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  1. Proof nets and the call-by-value λ-calculus

    Accattoli , Beniamino
    International audience

  2. Entropy and Attack Models in Information Flow

    Alvim , Mário ,; Andrés , Miguel ,; Palamidessi , Catuscia
    International audience

  3. An Algebraic View of Space/Belief and Extrusion/Utterance for Concurrency/Epistemic Logic

    Haar , Stefan; Perchy , Salim; Rueda , Camilo; Valencia , Frank
    International audience

  4. Location Privacy via Geo-Indistinguishability

    Chatzikokolakis , Konstantinos; Palamidessi , Catuscia; Stronati , Marco
    International audience

  5. Complexity of universality and related problems for partially ordered NFAs

    Krötzsch , Markus; Masopust , Tomáš; Thomazo , Michaël
    International audience

  6. Rokhlin dimension for compact quantum group actions

    Gardella, Eusebio; Kalantar, Mehrdad; Lupini, Martino
    We show that, for a given compact or discrete quantum group G, the class of actions of G on C*-algebras is first-order axiomatizable in the logic for metric structures. As an application, we extend the notion of Rokhlin property for G-C*-algebra, introduced by Barlak, Szabó, and Voigt in the case when G is second countable and coexact, to an arbitrary compact quantum group G. All the the preservations and rigidity results for Rokhlin actions of second countable coexact compact quantum groups obtained by Barlak, Szabó, and Voigt are shown to hold in this general context. As a further application, we...

  7. Toward analytic rewriting theory

    Valiron , Benoît; Pagani , Michele; Polonski , Andrew
    International audience

  8. A Formal Analysis of Quantum Algorithms

    Valiron , Benoît
    International audience

  9. A transmission electron microscope study of Néel skyrmion magnetic textures in multilayer thin film systems with large interfacial chiral interaction

    McVitie, S.; Hughes, S.; Fallon, K.; McFadzean, S.; McGrouther, D.; Krajnak, M.; Legrand, W.; Maccariello, D.; Collin, S.; Reyren, N.; Cros, V.; Fert, A.; Zeissler, K.; Marrows, C.H.
    Skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnetic metal (FM)/heavy metal (HM) multilayer systems produced by conventional sputtering methods have recently generated huge interest due to their applications in the field of spintronics. The sandwich structure with two correctly-chosen heavy metal layers provides an additive interfacial exchange interaction which promotes domain wall or skyrmion spin textures that are Néel in character and with a fixed chirality. Lorentz transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a high resolution method ideally suited to quantitatively image such chiral magnetic configurations. When allied with physical and chemical TEM analysis of both planar and cross-sectional samples, key length scales such as...

  10. Goal-Conflict Detection Based on Temporal Satisfiability Checking

    Degiovanni, Renzo; Ricci, Nicolás; Castro, Pablo Francisco
    In this oral communication, we present a novel approach to automatically compute boundary conditions for conflicting goals expressed in LTL, using a satisfiability procedure based on tableaux.

  11. La propiedad industrial en el ámbito del Derecho penal cubano

    González Medina, Alexeys; Mendoza Pérez, Juan Carlos; Arias Hernández, Yalennis
    La problemática que hoy genera la deficiente regulación de la Propiedad Industrial en la legislación penal cubana, al no contener los diferentes supuestos de hechos que tipifique las conductas antijurídicas lesivas de este bien jurídico, motiva esta investigación en la que a partir de un estudio doctrinal y exegético de la teoría del bien jurídico se aportan elementos para su adecuada configuración y tutela en sede penal, que garanticen el respeto a la seguridad jurídica. Fueron utilizados como métodos científicos los propios de las investigaciones jurídicas (el teórico y el exegético), así como los generales de las investigaciones teóricas (análisis-síntesis, inductivo-deductivo,...

  12. Graph based algorithms to efficiently map VLSI circuits with simple cells

    Matos, Jody Maick Araujo de
    This thesis introduces a set of graph-based algorithms for efficiently mapping VLSI circuits using simple cells. The proposed algorithms are concerned to, first, effectively minimize the number of logic elements implementing the synthesized circuit. Then, we focus a significant effort on minimizing the number of inverters in between these logic elements. Finally, this logic representation is mapped into a circuit comprised of only two-input NANDs and NORS, along with the inverters. Two-input XORs and XNORs can also be optionally considered. As we also consider sequential circuits in this work, flip-flops are taken into account as well. Additionally, with high-effort optimization...

