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  1. Single-chip microprocessor that communicates directly using light

    Sun, Cheng; Wade, Mark T.; Lee, Yunsup; Orcutt, Jason S.; Alloatti, Luca; Georgas, Michael S.; Waterman, Andrew S.; Shainline, Jeffrey M.; Avizienis, Rimas R.; Lin, Sen; Moss, Benjamin R.; Kumar, Rajesh; Pavanello, Fabio; Atabaki, Amir H.; Cook, Henry M.; Ou, Albert J.; Leu, Jonathan C.; Chen, Yu-Hsin; Asanovic, Krste; Ram, Rajeev J.; Popovic, M. A.; Stojanovic, V. M.
    Data transport across short electrical wires is limited by both bandwidth and power density, which creates a performance bottleneck for semiconductor microchips in modern computer systems—from mobile phones to large-scale data centres. These limitations can be overcome1,2,3 by using optical communications based on chip-scale electronic—photonic systems4-7 enabled by silicon-based nanophotonic devices8. However, combining electronics and photonics on the same chip has proved challenging, owing to microchip manufacturing conflicts between electronics and photonics. Consequently, current electronic—photonic chips9-11 are limited to niche manufacturing processes and include only a few optical devices alongside simple circuits. Here we report an electronic—photonic system on a...

  2. Los informes de responsabilidad social empresarial: su evolución y tendencias en el contexto internacional y colombiano: Evolution and Trends in the International and Colombian Conte

    Gómez Villegas, Mauricio; Quintanill, Diego Alexander
    This document is framed by interdisciplinary studies on corporate social responsibility. The research aimed to build an analytical framework to identify, characterize and assess the evolution of social responsibility reports. The present paper is the third one that presents the progress of such research. The central question is about the evolution of the production of CSR reports in Colombia and at the international level. Here we revisit the conclusions and the analytical framework central arguments that were developed in previous work and focus on the presentation and interpretation of the developments and trends in corporate social responsibility reports since the...

  3. Discutindo a lógica da autoprodução de moradias

    Nogueira, Priscilla
    O artigo apresenta a dinâmica da autoprodução de moradias, típicas de bairros periféricos de grandes metrópoles. Nessas áreas, vive uma variada e complexa classe média, fruto de sensíveis mudanças em curso na economia brasileira. Apesar de sempre terem construído e reformado suas moradias com poucos recursos, os autoprodutores são excluídos da construção formal e do contexto social para o qual arquitetos usualmente trabalham. Sem dinheiro vivo, mas com crédito aprovado, adquirem mais bens de consumo do que antes, mas continuam à margem das melhores oportunidades de educação e serviços e têm pouco ou nenhum conhecimento construtivo. Tradicionalmente, arquitetos são autores...

  4. Mujeres en venta (2015) y (des)Iguales (2015-2016): un análisis crítico de dos propuestas de documentales transmedia

    Dürr Missau, Lucas
    This article analyses the productions Mujeres en venta: trata de personas con fines de explotaci¬ón sexual (2015) and (des)Iguales (2015-2016) from a critic perspective. The main objective is to reflect about its narrative model, namely its structure and logic with the purpose of understanding the elements that contribute to its characterization as transmedia documentaries.

  5. Por uma crítica descolonial da ideologia humanista dos Direitos Humanos

    Leão Romaguera, Daniel Carneiro; Teixeira, João Paulo Allain; Frizzo Bragato, Fernanda
    The decolonial perspective search for pluralism in the production of knowledge which implies a break from Eurocentric construction of knowledge. Therefore positions itself critically in relation to the traditional narrative of historicism that resulted in the civilizing ideal professed in a more orthodox reading of Human Rights. From this perspective the article proposes on one hand relate the underlying humanist ideology on the discourse of Human Rights with Eurocentrism. On the other hand take the thread of decolonialism in a critical historiography line exposing possibilities that were or have been concealed hidden and destroyed by traditional rationality in construction of...

  6. A linguagem para ‘além’ da dimensão semântica

    Braga de Andrade, Claudia
    Language is a central issue in psychoanalysis and - as far as the Freudian project is concerned - it can be considered in two ways which are related to each other: as evidence of the therapeutic method, accomplished through speech, and in the formulation of the psychic apparatus. This article is about different perspectives and possibilities concerning the approach to language present in the Freudian discourse- which grants special consideration to both representation and dynamic pulsation. Language interferes directly when it comes to making one’s way to a clinical treatment and also signalizes distinct positions concerning the metaphysical logic of...

