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  1. Bistable metamaterial for switching and cascading elastic vibrations

    Bilal, Osama R.; Foehr, André; Daraio, Chiara
    The realization of acoustic devices analogous to electronic systems, like diodes, transistors, and logic elements, suggests the potential use of elastic vibrations (i.e., phonons) in information processing, for example, in advanced computational systems, smart actuators, and programmable materials. Previous experimental realizations of acoustic diodes and mechanical switches have used nonlinearities to break transmission symmetry. However, existing solutions require operation at different frequencies or involve signal conversion in the electronic or optical domains. Here, we show an experimental realization of a phononic transistor-like device using geometric nonlinearities to switch and amplify elastic vibrations, via magnetic coupling, operating at a single frequency....

  2. Towards an epistemic-logical theory of categorization

    Conradie, Willem; Frittella, Sabine; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Piazzai, Michele,; Tzimoulis, Apostolos; Wijnberg, Nachoem,
    Categorization systems are widely studied in psychology, sociology, and organization theory as information-structuring devices which are critical to decision-making processes. In the present paper, we introduce a sound and complete epistemic logic of categories and agents' categorical perception. The Kripke-style semantics of this logic is given in terms of data structures based on two domains: one domain representing objects (e.g. market products) and one domain representing the features of the objects which are relevant to the agents' decision-making. We use this framework to discuss and propose logic-based formalizations of some core concepts from psychological, sociological, and organizational research in catego-rization...

  3. Matthew Effects via Team Semantics

    Frittella, Sabine; Greco, Giuseppe,; Piazzai, Michele; Wijnberg, Nachoem,; Yang, Fan,
    Social scientists call Matthew eeect the self-reinforcing mechanisms whereby initially small advantages accrued by individuals, e.g. in reputation, capital, or access to opportunities, beget further advantage and result in growing inequality. While there is extensive literature on the Matthew eeect, the notion has not been explicitly deened. In this paper, we take a rst step in this direction by providing a formalisation of Matthew eeects within the framework of team semantics, and by introducing a logic for analysing the properties of the dependence relations involved in Matthew eeects. We also show via an example how to use this logic to...

  4. Erhard Weigel's Contributions to the Formation of Symbolic Logic

    Bullynck, Maarten
    International audience

  5. Who Will Be the Next President? A Guide to the U.S. Presidential Election System

    Belenky, Alexander
    Almost every American has either studied something about the Electoral College in school or at least heard of it. Yet to many people used to electing municipal, state, and federal officials by the democratic principle “the one who gets the most votes always wins,” the Electoral College looks quite mysterious and antiquated. The mystery concerns how such a system could have existed for so long, and why it has not been replaced by a system that is based on the above democratic principle. In contrast, people who are curious about the election system often try to grasp (a) how the Electoral College...

  6. Reconceptualising Schopenhauer’s “Compassion” through Diametric and Concentric Spatial Structures of Relation

    Downes, Paul
    La compassió de Schopenhauer (Mitleid) emfasitza que una persona participa immediatament del sofriment d’una altra. Una de les qüestions que ha romàs al llarg de la història entre els crítics de Schopenhauer és la seva reducció inconscient de la compassió a una forma d’egoisme. Aquest article argumenta que una concepció de marc espacio-relacional manté la compassió de Schopenhauer contra les assumpcions egoistes. Aquest marc espacio-relacional sorgeix d’una reinterpretació d’una part de les observacions de Lévi-Strauss en les estructures de relacions interculturals —en les projeccions diametrals i concèntriques— sense que haguem de comprometre’ns amb els pressupòsits estructuralistes de Lévi-Strauss. Una distinció...

