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  1. A dynamic logic for every season

    Re Madeira; Renato Neves; Manuel A. Martins; Lúıs S. Barbosa
    Abstract. This paper introduces a method to build dynamic logics with a graded semantics. The construction is parametrized by a structure to support both the spaces of truth and of the domain of computations. Possible instantiations of the method range from classical (assertional) dynamic logic to less common graded logics suitable to deal with pro-grams whose transitional semantics exhibits fuzzy or weighted behaviour. This leads to the systematic derivation of program logics tailored to spe-cific program classes 1

  2. The Rise of Apparatgeist and Its Implication for Media Convergence

    Chen Li
    Abstract. This paper discusses the interaction between technology and society by referring to the concept “apparatgeist ” (literally means “spirit of machines”) raised by Katz and Aakhus [1]. Based on a critical review of relevant social theories, this paper aims to explore the socio-logic in the technological development as well as the changing context for “perpetual contact”. It also shows its impact on the media convergence by assessing how mass media can be shaped.

  3. LIBRARIES High Level Compilation for Gate Reconfigurable Architectures

    Jonathan William Babb; Anant Agarwal; Jonathan William Babb
    A continuing exponential increase in the number of programmable elements is turning man-agement of gate-reconfigurable architectures as "glue logic " into an intractable problem; it is past time to raise this abstraction level. The physical hardware in gate-reconfigurable architectures is all low level- individual wires, bit-level functions, and single bit registers- hence one should look to the fetch-decode-execute machinery of traditional computers for higher level abstractions. Ordinary computers have machine-level architectural mecha-nisms that interpret instructions- instructions that are generated by a high-level compiler. Efficiently moving up to the next abstraction level requires leveraging these mechanisms without introducing the overhead of...

  4. Uncertainty in description logic programs

    Umberto Straccia
    It is generally accepted that knowledge based systems would be smarter if they can manage uncertainty. In this paper we extend Description Log-ics, well-known logics for managing structured knowledge, towards the management of uncertainty. We allow (i) to express that a sentence is not just true or false, but certain to some degree, which is taken from a certainty lattice; and (ii) combine the logic with annotated logic pro-gramming, in which the management of uncertainty is based on so-called annotation terms.

  5. A Hanf number for saturation and omission

    John T. Baldwin; Saharon Shelah
    Suppose T = (T, T1, p) is a triple of two countable theories in vocabularies τ ⊂ τ1 and a τ1-type p over the empty set. We show the Hanf number for the property: There is a model M1 of T1 which omits p, but M1 τ is saturated is essentially equal to the Löwenheim number of second order logic. Newelski [3] asked to calculate the Hanf number of the following property PN. Definition 0.1 We say M1 | = T where T = (T, T1, p) is a triple of two countable theories in vocabularies τ ⊂ τ1 and...

  6. Passive Wireless Communication Technology Applied in Green Building

    Xianjie Feng
    power. Switch panel. Signal receiver. Abstract. The passive wireless communication as a kind of advanced new technology, has been widely applied in the green energy-saving buildings. It is through the control of building system terminal equipments, data exchange mode and control layer, and update the mechanical and electrical equipment control logic, to achieve the purpose of implementation of green energy-saving renovation project. The use of this technology to radically reduce the construction cost, and not just make the energy consumption of building system control, and a substantial reduction in cable laying, metal used, battery replacement, pollutants brought about by the...


    David Jacobowitz
    In the past the autonomic innervation of the gastrointestinal tract has been demonstrated morphologically by classical silver staining and methylene blue techniques combined with se-lective denervation. The usefulness of these procedures for demonstrating nerve fibers is limited, for adrenergic and cholinergic compo-nents cannot be distinguished from each other and from sensory elements. Our knowledge of the functional and structural significance of the Auerbach and Meissner plexuses in the gut is incomplete. In addition, there is an uncertainty of a possible connection between adrenergic fibers and the ganglion cells of the intramural plexuses. Therefore, evidence from morpho-logic studies has not fully...

  8. Ultrastructural localization of contractile protein (Thrombosthenin) in human platelets using an unlabeled antibodyperoxidase staining technique

    Francois M. Booyse; Lu)wig A. Sternberger; Dorotijea Zschocke; Max E. Rafelson
    Soluble hsorserad isis peroxidase-antihiorseradisis peroxidase (rabbit) complex was used to localize tine actomyosin-hike contractile protein, tisrombosthsenin, in boths intact human platelets (Epon-embedded) and ultratisin sections (meth-acrylate-embedded). Antibody staining of ultrathsin sections showed the presence of mennbrane-associated arid cy toplasmic thirombosthenin. Antibody staining of intact cells shsowed that membrane-associated thrombostisenin was localized, at least in part, in use exterior, “fluffy ” coat of the platelet. Even after prolonged fixations and/or incubation with the various antisera, we were unable to demon-strate antibody penetrations of intact, fixed platelets. Brief treatment withs Pronase removed thse surface-localized proteinaceous material and completely abolishsed all antibody staining....

  9. Power Consumption Analysis of BCD Adder using XPower Analyzer on VIRTEX FPGA

    Gaurav Verma; Shambhavi Mishra; Sakshi Aggarwal; Surabhi Singh; Sushant Shekhar; Sukhbani Kaur Virdi
    Abstract Adders are the integral part of any digital circuit operation. Optimization of adder’s supremacy along with its vicinity is a demanding chore. In this work an efficient BCD ADDER1 is analyzed in terms of power consumption by scaling the various parameters like voltage, frequency and load capacitance. In addition to this the focus is also given on the airflow of thedevice to reduce the power. Finally the power is reduced by sending different encoded data at the input. The proposed designs are hardened and implement by means of VHDL and Xilinx ISE (integrated Software Environment) 14.5 and validated using...

