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  1. XML storage in relational databases: an approach combining description logic and statistic

    Flory, André; Ouziri, Mourad; Verdier, Christine
    International audience

  2. Logic, Mathematics and Natural Light: Liddel on the Foundations of Knowledge

    Regier, Jonathan
    International audience

  3. Small states and non-material power: creating crises and shaping migration policies in Malta, Cyprus and the European Union

    Mainwaring, Cetta
    This article examines how the power relationships between Malta and the Republic of Cyprus, on the one hand, and the European Union, on the other, shape irregular immigration policies in these two sovereign outpost island states in the Mediterranean. As member states on the EU's southern periphery, Malta and Cyprus have faced new institutional structures since their accession in 2004 within which they now construct their migration policies. Here, I examine how the new structures influence the discourse and logic of migration policies and politics and also how the seemingly small and powerless states affect regional policies. My contention is...

  4. A reorientação da atenção em saúde mental: sobre a qualidade e humanização da assistência

    Dimenstein, Magda
    The objective of this paper is to reflect upon some issues that constitute challenges to the Unified Health System managers and professionals, the quality and the humanization process in the health actions in mental health. Both concepts hold a prominent place in the psychiatric care reform process currently established in Brazil, as well as in the discourse of the professionals in mental health care. It discusses the quality and the humanization concepts differently from the traditional financial gains, nonhospitalization and assistencialist perspective. Instead they are linked to the principle of noninstitucionalization as a negation of the asylum logic that undermines...

  5. O alarido das vidas marginais na obra de Chico Buarque

    Morais, Rodrigo
    The objective of this work is to analyze how composer Chico Buarque discourses through numerous pieces of music in the daily life outcome of the so-called Brazilian lower social classes and their characters, powering and vitalizing his narratives.To do so, the work was based on the fact that, under a historically built speech, the lower-class voices have been continuously underrated, as well as listened to through the prism of lack and privation.Likewise, we believe it’s possible to notice in the artist’s work radical singularity about those characters’ everyday life, allowing the arousal of new insights into their way of life...

  6. A lógica do discurso penitenciário e sua repercussão na constituição do sujeito

    Oliveira Lira, Patrícia; Monteiro de Carvalho, Glória Maria
    The present study raises questions onto the way the penitentiary system is structured by seeking theoretical approaches which could allow discussion about the subject as submitted to the guided speech present throughout the whole system. In that sense, the basis for discussion lies on questions already elicited by Foucault, to whom the humanistic speech grounding the penitentiary system is formed as a type of conduct control and maintenance of power relations. Nevertheless, in those questions, we propose the inclusion of the problem within the subjectivity implied in the logic pertaining to the imprisonment status, from (and under) the subject’s references...

  7. Pensar como operación – Acerca de los presupuestos e implicaciones de la lógica formal moderna

    Gottschlich, Max
    Actualmente se considera a la lógica formal incuestionablemente como la lógica. ¿Quién se atrevería a cuestionar esto sin perder el juicio? Queremos en lo que sigue, emprender con gusto esto. La tesis afirma que, en la lógica formal, el pensar se concibe de modo técnico-práctico, que también en ello reside – bien visto - la necesidad relativa de su punto de vista. Pero una absolutización de esta auto-interpretación de la forma lógica tiene – uno tiene que decirlo drásticamente –, en definitiva, consecuencias mortales para el entorno del mundo humano. Queremos, por eso, aproximarnos al tema lógica formal de un...

  8. La calculadora gráfica como recurso didáctico en la enseñanza de las matemáticas: resolución de sistemas de ecuaciones lineales

    Díaz Domínguez, Elena
    La introducción en el aula de las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación, TIC, permite la creación de un entorno interactivo de enseñanza-aprendizaje que fomenta, entre otras, el pensamiento lógico-matemático, la motivación y el autoaprendizaje de los alumnos. En este artículo se presenta el uso de la calculadora gráfica como herramienta para la resolución de los sistemas de ecuaciones lineales que se estudian en la Educación Secundaria Post-obligatoria.