  7. Pseudo-conditionals and causal assertibles in Stoic logic

    López Astorga, Miguel 10.5007/1808-1711.2016v20n3p417The Stoics not only analyzed sentences showing to be clear conditionals. They also reviewed other kinds of sentences related to the conditional that are not exactly conditionals, for example, the pseudo-conditionals and the causal assertibles. In this paper, I try to argue that the Stoic account of such sentences reveals that certain problematic issues that contemporary cognitive science is concerned with, such as the ways the conditionals can be expressed or the pragmatic phenomenon of the conditional perfection, were already studied by the Stoics, and that they even gave their solutions to those problems. To do that, I resort...

  8. Gobernanza territorial y acciones de desarrollo local en el valle de Río Chico (Río Chico, Argentina) (2004-2014)

    Conterno, Cecilia
    El territorio de estudio fue el valle de Río Chico. Ubicado en Suroeste de la Región Sur de la Provincia de Río Negro. Por medio de la revisión teórica y la sistematización de las experiencias de intervención como agente de desarrollo de la AER INTA Ingeniero Jacobacci, se logró ajustar el procedimiento de investigación pertinente para este espacio micro-local. La tesis se concentró en los comportamientos e interacciones entre la Comisión de Fomento, la Cooperativa Agrícola Ganadera Nuevo Río y la “Mesa Técnica” de Río Chico. Fueron elegidas por ser las instituciones que orientan el desarrollo local del Paraje y...

  9. Understanding and automating application-level caching

    Mertz, Jhonny Marcos Acordi
    Latency and cost of Internet-based services are encouraging the use of application-level caching to continue satisfying users’ demands, and improve the scalability and availability of origin servers. Application-level caching, in which developers manually control cached content, has been adopted when traditional forms of caching are insufficient to meet such requirements. Despite its popularity, this level of caching is typically addressed in an adhoc way, given that it depends on specific details of the application. Furthermore, it forces application developers to reason about a crosscutting concern, which is unrelated to the application business logic. As a result, application-level caching is a...

  10. Sistema de gestão da inovação da CEEE : proposta de indicadores para avaliação de desempenho

    Correa, Cristian Hans
    A inovação deixou de ser exclusividade de algumas empresas e passou a permear grande parte delas. Estas inovações podem ser incrementais, melhorando produtos ou processos, ou radicais, rompendo paradigmas no mercado consumidor. Porém, o ato de inovar requer suporte de muitas ações. Dentre essas ações estão às gerenciais, auxiliando na identificação de evidências que apontam se a empresa está no caminho adequado ou não. Alinhado a esta lógica de melhoria contínua é que são realizadas as inovações no âmbito do Programa de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (P&D) do setor elétrico, regulado pela Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (ANEEL). Este Programa foi...

  11. Biotagging of Specific Cell Populations in Zebrafish Reveals Gene Regulatory Logic Encoded in the Nuclear Transcriptome

    Trinh, Le A.; Chong-Morrison, Vanessa; Gavriouchkina, Daria; Hochgreb-Hägele, Tatiana; Senanayake, Upeka; Fraser, Scott E.; Sauka-Spengler, Tatjana
    Interrogation of gene regulatory circuits in complex organisms requires precise tools for the selection of individual cell types and robust methods for biochemical profiling of target proteins. We have developed a versatile, tissue-specific binary in vivo biotinylation system in zebrafish termed biotagging that uses genetically encoded components to biotinylate target proteins, enabling in-depth genome-wide analyses of their molecular interactions. Using tissue-specific drivers and cell-compartment-specific effector lines, we demonstrate the specificity of the biotagging toolkit at the biochemical, cellular, and transcriptional levels. We use biotagging to characterize the in vivo transcriptional landscape of migratory neural crest and myocardial cells in different...

  12. Sequential Response to Multiple Developmental Network Circuits Encoded in an Intronic cis- Regulatory Module of Sea Urchin hox11/13b

    Cui, Miao; Vielmas, Erika; Davidson, Eric H.; Peter, Isabelle S.
    Gene expression in different spatial domains is often controlled by separate cis-regulatory modules (CRMs), but regulatory states determining CRM activity are not only distinct in space, they also change continuously during developmental time. Here, we systematically analyzed the regulatory sequences controlling hox11/13b expression and identified a single CRM required throughout embryonic gut development. We show that within this CRM, distinct sets of binding sites recognizing Ets, Tcf, and homeodomain transcription factors control the dynamic spatial expression of hox11/13b in each developmental phase. Several binding sites execute multiple, sometimes contradictory, regulatory functions, depending on the temporal and spatial regulatory context. In...