  10. 175 Aloysius Nyuymengka Ngalim Cattle Rearing Systems in the North West Region of Cameroon: Historical Trends on Changing Techniques and Strategies

    Aloysius Nyuymengka Ngalim
    This study examines the diagnosis on the evolutional process inherent in the grazing of cattle in the North West Region of Cameroon since its introduction. To realise this objective, three variants of extensive cattle grazing methods and zero grazing, the only intensive exploitation system are examined. The focus is to situate changes in pastoral nomadism in wider conceptual and historical contexts by examining the relationship between the innovations in cattle rearing methods, resource use practices and the changing economic use of cattle. Fundamentally, the contours of grazing transformation in the cattle production systems reveal that exogenous techniques and strategies different...

  11. Letter The humanities in medical education – what is the future? L e

    Fieschi et al. present a fascinating picture of the present status of the humanities in medical education [1]. It is interesting that they discovered a lack of a multidisciplinary approach and closely related to this are the questions that they ask about the future of humanities medical education in Italy. Firstly the authors ask whether medical humanities should become a compulsory part of the curriculum. If this is to happen, then we will need to ask ourselves what will need to be removed from the curriculum in order to fit the humanities in. Here is what Ian Richardson wrote about...

  12. The New (Incorrect) Harvard/Washington Consensus on Racial Inequality

    William Darity; William Julius Wilson; More Than; Just Race; Being Black; Poor In The Inner; William Darity
    In opening his book on the Black1 political uprising in the United States, Doug McAdam ~1999! posits that there are two routes that could be taken in dealing with competing theoretical perspectives on the causes of a social phenomenon. One route, he claims, is to “... let each theoretical perspective develop more or less autono-mously to see just how far the inherent logic and distinctive set of assumptions under-lying the perspective can take it ” ~p. viii!. A second route “... just as valid @is # to chart a more synthetic course and to ask how insights @from each theoretical...

  13. fuzzyDL: An expressive fuzzy description logic reasoner

    O Bobillo; Umberto Straccia
    Abstract—In this paper we present fuzzyDL, an expressive fuzzy Description Logic reasoner. We present its salient features, including some novel concept constructs and queries, and examples of use cases: matchmaking and fuzzy control. I.


    Robert Steele; Elaine Lawrence
    Currently providing such features in mobile applications as the sending of lower-bandwidth images when a client device is in a low-bandwidth access area, the business logic to display location-based services to users when they are in the relevant vicinity and the determining of device location from the network must be manually programmed in the mobile application’s business logic. However these features are common to many mobile applications and involve repeating similar code in different applications. In this paper we propose a mobile-aware business logic container that provides these features inbuilt in the container for mobile applications, freeing application developers from...

  15. $rec.titulo

    Periapical lesions are the most common patho-logic conditions which develop in the root tip of a non-vital tooth, resulting from the necrotic tissue of the root canal that constantly irritates the tissue in

  16. SoftBUS – alternative bus for home automation

    Pavlík Michal; Novotný Jan; Kledrowetz Vilém; Háze Jiří; Fujcik Lukáš
    Abstract:- The new bus for home automation specified to use by microcontrollers is defined in the paper. The bus is designed for implementation in exist 100 BASE-TX Ethernet CAT-5e cabling. The bus specification is based on some home automation standards and combines theirs properties. The bus was named SoftBUS. SoftBUS use two twisted pair wires and both wires are exchangeable. Voltage levels on the bus are fully compatible with CMOS logic. Maximal defined speed is 1 Mbit/s (cable length 10 m). Bus speed can be easy changed. Bus specification effectively controls collision by bus state monitoring. Bus can operate in...

  17. A Calculus for Four-Valued Sequential Logic

    Jan A. Bergstraa; Jaco Van De Polb
    We present a complete axiomatisation for four-valued sequential logic. It con-sists of nine axioms, from which all valid laws can be derived by equational reasoning. These nine axioms are independent of each other.

  18. This thesis is dedicated to my family

    James A. Haas; James A. Haas; James A. Haas; Mrs Marcella; M. Haas; Ms. Emily; M Haas
    The development of an innovative adder design evaluated using programmable logic.

  19. DOI: 10.1177/1464884914558347

    Jou. /journalismle Cam Photographs of newsrooms: From the printing house to open space offices. Analyzing the transformation of workspaces and information production Florence Le Cam Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium Evolving from a small room at the heart of the printing house to a large, mobile open office, the newsroom is a concept that allows us to contemplate the changes that have transformed journalism over the past century. This article proposes a preliminary analysis of a corpus of photographs of media newsrooms in France, Canada, and Belgium at various points in history (from the end of the 19th century up to today)....

  20. Philosophia Mathematica (III) 18 (2010), 166–192. doi:10.1093/philmat/nkq001 Advance Access publication January 29, 2010 Gödel and Philosophical Idealism†

    Charles Parsons
    Kurt Gödel made many affirmations of robust realism but also showed serious engagement with the idealist tradition, especially with Leibniz, Kant, and Husserl. The root of this apparently paradoxical attitude is his conviction of the power of reason. The paper explores the question of how Gödel read Kant. His argument that relativity theory supports the idea of the ideality of time is discussed critically, in particular attempt-ing to explain the assertion that science can go beyond the appearances and ‘approach the things’. Leibniz and post-Kantian idealism are dis-cussed more briefly, the latter as documented in the correspondence with Gotthard Günther....

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