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1. E-Nose Application to Food Industry Production - Chilo, Jose; Pelegrí Sebastiá, José; CUPANE, MARÍA; Sogorb Devesa, Tomás C.
© 2016 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission from IEEE must be obtained for all other uses, in any current or future media, including reprinting/republishing this material for advertising or promotional purposes, creating new collective works, for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or reuse of any copyrighted component of this work in other works.

2. Non-Absorbable Disaccharides for Hepatic Encephalopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. - Gluud, LL; Vilstrup, H; Morgan, MY
Non-absorbable disaccharides (NADs) have been used to treat hepatic encephalopathy (HE) since 1966. However, a Cochrane review, published in 2004, found insufficient evidence to recommend their use in this context. This updated systematic review evaluates the effects of the NADs, lactulose and lactitol, for the treatment and prevention of HE in patients with cirrhosis. Thirty-eight randomized controlled trials (RCTs), involving 1828 patients, were identified via electronic and manual searches; 31 RCTs looked at the treatment of HE while seven looked at its primary/secondary prevention. Random-effects meta-analyses showed that, compared to placebo/no intervention, NADs had a beneficial effect on HE (relative...

3. Health-related quality-of-life instruments for Alzheimer's disease and mixed dementia. - Perales, J; Cosco, TD; Stephan, BC; Haro, JM; Brayne, C
BACKGROUND: Over the last 20 years, a number of instruments developed for the assessment of health-related quality of life (HRQL) in dementia have been introduced. The aim of this review is to synthesize evidence from published reviews on HRQL measures in dementia and any new literature in order to identify dementia specific HRQL instruments, the domains they measure, and their operationalization. METHODS: An electronic search of PsycINFO and PubMed was conducted, from inception to December 2011 using a combination of key words that included quality of life and dementia. RESULTS: Fifteen dementia-specific HRQL instruments were identified. Instruments varied depending on...

4. Computational Study of Glucosepane-Water Hydrogen-Bond Formation: an Electron Topology and Orbital Analysis. - Nash, A; Saßmannshausen, J; Bozec, L; Birch, HL; de Leeuw, NH
The collagen protein provides tensile strength to the extra-cellular matrix in addition to localising cells, proteins and protein cofactors. Collagen is susceptible to a build up of glycation modifications as a result of an exceptionally long half-life. Glucosepane is a collagen crosslinking advanced glycation end product; the structural and mechanical effects of glucosepane are still the subjects of much debate. With the prospect of an ageing population, the management and treatment of age-related diseases is becoming a pressing concern. One area of interest is the isolation of hydrated glucosepane, which has yet to be reported at an atomistic level. This...

5. An audit of the quality of inpatient care for adults with learning disability in the UK. - Sheehan, R; Gandesha, A; Hassiotis, A; Gallagher, P; Burnell, M; Jones, G; Kerr, M; Hall, I; Chaplin, R; Crawford, MJ
OBJECTIVES: To audit patient hospital records to evaluate the performance of acute general and mental health services in delivering inpatient care to people with learning disability and explore the influence of organisational factors on the quality of care they deliver. SETTING: Nine acute general hospital Trusts and six mental health services. PARTICIPANTS: Adults with learning disability who received inpatient hospital care between May 2013 and April 2014. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY OUTCOME MEASURES: Data on seven key indicators of high-quality care were collected from 176 patients. These covered physical health/monitoring, communication and meeting needs, capacity and decision-making, discharge planning and carer...

6. Formation and protection against incrustation on the geothermal pipe by utilizing of geothermal water in the area of Ïurkov (Eastern Slovakia) - Gabriel Wittenberger; Marian Šofranko
Presented contribution describes reasons for rising of rusting and incrustation and possibilities of its removing at the technological equipment during use hot geothermal water from the locality Ïurkov. The village Ïurkov is situated in the eastern part of the Košice Basin (15 km from the city of Kosice) that belongs to one of the most significant and most perspective areas with geothermal waters in Slovakia. Geothermal waters in Ïurkov are bound to Triassic dolomites located in the basement of Neogene sediments. The biggest attention is paid to the choice of the most modern methods for treatment with hot geothermal water, either by chemical or...

7. The Role of Librarians in Supporting the Clinical and Research Activity from the Perspective of Doctors - Octavia-Luciana Madge
In the context of a wider research undertaken among doctors with regard to their information practices and the use of electronic information resources, this paper analyses the possibility of any collaboration between doctors in university clinics and the medical librarians. It also explores doctors' views regarding the possible role of the medical librarians working at the Central Library of the "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy-Bucharest and their potential integration as members within the clinical and research teams.