  13. Eficacia de los sitios webs de los diputados chilenos como herramienta de la comunicación política

    Parada Gavilán, Carolina
    La creciente y prolífera línea de investigación dedicada al impacto de las nuevas tecnologías de la información en la Comunicación Política ha planteado la posibilidad que el uso y masificación de Internet, como máxima representación de las Tics, podría contribuir a aliviar el déficit estructural y funcional que sufre hoy el sistema político. A diversos autores les asiste la convicción de que nuevos canales comunicativos entre la población y sus representantes, actúan como alternativa a los medios tradicionales, fortaleciendo el poder ciudadano; y diversos ejemplos de movimientos sociales en distintas partes del mundo, con efectos en las decisiones políticas, dan...

  14. La división lógica y la definición

    Márquez Landaeta, Jack Abel
    This paper consist in a study of the division as a necessary instrument to obtain essential definitions, from a logical perspective as a research line. Our argument consists in show the logical division and the definition like interdependent elements, we believe that in every definition necessarily participates a divisional process and that also this one is present from the Socratic dialogues, the middle dialogues and the late dialogues of Plato until its final systematization in the Topics of Aristotle, of which conceptual logic is heir.

  15. Andrés Suzzarini y su aporte a la lógica y la filosofía

    Belandria, Margarita

  16. Dirigisme, politique industrielle et rhétorique industrialiste

    Cohen, Élie
    Dirigisme, industrial policy and industrialist rhetoric French dirigisme is so obvions that it is seldom discussed either by its actors or in the literature. A systematic empirical study of industrial public policies nevertheless shows that, except in the case of the " grand projects "for which a state which disregards rules mobilizes procurement, research, finance and public enterprise in the service of sovereignty objectives, industriel policies assist corporate strategies or seek to contribute to civil peace. Historical analysis does not invalidate this finding ; it reveals contrasting patterns of state jindustry relations in which the économic administration acts on the...

  17. Penser la démocratie moderne avec, et contre, Carl Schmitt

    Mouffe, Chantal
    Thinking about modern democracy with, and against, Carl Schmitt Carl Schmitt is here viewed as a " revealer " who helps to highlight the constitutive role that pluralism plays in modem democracy, understood as a new political form of society. Schmitt's criticism of liberalism enables us to recognize the shortcomings of liberal democracy as well as the means to overcome them. But unlike Schmitt, who sees in the conflict between the democratic logic of identity and the liberal logic of pluralism the proof of the unviable character of liberal democracy, one can consider that this is not a contradiction but...

  18. Conceptos, discursos, prácticas sociales

    Seoane Suárez, José Luis
    En la presente composición, realizamos análisis y reflexiones sobre las relaciones entre conceptos, discursos y prácticas sociales dentro del marco de Campos y Fuentes de Legitimidades, en función de revisar y repensar componentes de la organización y del ejercicio profesional del Trabajo Social en un hospital psiquiátrico. Los Campos y Fuentes de Legitimidades, en tanto matrices de pensamiento posibilitan avanzar en el conocimiento de los seres humanos. Demandan el encuentro con los saberes y aprendizajes previos que se conectan con experiencias y vivencias significativas de sus historias, nutriendo pensamientos discursos e ideas que fundamentan y entraman prácticas sociales subjetivizantes. En el...

  19. Dual characterizations for finite lattices via correspondence theory for monotone modal logic

    Frittella, Sabine; Palmigiano, Alessandra; Santocanale, Luigi
    International audience

  20. Fixed-Point Theory in the Varieties Dn

    Frittella, Sabine; Santocanale, Luigi
    International audience

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