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281. Reusing models and properties in the analysis of similar interactive devices - Harrison, Michael D.; Campos, J. Creissac; Masci, Paolo
"Published online: 03 Apr. 2013"

282. Preface - Silva, Alexandra; Jacobs, Bart; Staton, Sam
This volume collects papers presented at the 30th Annual Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS XXX), held on the campus of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, from Thursday, June 12 through Sunday, June 15, 2014. The MFPS conferences are devoted to those areas of mathematics, logic, and computer science that are related to models of computation in general and to the semantics of programming languages in particular. The series particularly stresses providing a forum where researchers in mathematics and computer science can meet and exchange ideas about problems of common interest. As the series also strives to...

283. A hilbert-style axiomatisation for equational hybrid logic - Carreteiro, Marta; Martins, Manuel; Barbosa, L. S.
This paper introduces an axiomatisation for equational hybrid logic based on previous axiomatizations and natural deduction systems for propositional and first-order hybrid logic. Its soundness and completeness is discussed. This work is part of a broader research project on the development a general proof calculus for hybrid logics.

284. A dynamic logic for every season - Madeira, Alexandre; Neves, Renato; Martins, Manuel A.; Barbosa, L. S.
This paper introduces a method to build dynamic logics with a graded semantics. The construction is parametrized by a structure to support both the spaces of truth and of the domain of computations. Possible instantiations of the method range from classical assertional) dynamic logic to less common graded logics suitable to deal with programs whose transitional semantics exhibits fuzzy or weighted behaviour.This leads to the systematic derivation of program logics tailored to specific program classes.

285. The curriculum practical construction : a local perspective from the research of school external system - Sousa, Joana; Pacheco, Jos?? Augusto
In a time of globalization the discourses of standards and accountability (Taubman, 2009) are strongly predominant in the practical construction of curriculum of basic and secondary schools. The transnational curriculum theories and practices (Autio, 2014) and the character of a transcendent market logic (Smith. 2014) are constituting a pragmatic kind of globalization (Ball, 2012) centered on forms of homogenization of the curriculum by borrowing and lending policies (Steiner-Kharnsi, 2012). By reading the five introductory texts of the International handbook of curriculum research (Pinar, 20 14a) we under line not only the global governmentality as a pragmatic project but also the local...

286. An Enhanced Biometric-Based Authentication Scheme for Telecare Medicine Information Systems Using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem - Lu, Yanrong; Li, Lixiang; Peng, Haipeng; Yang, Yixian
The telecare medical information systems (TMISs) enable patients to conveniently enjoy telecare services at home. The protection of patient’s privacy is a key issue due to the openness of communication environment. Authentication as a typical approach is adopted to guarantee confidential and authorized interaction between the patient and remote server. In order to achieve the goals, numerous remote authentication schemes based on cryptography have been presented. Recently, Arshad et al.(J Med Syst 38(12): 2014) presented a secure and efficient three-factor authenticated key exchange scheme to remedy the weaknesses of Tan et al.’s scheme (J Med Syst 38(3): 2014). In this...

287. A High Fuel Consumption Efficiency Management Scheme for PHEVs Using an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm - Lee, Wah Ching; Tsang, Kim Fung; Chi, Hao Ran; Hung, Faan Hei; Wu, Chung Kit; Chui, Kwok Tai; Lau, Wing Hong; Leung, Yat Wah
A high fuel efficiency management scheme for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) has been developed. In order to achieve fuel consumption reduction, an adaptive genetic algorithm scheme has been designed to adaptively manage the energy resource usage. The objective function of the genetic algorithm is implemented by designing a fuzzy logic controller which closely monitors and resembles the driving conditions and environment of PHEVs, thus trading off between petrol versus electricity for optimal driving efficiency. Comparison between calculated results and publicized data shows that the achieved efficiency of the fuzzified genetic algorithm is better by 10% than existing schemes. The...

288. Claude Lévi-Strauss on Race, History, and Genetics - Müller-Wille, Staffan
In 1952, the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss published a small booklet titled Race and History. It formed part of a series of pamphlets on the so-called “race-question” by leading anthropologists and geneticists, which UNESCO published as part of its campaign against racism. Roughly twenty years later, in 1971, UNESCO invited Lévi-Strauss to give a lecture to open the International Year of Action to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination. This time the lecture, titled “Race and culture,” caused a scandal. In 2005, on occasion of the Organisation’s 60th anniversary, Lévi-Strauss was once again invited by UNESCO to give a lecture. It...

289. Workflow Modelling and Analysis Based on the Construction of Task Models - Cravo, Glória
We describe the structure of a workflow as a graph whose vertices represent tasks and the arcs are associated to workflow transitions in this paper. To each task an input/output logic operator is associated. Furthermore, we associate a Boolean term to each transition present in the workflow. We still identify the structure of workflows and describe their dynamism through the construction of new task models. This construction is very simple and intuitive since it is based on the analysis of all tasks present on the workflow that allows us to describe the dynamism of the workflow very easily. So, our...

