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    Sezione Sanit; F. Cardarelli; E. Pace; Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare; Sezione Tor Vergata
    Electromagnetic N transition form factors in a light-front constituent quark model

  2. iCentro de Física Nuclear da Universidade de Lisboa, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2, 1649-003

    Coulter F; F. Descampsg; E. Falke; L. Gurrianab; C. Krausd; G. Lefeuvree; A. Maiobhi; J. Maneirabh; J. Waterfielde; R. Whitee; J. R. Wilsonl; Lisboa Portugal
    ABSTRACT: A light injection system using LEDs and optical fibres was designed for the calibration and monitoring of the photomultiplier array of the SNO+ experiment at SNOLAB. Large volume, non-segmented, low-background detectors for rare event physics, such as the multi-purpose SNO+ experiment, need a calibration system that allow an accurate and regular measurement of the per-formance parameters of their photomultiplier arrays, while minimising the risk of radioactivity ingress. The design implemented for SNO+ uses a set of optical fibres to inject light pulses from external LEDs into the detector. The design, fabrication and installation of this light injection system, as...

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    Tesis Para; Optar Al; Grado De; Doctor Ciencias; Mención Física; Jaime Zuñiga Vukusich; Santiago De Chile; Facultad Ciencias; Físicas Matemáticas; Jaime Miguel; Zuñiga Vukusich; Felipe Barra De La Guarda; Miembros De; La Comisión; Fernando Lund Plantat; Alvaro Nuñez Vásquez; Juan Carlos; Retamal Abarzúa

  4. A]

    G. Fiorentino; P. B. Stetson; M. Monelli; G. Bono; E. J. Bernard; A. Pietrinferni; Dipartimento Di Fisica; Universitá Roma; Tor Vergata; Via Della Ricerca Scientifica; Roma Italy

  5. Centro de Física do Porto

    Vasco Gonçalves
    In this short note we use the flat space limit and the relation between the 4-pt correlation function of the bottom and top components of the stress tensor multiplet to constraint its stringy corrections at strong coupling in the planar limit. Then we use this four point function to compute corrections to the anomalous dimension of double trace operators of the Lagrangian density and to compute energy-energy correlators at strong coupling. ar

  6. Probing the Super Star Cluster Environment of NGC 1569 Using FISICA

    D. M. Clark; S. S. Eikenberry; S. N. Raines; N. Gruel; R. Elston; R. Guzman; G. Boreman; P. E. Glenn

  7. Universidad de Sevilla, Facultad de Fisica,

    G. Potel; Molecular Y Nuclear; F. Barranco; R. A. Broglia
    Pairing rotations and pairing vibrations are collective modes associated with a field, the pair field, which changes the number of particles by two. Consequently, they can be studied at profit with the help of two-particle transfer reactions on superfluid and in normal nuclei, respectively. The advent of exotic beams has opened, for the first time, the possibility to carry out such studies in medium heavy nuclei, within the same isotopic chain. In the case ar X iv

  8. Renormalization constants for Nf = 2+1+1 twisted mass QCD

    Benoit Blossier; Mariane Brinet; Olivier Pène; Jose Rodríguez-quintero; Dpto Física; Aplicada Fac; Ciencias Experimentales
    We summarize recent non-perturbative results obtained for the renormalization constants com-puted in the RI’-MOM scheme for Nf = 2+ 1+ 1 twisted mass QCD. Our implementation em-ploys the Iwasaki gauge action and four dynamical degenerate twisted mass fermions. Renormal-ization constants for scalar, pseudo-scalar, vector and axial operators, as well as the quark propa-gator renormalization, are computed at three different values of the lattice spacing, two different volumes and several values of the twisted mass. Our method allows for a precise cross-check of the running, because of the particular proper treatment of the hypercubic artifacts. Preliminary results for twist-2 operators are...

