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41. Type decomposition in NIP theories - Simon, Pierre
We prove that any type in an NIP theory can be decomposed into a stable part (a generically stable partial type) and a distal-like quotient.

42. On-line control strategy for instantaneous power management of hybrid power system based on dynamic fuzzy logic controller - Zerkaoui, Salem; Hajjaji, Ahmed El; Bosche, Jérôme
International audience

43. Peter of Spain (Petrus Hispanus Portugalensis): Tractatus. Called afterwards Summule logicales. - John XXI, Pope, d. 1277.; Rijk, Lambertus Marie de.
Mode of access: Internet.

44. Comentarios sobre el "Nuevo sistema de logica inductiva y deductiva por el Dr. Porfirio Parra," - Parra, Porfirio, 1856-1912.
Mode of access: Internet.

45. Epitome de logica, psicologia y moral - Ramirez, Roman.
Mode of access: Internet.

46. Detección concurrente de errores en el flujo de ejecución de un procesador. - Rodríguez Ballester, Francisco
[EN] Incorporating error detection mechanisms is a key element in the design of fault tolerant systems. For many of those systems the detection of an error (whether temporary or permanent) triggers a bunch of actions or activation of elements pursuing any of these objectives: continuation of the system operation despite the error, system recovery, system stop into a safe state, etc. Objectives ultimately intended to improve the characteristics of reliability, security, and availability, among others, of the system in question. One of these error detection elements is a watchdog processor; it is responsible to monitor the system processor and check that no...

[EN] The representation of space in the photographic work of Koldo Chamorro: Proxemics as methodology This thesis investigates the work's methodology by photographer Koldo Chamorro throughout his photographic career related to the use of focal lengths used in the genre of photographic reportage, developed and perfected by him over time. This methodology of representation was implemented by him from the mid-70s until his death in 2009. This particular way of working made him part of the logic of proxemics, that is, the scientific study of the use of the man's personal space and social as cultural phenomenon. It is known as proxemics...

48. Chinese-English subtitle translation from the Skopostheorie: A case study of the series of CCTV documentary “The Japanese Repatriation from the Huludao” - Chen Dandan
According to the theory of human action, Skopostheorie assigns the translation into the category of human communication activity with specific purposes. Therefore, subtitle translation, as one type of translation, also has its own purposes. The subtitle translation is characterized by instantaneity and popularity. Furthermore, the language of the subtitle translation must fulfill the high requirement in terms of logicality and artistic appeal. The translation in this paper, a work by the author, is an extract from the series of CCTV documentary “The Japanese Repatriation from the Huludao”. Based on the principle that the purpose rules, the author did a careful...

49. Research on network information security model and system construction - Wang Haijun
It briefly describes the impact of large data era on China’s network policy, but also brings more opportunities and challenges to the network information security. This paper reviews for the internationally accepted basic model and characteristics of network information security, and analyses the characteristics of network information security and their relationship. On the basis of the NIST security model, this paper describes three security control schemes in safety management model and the relationship between the security service and security mechanism in the network information security architecture. On this basis, a network information security system model is proposed, which is composed...

50. Fuzzy logic as a tool for evaluation of performance appraisal of faculty in higher education institutions - Guruprasad Mamatha; Sridhar R; Balasubramanian S
Performance appraisal of teaching faculty in higher education institutions is becoming increasingly challenging with the changing role of teachers in advancing knowledge to students necessitating use of advanced soft computing models. The conventional evaluation methods lack assigning weightage to individual criteria and rely on numerical values. Fuzzy logic advocated by Lotfi Zadeh (1965), used to measure faculty ability, competence and skills, which are actually fuzzy concepts that can be captured in fuzzy terms and fuzzy approach can be used to handle these imprecision and uncertainty information. Present study, we developed a fuzzy logic model using an algorithm in visual basics...