290. Logik / - Sigwart, Christoph, 1830-1904.; Maier, Heinrich, 1867-1933.
1. Bd. Die Lehre vom Urteil, vom Begriff und vom Schluss.--2. Bd. Die Methodenlehre.

291. Logic and the Laws of Thought - Jessica Leech
An approach to explaining the nature and source of logic and its laws with a rich historical tradition (particularly Kant and Frege) takes the laws of logic to be laws of thought. This view seems intuitively compelling, after all, logic seems to be intimately related with how we think. But how exactly should we understand it? And what arguments can we give in favour? I will propose one line of argument for the claim that the laws of logic are laws of thought. I will motivate the claim that there is a certain phenomenon, namely, that there are logical principles...

292. A Study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Relating to Brucellosis among Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in an Urban and Peri-Urban Area of Tajikistan - Lindahl, Elisabeth; Sattorov, Nosirjon; Boqvist, Sofia; Magnusson, Ulf
Improvement of knowledge, attitudes and practices among urban livestock farmers could have a significant impact on the reduction of many zoonotic infections in urban farming. This study aimed to describe and evaluate weak areas in knowledge, attitudes and practices with regards to brucellosis among urban and peri-urban small-scale dairy farmers in a low income country to generate information essential for control programmes and public health interventions. The cross-sectional study was conducted during six weeks in 2011. The study subjects were small-scale dairy farmers living in the urban and peri-urban area of the capital Dushanbe in Tajikistan. In total, 441 farmers...

293. Model of the Reticular Formation of the Brainstem Based on Glial–Neuronal Interactions - Mitterauer, Bernhard J.
A new model of the reticular formation of the brainstem is proposed. It refers to the neuronal and glial cell systems. Thus, it is biomimetically founded. The reticular formation generates modes of behavior (sleeping, eating, etc.) and commands all behavior according to the most appropriate environmental information. The reticular formation works on an abductive logic and is dominated by a redundancy of potential command. Formally, a special mode of behavior is represented by a comprehensive cycle (Hamilton loop) located in the glial network (syncytium) and embodied in gap junctional plaques. Whereas for the neuronal network of the reticular formation, a...

294. Logik : drei Bücher, vom Denken, vom Untersuchen und vom Erkennen / - Lotze, Hermann, 1817-1881.
Mode of access: Internet.

295. Grundlehren der Logik. - Höfler, Alois, 1853-1922.
"Unveränderter Abdruck aus der Gesamtausgabe von Höflers Grundlehren der Logik und Psychologie.

296. La logique; ou, l'art de penser (Logique de port-Royal) ... - Arnauld, Antoine, 1612-1694.; Nicole, Pierre, 1625-1695.
By Antoine Arnauld in collaboration with Pierre Nicole.

297. La pense̲e et les nouvelles e̲coles anti-intellectualistes / - Fouillée, Alfred, 1838-1912.
Mode of access: Internet.

298. Ultrafast Multi-Level Logic Gates with Spin-Valley Coupled Polarization Anisotropy in Monolayer MoS2 - Wang, Yu-Ting; Luo, Chih-Wei; Yabushita, Atsushi; Wu, Kaung-Hsiung; Kobayashi, Takayoshi; Chen, Chang-Hsiao; Li, Lain-Jong
The inherent valley-contrasting optical selection rules for interband transitions at the K and K′ valleys in monolayer MoS2 have attracted extensive interest. Carriers in these two valleys can be selectively excited by circularly polarized optical fields. The comprehensive dynamics of spin valley coupled polarization and polarized exciton are completely resolved in this work. Here, we present a systematic study of the ultrafast dynamics of monolayer MoS2 including spin randomization, exciton dissociation, free carrier relaxation, and electron-hole recombination by helicity- and photon energy-resolved transient spectroscopy. The time constants for these processes are 60 fs, 1 ps, 25 ps, and ~300 ps, respectively. The ultrafast dynamics...

299. Using Ecological Indicators and a Decision Support System for Integrated Ecological Assessment at Two National Park Units in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USA - Mahan, Carolyn G.; Young, John A.; Miller, Bruce J.; Saunders, Michael C.
We implemented an integrated ecological assessment using a GIS-based decision support system model for Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River (UPDE) and Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DEWA)—national park units with the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Our assessment examined a variety of aquatic and terrestrial indicators of ecosystem components that reflect the parks’ conservation purpose and reference condition. Our assessment compared these indicators to ecological thresholds to determine the condition of park watersheds. Selected indicators included chemical and physical measures of water quality, biologic indicators of water quality, and landscape condition measures. For the chemical and physical...

300. Incerti autoris paraphrasis Aristotelis Sophisticorum elenchorum. - Aristotle; Spengel, Leonhard von, 1803-1880 ed.
Text in Greek.


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