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161. GDL Meets ATL: A Logic for Game Description and Strategic Reasoning - Jiang, Guifei; Zhang, Dongmo; Perrussel, Laurent
National audience

162. A lógica matemática da arte ornamental: uma relação de equivalência a partir da estrutura atômica dos cristais - Pantaleão, L.F.; Pinheiro, O.J.
Fundamentado na conceituação estética entre os conceitos de conteúdo e forma pretende-se estabelecer uma relação de analogia entre ornamentos e cristais. Com o objetivo de construir uma investigação de cunho teórico relacionando a dinâmica que ocorre nos átomos dos cristais aos intervalos simétricos dos padrões ornamentais, procura-se traçar uma linha de raciocínio que vai desde a Idéia de Platão e a poiésis aristotélica, até a ampliação filosófica de Hegel, que admite a estética como uma ciência da arte integrada num processo metafísico. Inerente a este questionamento propõe-se, em termos de inter-relação entre estética e metafísica, conteúdo como sendo princípio inteligente,...

163. Architecture Without Explicit Locks for Logic Simulation on SIMD Machines - Cockshott, W. Paul; Chimeh, Mozhgan
The presentation describes an architecture for logic simulation that takes advantages of the features of multi-core SIMD architectures. It uses neither explicit locks nor queues, using instead oblivious simulation. Data structures are targeted to efficient SIMD and multi-core cache operation. We demonstrate high levels of parallelisation on Xeon Phi and AMD multi-core machines. Performance on a Xeon Phi is comparable to or better than on a 1000 core Blue Gene machine.

[pt] O objetivo da dissertação é propor indicadores e respectivas métricas para o monitoramento e avaliação da implementação no Brasil da regulamentação sobre recolhimento de alimentos e sua comunicação à Anvisa e aos consumidores. No contexto institucional no qual a pesquisa se insere, considera-se que esse esforço propiciará ao órgão regulador, bem como aos diversos atores envolvidos na implementação da regulamentação em foco, o ferramental adequado para o monitoramento do processo e avaliação de seus resultados. A pesquisa pode ser considerada aplicada, descritiva e metodológica. Quanto aos meios de investigação, a metodologia compreende: (i) pesquisa bibliográfica e documental; (ii) construção...

165. Aplikasi Pengambilan Keputusan dengan Metode Tsukamoto pada Penentuan Tingkat Kepuasan pelanggan - Venny Riana Riana Agustin; Wahyu Henky Irawan
Tsukamoto method is one method of fuzzy inference system on fuzzy logic for decision making. Steps of the decision making in this method, namely fuzzyfication (process changing the input into kabur), the establishment of fuzzy rules, fuzzy logic analysis, defuzzyfication (affirmation), as well as the conclusion and interpretation of the results. The results from this research are steps of the decision making in Tsukamoto method, namely fuzzyfication (process changing the input into kabur), the establishment of fuzzy rules by the general form IF a is A THEN B is B, fuzzy logic analysis to get alpha in every rule, defuzzyfication...

166. Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Metode Sugeno dalam Menentukan Tingkat Kepribadian Siswa Berdasarkan Pendidikan - Wildan Hakim; Turmudi Turmudi
Sugeno method is one method of fuzzy inference system on fuzzy logic for decision making. In-Zero Order Sugeno method in fuzzy logic consists of four stages: 1. fuzzification. 2. The application functionality implications, the implication function used is function MIN (minimum). 3. The composition rule using the function MAX (maximum). 4. Defuzzification weight average. Based on case 1, each student with non-formal education and informal education by 12 by 19 has a value of 20.7 and a variable linguistic personality is MEDIUM. Suggestions for further research can use other parameters in determining the level of personality of students with fuzzy...

167. A P-N Sequence Generator Using LFSR with Dual Edge Trigger Technique - Naghwal Nitin Kumar; Kumar Abhishek
This paper represents the design and implementation of a low power 4-bit LFSR using Dual edge triggered flip flop. A linear feedback shift register (LFSR) is assembled by N number of flip flops connected in series and a combinational logic generally xor gate. An LFSR can generate random number sequence which acts as cipher in cryptography. A known text encrypted over long PN sequence, in order to improve security sequence made longer ie 128 bit; require long chain of flip flop leads to more power consumption. In this paper a novel circuit of random sequence generator using dual edge triggered...