8. Rolul bibliotecarilor în sprijinirea activităţii clinice Şi de cercetare din perspectiva medicilor - Octavia-Luciana Madge
În contextul unei cercetări mai ample desfăŞurate la nivelul medicilor cu privire la practicile lor de informare Şi a utilizării resurselor de informare electronice, acest articol analizează posibilitatea unei colaborări între medicii din clinici universitare Şi bibliotecarii medicali. De asemenea, explorează punctele de vedere ale medicilor cu privire la rolul posibil al bibliotecarilor medicali de la Biblioteca Centrală a Universităţii de Medicină Şi Farmacie „Carol Davila” – BucureŞti Şi posibila lor integrare ca membri în echipele clinice Şi de cercetare.


We consider a differential-difference equation of second order of delay type, containing the delay of the function and its derivatives. Such equations occur in the modeling of electronic devices. The nature of the loss of the zero solution stability is studied. The possibility of stability loss related to the passing of two pairs of purely imaginary roots, that are in resonance 1:3, through an imaginary axis is shown. In this case bifurcating oscillatory solutions are studied. It is noted the existence of a chaotic attractor for which Lyapunov exponents and Lyapunov dimension are calculated. As an investigation techniques we use...

10. Dataflow-Driven Crowdsourcing: Relational Models and Algorithms - D. A. Ustalov

Recently, microtask crowdsourcing has become a popular approach for addressing various data mining problems. Crowdsourcing workflows for approaching such problems are composed of several data processing stages which require consistent representation for making the work reproducible. This paper is devoted to the problem of reproducibility and formalization of the microtask crowdsourcing process. A computational model for microtask crowdsourcing based on an extended relational model and a dataflow computational model has been proposed. The proposed collaborative dataflow computational model is designed for processing the input data sources by executing annotation stages and automatic synchronization stages simultaneously. Data processing stages...

11. Generación automática de la configuración de subestaciones eléctricas según el estándar IEC 61850 a partir de una herramienta de diseño gráfico - Arribas López, Marcos
La evolución de las redes eléctricas se dirige hacia lo que se conoce como “Smart Grids” o “Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes”. Estas “Smart Grids” se componen de subestaciones eléctricas, que a su vez se componen de unos dispositivos llamados IEDs (Dispositivos Electrónicos Inteligentes – Intelligent Electronic Devices). El diseño de IEDs se encuentra definido en la norma IEC 61850, que especifica además un Lenguaje de Configuración de Subestaciones (Substation Configuration Language SCL) para la definición de la configuración de subestaciones y sus IEDs. Hoy en día, este estándar internacional no sólo se utiliza para diseñar correctamente IEDs y asegurar su interoperabilidad,...

12. Examination of the MLCT Excited States of Ditungsten Quadruply Bonded Paddlewheel Complexes - McDermott, Sean
Around the world today, the utilization of fossil fuels to provide humankind with the requisite magnitude of energy to maintain a technologically advanced society is becoming antiquated. Renewable processes that do not contribute to the alteration of the climate can help to ensure that Earth will remain recognizable for generations to come. Photons from the sun represent an excellent starting point due to the endless, free supply available in most places of the world. An obstacle that inhibits the transition to greater solar energy use is the need for more reliable, efficient, and inexpensive photon harvesting systems to be discovered...

13. Photo-induced halide redistribution in organic-inorganic perovskite films - deQuilettes, Dane; Zhang, Wei; Burlakov, Victor; Graham, Daniel; Leijtens, Tomas; Osherov, Anna; Bulović, Vladimir; Snaith, Henry; Ginger, David; Stranks, Samuel
Organic-inorganic perovskites such as CH3NH3PbI3 are promising materials for a variety of optoelectronic applications, with certified power conversion efficiencies in solar cells already exceeding 21%. Nevertheless, state-of-the-art films still contain performance-limiting non-radiative recombination sites and exhibit a range of complex dynamic phenomena under illumination that remain poorly understood. Here, we use a unique combination of confocal photoluminescence (PL) microscopy and chemical imaging to correlate the local changes in photophysics with composition in CH3NH3PbI3 films under illumination. We demonstrate that the photo-induced “brightening” of the perovskite PL can be attributed to an order-of-magnitude reduction in trap state density. By imaging the...

