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61. Tractatus de logica, now first edited from the Vienna and Prague Mss. by M. H. Dziewicki. - Wycliffe, John, -1384.; Dziewicki, Michael Henry.
Title on spine: Wyclif's Latin works.

62. Application of J.G. Hume, M.A., for the chair of metaphysics and ethics, and logic, in the University of Toronto [electronic resource] / - Hume, James Gibson, 1860-1949.
Printed ephemera.

63. Voices against violence: Virginia Woolf and Judith Butler - Högberg, Elsa
In her work on ethics and politics during the past decade, Judith Butler takes issue with a psychological ideal of absolute subjective autonomy which, she argues, is indissociably related to the militaristic foreign policy adopted by the US government after 9/11. In this work, she casts the assertion of the autonomous ‘I’ as an ethically violent act which causes and perpetuates private as well as public forms of violence. A similar logic informs Virginia Woolf’s response, in her fiction of the 1920s and ‘30s, to the rise of extreme nationalisms and the increasingly hostile international relations which would bring about...

64. Review of Rev. D.J. Macdonnell's sermon entitled Death abolished, preached in St. Andrew's church, Toronto, on Sunday, 3rd March, 1889 [electronic resource] : in connection with the death of George Paxton Young, LL. D., professor of logic, metaphysics and ethics in University College, Toronto / - Weir, Robert S.; MacDonnell, D. J. (Daniel James), 1843-1896. Death abolished
Cover title.

65. Testimonials of the Rev. Edward John Hamilton, D.D., S.T.D. [electronic resource] : Albert Barnes professor of intellectual philosophy in Hamilton College, New York; formerly lecturer on logic and ethics in the College, New York; formerly lecturer on logic and ethics in the College of New Jersey, at Princeton; and Halliday professor of mental philosophy in Hanover College, Ind.; life member of the American Institute of Christian Philosophy : setting forth his qualifications for the chair of logic and metaphysics in the University of Toronto.
Testimonials dated: 1889.

66. Application of J.G. Hume, M.A. for the Chair of Metaphysics and Ethics, and Logic at the University of Toronto [electronic resource]. - Hume, James Gibson, 1860-1949
Includes: Extracts from testimonials received by Mr. Hume and presented to the Honorable the minister of Education.

67. Canada under the national policy [electronic resource] : the logic of facts : a speech delivered by J.F. Wood, M.P. for Brockville, in the House of Commons, on Thursday, March 19, 1885. - Wood, John Fisher, 1852-1899
Electronic reproduction.

68. Outlines of psychology, logic, and the history of education [electronic resource] / - Hall, J. B. (James Barclay), 1843-1928.

69. Illustrations of logic [electronic resource] / - Lafleur, Paul T. (Paul Theodore), d. 1924.
Electronic reproduction.

70. Testimonials in favour of George S. Mee, candidate for the chair of logic and mental and moral philosophy in Queen's College University, Kingston, C.W [electronic resource]. - Queen's College (Kingston, Ont.)
Half title.

71. Elements of logick, or, A summary of the general principles and different modes of reasoning / - Hedge, Levi, 1766-1844.
Mode of access: Internet.

72. Nástin logiky na základě metafysickém. - Hanuš, Ignác Jan, 1812-1869.
Mode of access: Internet.

73. Psychologie und Logik und ihre Bedeutung für die allgemeine Bildung ... - Nieden, J.
Mode of access: Internet.

74. Designing for Socially Acceptable Security Technologies - Nissen, TG
Security technologies (STs) are increasingly being positioned, developed, and implemented as technological-fixes for addressing crime; never more so than in the wake of the numerous terrorist attacks beginning with September 11th 2001. However, despite the purported security benefits afforded citizens by these technologies, their smooth assimilation into society is never assured. STs which evoke social controversy and resistance fail to survive unscathed over the mid- to long-term; subjected instead to enforced modification, restrictions on acquisition, restrictions on use, or in the worst case scenario - outright banning. Such controversies can negatively affect the companies designing these STs, end-users who employ...

