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  1. Optical Frequency Mixing Through Nanoantenna Enhanced Difference Frequency Generation: Metatronic Mixer

    Chettiar, Uday K; Engheta, Nader
    A design for a subwavelength all-optical frequency mixer is proposed. The method relies on enhanced difference-frequency generation, which is achieved in two steps with the help of plasmonic nanoantennas. The interaction of the two input signals with the nonlinear material is increased through the use of input nanoantennas, which focus the incident energy of two different frequencies onto the nanoparticle formed by a nonlinear material. Next, the difference-frequency emission is enhanced through the Purcell effect by the use of a separate output nanoantenna that is resonant at the difference frequency. The application of this twofold approach allows for a significant...

  2. Contributions and reflections to the study of stability and oscillation of active antennas

    Parra Cerrada, Ángel
    This thesis was carried out in the DIEMAG Group and TSC department of ETSI y Sistemas de Telecomunicación from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Its title is “Contributions and Reflections to the Study of Stability and Oscillation of Active Antennas” and it has been developed by Angel Parra Cerrada, Electrical Engineer MSc, under the supervision of Prof. Vicente Gonzalez Posadas, PhD and Prof. Jose Luis Jimenez Martin, PhD. The current interest on active antennas is very important, mainly on small antennas and integrated antennas. The patch antennas are maybe the type of integrated antennas more used at present designs. The design...

  3. Simplified Modeling for Impedance-based Health Monitoring

    Daniel M. Peairs; Gyuhae Park; Daniel J. Inman
    Abstract. A new model of impedance-based structural health monitoring (SHM) using the spectral element method (SEM) and electric circuit analysis has been developed. This model provides additional information for more accurately identifying and locating damage and in designing the SHM system. Complex functions of the SHM system such as estimation of remaining life are also made possible with the use of the model. The circuit analysis can be applied to any type of structural model. However, since impedance-based SHM relies on high frequency excitation of the structure using piezoelectric patches, finite element modeling may not be applicable and instead the...

  4. B4 ECS Electrochemistry Letters, 4 (7) B4-B7 (2015) 2162-8726/2015/4(7)/B4/4/$33.00 © The Electrochemical Society Impedance Biosensor Utilizing a Si Substrate Deposited by Wet Methods

    Bamidele D. Falola; Rajeswaran Radhakrishnan; Ian I. Sunia
    formic acid, followed by antibody immobilization. The impedance response of the sensor electrode to increasing concentrations of peanut protein Ara h 1, a common food allergen, can be fit to an equivalent circuit containing three RC loops. The circuit element most sensitive to antigen binding is the charge transfer resistance, yielding a detection limit of 4 ng/ml.

  5. The Development of a New Type Rooftop Ventilator

    Ming Chun Hsieh; David King Jair; Huann Ming Chou
    Copyright © 2013 Ming Chun Hsieh et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. This paper presents a small power generation system motivated by a coreless stator AFPM (Axial Flux Permanent Magnet) generator which is driven by the rooftop ventilator. The generator consists of discs for the rotor and the stator geometry. The stator disc is sandwiched between two rotor discs and the magnets in the two opposite rotor discs may be placed N-S arrangements. Since...

  6. High Performance Resonant Tunneling Electronic Circuit with Suitable Resistance Parameters

    Chih Chin Yang; Yen Chun Lin; Hsiao Hsuan Cheng
    Well-defined experimental and simulating single peak to valley current density ratio (PVCDR) resonant tunneling electronic circuit (RTEC) element is proposed in this research. The variation of passive element value in RTEC structure is explored using simulation method, which obtains the optimum PVCDR values about 66. The simulating peak current density (PCD) value is such high as 38 mA. Even though the experimental PCD value is less, but the PVCDR value is as high as 22.5, which value is favorably compared with semiconductor resonant tunneling devices (RTDs) in single PVCDR RTEC element. The obvious triple negative differential resistance (NDR) is also...