  9. Os Fundamentos da Técnica da Transferência de 1895 a 1905

    Chagas Rabêlo, Fabiano; Danziato, Leonardo; Cerqueira Veras, Carlos José; Barbosa Silva Quadros, Rodrigo; Carvalho, Gustavo
    Abstract This bibliographical research assembles the investigation of historical elements of psychoanalysis with the theoretical study of the transference from its first clinical description until its conceptualization. In reason to discuss the application of transference in the clinic, the investigation of the way in which the concept of transference was built is as instructive as the study of its theoretical content. This paper stresses that the transference is at the heart of the debate about the specificity of the psychoanalytic method, its scientific status and its application in different contexts. It begins with the review of its first description and...

  10. A Defensoria Pública e Cuidados em uma Relação de Cuidado: Um Estudo de Caso

    Barbieri Gonçalves, Marcos Antonio; Souza Lobo Guzzo, Raquel
    Abstract The Public Defender takes place in lawsuits of destitution of the family power acting largely in favor of the parents of poor families. The psychologist at Public Defender that acts in legal proceedings is called technical assistant. The purpose of this article is to discuss pertinent concepts to the psychologist’s activities in Public Defender from the procedural place of the technical assistant, especially understood within the public policies that work with needy families in accordance with law. To that end, we made a case study with qualitative documental research searching for possible radical actions. The data and actions were...

  11. Red ilógica: Red de investigación en la docencia universitaria de la Lógica, del uso de las tecnologías informáticas y su presencia en Internet

    Castel de Haro, María Jesús; Pomares Puig, Cristina; Gallego Durán, Francisco; Llorens Largo, Faraón; Villagrá-Arnedo, Carlos J.
    En este documento se presenta la memoria correspondiente al trabajo realizado durante el curso 2011-12 por la red ilógica, red de investigación en la docencia universitaria de la lógica, del uso de las tecnologías informáticas y su presencia en Internet. En él se recogen los siguientes apartados: Introducción, Desarrollo de la cuestión planteada, Conclusiones, Previsión de continuidad para el próximo curso 2012/13, y las Referencias bibliográficas empleadas. Este año señalamos principalmente dos aspectos. Por un lado, la continuación del trabajo realizado en cursos anteriores en las asignaturas relacionadas con la materia de Lógica en las nuevas titulaciones de Grado de Ingeniería Multimedia e Informática, consistente en las...

  12. La maison et l'entreprise [José Olympio et l'évolution de l'édition brésilienne]

    Sorá, Gustavo
    Jose Olympio and the evolution of Brazilian publishing In an attempt to understand the transformations that have occurred in the field of publishing in Brazil, the author traces the history of the Jose Olympio publishing house. Founded in the 1930s, it played a central role in building the national cultural by publishing, in addition to the books for a large audience, young little-known authors, in the framework of a family-like company spirit. Confronted with the internationalization of the book market and its commercialization, the only way to stem the company's decline was to change the organization of the work and...

  13. Les nouveaux éditeurs russes

    Thiesse, Anne Marie; Chmatko, Natalia
    The new Russian publishers Since the disappearance of the State monopoly and censorship, Russian publishing has changed radically. Many private publishing houses have sprung up. On the whole, the new Russian publishers are people with an important cultural capital which they are trying to reinvest in the chaotic social and economic configuration characteristic of present-day Russia. Book production, which now depends on potential sales in the very short term, has been thoroughly modified, both quantitatively (overall lower runs, but this depends on the field) and qualitatively. New fields have appeared (religions books, for example) or have developed considerably (popular novels),...

  14. Les mutations de l'espace éditorial français du XVIIIe au XXe siècle

    Mollier, Jean-Yves
    Change in the French publishing space between the 18th and 20th centuries The French publishing space, which has been in the throes of change since 1980, is today dominated by two large conglomerates: Matra-Hachette and Vivendi. To understand the meaning of these evolutions, one must go back to the middle of the 18th century, and the publication of the Encyclopédie. It was at this moment that the figure of a new actor truly emerged : the modern publisher, who would become the leading figure of « book crafts » at the beginning of the 19th century. With the arrival of...