168. A Knowledge-Based Step Length Estimation Method Based on Fuzzy Logic and Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithms for a Pedestrian Dead Reckoning System - Ying-Chih Lai; Chin-Chia Chang; Chia-Ming Tsai; Shih-Ching Huang; Kai-Wei Chiang
The demand for pedestrian navigation has increased along with the rapid progress in mobile and wearable devices. This study develops an accurate and usable Step Length Estimation (SLE) method for a Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) system with features including a wide range of step lengths, a self-contained system, and real-time computing, based on the multi-sensor fusion and Fuzzy Logic (FL) algorithms. The wide-range SLE developed in this study was achieved by using a knowledge-based method to model the walking patterns of the user. The input variables of the FL are step strength and frequency, and the output is the estimated...

169. « Destruction de la langue » dans la première œuvre Dada : des impertinences lexicales à la théâtralité - Kunešová Mariana
The paper deals with the issue of signification in Dada creation which is well known for its goal of « abolition of logic », and its literary consequence: structures not respecting the speech acts to the point that they seem to destroy the very possibility of presence of acceptable significations. The author of the paper, suggesting to name these rebel structures « motivation attacks », starts her research from the famous interpretation of Dada activity by Jacques Rivière : « It is impossible for a man to say something that has no meaning » (La Nouvelle Revue Française, 1920), and...

170. Implementasi Sistem Pakar Diagnosis Penyakit Diabetes Mellitus Menggunakan Metode Fuzzy Logic Berbasis Web - Fauzan Masykur

Number of patients with Diabetes Mellitus increases from year to year. This is due to late diagnosis of disease and also because of an unhealthy lifestyle. The disease usually does not realize that the disease Diabetes Mellitus. In this study, made ​​an enforcement system diseases Diabetes Mellitus with the Sugeno method. The variables supporting the diagnosis of the disease are used in the formation of a fuzzy set. Fuzzy set will be processed by the Sugeno method to produce a decision. Designed application has been tested with the involvement of medical records from physician diagnosis, the decision of the resulting...

171. Sistem Informasi Pendukung Keputusan Terhadap Mutu Lulusan dengan Metode Fuzzy Model Tsukamoto - Ahmad Lubis Ghozali; Mustafid Mustafid; Farikhin Farikhin

The importance of graduate information systems to support leadership in taking a decision related to the development of alumni, so that should make for a graduate information systems implemented in the form of web portals. Analysis of the data processed by the method of OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), KPI (Key Performance Indicators) graduates, and data mining to extract and transform data holds the data will be stored in the warehouse. The process of data analysis using OLAP and Fuzzy method to determine the parameters of the model Tsukamoto graduate performance and quality of college graduates. The process of data analysis...

172. Penerapan Metode Hill Climbing Pada Sistem Informasi Geografis Untuk Mencari Lintasan Terpendek - Eka Vickraien Dangkua; Vincencius Gunawan; Kusworo Adi

Heuristic search methods is one of the methods commonly in use in finding the shortest path, one of which, namely the methods Hill Climbing process where testing is done using heuristic functions. Problems generally encountered is the shortest path search to solve the problem of distance can be changed into a graph structure, where the point of declaring the city and the State line that connects the two cities. From the logic so that it can locate destinations and save on travel costs. The hallmarks of this algorithm are all possible solutions will have then checked one by one from...

173. La enseñanza de las teorías de la Administración: limitantes epistémicos y posibilidades pedagógicas - Diego Armando Marín Idárraga
En su devenir histórico, el conocimiento en Administración se ha estructurado con una vasta producción de enunciados, algunos con estatus de teoría y otros más con un “aire” de discurso ideológico. Es así como el constructo del saber administrativo ha bandeado entre dos lógicas que en ocasiones se hibridan: una racionalidad de tipo teorético y otra de carácter praxeológico. En la primera tipología se cuentan las teorías de la Administración y en la segunda los enfoques propios de la gestión. En el presente artículo se busca introducir un marco de reflexión epistemológico y pedagógico que advierta la necesidad de diferenciar la dualidad...