  7. A operatividade do discurso do analista: encontro faltoso e posição feminina

    Machado Pinto, Jeferson
    This article examines the father’s limits in organizing the economy of the instincts. It arguments that the paternal function structures the unconscious as a language, defining only one sex, the phallic, and demonstrates the impossibility of defining The Woman. The subject who is imprisoned by the signifying order is impeded to have access to the object and the woman embodies the suplement that the phallus lacks. This manner of organizing creates an infinite space between the lacking beings and, for this reason, the text follows the logic of compacity developed by Lacan to demonstrate the contingency of the loving encounter....

  8. Perversão e infância e adolescência

    Marques Caldeira Borges, Juliana; Gontijo de Brito Soares, Margarida Maria; Elias Pinheiro, Maria de Lourdes; Buzinari, Marlene; Gonçalves Mendes, Selma; Guedes Galvão, Sonia; Campos Santoro, Vanessa
    By going through the works of Freud and Lacan, the authors research perversion in childhood, going through the perverse polymorphism of the infant sexuality, increased with the view of the anatomic difference of the sexes, that leads the child to created sexual theories and fantasies. The phallic mother and the fetish are imaginary solutions with a straight relation of the Oedipal and castration complexes. Perversion is a particular position in face of the Oedipus, with a flaw in the symbolization of the law, the denial. Sexuality needs a second logic time, separated by the latency period, to confirm in act...

  9. Methodology to calculate the fracture gradient in a tectonically active zone: An application in colombian foothills

    Contreras, Oscar A.; Corzo Rueda, Reinel; Saavedra, Nestor Fernando; Calderón Carrillo, Zuly Himelda
    Fracture gradient estimates are fundamental to predict the pressure required to hydraulically fracture a formation. The main objective of this work is to propose a new methodology to calculate a fracture gradient value based on the application of two new different methods: Pseudo-Overburden Stress Method and Effective Stress Method. These new methods were obtained by modifying and improving two approaches proposed in the literature, putting them in a logic and systematic order, making possible their application to onshore wells, incorporating a new function to calculate calibration constants with the less associated uncertainty, and broadening their scope of application to involve...

  10. Populismo (en) democracia: Repensando los sentidos de la emancipación en el sur de América Latina

    Reano, Ariana
    This paper has two objectives. Firstly, it proposes rethinking the relationship between populism and democracy, by challenging the positions which create a radical antagonism between these two political dynamics. In order to do this, the paper refers to guidelines put forward by Ernesto Laclau, relating to the rupture and reconstruction of populism understood as political logic. This idea is complemented by contributions from Jacques Rancière, in order to explore the democratizing dimension of populist movements. Secondly, the article analyzes two examples of contemporary governments – that of Nestor Kirchner in Argentina, and of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil...

  11. El proyecto político y las capacidades de gobierno

    Spinelli, Hugo
    This article presents a theoretical overview of personal and institutional governance capacities (experience, leadership and knowledge on the individual level, and organizational capital available on the institutional level) and their relationship to politics and policies in the Latin American context. Using the theoretical production of Carlos Matus regarding the act of governing, diverse dimensions of this problem are put into discussion in relation to other authors and experiences in different historical moments. Theories, methods and techniques of government are explored and the need for state reform with an internal logic is analyzed. It is concluded that there is a need...

  12. Cuestiones de género en centros residenciales y de día para personas con discapacidad intelectual en Andalucía. Reflexiones desde el trabajo social

    Díaz Jiménez, Rosa María
    Al analizar los procesos de intervención de trabajadores/as sociales con personas con discapacidad intelectual en centros residenciales y de día de Andalucía, se ha comprobado que las cuestiones de género pueden explicar, por una parte, la invisibilidad científica de disciplinas con importante impacto en la intervención con personas en situación de vulnerabilidad social y por otra, la diferencia de trato en la intervención con personas con discapacidad intelectual en centros, un entorno institucional eminentemente feminizado. En nuestra investigación, mediante un marco conceptual interpretativo de lógica ascendente y una metodología cualitativa bajo los supuestos generales de la �Grounded Theory�, se ha...

  13. ¿Políticas de bienestar? Análisis de las implicaciones para la equidad de género de los programas de transferencias monetarias condicionadas. Caso México, Chile y Brasil

    Cevallos Barahona, Ana Ruth
    Los Programas de Transferencias Monetarias Condicionadas (PTMC) se promueven en los discursos oficiales como la principal estrategia de combate a la pobreza en buena parte de los países de América Latina. Sin embargo, en realidad plantean una nueva lógica de acceso a los beneficios sociales caracterizado por su carácter restrictivo y focalizado. Tal y como están definidos, parecería que también fundamentan buena parte de su éxito en asumir una lógica de división sexual del trabajo en los hogares, implicando un deterioro en el bienestar de las mujeres pobres. En este documento por tanto se intenta conocer la relación de las...