  15. Une révolution conservatrice dans l'édition

    Bourdieu, Pierre
    A conservative revolution in publishing. Books, being both economic and symbolic objects, are at the same time commodities and concentrates of meaning ; this means that publishers too are two-sided figures, doomed to reconciling art and money, love of literature and the profit motive, through strategies situated somewhere between these two extremes, between cynical submissiveness to commercial considerations and heroic or mad indifference to financial dictates. This article combats the illusion that the visible « decision-making » spheres (publishers, referees, readers, person in charge of a series) are independent, and points to the economic and social factors determining publishing strategies....

  16. La mondialisation par le bas [L'émergence des communautés transnationales]

    Portes, Alejandro
    Globalization from below This article elaborates the concept of "transnational community" as an original and potentially potent response from below to the globalization of capital that is typically overlooked by conventional research on migration and misunderstood by governments. The emergence of migration-fed communities that sit astride political borders and deploy their social relations and activities simultaneously in the sending and receiving countries is rooted in the logic of capitalist expansion itself. Transnational entrepreneurship that takes advantage of price and information differentials between countries feeds the cumulative growth of networks and firms that anchor long-distance transborder communities whose members lead dual...

  17. Estudio comparativo de la huella de carbono de motores de encendido provocado alimentados con gasolina y bioetanol

    Isla Martínez, Patricia
    Este trabajo fin de grado ha surgido como una idea propuesta por el director de Insia (Centro Superior de Investigación del Automóvil de la Comunidad de Madrid) de cara a la aplicación a la Fórmula SAE. Se trata de una competición donde jóvenes ingenieros de varias escuelas de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid se deben implicar en el diseño, construcción y puesta a punto de un vehículo tipo fórmula. El ámbito de esta competición se extiende desde la evaluación del diseño, habilidades de marketing, costes y rendimiento ante varios ensayos dinámicos hasta la realización de una carrera de 22km, en...

  18. High-Performance WSe 2 Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Technology and Integrated Circuits

    Santos, Elton J. G.; Yu, Lili; Zubair, Ahmad; Zhang, Xu; Lin, Yuxuan; Zhang, Yuhao; Palacios, Tomas
    Because of their extraordinary structural and electrical properties, two-dimensional materials are currently being pursued for applications such as thin-film transistors and integrated circuit. One of the main challenges that still needs to be overcome for these applications is the fabrication of air-stable transistors with industry-compatible complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. In this work, we experimentally demonstrate a novel high performance air-stable WSe₂ CMOS technology with almost ideal voltage transfer characteristic, full logic swing and high noise margin with different supply voltages. More importantly, the inverter shows large voltage gain (∼38) and small static power (picowatts), paving the way for...

  19. GPS data conditioning for enhancing reliability of automated off-road vehicles

    Rovira Más, Francisco; Banerjee, Ratul
    [EN] The practical implementation of precision agriculture at a large scale has not occurred yet for several reasons. Among them, the lack of uniformity and reliability in global positioning has discouraged many producers from adopting advanced solutions which, while considered to add a significant value to their production systems, cannot be incorporated without guarantees of minimum levels of long-term consistency. Although substantial improvements are constantly being introduced by receiver manufacturers, positioning errors can appear at the final stages of the localization process, resulting in inaccuracies and anomalies normally undetected by embedded quality filters. This article proposes an actuation protocol to...

  20. Representaciones tópicas de tecnología y juventud implementación y gobierno de la identidad digital

    Gordo López, Ángel Juan; Megías Quirós, Ignacio; Parra Contreras, Pilar; García Amau, Albert
    Muchos son los mitos y prejuicios en torno a nociones de juventud y las tecnologías de la información. Algunas personas están preocupadas por las horas que pasan los más jóvenes frente al ordenador, lo que puede significar que mantengan una buena parte de sus relaciones afectivas y personales de manera virtual. Otras dan por hecho que los/as niños/as y jóvenes tienen habilidades innatas para el uso de estas tecnologías, obviando las brechas que se están produciendo. La atribución de conocimientos y predisposiciones innatas de los más jóvenes hacia las tecnologías de la información es fundamentalmente un mito construido históricamente al...

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