed as alternatives to conventional techniques to solve a wide range of problems in various domains. The purpose of this work is to use neural networks and genetic algorithms for the prediction of the optimal sizing coefficient of Photovoltaic Supply (PVS) systems in remote areas when the total solar radiation data are not available. A database of total solar radiation data for 40 sites corresponding to 40 locations in Algeria, have been used to determine the iso-reliability curves of a PVS system (CA,...

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of the on-line scheduling of a limited communication resource in order to optimize the control performance. A multivari-able linear system with communication constraints is modeled in the Mixed Logical Dynamical (MLD) framework. The system is controlled using a Model Predictive Controller (MPC), which computes, at each sampling period, the appropriate control values and network allocation. The performance of the controlled system is evaluated using a Linear-Quadratic cost function. At each step, the MPC needs to solve an optimization problem, including logic constraints. The translation of this problem into the Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming (MIQP)...

144. On coproducts of quantale algebras - Sergejs Solovjovs
While the study of quantale-like structures goes back up to the 1930’s (notwithstanding that the term itself was introduced in [2] in connection with certain aspects of C∗-algebras), there has recently been much interest in quantales in a variety of contexts. The most important connection probably is with Girard’s linear logic. In particular, one can enunciate the following slogan: Quantales are to linear logic as frames are to the intuitionistic one. This talk is meant as a contribution to the theory of quantales. We begin by introducing the category Q-Alg of algebras over a given unital commutative quantale Q (shortly...

145. RANDOMIZED, CONTROLLED TRIALS Laparoscopic Versus Open Subtotal Gastrectomy for Distal Gastric Cancer Five-Year Results of a Randomized Prospective Trial
and both early and 5-year clinical outcomes of laparoscopic-assisted and open radical subtotal gastrectomy for distal gastric cancer. Summary Background Data: The role of laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of gastric cancer has not yet been defined, and many doubts remain about the ability to satisfy all the oncologic criteria met during conventional, open surgery. Methods: This study was designed as a prospective, randomized clinical trial with a total of 59 patients. Twenty-nine (49.1%) patients were randomized to undergo open subtotal gastrectomy (OG), while 30 (50.9%) patients were randomized to the laparo-scopic group (LG). Demographics, ASA status, pTNM stage, histo-logic...

146. Temporal Logic and Semidirect Products: An Effective Characterization of the Until Hierarchy - Denis Thérien; Thomas Wilke
We reveal an intimate connection between semidirect products of finite semigroups and substitution of formulas in linear temporal logic. We use this connection to obtain an algebraic characterization of the until hierarchy of linear temporal logic. (The k-th level of that hierarchy is comprised of all temporal properties that are expressible by a formula of nesting depth k in the until operator.) Applying deep results from finite semigroup theory we are able to prove that each level of the until hierarchy is decidable. By means of Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé games, we extend the results from linear temporal logic over finite sequences to...

147. From Typing Constraints to Typed Constraint Systems in CHR - Emmanuel Coquery; François Fages
Typing constraint programs requires the flexibility of subtyping to properly express coercions between constraint domains. The typing of constraint logic programs as done in the TCLP system for example involves solving complex subtyping constraints. In this paper we present an implementation in CHR of Pottier's algorithm for checking the satisfiability of subtype inequalities. We show that when combined with a CHR implementation of an untyped constraint system, a simple merge of both CHR programs gives rise to a new typed constraint system which enjoys nice semantical properties. This is illustrated with examples of typed unification and TCLP programs.

148. O desenvolvimento das operações infra-lógicas de pensamento, em alunos de 1. a 5. série do 1. grau - Lopez, Daneisa M.; Grudzinski, Morgana Martins; Muller, Geraldo C.

149. El papel del Banco de España en el hundimiento de las Cajas de Ahorro españolas - Sevilla Jiménez, Martín; Torregrosa Martí, María Teresa
En la última década, la organización del sistema financiero español ha tenido una convulsión de un alcance inimaginable y puede decirse sin ningún género de dudas que el cambio ha sido histórico. De un sistema en el que el reparto de las instituciones financieras estaba representado por las Cajas de Ahorro y la banca en un 50% por cada grupo, se ha pasado a un escenario en el que las Cajas de Ahorro han desaparecido casi en su totalidad y la banca ha ocupado completamente todo el sistema financiero español. Difícilmente se puede explicar este cambio por factores exclusivamente atribuibles...

150. Logica simbolica, teoria dei gruppi e crivelli musicali nel pensiero di Iannis Xenakis : un punto di vista (1ère partie) - Andreatta, Moreno
cote interne IRCAM: Andreatta97b

151. Logica simbolica, teoria dei gruppi e crivelli musicali nel pensiero di Iannis Xenakis : un punto di vista (2e partie) - Andreatta, Moreno
cote interne IRCAM: Andreatta98a

152. An in-between "implicit" and "explicit" complexity: Automata - Aubert, Clément
Implicit Computational Complexity makes two aspects implicit, by manipulating programming languages rather than models of com-putation, and by internalizing the bounds rather than using external measure. We survey how automata theory contributed to complexity with a machine-dependant with implicit bounds model.