  14. Visio artis, simbolismo, analogía y ontología en el arte de Ramon Llull

    Sidera, Jordi
    This article analyses the original core of the ‘Art’ of Ramon Llull, which, according to the author, was the result of a vision on Mount Randa. We start from the paradoxical fact that Llull describes his Art as a result of an immediate revelation, but throughout his life constantly reworked the artistic structure, in both formal and procedural aspects. We thus take a hermeneutical approach to the ontology, logic and symbolism of Llull’s Art to define as precisely as possible what remained constant through the changes. We conclude that the so-called ‘illumination of Randa’ was actually a mystical vision of...

  15. El pensamiento des-colonial, desprendimiento y apertura: un manifiesto

    Mignolo, Walter D.
    El argumento básico (casi un silogismo) es el siguiente: si la colonialidad es constitutiva de la modernidad puesto que la retórica salvacionista de la modernidad presupone la lógica opresiva y condenatoria de la colonialidad (de ahí los damnés de Fanon); esa lógica opresiva produce una energía de descontento, de desconfianza, de desprendimiento entre quienes reaccionan ante la violencia imperial. Esa energía se traduce en proyectos de decolonialidad que, en última instancia, también son constitutivos de la modernidad.  

  16. Reading Aristotle at the University of Louvain in the Fifteenth Century: A First Survey of Petrus de Rivo's Commentaries on Aristotle (II)

    Bartocci, Barbara; Masolini, Serena
    The Aristotelian commentaries by Petrus de Rivo (†1499/1500), still unedited, represent a valuable instrument for our understanding of the major trends in the teaching of Aristotle at the fifteenth-century Faculty of Arts at Louvain. We published a preliminary survey of the manuscript material in last year's issue of this journal, together with an account of the status quaestionis concerning Peter's biography, works and the historical context of his thought. In the present article, we consider more closely a selection of his commentaries on logic and natural philosophy. First, we offer an overview of Peter's division of the sciences as expressed...

  17. The "Quaestio de formalitatibus" by John Duns Scotus, sometimes called the "Logica Scoti"

    Emery, Kent; Smith, Garrett R.
    The authors present a critical edition of the Quaestio de formalitatibus of John Duns Scotus. In the introduction to their edition, they examine the evidence of the manuscripts and the external and internal evidence to determine the authorship, place and date of the question. They conclude that the Quaestio was disputed by John Duns Scotus at Paris in the Franciscan studium sometime between 1305 and 1307. Chronologically, Scotus' Quaestio, disputed at Paris, would seem to be his final, magisterial word on the subject of the formal distinction. Finally, the authors examine the transmission of the text in each of the...

  18. Commission VI: Byzantine Philosophy. Section 3: A Sourcebook of Byzantine Philosophy

    Ierodiakonou, Katerina
    Byzantine philosophy is an unexplored field and one of the more neglected periods in the history of philosophy. Although Byzantine philosophers often have received credit for transmitting ancient philosophical texts, they have not been studied for their own philosophical merit. In order to make easier the study of Byzantine philosophy, to introduce it to a broader academic public and to promote teaching of the subject at the university level, I propose to edit a three-volume sourcebook of Byzantine philosophical texts with English translation and comments, containing the most important texts from the ninth to the fifteenth century, covering the areas...

  19. Lógica difusa para la toma de decisiones y la selección de personal

    Ruvalcaba Coyaso, Francisco Javier; Vermonden, Anais
    Este trabalho de pesquisa foca-se na lógica difusa. Identifica de que maneira serve para a seleção de pessoal e que publicações relevantes existem acerca de sua efetividade no cenário empresarial. A revisão realizada se levou a cabo a partir de uma busca em bases de dados especializadas. Encontra-se que a Fuzzy Logic pode oferecer ao processo de seleção de pessoal algo de certeza, em particular, na tomada de decisões que o acompanha. Pode contribuir também no processo de identificação da pessoa mais adequada para realizar um conjunto de atividades, de acordo, além, com o seu perfil psicológico. Seu uso ajuda, em efeito,...

  20. Análisis de los estilos de aprendizaje en estudiantes universitarios del área de la salud

    Rodríguez Garza, Mayela del R.; Sanmiguel Salazar, Ma. Francisca; Jiménez Villarreal, Joel; Esparza Olage, Rex Issac
    Descriptive study focused on identifying learning styles with the Honey-Alonso (CHAEA) questionnaire, in first year students of a Mexican Faculty of medicine, in order to determinate since the beginning of the career the learning strategies according to each student´s learning style, enabling an improvement in the teaching-learning process. A contrast analysis of averages between the two more often styles was made: Reflexive (14.91%) and Theoretical (13%) with the two less frequent styles: Pragmatic (12.82%) and Active (10.75%) and, a kindness test with a χ2 adjustment, to compare if the observations could reasonably proceed of he specified theoretical distribution, in all four styles the results tell us that the observed...

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