  13. A proposta de educação para o empreendedorismo do instituto empreender Endeavor : um estudo sobre parceria público-privada

    Santos, Maurício Ivan dos
    A dissertação “A proposta de Educação para o Empreendedorismo do Instituto Empreender Endeavor: um estudo sobre parceria público-privada apresenta como temática central a relação público-privada na educação e tem como objetivo geral analisar o conteúdo da proposta de educação que fundamenta os cursos de empreendedorismo do Instituto Empreender Endeavor, promovidos em parceria com instituições públicas de educação no Brasil. Quanto à metodologia utilizada para realizar a pesquisa, o materialismo histórico representa o referencial teóricometodológico, sendo a análise documental a principal ferramenta, a partir do trabalho com fontes primárias e secundárias. O marco teórico da presente pesquisa parte das crises do...

  14. A igualdade é branda : estratégias de luta por classificação em pré-vestibulares populares no contexto da ação afirmativa na UFRGS

    Victoria Junior, Clóvis
    Este estudo propõe-se a prospectar e mapear estratégias empregadas por estudantes de dois pré-vestibulares populares de Porto Alegre e Viamão como respostas às dificuldades de ingresso no ensino superior. As hipóteses inferem que o sucesso ou fracasso no vestibular estejam relacionados às opções de cursos e a estratégias de evitar os mais concorridos, em resposta a uma formação escolar precária nos níveis básico e médio, à condição social e ao sistema de ingresso que oferece poucas vagas públicas. O vestibular, nesse sentido, apresenta-se como uma barreira a perpetuar e/ou regular uma desigualdade histórica ainda persistente, embora em níveis abrandados por...

  15. Reforms of Justice and Police in Belgium: How do chiefs of Corps come to know the managerial change?

    Dupont, Emilie
    This presentation is inscribed in a research project called JAM - Justice And Management. It intends to understand the reform projects and change processes unfolding in the Belgian Justice and Police fields nowadays by studying the three complementary points of view of the external stakeholders, field actors and chiefs of Corps who are managers of this two regal institutions. The research relies on a qualitative methods including semi-structured interviews (n=50), focus groups (n=3) and case studies (n=7). It is based on a longitudinal approach which implies to meet the chiefs of Corps include in my sample at a time T0 (i.e....

  16. Finite Element Analysis of Nonlinear Silicon Micro Cantilever-Polymer Systems

    Li, Junfeng
    Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) have been known for their phenomenal performance in sensing, controlling, and actuating. Researchers and engineers have widely investigated MEMS for various applications such as hypersensitive sensors, radio frequency (RF) MEMS, optical MEMS, signal processing elements, and logic devices. Micromechanical resonators are often used in MEMS as a main mechanical component in aforementioned applications and the functionality of MEMS largely depends on the dynamic behavior of micro-resonators. Due to their small size and low damping, nonlinearities are readily observed in the dynamic response of micro-resonators. Recent research efforts are focusing on exploiting unique nonlinear features in designing tunable...

  17. An invitation to model theory and C*-algebras

    Lupini, Martino
    We present an introductory survey to first order logic for metric structures and its applications to C*-algebras.

  18. A ZX-Calculus with Triangles for Toffoli-Hadamard, Clifford+T, and Beyond

    Vilmart , Renaud
    We consider a ZX-calculus augmented with triangle nodes which is well-suited to reason on the so-called Toffoli-Hadamard fragment of quantum mechanics. We precisely show the form of the matrices it represents, and we provide an axiomatisation which makes the language complete for the Toffoli-Hadamard quantum mechanics. We extend the language with arbitrary angles and show that any true equation involving linear diagrams which constant angles are multiple of π are derivable. We show that a single axiom is then necessary and sufficient to make the language equivalent to the ZX-calculus which is known to be complete for Clifford+T quantum mechanics....

  19. Towards a taxonomy of logic models in systematic reviews and health technology assessments: a priori, staged, and iterative approaches

    Rehfuess, Eva A.; Booth, Andrew; Brereton, Louise; Burns, Jacob; Gerhardus, Ansgar; Mozygemba, Kati; Oortwijn, Wija; Pfadenhauer, Lisa M.; Tummers, Marcia; van der Wilt, Gert-Jan; Rohwer, Anke
    The complexity associated with how interventions result—or fail to result—in outcomes and how context matters is increasingly recognised. Logic models provide an important tool for handling complexity, with contrasting uses in programme evaluation and evidence synthesis. To reconcile these, we developed an approach that combines the strengths of both traditions, propose a taxonomy of logic models, and provide guidance on how to choose between approaches and types of logic models in systematic reviews and health technology assessments (HTA). The taxonomy distinguishes 3 approaches (a priori, staged, and iterative) and 2 types (systems‐based and process‐orientated) of logic models. An a priori logic...

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