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21. 1 Speaker - Gioacchino Ranucci; Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare; G. Bellini; J. Benziger; D. Bick; S. Bonetti; G. Bonfini; M. Buizza Avanzini; L. Cadonati; F. Calaprice; C. Carraro; P. Cavalcante; A. Chavarria; S. Davini; A. Derbin; A. Etenko; K. Fomenko; D. Franco; C. Galbiati; C. Ghiano; M. Giammarchi; M. Goeger-neff; A. Goretti; L. Gr; S. Hardy; Aldo Ianni; Andrea Ianni; V. Kobychev; D. Korablev; Y. Koshio; D. Kryn; M. Laubenstein; T. Lewke; E. Litvinovich; B. Loer; P. Lombardi; L. Ludhova; I. Machulin; S. Manecki; W. Maneschg; Q. Meindl; E. Meroni; L. Miramonti; M. Misiaszek; D. Montanari; V. Muratova; L. Oberauer; M. Obolensky; F. Ortica; M. Pallavicini; C. Peña-garay; L. Perasso; S. Perasso; A. Pocar; R. S. Raghavan; A. Razeto; A. Re; A. Romani; A. Sabelnikov; R. Saldanha; C. Salvo; H. Simgen; M. Skorokhvatov; O. Smirnov; A. Sotnikov; S. Sukhotin; R. Tartaglia; G. Testera; D. Vignaud; R. B. Vogelaar; F. Von Feilitzsch; M. Wojcik; A. Wright; M. Wurm; J. Xu; O. Zaimidoroga; S. Zavatarelli; Gioacchino Ranucci
Results and physics implications of the precision

22. c ○ Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence. - Centre Europeen; Recherche Nucleaire; Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare; Simone Gennai
A search for Higgs bosons in the decay to two τ leptons is described. The search is performed in the eµ-, µµ- µτh- and eτh-channels according to the subsequent decays of the τ leptons, where τh stands for a hadronic decay mode. The analysis strategies for a Standard Model (SM) and an MSSM based search are outlined. The results are based on part of the 2011 data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1.1 fb −1 recorded by the CMS experiment. No excess above the SM background expectation is observed in the reconstructed mass spectrum and upper limits on...

23. M.J. Castro-Bleda - D. Física; Y Computación; D. Sistemas; Informáticos Computación
This paper describes the system presented for the English-Spanish translation task by the collaboration between CEU-UCH and UPV for 2011 WMT. A comparison of independent phrase-based translation models interpolation for each available training corpora were tested, giving an improvement of 0.4 BLEU points over the baseline. Output N-best lists were rescored via a target Neural Network Language Model. An improvement of one BLEU point over the baseline was obtained adding the two features, giving 31.5 BLEU and 57.9 TER for the primary system, computed over lowercased and detokenized outputs. The system was positioned second in the final ranking. 1

24. Oscar Vives ∗† - Dep Física Teòrica; U. València-csic
International Europhysics Conference on HEP PROCEEDINGS Definite new physics answers to CP asymmetries questions

25. Instituto de Física Corpuscular, - Johann H. Kühna A; Germán Rodrigo; Consejo Superior; Investigaciones Científicas-universitat València; Parc Científic; E- Paterna (valencia
A sizeable difference in the differential production cross section of top- compared to antitopquark production, denoted charge asymmetry, has been observed at the Tevatron. The experimental results seem to exceed the theory predictions based on the Standard Model by a significant amount and have triggered a large number of suggestions for ”new physics”. In the present paper the Standard Model predictions for Tevatron and LHC experiments are revisited. This includes a reanalysis of electromagnetic as well as weak corrections, leading to a shift of the asymmetry by roughly a factor 1.1 when compared to the results of the first papers...