75. Evaluación holística del riesgo sísmico en zonas urbanas y estrategias para su mitigación : aplicación a la ciudad de Mérida-Venezuela. - Jaramillo Santana, Nayive
The risk coming from natural hazards is usually assessed in physical terms by estimating the losses they may cause. Nevertheless, the risk assessment can involve such aspects as the lack of economic and social development, management deficiencies and inability of the society to respond and recover in case of a hazard event. The present research evaluates the seismic risk in a comprehensive or holistic way, namely, including the physical terms and characteristics of a social context. Specifically three methodologies are developed with regards to the assessment and management of risk in urban areas: 1) The numerical assessment of the seismic risk from...

76. The Taming of the (X)OR - Peter Baumgartner; Fabio Massacci
Many key verification problems such as bounded model-checking, circuit verification and logical cryptanalysis are formalized with combined clausal and affine logic (i.e. clauses with xor as the connective) and cannot be feficiently (if at all) solved by using CNF-only provers. We present a decision procedure to efficiently decide such problems. The GaussDPLL procedure is a tight integration in a unifying framework of a Gauss-Elimination procedure (for affine logic) and a Davis-Putnam-Logeman-Loveland procedure (for usual clause logic). The key idea, which distinguishes our approach from others, is the full interaction bewteen the two parts which makes it possible to maximise (deterministic)...

77. On brambles, grid-like minors, and parameterized intractability of monadic second-order logic - Stephan Kreutzer; Siamak Tazari
Brambles were introduced as the dual notion to treewidth, one of the most central concepts of the graph minor theory of Robertson and Seymour. Recently, Grohe and Marx showed that there are graphs G, in which every bramble of order larger than the square root of the treewidth is of exponential size in |G|. On the positive side, they show the existence of polynomialsized brambles of the order of the square root of the treewidth, up to log factors. We provide the first polynomial time algorithm to construct a bramble in general graphs and achieve this bound, up to log-factors....

78. Predios urbanos intersticiales (PUInt) - Fariña, Fernando Sebastián
El presente proyecto surge como lógico emergente de los resultados de la anterior Beca de Iniciación, en tanto se apoya en la profundización sobre los principales conceptos y la aplicación de instrumentos construidos que operan sobre el registro diagramático de variables del espacio intersticial-Herramienta Intersticio (HInt). Desde un compromiso con la ineludible faz proyectual de la arquitectura, la continuación de un proceso de investigación inicialmente básica, conduce a la profundización sobre aspectos más específicos como la verificación de hipótesis de diagnóstico y el planteo de principios operativos de futuros procesos proyectuales. Se encara la problemática actual de los Predios Urbanos Intersticiales (PUlnt)...

79. Valoración de los servicios urbanos básicos de infraestructura aplicando lógica borrosa, dentro de un modelo de calidad de vida urbana - Dicroce, Luciano
El trabajo busca mejorar la implementación de un Modelo de Calidad de Vida Urbana (MCVU) a través de la formulación y ajuste de un sistema de evaluación de los servicios básicos urbanos y los aspectos ambientales. Para tal fin se experimentaron e incluyeron metodologías com plem entarias basadas en la lógica borrosa. Su instrum entación se orientó con el objeto de calificar servicios urbanos y/o patologías ambientales a partir del análisis y valoración de las cualidades relevantes que los caracterizan.

80. Grandes empreendimentos terciários e a estruturação metropolitana contemporânea : Gravataí, Região Metropolitana de Porto Alegre - Maraschin, Clarice; Campos, Heleniza Ávila; Hortencio, Leonardo Marques; Prudente, Leticia Thurmann
Este artigo aborda o fenômeno da descentralização de grandes empreendimentos terciários no espaço das regiões metropolitanas brasileiras. Privilegia-se, neste estudo, a análise desse processo a partir de um município periférico à sede metropolitana, utilizando como caso a cidade de Gravataí, situada na Região Metropolitana de Porto Alegre (RMPA), a qual vem recebendo atualmente muitos investimentos privados de grande porte. O objetivo é discutir o papel dos grandes empreendimentos terciários no processo de estruturação espacial da região metropolitana na contemporaneidade. Inicialmente o trabalho situa as regiões metropolitanas no novo momento do capitalismo globalizado, submetidas a processos como a polinucleação de atividades,...

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