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101. $rec.titulo - Maria Elvira Mancino; Simona Sanfelici; Serie Matematica
Covariance estimation via Fourier method in the presence of asynchronous trading and microstructure noise

102. Impartial Trimmed Means for Functional Data - Departamento De Matemática; Documento De Trabajo; Juan Antonio Cuesta-albertos; Ricardo Fraiman; Juan Antonio Cuesta-albertos; Ricardo Fraiman
Abstract. In this paper we extend the notion of impartial trimming to a functional data framework, and we obtain resistant estimates of the center of a functional distribution. We give mild conditions for the existence and uniqueness of the functional trimmed means. We show the continuity of the population parameter with respect to the weak convergence of probability measures. As a consequence we obtain consistency and qualitative resistance of the data based estimates. A simplified approximate computational method is also given. Some real data examples are finally analyzed. 1.

103. Monográfico: Perspectivas en Análisis Matemático ON K-NEARLY UNIFORM CONVEXITY IN ORLICZ SPACES' (Orlicz spaces, kNUC property, Banach-Saks Property, Weak Banach-Saks Property) - Yunan Cui; Henryk Hudzik; Wang Ping
It is shown that each Banach space with property (kNUC) has the Banach-Saks property. As a consequence of this result it is noticed that there exists a Banach space which is (NUQ but not {kNUC). Criteria for property {kNUC) in Orlicz function spaces and Orlicz sequence spaces are given. In Orlicz function spaces property (kNUC) coincide with uniform convexity. In a contrast to this result, in Orlicz sequence spaces property {kNUC) is essentially weaker than uniform convexity and it is equivalent to reflexivity. 1.

104. and - A. Elipe; M. Lara; Antonio Elipe
“garcia de galdeano” garcía de galdeano seminario matemáticon. 12 PRE-PUBLICACIONES del seminario matematico 2003

105. Total: 7.5 (4.5 Theoretical Credits y 3 Practical Credits) ECTS: 5.5 Year: 1º - Miguel Angel; López Guerrero; Matemática Aplicada Matemáticas; Juan Carlos; Jiménez Castillejo; Matemática Aplicada Matemáticas
1. To consolidate the knowledge on calculus and statistics the students have, and to cover any possible gaps related to some basic contents. 2. To acquire the basic concepts and the main techniques of calculus and statistics, and to relate both concepts to each other. 3. To apply some numerical methods to solve real problems. 4. To know some mathematical models essential for the approach and solution of problems in construction. 5. To acquire a knowledge about programmes of symbolic calculus and to apply them to the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired. 6. To promote the interrelation between theory and...

106. por - Instituto Nacional; De Matemática; Pura E Aplicada; Fabiano Segadaes Romeiro
Dissertação para obtenção do grau de mestre em matemática pelo

We illustrate the idea that quantales can be regarded as algebras of experimental observations on physical systems, and we give a survey of some research in computer science where this idea has been used. We extend the mathematical framework hitherto available so that it can be applied to more general systems than before, in particular to quantum systems and systems whose behaviour is partially unobservable. 1.

108. Asymptotic Behavior of RA-estimates in Autoregressive 2D - Facultad De Matemática; Astronomía Y Física
In this work we study the asymptotic behavior of a robust class of estimator of coe ¢ cients of AR-2D process. We established the consistency and asymptotic normality of the RA estimator under precise conditions. This class of models has diverse applications in image modeling and statistical image processing.

109. $rec.titulo - J. L. Gracia; C. Clavero; J. L. Gracia; C. Clavero
“garcia de galdeano” garcía de galdeano seminario matemático n. 4 PRE-PUBLICACIONES del seminario matematico 2005

110. Rivista di matematica per le scienze economiche sociali- Anno 7 ~ Fascicoli lo-2 o. STRONG MEASURES OF CONCORDANCE AND CONVERGENCE IN PROBABILITY (*) - Marco Scarsini
It is shown that convergence in probability is sufficient for a strong measure of concordance to converge to one, and that convergence toone of a strong measure of concordance, along with convergence in law, is sufficient for convergence in probability. O.

111. $rec.titulo - Departamento De Matemática; Documento De Trabajo; Antonio Cuevas; Manuel Febrero; Ricardo Fraiman; Manuel Febrero; Ricardo Fraiman
“Linear functional regression: The case of fixed design and functional response”

112. Centro de Matematica Universidade do Porto - Ana Paula; S. Diasy; Centro De Matematicaz; Rui C. Paivax; Rua Do Campo Alegre

113. Levelled 0-minimal structures. - Revista Matemática De La; David Markera; Citris Miller
We introduce tbe notion of “levelled structure ” ancA show that ever> ’ structure elementaril> ’ equivalent to the real exponential field expanded by sil restricted analytic functions is levelled. Aix expansion ~? of aix ordered fleid (R, c, +,., 0, 1) is o-minimal if ever> ’ subset of R (parametricail>’) definable un 3t is a finite union of points and open intervals; it is ezponential if it defines aix isomorpitism of the ordered groups (R, <,+) and ((O, oc), «), where (0, oc) denotes tite positive elements of R. Example Tite orderedfield of real numbers with restricíed asialg¡tic ¡urtc-tiorts...

114. Corso di Laurea in Matematica - Facolta Di; Scienze Matematiche; Fisiche E Naturali; Tesi Di Laurea; Anna Chiara Lai; Prof Marco Pedicini; Il Candidato; Il Relatore

115. REVISTA MATEMÁTICA de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Manuel Milla Miranda
Exact controllability for the wave equation in domains with variable baundary.

“garcia de galdeano” garcía de galdeano seminario matemático n. 15 PRE-PUBLICACIONES del

117. A Geostatistical Approach to Stochastic Frontier Models: Application to Portuguese Water Delivery Service - Ana Sampaio; Carla Nunes; Dep Matemática
Abstract: Water is essential for all life forms. It is a fundamental resource necessary for socio-economic development and for ecological sustainability. Nowadays three of the most important problems in the human sustainable development are: the scarcity of freshwater available in natural resources, growing of water demand and the economic problem of providing safe water at a minimum cost. In the water’s supply network management, cost minimization is one of the most important goals for economic authorities. In this study we use a stochastic frontier cost function (with a single stage approach to the estimation of inefficiency parameters) to estimate cost...

This paper presents a novel methodology to analyze low resolution (e.g., 6A ̊ to 10Å) protein density map, that can be obtained through electron cryomicroscopy. At such resolutions, it is often not possible to recognize the backbone chain of the protein, but it is possible to identify individual structural elements (e.g., α-helices and β-sheets). The methodology proposed in this paper performs gradients analysis to recognize volumes in the density map and to classify them. In particular, the focus is on the reliable identification of α-helices. The methodology has been implemented in a tool, called Helix Tracer, and successfully tested with...

119. 1 Departamento de Matematica Aplicada, Universidad de Granada - Mara Isabel Berenguer; Miguel Angel Fortes
Regulatory distorsions in a competitive banking industry:

120. ν-QUASI-ORDINARY POWER SERIES: FACTORISATION, - E. Artal Bartolo; I. Luengo; A. Melle; E. Artal Bartolo; I. Luengo; A. Melle
“garcia de galdeano” garcía de galdeano seminario matemático n. 13 PRE-PUBLICACIONES del seminario matematico 2007

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