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  1. Role-playing games nas aulas de física

    de Assis Nascimento Jr, Francisco; Piassi, Luís Paulo
    We present a report of experience with application of RPG game, very popular among teenagers, as activity in a Physics class. In particular, our experience refers to the use in teaching topics of Modern Physics for students of first year high school federal system in São Paulo. Based on the works of Zanetic (1989) on the vision of physics as a cultural element and Snyders (1988) on the valuation of the students personal culture in the school environment, our experience analyses the didactic potential of role-playing games to introduce students to a Physics class where their imagination and creativity play an important role. As a...

  2. Recursos didácticos fundamentados en la investigación educativa: propuesta de nuevos textos de Física

    Tannuré Godward, Benjamín; Pérez Carmona, María del Carmen
    In this paper two textbooks are presented: "Physics Laboratory. You can" and "Fundamentals of Physics for Geologists", intended for students from middle and university level respectively, under the Project "Contributions to the Learning Concepts in Physics and Mathematics, using different teaching resources grounded in Educational Research "(26 / G512), approved and funded by the Research Council of the UNT (2014-2018), to which the authors belong. It is part of the current of thought that hypothesized that one of the ways to foster more meaningful learning to students is to develop training materials more effective (text, electronic, simple laboratory experiments, etc.), allowing the teacher-student-methods relations, approaching tasks and...

  3. Oficinas: ensinando Física com a construção de experimentos de baixo custo

    Braga, João Guilherme; de França Ramos, Eugenio Maria
    In physics education hardly we find a class model different than the traditional model of education. This work aims to present the importance of using experiments for physics teaching, guided by a different methodology, in which the student is an active participant in the classroom activities. Here we discuss this methodology and its importance to the physics teaching.

  4. Modelo de Tutoría Par de Física I para estudiantes de acceso inclusivo a la educación superior del Programa de Nivelación de Excelencia de la Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile

    Gaete Rengifo, Rina; Polanco Quiñenao, Claudia
    In the context of the Inclusive Educational Policies of the Universidad Católica de Temuco de Chile, looking for the equity in access to higher education and equal opportunities for academically talented students, has been developed the monitoring of peers for the Physics 1 Course for Common Plan Civil Engineering, which belongs to the Excellence Equalization Program, which objective is to strengthen disciplinary competencies in the Sciences area. The strategy for the monitoring of peers is the knowledge generation under the active metodology of Kolb’s Experimental Learning, where a student in a process of assistance in a discipline achieves the basic competencies for his learning and subsequent course...

  5. La utilización del comics como recurso didáctico para favorecer la apropiación de contenidos físicos

    Viau, Javier E.; Szigety, Esteban; Tintori, Ma. Alejandra
    The use of comics for the teaching of the basic principles of the Physics is an excellent stimulus for the students since it allows them to estimate its nature with a critical, creative and scientific view. In this article, a didactic proposal is presented, based on an interesting approach: to teach science and to develop capacities by means of the utilization of comics. In this work we exposeinstances of implementation as well as the methodology used for the teaching of scientific skills, the generation of problematic situations and for the work on topics related to scientific concepts developed in the class of Fisica1 of the Faculty...

  6. La enseñanza de la física desde las aulas virtuales del INFD para alumnos y estudiantes de todo el País

    Hillar, Daniel; Peralta, Silvio; Román, Jorge
    In 2009, unifying physics ‘contents from every single teaching training collage in Argentina, became a project to be shared in virtual seminaries. The coordinators goals was to invite each student from every teachers training collage of the country to share the different problems on physics ´contents to find possible solutions. Virtual lessons have been planned to explain the topics, share some background and discus specific situations. Finally, students had to make some local research putting into practice what they have been working on. The proposed goals have been successfully reached. Groups of around 60 and 90 students from the different training college have discussed and shared...

  7. La dramatización y la narrativa en el aula universitaria como elemento motivador

    Viau, Javier E.; Sigety, Esteban; Tintori, Ma. Alejandra
    Desertion and low academic performance of the students are a motive of constant concern in the university environment. The lack of motivation is indicated as one of the main reasons of this deterioration and one of the most serious problems in the learning process. With the intention of stimulating student’s the motivation to improve the is academic performance, are present some actions related to the pedagogic intervention, based on the dramatization of scientific phenomena, and the utilization of the History of Science. These were implemented during the explanation of the principle of inertia in the class of Physics 1 of the Faculty of Engineering of the...