51. Metodología para el desarrollo de materiales educativos audiovisuales basados en estilos de aprendizaje - Miguel Palomino; Julio Rangel
Este artículo muestra una metodología para la producción de materiales educativos audiovisuales, los cuales basan su funcionalidad en dos de los estilos de aprendizaje más relevantes en los escenarios de formación Web: Visual- Secuencial y Visual-Global. Se explican cada una de las etapas del proceso, así como el producto desarrollado para el área de la lógica proposicional, donde se evidencia todo el potencial de las técnicas de realización audiovisual y las estrategias de aprendizaje individual al servicio de una comunidad heterogénea de usuarios en la web. Se prevé con esta metodología formalizar la manera de producir materiales audiovisuales con altos...

52. Avaliação de formação continua de professores num centro de formação: um estudo de caso - Casanova, Maria Prazeres
Compete aos Centros de Formação de Associação de Escolas desenvolver a formação contínua de docentes, visando satisfazer as prioridades formativas em contexto escolar, tendo como referência os projetos educativos e curriculares, visando a melhoria da qualidade do ensino e dos resultados da aprendizagem dos alunos. Promove ainda a partilha de conhecimentos e skills, entre pares, orientados para o desenvolvimento profissional, tendo como objetivo consolidar a organização e autonomia da escola (cf. Decreto-Lei n.º 22/2014, artigo 4). Definimos como objetivos desta investigação: • Identificar as áreas/domínios e modalidades de formação; • Analisar a avaliação dos formandos relativa às ações frequentadas; • Conhecer as prioridades de frequência nas ações de formação. A...

53. Motivational interviewing for HIV risk reduction among gay men in commercial and public sex settings. - Harding, R; Dockrell, MJ; Dockrell, J; Corrigan, N
The present paper addresses the feasibility of combining motivational interviewing and cognitive interventions to HIV risk reduction in commercial venues and public sex environments (PSEs). The logic for these two approaches is considered and an intervention combining key elements of the two is presented. The intervention uses a questionnaire format to encourage individuals to compare their desired versus actual behaviour (i.e. chosen personal risk reduction strategy versus 'slip-ups'/unwanted risk taking), and to recognize their risk-related cognitions. High-risk individuals are identified, and health-focused conversations developed from the brief schedule. The structure and key design issues in the development of a feasible,...

54. In Search of the Third Eye, When the Two Others Are Shamefacedly Shut?; Comment on “Are Sexual and Reproductive Health Policies Designed for All? Vulnerable Groups in Policy Documents of Four European Countries and Their Involvement in Policy Development” - Ines Keygnaert
Ivanova et al explored how vulnerable groups and principles of human rights are incorporated into national sexual and reproductive health (SRH) policies in 4 countries. They adapted the EquiFrame of Amin and colleagues of 2011, to SRH vulnerable groups which we believe could now be used for analysis of national SRH polices beyond those 4 countries. Although we fully agree with the authors’ two main findings that vulnerable groups and human rights’ principles are not sufficiently integrated in SRH policies nor granted the possibility to participate in the process of development in those four countries, we do believe that these...

55. Language, Definition and Transcendence in the Philosophy of Vedantic Non-Dualism. Landmarks for an Aphophatic Knowledge of the Ultimate Reality - Ioan Dura
The Transcendence represents the essential issue of each religion or philosophical paradigms. In this study I intent to highlight another paradigm of the language, definition and Transcendence relationship other than the Christian-theological and philosophical- Greek one, namely the philosophy of vedantic non-dualism (Advaita-Vedanta, that is maybe too little explored in the Romanian philosophy. The essence of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy – formulated by Sankara (788-820) – is the understanding of the Ultimate Reality declared in Chandogya-Upanisad VI.2.1 as Onewithout- the-second (Ekamevadvitiyam). The whole philosophical-religious perspective of Sankara depends of this non-dual Ultimate Reality understanding. In this order, I intend to approximate the technical exercise of the definition’s status in Indian logic, in general, and in the Advaita`s optics, in...