26. Latin America - Facultad De; Ciencias Físicas; Y Matemáticas; Departamento De; Ciencias De; La Computación; Rodrigo Andrés; Paredes Moraleda; Profesor Gu Ía; Gonzalo Navarro Badino; Miembros De; La Comisi Ón; Nancy Hitschfeld Kahler; Patricio Poblete Olivares; Peter Sanders; Santiago De Chile; Facultad De; Ciencias Físicas; Y Matemáticas; Departamento De; Ciencias De; La Computación; Gonzalo Navarro Badino; Nancy Hitschfeld Kahler; Patricio Poblete Olivares; Peter Sanders; Para Optar; Al Grado De; Fecha De; Julio De
Grafos para Búsqueda en Espacios Métricos La Búsqueda por Similaridad consiste en encontrar los elementos de un conjunto que son semejantes a un objeto de consulta dado de acuerdo a algún criterio. Cuando la semejanza se expresa mediante una métrica, el problema es llamado Búsqueda en Espacios Métricos. En esta tesis se presentan nuevas metodologías para resolver este problema que utilizan grafos G(V,E) para representar la base de datos métrica. En G, el conjunto V corresponde a los objetos del espacio métrico, y E a un pequeño subconjunto de arcos de V × V, cuyos pesos se calculan de acuerdo...

27. and - Karina Figueroa; Facultad Ciencias; Físico Matemáticas; Rodrigo Paredes
direct and reverse nearest neighbor queries,

28. On modular invariant partition functions of conformal field theories with logarithmic operators - Michael A. I. Flohr
We extend the definitions of characters and partition functions to the case of conformal field theories which contain operators with logarithmic correlation functions. As an example we consider the theories with central charge c = cp,1 = 13 − 6(p + p −1), the “border ” of the discrete minimal series. We show that there is a slightly generalized form of the property of rationality for such logarithmic theories. In particular, we obtain a classification of theories with c = cp,1 which is similar to the A-D-E classification of c = 1 models. Extended version, accepted for publication in Int....

29. Realistic Stimulation Through Advanced Dynamic-Clamp Protocols - Carlos Muñiz; Sara Arg; Francisco De Borja Rodríguez; Gonzalo G. De Polavieja; Dpto De Ingeniería Informática; Escuela Politécnica Superior; Laboratorio De Procesamiento Neuronal; Dpto De Física Teórica
Abstract. Traditional techniques to stimulate neurons in Neuroscience include current injection using several protocols. In most cases, although neurons are able to react to any stimulus in the physiological range, it is difficult to assess to what extent the response is a natural output to the processing of the input or just an awkward reaction to a foreign signal. In experiments that try to study the precise temporal relationships between the stimulus and the output pattern, it is crucial to use realistic stimulation protocols. Dynamic-clamp is a relatively recent method in electrophysiology to mimic the presence of ionic or synaptic...

30. Odi89]). 2. La funzione di Ackermann: una funzione totale calcolabile, ma non primitivoricorsiva. - Simone Martini
5. Codifica delle funzioni ricorsive in λ-calcolo, [HS90]. 6. I teoremi di Rice e di Rice-Shapiro, [Cut80], pag. 105 e 130. 2 Calcolabilità e... 1. Calcolabilità in analisi e fisica. Un riferimento canonico per risultati sulla calcolabilità in analisi è [PER89]. Per una prima riflessione introduttiva, vedi [Ghe08]. 2. Hypercomputation (computazione al di là della MdT, attraverso e.g., processi fisici continui. Il tema è una sorta di generalizzazione del precedente). Vedi e la bibliografia ivi riportata (sito fermo al 2007). 3. (i) Complessità secondo Kolmogorov-Chaitin; (ii) Il numero non calcolabile Ω; [Cal02, Cha04] ed altri testi di Gregory Chaitin...

31. Entropic nonextensivity: a possible measure of complexity - Constantino Tsallis; Centro Brasileiro; Pesquisas Fisicas; Xavier Sigaud
”Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. (John Keats, May 1819) An updated review [1] of nonextensive statistical mechanics and thermodynamics is colloquially presented. Quite naturally the possibility emerges for using the value of q − 1 (entropic nonextensivity) as a simple and efficient manner to provide, at least for some classes of systems, some characterization of the degree of what is currently referred to as complexity [2]. A few historical digressions are included as well. Keywords: Nonextensive statistical mechanics; Entropy; Complexity; Multifractals; Power laws.

32. Nonperturbative Quantum Effects 2000 PROCEEDINGS Integrable Quantum Field Theories with Unstable Particles - J. Luis; Física Partículas; Facultad De Física
Abstract: The structure of a new family of factorised S-matrix theories with resonance poles is reviewed. They are conjectured to correspond to the Homogeneous sine-Gordon theories associated with simply laced compact Lie groups. Two of their more remarkable properties are, first, that some of the resonance poles can be traced to the presence of unstable particles in the spectrum, and, second, that they involve several independent mass scales. The conjectured relationship with the simply laced HSG theories has been checked by means of the Thermodynamic Bethe ansatz (TBA) and, more recently, through the explicit calculation of the Form Factors. The...