  8. Jogos eletrônicos e ensino de física: estudo de algumas possibilidades

    da Silva da Costa, Oaní; de França Ramos, Eugenio Maria
    This work presents a research about the possibilities of uniting videogames with the formal contents of physics. The research here presented is characterized as qualitative and exploratory in which we search for physical possibilities and impossibilities in videogames. We have chosen as the focus of the study the Screamride (FRONTIER DEVELOPMENTS) and Powerstar Golf (ZOË MODE) titles from the Xbox One (MICROSOFT) console. We present here a list of situations which are present in the titles and its possible relations to formal physics contents to provide possibilities of using these titles in formal physics teaching.

  9. Implementación de una actividad experimental para la determinación del calor específico de un puré de tomate integrando las carreras de Profesorado de Física e Ingeniería en Alimentos

    Velazque, Mirta Susana; Martínez, Horacio José
    The aim of this work is to report an experience carried out within the framework of an articulation activity between students of a Physics Teacher Training College and the School of Food Science. The objective was to determine the specific heat of a tomato purée and compare it with Mathematical prediction equations based on the food nutritional composition. A calorimeter with stirrer was used for the experimental determination. In addition, Mathematical prediction of the mixture specific heat was estimated using the food components specific heat values (proteins, carbohidrates, fiber and wáter). The experimental design consisted of four stages: I, interdisciplinary team formation; II, experimental design; III,...

  10. Guía de Laboratorio sobre Fluidos basada en el Aprendizaje Activo de la Física. Segunda parte

    Glusko, Cristian Alexander; Reynoso Savio, María Fernanda; Dima, Gilda Noemí
    The need of producing didactic strategies that promote the interest and the learning in our students in Physics, and having as basis previous studies on Nivel Medio and Nivel Universitario, the idea of elaborating laboratory guides based on Active Learning about Fluids is suggested. Specifically, this work presents a Guide about Hydrodynamics. The addressees, students from Physics taking the first year of Agronomic Engineering from Universidad Nacional de La Pampa. We believe that these kinds of strategies favour the interdisciplinary nature with subjects from following years, simultaneously reaching the integration in the professional training of the future engineering.

  11. Guía de Laboratorio sobre Fluidos basada en el Aprendizaje Activo de la Física. Primera Parte

    Reynoso Savio, María Fernanda; Glusko, Cristian Alexander; Dima, Gilda Noemí
    The need of producing didactic strategies that promote the interest and the learning in our students in Physics, and having as basis previous studies on Nivel Medio and Nivel Universitario, the idea of elaborating laboratory guides based on Active Learning about Fluids is suggested. Specifically, this work presents a guide about Viscosity. The addressees, students from Physics taking the first year of Agronomic Engineering from Universidad Nacional de La Pampa. We believe that these kinds of strategies favour the interdisciplinary nature with subjects from following years, simultaneously reaching the integration in the professional training of the future engineering.

  12. Física por intuición

    Qués, Federico; Qués, Héctor
    Several of our daily activities include a tinge of what we call intuition and resulting in much of the meaning we give to the experience by recognizing patterns and representation of these models through. This type of intuition is to which we refer to as the potential differing by physics experiments can develop in students. Thus, this study aims to tell a courtly experience in which the main focus is to apply the intuitive approach to the concept of mass. Understood as intuition that cognitive tool that gives us the ability to achieve significant learning over the traditional and academic method of teaching, a tool...

  13. Física nos anos iniciais da educação básica - a experiência do pibid com o ensino de eletrostática

    Benetti, Bernadete; de França Ramos, Eugenio Maria; de Oliveira da Cruz, Wesley
    Part of a didactic experience with the introduction of Physics contents, in the early years of elementary school, is presented in this work. The work involved teaching interventions with students from 1st to 5th grade, in the early years of basic education (primary education) in two public schools in the city of Marilia, SP, Brazil, aiming a critical and reflexive training on the scientific knowledge, focusing on the content of Electrostatic. We realize that the activities offered rich moments of learning, contributing to appropriation of scientific knowledge and to arouse interest in the search for new knowledge.

  14. Feira de ciências: ampliando espaços para o ensino de física na educação básica

    Alberguini, Fábio Lourenço; de França Ramos, Eugenio Maria
    Activities on Physics Education through development and execution of a Science Fair in a public high school from Rio Claro (SP, Brazil) were analyzed. The Science Fairs focuses on awakening students' interest in scientific knowledge, through the teamwork of students and development of projects made by the own students, guided by teachers. We discussed the development of activities and some issues related to this topic.