56. Diagnostic Reasoning using Prognostic Information for Unmanned Aerial Systems - Schumann, Johann; Kulkarni, Chetan; Roychoudhury, Indranil
With increasing popularity of unmanned aircraft, continuous monitoring of their systems, software, and health status is becoming more and more important to ensure safe, correct, and efficient operation and fulfillment of missions. The paper presents integration of prognosis models and prognostic information with the R2U2 (REALIZABLE, RESPONSIVE, and UNOBTRUSIVE Unit) monitoring and diagnosis framework. This integration makes available statistically reliable health information predictions of the future at a much earlier time to enable autonomous decision making. The prognostic information can be used in the R2U2 model to improve diagnostic accuracy and enable decisions to be made at the present time...

57. An Efficient, FPGA-Based, Cluster Detection Algorithm Implementation for a Strip Detector Readout System in a Time Projection Chamber Polarimeter - Baumgartner, Wayne H.; Gregory, Kyle J.; Hill, Joanne E.; Black, J. Kevin; Jahoda, Keith
A fundamental challenge in a spaceborne application of a gas-based Time Projection Chamber (TPC) for observation of X-ray polarization is handling the large amount of data collected. The TPC polarimeter described uses the APV-25 Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to readout a strip detector. Two dimensional photoelectron track images are created with a time projection technique and used to determine the polarization of the incident X-rays. The detector produces a 128x30 pixel image per photon interaction with each pixel registering 12 bits of collected charge. This creates challenging requirements for data storage and downlink bandwidth with only a modest incidence...

58. Center-TRACON Automation System (CTAS) En Route Trajectory Predictor Requirements and Capabilities - Vivona, Robert; Cate, Karen Tung
This requirements framework document is designed to support the capture of requirements and capabilities for state-of-the-art trajectory predictors (TPs). This framework has been developed to assist TP experts in capturing a clear, consistent, and cross-comparable set of requirements and capabilities. The goal is to capture capabilities (types of trajectories that can be built), functional requirements (including inputs and outputs), non-functional requirements (including prediction accuracy and computational performance), approaches for constraint relaxation, and input uncertainties. The sections of this framework are based on the Common Trajectory Predictor structure developed by the FAA/Eurocontrol Cooperative R&D Action Plan 16 Committee on Common Trajectory...

59. Radiation-Hardened Electronics for Advanced Communications Systems - Whitaker, Sterling
Novel approach enables high-speed special-purpose processors Advanced reconfigurable and reprogrammable communication systems will require sub-130-nanometer electronics. Legacy single event upset (SEU) radiation-tolerant circuits are ineffective at speeds greater than 125 megahertz. In Phase I of this project, ICs, LLC, demonstrated new base-level logic circuits that provide SEU immunity for sub-130-nanometer high-speed circuits. In Phase II, the company developed an innovative self-restoring logic (SRL) circuit and a system approach that provides high-speed, SEU-tolerant solutions that are effective for sub-130-nanometer electronics scalable to at least 22-nanometer processes. The SRL system can be used in the design of NASA's next-generation special-purpose processors, especially...

60. Validación de los procesos de limpieza en la industria farmacéutica, mediante la aplicación del análisis de riesgo, seguridad toxicológica y UPLC - Rezquellah, Wafae
En sus procesos de fabricación, la industria farmacéutica debe cumplir con las garantías de calidad y seguridad. Durante las últimas décadas ha ido adquiriendo importancia la validación de los procesos de limpieza de los equipos de producción con el objetivo de minimizar la contaminación cruzada. El establecimiento de los límites de residuos aceptables para la validación de la limpieza en base a criterios científicos es un asunto que aún no se ha resuelto. Este trabajo pretende desarrollar una metodología universal, efectiva, económica y extrapolable en el tiempo para llevar a cabo la validación de los procesos de limpieza en una...

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