174. Valoración de la garantía de pensión en las cuentas de ahorro individual en colombia - José V. Restrepo; Juan C. Gutiérrez
El comportamiento del individuo como persona que aporta, y futuro beneficiario de una pensión, es determinante para cuantificar los efectos que su densidad de aportes tiene sobre el sistema de ahorro individual y la exigibilidad de las diferentes garantías. Por esta razón, en el presente trabajo se intenta buscar desde las finanzas personales una visión alterna a lo expuesto en diferentes estudios que sobre la materia se han realizado, no solo en Colombia sino a nivel internacional, y brindar una aproximación a la solución del problema de sostenibilidad en el retiro. Para calcular la magnitud de las garantías, se desarrolló un...

175. Determinación de precios óptimos en el sector de la distribución comercial en España: aplicación de un enfoque de competencia asimétrica - Óscar González-Benito; María Pilar Martínez-Ruiz; Alejandro Mollá-Descals
Teniendo en cuenta la importancia que adquieren las decisiones de precios en la distribución comercial minorista, en este trabajo se propone un modelo de decisión de precios óptimos en el que, a corto plazo, los efectos de los precios óptimos sobre la demanda y los márgenes del distribuidor maximizan la rentabilidad global de la categoría de productos. Tres aspectos fundamentales permiten describir esta propuesta: 1) se basa en una perspectiva agregada; 2) incorpora modelos de cuota de mercado con consistencia lógica –con el fin de aportar mayor robustez a la medición de la demanda– y 3) incluye el papel de la...

[pt] Nas últimas décadas o avanço tecnológico tem atingido altos níveis de desenvolvimento, sendo as técnicas de inteligência computacional um dos principais campos em expansão devido à sua aplicabilidade nas diferentes áreas industriais. Uma das principais técnicas com aplicabilidade no setor da robótica é a Lógica Fuzzy, que permite aumentar as características de autonomia dos robôs. Atualmente a indústria brasileira vem desenvolvendo novos métodos robotizados para as tarefas de monitoramento e inspeção de gasodutos. No caso particular do gasoduto Coari-Manaus, foi desenvolvido o Robô Ambiental Híbrido Médio (RAHM), o qual possui um Sistema Primário de Navegação (SPN), mas não um Sistema Auxiliar de Navegação (SAN) para uso em caso...

177. Vernunft und glaube, oder, Forschungen nach der wahren religion ... - Bröckelmann, August, 1846-1912.; Muzzarelli, Alfonso, 1749-1813. Buon uso della logica in materia di religione.
A free German adaptation of the chapter of Alfonso Muzzarelli's Il buon uso della logica in materia di religione, entitled Meditazioni del filosofo. cf. Vorwort.

178. La iglesia de Santa Catalina de Valencia: Historia, construcción y estructura - Moreno Puchalt, Jésica
[EN] The Church of Santa Catalina is a unique building within the historical heritage of the city of Valencia due to different aspects. Among them, it sould be noted its medieval origin and its unusual plan layout, because of both the asymmetry of its side chapels and its particular ambulatory with an even number of radial chapels. Moreover, there are uncertainties of its constructive evolution that are reflected on the façade on Lope de Vega square. In addition, there is the importance of its bell tower, which is considered to be a key example of the Valencian Baroque. This study provides...

179. Factor Analysis Based Selections - Sylvia Encheva
Merger in higher education has been of scholarly interest to researchers in various fields. This work is devoted to challenges related to partner selection for an feasible merger. A systematic approach is proposed based on describing educational organizations via several predefined key numbers from the one hand and their expectations from the other hand. Methods from Boolean factor analysis, formal concept analysis, and Belnap’s logic are further employed in an attempt of drawing meaningful conclusions.

180. The marketing model of research: structure and logic - Viktoriya Timonina; Dmitrii Mazanenko
In this article the authors examine the features of the preparation and use of the marketing model of scientific and technological innovation to achieve the objectives of its economic feasibility and commercialization. The basic advantages of marketing model, as well as the example of the authors conducted technical studies are given options of graphic presentation and content marketing model of scientific and technical work.


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