  7. Model order reduction for PEEC modeling based on moment matching

    Z. F. Song; D. L. Su; F. Duval; A. Louis
    Abstract—Accurate and effective system-level modeling has become necessary to address electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues in modern circuit and system design. Model order reduction (MOR) techniques provide a feasibility to approximate complex circuit models with compact reduced-order models. In this paper, an effective MOR technique entitled multi-point moment matching (MMM) is implemented for the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) modeling. Moment information at multiple frequency points is used in this method in order to accurately estimate a given system over an entire frequency range of interest, and for each frequency an enhanced asymptotic waveform evaluation (AWE) is applied to obtain a...

  8. Slotted Equilateral Triangular Micro strip Antenna

    Vipin Kumar Sharma; Biet Jhansi; Sunil Kumar; Biet Jhansi
    In this paper we show the triangular geometry of the microstrip patch is one of the most common shapes having a wide range application ranging from circuit elements to modern wireless antenna. In this paper we compare C- slot microstrip antenna an slotted equilateral triangular microstrip antenna. Recent survey of open literature shows interesting development of this patch as novel circuit element and antennas. In this paper, a very comprehensive review of the application and investigations on triangular micostrip patch (TMP) has been presented.

  9. Open Access The Impact of Layer Number on Stray Inductance of DC-link Busbar in

    Power Converters; Yi-feng Zhu; Zheng Zheng; Qiong-xuan Ge
    Abstract: In high power converter design, low-inductance busbar connecting DC capacitors and power devices is the main concern to improve the quality of the whole power electronics system. This paper analyzes the impact of layer-number on the stray inductance of busbar taking a subway traction converter as example. The method of partial element equivalent circuit and the Q3D software are used to extract the stray inductance. The simulation and experimental results show that the stray inductance of three-layer busbar is lower than two-layer busbar with other same conditions.

  10. Modeling and Measurement of Transients for a 5-phase Permanent Magnet Tubular Linear Actuator Including Control and Supply System

    Andrzej Waindok A
    control system. Abstract. The mathematical and physical models of the permanent magnet tubular linear actuator (PMTLA) including control and supply system are presented in the paper. In the numerical analysis a field-circuit model is used. The field model is calculated using the finite element method (FEM), while the circuit model is implemented in Matlab/Simulink software. Both models are coupled using the look-up tables in Matlab software. To verify the calculations, the real drive system has been build. It consists of supply and control system, PC and sensors. The supply system is connected to the controller, which uses the Texas Instruments...

  11. Application of a Frequency-Domain Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Method to Tower Surge Response Calculations

    Abstract – This paper presents tower surge response calculations on an actual transmission tower including ground wires and phase wires. A frequency-domain partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) method is applied as a simulation tool. Insulator voltages calculated by the voltage difference of crossarms and phase wires are compared with experimental results collected from the literature. In addition, a transmission line (TL) model is adopted with the PEEC method to increase efficiency for transient surge calculation. The results calculated by the PEEC method with and without the TL model agree well with the experimental results not only for amplitudes but also...

  12. Generic and Automated Simulation Modeling Based on Measurements

    Martin Tiberg; Dierk Bormann; Bjørn Gustavsen; Christoph Heitz; Olaf Hoenecke; Gheorghe Muset; Jean Mahseredjian; Peter Werle
    Abstract-- SoFT is a new method and tool which measures and models linear electrical network components in a wide frequency band with unprecedented accuracy. This is achieved by a special modal based measurement technique in combination with suitable rational fitting and passivity enforcement methods. The models are easily imported into most commonly used simulation software. This paper demonstrates the SoFT tool computations in a comparison between A) time-domain measurements of a lightning impulse test of a power transformer, B) simulation of the test results using a SoFT model, and C) simulation of the test results using a lumped-element circuit simulation...

  13. Rights Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License Simple Modeling for Conducted Common-Mode Current in Switching Circuits

    M. Kchikach; Y. S. Yuan; Z. M. Qian; M. H. Pong
    Common mode current strongly depends on stray capacitance of each circuit node, especially those with high dv/dt and di/dt. To build a simple model for conducted common mode current in switching circuit a computer software based on Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (PEEC) method is used to calculate the parasitic elements of the printed circuit board (PCB). Simulation results agree well with experimental results up to 10 MHz. I.