  9. Strong converse for the quantum capacity of the erasure channel for almost all codes

    Mark M. Wilde; Andreas Winter; Física Teórica
    channel for almost all codes

  10. Centro de Física do Porto

    Miguel S. Costa; Vasco Goncalves; João Penedones; Faculdade Ciências
    We generalize Regge theory to correlation functions in conformal field theories. This is done by exploring the analogy between Mellin amplitudes in AdS/CFT and S-matrix elements. In the process, we develop the conformal partial wave expansion in Mellin space, elucidating the analytic structure of the partial amplitudes. We apply the new formalism to the case of four point correlation functions between protected scalar operators in N = 4 Super Yang Mills, in cases where the Regge limit is controlled by the leading twist operators associated to the pomeron-graviton Regge trajectory. At weak coupling, we are able to predict to arbitrary...

  11. Phenomenology of Discrete Flavour Symmetries

    Scuola Di; Dottorato Di; Ricerca In Fisica; Coordinatore Ch. Mo; Prof Attilio Stella; Supervisore Ch. Mo; Prof Ferruccio Feruglio

  12. Semiclassical theory for small displacements

    Eduardo Zambrano; Alfredo M. Ozorio De Almeida; Centro Brasileiro; Pesquisas Fisicas; Rua Xavier Sigaud

  13. 1 Non-Markovian Effects on the Brownian Motion of a Free Particle

    A. O. Bolivar; Schönberg Física-matemática-filosofia
    Abstract Non-Markovian effects upon the Brownian movement of a free particle in the presence as well as in the absence of inertial force are investigated within the framework of Fokker—Planck equations (Rayleigh and Smoluchowski equations). More specifically, it is predicted that non-Markovian features can enhance the values of the mean square displacement and momentum, thereby assuring the mathematical property of differentiability of the these physically observable quantities.

  14. Pietro Antonioli on behalf of the ALICE Collaboration

    Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare

  15. Vergata”

    E)dipartimento Di Fisica; Università Roma Tre
    B-physics from the ratio method with Wilson twisted mass fermions

  16. Modeling high impedance connecting links and cables below 1 Hz

    Andrea Giacheroa; Claudio Gottia; Matteo Mainoa; Gianluigi Pessinaa; Bdipartimento Di Fisica G. Occhialini
    technologies and materials; Special cables High impedance connecting links and cables are modeled at low frequency in terms of their impedance to ground and to neigbouring connecting links. The impedance is usually considered to be the par-allel combination of a resistance and a capacitance. While this model is adequate at moderate and low frequency, it proved to be not sat-isfactory at very low frequency, in the fractions of Hz range. Deep characterization was carried out on some samples down to 10 µHz, showing that an additional contribution to capacitance can emerge. A model was developed to explain and account for...

  17. z, and Nino Zangh`i

    Sheldon Goldstein; Joel L. Lebowitz; Roderich Tumulka
    xDipartimento di Fisica dell'Universit`a di Genova and INFN sezione di Genova, Via Dodecaneso 33, 16146 Genova, Italy.

  18. Air Project- INRIA.

    Antonio Turiel; Domaine Voluceau; Bp Le; Chesnay Cedex; Conrad J. Pérez-vicente; Departament De Fisica Fonamental
    Multifractal geometry in stock market time series

  19. Laurea Magistrale in Fisica delle Tecnologie Avanzate A MULTI-AGENT BASED DIGITAL PRESERVATION MODEL

    Relatore Correlatore; Prof M. Maggiora; Prof W. Allasia; Anni Accademici

  20. Departamento de Física Teórica II. Facultad de CC. Físicas. Universidad Complutense. 28040

    J. R. Peláez
    This talk is a brief account of recent developments on light scalar meson spectroscopy. I mostly focus on the major revision of the σ or f0(500) meson in the Review of Particle Physics, driven by new data and the accummulation of rigorous dispersive studies, but I also comment on recent updates of other scalars and future progress. The 7th International Workshop on Chiral Dynamics,

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