33. European Physical Society Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, EPS-HEP 2009, - Marco Dreucci; Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare; Marco Dreucci
Measurement of the KS lifetime and CPT symmetry tests in the neutral kaon system with quantum interferometry at KLOE

34. European Physical Society Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, EPS-HEP 2009, - Istituto Nazionale; Fisica Nucleare; Elena Guardincerri
CUORE is a cryogenic-bolometer detector consisting of 988 TeO2 crystals, 750 g each, operated at a temperature of ∼8 mK, currently under construction in the underground Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. Its goal is to search for neutrinoless double beta decays with a sensitivity to the effective neutrino mass as low as a few tens of meV. CUORICINO, its pilot experiment, has proven the feasibilty of CUORE setting moreover the current lower limit on the lifetime of 130 Te against neutrinoless double beta decay: we report on the up-to-date CUORICINO results and discuss the prospects for CUORE.

35. Surface profile reconstruction from scattered intensity data using evolutionary strategies - Demetrio Macías; Gustavo Olague; Eugenio R. Méndez; División De Física Aplicada
Abstract. We present a study of rough surface inverse scattering problems using evolutionary strategies. The input data consists of far-field angle-resolved scattered intensity data, and the objective is to reconstruct the surface profile function that produced the data. To simplify the problem, the random surface is assumed to be one-dimensional and perfectly conducting. The optimum of the fitness function is searched using the evolutionary strategies (µ, λ) and (µ + λ). On the assumption that some knowledge about the statistical properties of the unknown surface profile is given or can be obtained, the search space is restricted to surfaces that...

Modeling nonequilibrium phase transitions and critical behavior in complex systems J. Marro ∗,J.M.Cortes,P.I.Hurtado Instituto Carlos I de Física Teórica y Computacional, Universidad de Granada, 18071-Granada, Spain We comment on some recent, yet unpublished results concerning instabilities in complex systems and their applications. In particular, we briefly describe main observations during extensive computer simulations of two lattice nonequilibrium models. One exhibits robust and efficient processes of pattern recognition under synaptic coherent activity; the second example exhibits interesting critical behavior and simulates nucleation and spinodal decomposition processes in driven fluids. © 2002 Elsevier

37. synthesis. - Leonardo Trujillo; Proyecto Evovisión; División De Física Aplicada; Ensenada B. C. México; Proyecto Evovisión
This contribution presents a novel approach for the automatic generation of a low-level feature extractor that is useful in higher-level computer vision tasks. Specifically, our work centers on the well-known computer vision problem of interest point detection. We pose interest point detection as an optimization problem, and are able to apply Genetic Programming to generate operators that exhibit humancompetitive performace when compared with state-of-theart designs. This work uses the repeatability rate that is applied as a benchmark metric in computer vision literature as part of the GP fitness function, together with a measure of the entropy related with the point...

38. space flow H.López, A.Donoso ∗ - Centro De Física; Investigaciones Científicas
A technique for simulating quantum dynamics in phase space is discussed. It makes use of ensembles of classical trajectories to approximate the distribution functions and their derivatives by implementing Adaptive Kernel Density Estimation. It is found to improve the accuracy and stability of the simulations compared to more conventional particle methods. Formulation of the method in higher dimensions is straightforward. Key words: particle methods, quantum phase space dynamics, adaptive density estimation PACS: 02.70.Ns, 34.10.+x, 03.65.Xp 1.

39. A quantum field theory as emergent description of constrained supersymmetric - Hans-thomas Elze; Dipartimento Di Fisica; I- Pisa
classical dynamics

40. hydrodynamics - Centro De Física; Investigaciones Científicas
In this paper the method of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is extended to include an adaptive density kernel estimation (ADKE) procedure. It is shown that for a van der Waals (vdW) fluid, this method can be used to deal with free-surface phenomena without difficulties. In particular, arbitrary moving boundaries can be easily handled because surface tension is effectively simulated by the cohesive pressure forces. Moreover, the ADKE method is seen to increase both the accuracy and stability of SPH since it allows the width of the kernel interpolant to vary locally in a way that only the minimum necessary smoothing...

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