  14. Research on teaching aid of analog circuits based on magnetic element

    Zeng Wei-lianga
    Abstract. In the traditional teaching process of analog circuit course, the connected circuit element and current trend are not intuitive and students understand difficultly. In order to solve this problem, the teaching aid of analog circuit based on magnetic elements is researched and designed, including a DC power supply, some element modules and some connecting soft lights, both ends of the connecting soft light has a connecting plug connection, element module is comprised of bottom plate, switch, socket, input slot, output slot, symbol and permanent magnet, input slot and output slot are communicated together, switch and symbol are communicated together,...


    Catalán Izquierdo, Saturnino
    En este libro se ha destilado la parte sin la cual el resto de la Electrotecnia no existiría: todos los conceptos fundamentales. El objetivo básico es comprender la relación que existe entre los elementos reales y su representación mediante circuitos eléctricos. Estos modelos, mucho más sencillos que la realidad pero suficientemente exactos, nos permitirán analizar sistemas complejos,diseñar máquinas, etc.

  16. A Flush-mounted Resonant Ice detection sensor with High Sensitivity

    Qiang Shi; Junbo Wang; Deyong Chen; Yanlong Shang
    Abstract. An ice detection system consisting of a resonant piezoelectric sensing-element and closed-loop circuit has been developed to automatically and distinctly sense ice films up to 1.3 mm thick. Accretion of ice and/or water on the sensor surface modifies the effective mass and/or stiffness of the vibrating transducer; these variations are sensed by measuring the changes in transducer resonant frequency. In case of ice films, resonant frequency of the transducer increases steadily from 60.9 kHz with no ice to 131.5 kHz when the ice film is 1.3mm thick. The time and temperature stability experiments revealed frequency variety no more than...


    Catalán Izquierdo, Saturnino
    En este libro se ha destilado la parte sin la cual el resto de la Electrotecnia no existiría: todos los conceptos fundamentales. El objetivo básico es comprender la relación que existe entre los elementos reales y su representación mediante circuitos eléctricos. Estos modelos, mucho más sencillos que la realidad pero suficientemente exactos, nos permitirán analizar sistemas complejos, diseñar máquinas, etc.

  18. Suspended substrate stripline bandpass filters with source-load coupling structure using lumped and full-wave mixed approach

    M. -h. Ho; P. -f. Chen
    Abstract—This paper presents the design of two suspended substrate stripline (SSS) bandpass filters (BPFs), both with a source-load coupling structure embedded to create a transmission zero (TZ) near each side of the passband edges. For the first BPF, the physical circuit layout is proposed first and followed by the establishment of an equivalent LC circuit. The optimization of element values of the LC circuit using a circuit-level simulator leads to quick adjustment of the structural parameters of the physical circuit layout with the aid of a full-wave simulator. For the second BPF, the ingenious equivalent LC circuit modified from that...

  19. Magnetic Sciences

    Paul G. Elliot; Lead Engineer; Anatoliy E. Rzhanov; Sr. Scientist
    A printed-circuit radiating element for wideband phased array antennas is described which provides a well-matched impedance bandwidth of approximately one octave in the array environment. The main benefit compared to existing octave or more bandwidth array elements (e.g. flared notch, tapered slot or Vivaldi antenna) is that this new element can be etched onto panels that lie parallel to the plane of the array, permitting several rows and columns of elements on the same substrate which reduces cost significantly. Also the array thickness is reduced, and the phase center does not move with frequency. The element can provide polarization diversity....

  20. Characteristics of Linear Induction Motor Considering Material of Reaction Plate Change

    Meng Li; Zhongping Yang; Fei Lin; Hu Sun
    Abstract—In this paper, a method of calculating the parameters of equivalent circuit model of linear induction motor(LIM) is proposed based on numerical analysis and finite element method(FEM). The method is proved accurately through the traditional removed and locked tests. Material change of reaction plate’s effect on how equivalent circuit’s parameters change and the influence on thrust and vertical force are analyzed through this method. The co-simulation of Maxwell and SIMULINK is analyzed. A control algorithm to compensate the effect of material change is presented. The compensation is based on equivalent circuit parameters variation and indirect vector control. Simulation results have...

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