  15. Evaluación de trabajos prácticos: una propuesta superadora

    Martínez Sarrasague, Margarita; Fuda, Julián; Maeyoshimoto, Jorge; Cimato, Alejandra
    Las actividades experimentales son de suma importancia en la enseñanza de Física. Teniendo en cuenta la relevancia que tienen los informes como instrumento para evaluar el proceso de enseñanza - aprendizaje, exponemos en este relato las fortalezas y debilidades que la elaboración y evaluación de informes de trabajos prácticos presenta actualmente en el desarrollo de nuestra asignatura y formulamos propuestas superadoras. Estas propuestas consisten en: generación de una carpeta progreso, innovación en la modalidad de calificación, realización individual de resúmenes de los informes, incorporación de la carpeta portafolio en instancias formales de evaluación. Las propuestas formuladas en este relato buscan que el éxito educativo trascienda los márgenes...

  16. Enseñanza de la física universitaria a través de proyectos: el motor de Stirling

    Tuyarot, Diana E.; Arriassecq, Irene
    This work show the strategy implemented in Physics II for undergraduates of mechatronics engineers of IFSEMG in Juiz de Fora campus. The methodology used was teaching physics through projects in teaching for understanding frame. The theme developed was: study, construction and presentation of the Stirling machine. The objective was studying of thermodynamics. The work is based in enough literature and several experiences developed by the Professor showing that active learning and teaching by projects is a possible way. The result was a great involvement by the students and generating enthusiasm proposals more similar activities.

  17. Enseñando a enseñar: reconstruyendo una experiencia de la práctica con futuros docentes de física

    Buteler, Laura; Coleoni, Enrique Andrés
    The experience reported occurred during the last course in a Teacher training carreer for Physics teachers, in a public university in Argentina. During the course, we detected that or students were very aware of the importance of knowing their students’ previous ideas related to the content to be taught. However, the activities they proposed to be carried out in class were not related to those ideas. Thus, we planned a number of activities during the course, so that our soon-to-become-teacher students, could build this non-existing connection. We show one of these activities in some detail, and, as a result, we present the one of our students’...

  18. El aporte de las TIC al aprendizaje colaborativo de la Física y a la generación de vínculos entre los aspirantes al ingreso a la Universidad

    Vicario, Jorge; Chiecher, Analía Claudia; Méndez, Alejandra; Paoloni, Paola Verónica; Muñoz, Diego; Fernández, Adriana; Ceballos, Claudio D.; Allevi, Carolina
    The second edition of a preparatory workshop for admission to the Faculty of Engineering of the UNRC, held in the previous semester to the incorporation to university studies described. Join the current system at the Faculty also aims to develop a classroom course in February of each school year and follow-up and support throughout First Year. The workshop blended learning preparation is done so through the virtual platform of the UNRC SIAT and a group activity on Facebook. In this article emphasis is on the analysis of the second edition of this group activity that promotes collaborative learning of Physics and Mathematics, and creates a space...

  19. Desarrollo de un modelo físico que posibilitó la implementación de un modelo pedagógico dentro de un curso de física

    Pérez Carmona, María del Carmen; Tannuré Godward, Benjamín; Maldonado, Héctor Francisco
    The main objective is to develop a simulator that responds to a physical model that would enable the implementation of the teaching model in Physics I course in the curriculum of the race of Geology. To achieve this, using the whole teacher-student work, study and construction of a rash Simulator of an oil well was made. This experience illustrates one of the major risks in drilling an oil well. The demostration also served to illustrate the concepts of drilling mud, prevention of rashes, hydrostatic pressure, pressure balance, density and compressibility of gas. The results of the experience allowed the students interacted with the physical model simulator...

  20. Batman e semicondutores: uma interface cultural entre o cinema e a física

    Vidas Cardoso, Gabriel; de Assis Nascimento Jr, Francisco; Piassi, Luís Paulo
    Starting from the path traced by Zanetic (1989) about the vision of physics as a cultural element. We present the report of an experience applied to a group of students from a high school of the federal system in São Paulo, in a context that it took place as a workshop. Its aim was to explore the cultural connections in between physics and the mass culture, consumed by these same students. The group cultural panorama was measured by the usage of a research based on the Likert scale so then the proposed workshop was developed from the film Batman The Dark Knight, with the function...

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