14. Desenvolvimento de metodologias e análise rápida em alimentos por espectroscopia de infravermelho (NIR, FTIR, RAMAN) - Anjos, O.
The spectroscopy is a technique that provides information about the molecular structure of a substance. This technique is presently widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, medical, textile applications, among others due to the use of samples without manipulation. Spectroscopy studies interaction between electromagnetic radiation with matter, by determining the energy levels of atoms and molecules. The total energy of a molecule is the sum of the electronic, vibrational and rotational energy. The infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy are two techniques used for faster identification, they are easy to use, requiring a little amount of samples as well as providing information about the sample composition. Two case studies related to application of...

15. Desarrollo de materiales compuestos de matrices biopoliméricas para aplicaciones en la industria electrónica - Pita Consuelo, María Almudena
Traballo fin de grao (UDC.EUP). Grao en Enxeñaría electrónica industrial e automática. Curso 2014/2015

16. Análise comparativa de técnicas de control sobre planta de laboratorio de control de nivel - Romero Montero, Alejandro
Traballo fin de grao (UDC.EUP). Grao en Enxeñaría electrónica industrial e automática. Curso 2014/2015

17. Materiales didácticos interactivos en Ingeniería de Fabricación - Hernández-Castellano, Pedro M.; Marreo-Alemán, María Dolores; Ortega García, Fernando; Paz Hernández, Rubén; Socorro-Perdomo, Pedro P.; Suárez-García, Luis A.; Benítez Vega, Antonio Nizardo; Bordón Pérez, Pablo Rubén; Taboada, Sandra; Taboada-Margalejo, Eduardo A.; Antón, Illari; Rodríguez, Juan; Hernández, Claudio

[EN]This work is part of a methodological renovation project from Ingeniería de Fabricación Innovative Education Group, from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has developed learning materials for courses in Manufacturing Engineering that can be used in several degrees. The first learning material, it was decided to take a plastic injection mould as a teaching resource. Abundant information generated has been used to develop an interactive electronic publication. This learning material has been chosen by the Publishing and Scientific Diffusion Service from this University, as a new line of work in publications of educational innovation. The group is...

18. Efficient and accurate approach to modeling the microstructure and defect properties of LaCoO3 - Buckeridge, J; Taylor, FH; Catlow, CRA
Complex perovskite oxides are promising materials for cathode layers in solid oxide fuel cells. Such materials have intricate electronic, magnetic, and crystalline structures that prove challenging to model accurately. We analyze a wide range of standard density functional theory approaches to modeling a highly promising system, the perovskite LaCoO3, focusing on optimizing the Hubbard U parameter to treat the self-interaction of the B-site cation's d states, in order to determine the most appropriate method to study defect formation and the effect of spin on local structure. By calculating structural and electronic properties for different magnetic states we determine that U=4...

19. Comparative assessment of onabotulinumtoxinA and mirabegron for overactive bladder: an indirect treatment comparison - Freemantle, N; Ginsberg, DA; McCool, R; Fleetwood, K; Arber, M; Khalaf, K; Loveman, C; Ni, Q; Glanville, J
CONTEXT: OnabotulinumtoxinA and mirabegron have recently gained marketing authorisation to treat symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB). OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the relative efficacy of mirabegron and onabotulinumtoxinA in patients with idiopathic OAB. DESIGN: Network meta-analysis. DATA SOURCES: A search of 9 electronic databases, review documents, guidelines and websites. METHODS: Randomised trials comparing any licensed dose of onabotulinumtoxinA or mirabegron with each other, anticholinergic drugs or placebo were eligible (19 randomised trials were identified). 1 reviewer extracted data from the studies and a second reviewer checked the data. Candidate trials were assessed for similarity and networks were developed for each outcome. Bayesian...

20. El acceso a la información pública: análisis de la experiencia europea y española y bases para su regulación en la República del Ecuador - Clery Aguirre, Arturo Guillermo
El acceso a la información pública es reconocido en la actualidad como un derecho y como un canal del siglo XXI para la participación, la democracia y la transparencia real, que colabora en la participación efectiva y eficaz de los ciudadanos. La existencia de las llamadas políticas de datos abiertos, facilitadas por la extensión de la conectividad, el acceso a la red, la “publicidad activa” de los gobiernos y la administración electrónica, son las herramientas y actuaciones que han facilitado y están potenciando estos principios de acceso a la información y transparencia por parte de los ciudadanos. Pese a ello, se...

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