153. Memoization for Unary Logic Programming: Characterizing PTIME - Aubert, Clément; Bagnol, Marc; Seiller, Thomas
Soumis à LICS 2015

154. Competing conceptions of customary land rights registration (rural land maps PFRs in Benin) : methodological, policy and polity issues - Lavigne Delville, Philippe
The formalisation of local or customary land rights is often seen as a means of tackling insecurity of land tenure and encouraging investment. Several tools, such as the Rural Land Plans (PFRs) used in Benin, seem to resolve the tension between the logic of registering rights in order to increase productivity and the logic of securing complex local rights and reducing conflict. But while PFRs are potentially a good tool for dealing with complexity, current policy debate in Benin tends to focus on them as a tool for privatisation. But given the diversity of local situations and complexity of land...

155. Automatic Generation of Ontology for Scholarly Semantic Web - Quan, Thanh Tho; Hui, Siu Cheung; Fong, Alvis Cheuk Min; Cao, Tru Hoang
Semantic Web provides a knowledge-based environment that enables information to be shared and retrieved effectively. In this research, we propose the Scholarly Semantic Web for the sharing, reuse and management of scholarly information. To support the Scholarly Semantic Web, we need to construct ontology from data which is a tedious and difficult task. To generate ontology automatically, Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is an effective technique that can formally abstract data as conceptual structures. To enable FCA to deal with uncertainty in data and interpret the concept hierarchy reasonably, we propose to incorporate fuzzy logic into FCA for automatic generation of...

156. Más allá del infinito, el límite: el amor: El Oxímoron de lo divino - Lozano Pino, Jesús
METODOLOGÍA DE LA INVESTIGACIÓN (entre la línea técnico-documental y la experiencial): El estudio del debolismo kenótico-caritativo de Gianni Vattimo y la ontología hermenéutica de las diferencias que documenta T. Oñate en sus investigaciones sobre la temporalidad griega ha posibilitado, desde mi experiencia personal con los marginados, una interpretación bíblica, teológica y política del único principio-límite ontológico-hermenéutico aceptable: la caritas. Grecia y cristianismo se acercan: el amor a la sabiduría y la sabiduría del amor se abrazan y conjugan en gerundio. Profundizando en Jesús de Nazaret encontramos razones para seguir creyendo que si Dios existe, ¿Dios es Amor¿ (1 Jn 4,8),...

[pt] O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar programas de computador em linguagem FORTRAN de vários tópicos de um projeto de ar condicionado, acompanhado de explicações sobre sua utilização, bem como os fundamentos teóricos em que se basearam. A partir das equações da Mecânica dos Fluidos e da Transmissão de Calor, obtém as equações para o dimensionamento de uma rede de dutos pelos métodos da Recuperação Estática e Igual Perda, para o cálculo do fluxo de calor transferido ao fluido, escoando dentro dos dutos, para a determinação da temperatura de insuflamento do ar, para o cálculo da quantidade de chapa e isopor...

[pt] A presente pesquisa tem por objetivo estabelecer a relação entre a prática do design e a memória social, tendo em vista a compreensão do contexto da produção de bens simbólicos sob o fenômeno da moda e da temporalidade da sociedade capitalista e industrial. Através do conteúdo narrativo sobre as referências do passado presentes na produção de Ronaldo Fraga, propomos uma análise teórica acerca da prática social do design, colocando em questão as associações entre as representações da memória social e a produção de objetos de vestuário. A partir de uma abordagem sociológica, identificamos os aspectos coletivos da prática do...

159. LUT saving in embedded FPGAs for cache locking in real-time systems - Martí Campoy, Antonio; Rodríguez Ballester, Francisco; Ors Carot, Rafael
In recent years, cache locking have appeared as a solution to ease the schedulability analysis of real-time systems using cache memories maintaining, at the same time, similar performance improvements than regular cache memories. New devices for the embedded market couple a processor and a programmable logic device designed to enhance system flexibility and increase the possibilities of customisation in the field. This arrangement may help to improve the use of cache locking in real-time systems. This work proposes the use of this embedded programmable logic device to implement a logic function that provides the cache controller the information it needs in order to determine if a referenced main memory block has...

160. SuchThatCast Episode 11: Selmer Bringsjord, Gregory Chaitin, Mariarosaria Taddeo & Wilfried Sieg LIVE@ICAP'14 - Søraker, J.H.
This episode is recorded live in front of an audience at the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) 2014 conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. The guests are four of the most interesting participants at that conference: Selmer Bringsjord, Gregory Chaitin, Mariarosaria Taddeo and Wilfried Sieg. They represent both diversity, all of them having quite different backgrounds and main research area, but they all have a common denominator in logic and formal methods. This forms the backdrop for many of our discussions, in addition to background stories, more or less strange side-projects as well as future hopes and desires. The whole...


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