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(2203.03) Válvulas electrónicas (2203.04) Microscopía electrónica
(2203.05) Estados electrónicos (2203.06) Transporte de electrones
(2203.07) Circuitos integrados (2203.08) Fotoelectricidad
(2203.09) Piezoelectricidad (2203.99) Otras (especificar)

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1. Working Party on the Information Economy MEASURING ELECTRONIC COMMERCE:
Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d’origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original formatDSTI/ICCP/IE(98)3/FINAL FOREWORD This report addresses issues of measurement related to international electronic transactions and was submitted to the Working Party on the Information Economy. Published under the aegis of the

2. BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS ELECTRONIC COMMERCE IN PUBLISHING, RETAIL DISTRIBUTION - Organisation Coopération; Information Economy; English Or. English
Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d’origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original formatDSTI/ICCP/IE(99)9/FINAL FOREWORD This report has been prepared in the context of the OECD work programme on electronic commerce. It is a contribution to the development of the OECD Electronic commerce Business Impacts Project (EBIP). The OECD Working Party on the Information Economy (WPIE) reviewed an earlier draft of this report and as recommended by this Working Party, the Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) Committee agreed to the declassification of this paper through a written procedure. This final version incorporates comments by Member...

3. Working Party on the Information Economy ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: PRICES AND CONSUMER ISSUES FOR THREE - Main Points
Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d'origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original format Cancels & replaces the same document: sent on OLIS 19-Jan-1997 This document is a follow-up to the work on the intermediation and electronic commerce conducted by a consultant, Mr. Joseph P. Bailey, in 1997. The Working Party is invited to discuss the report. DSTI/ICCP/IE(98)4

4. Publication Number
What’s changed in the Design Manual for July 2011? For a summary of the 2011 Substantial Changes, Minor Changes, and Incorporated Errata, see page 3. How do you stay connected to current design policy? It’s the designer’s responsibility to apply current design policy when developing transportation projects at WSDOT. The best way to know what’s current is to reference the manual online. Download the current electronic WSDOT Design Manual, the latest revision package, or separate chapters at: �

5. Remove - Wsdot Environmental; Procedures Manual; M M
Environmental and Engineering Programs through Engineering Publications Remarks: The Environmental Procedures Manual has been completely updated. Please be advised that this revision is electronic only. To access this manual electronically, go to: Instructions: Page numbers and corresponding sheet counts are given in the table below to indicate portions of the Environmental Procedures Manual that have revisions.

6. School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne Steering Committee - Prof R J Clarke; Prof Z Ghassemlooy; Prof A C Boucouvalas; O R Hinton; Mr S Grey; Prof H Aghvami; Prof M Al-akaidi; Prof P Ball; Prof J L Bihan; Prof R A Carrasco; Prof P G Farrell; Prof M D Logothetis; Prof M Zervas

7. Internal Revenue Service Publication 1346 Electronic Return File Specifications and Record Layouts for Individual Income Tax Returns Tax Year 2011 PART 1 – File Specification PART 2 – Record Layouts - Part Electronic; Transmitted Documents

8. From potential to reality: the development and use of an e-portfolio in social work education - Mathews, Ian; Beeken, Andrew; Simpson, Diane; Saunders, Heather; Hunt, Rachael
Students studying for a degree in social work are required to undertake one hundred and seventy days of direct practice with service users in social care settings (TCSW, 2011). Traditionally students on practice placements have produced a hard copy portfolio which compiles evidence to meet a range of educational and professional requirements, as well as demonstrating key attributes such as critical thinking and reflection. Following a scoping exercise which demonstrated that there were significant advantages to using an electronic portfolio, the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln developed, piloted and introduced an eportfolio on both its’ undergraduate and Master’s social work degree programmes. This...

9. Caracterización de comunidades microbianas en tumbas etruscas y romanas - Díaz Herráiz, Marta
El biodeterioro es un problema frecuente en monumentos y en sitios arqueológicos, buen ejemplo de ello es el encontrado en las tumbas estudiadas en esta Tesis Doctoral: Tomba della Scimmia, Tomba del Colle, Tomba della Pellegrina y Mausoleo Circular. El estado actual de estas tumbas es el resultado de la acumulación de múltiples cambios microambientales e impactos sufridos desde el momento de su descubrimiento. Como sucede con otras necrópolis romanas y etruscas, estas tumbas están incluidas en la red de turismo que mueve miles de visitantes por año. En general, las áreas turísticas que reciben visitas se modifican intensamente para...

10. A mesocosm approach to study the response of Sphagnum peatlands to hydrological changes: setup, optimisation and performance - M. Mulot; A. Villard; D. Varidel; E.A.D. Mitchell
Sphagnum-dominated peatlands are major carbon pools and sinks, but these functions are threatened by climate change. There is, therefore, a need to better understand how microclimatic changes (soil temperature, soil moisture and water table depth) are affecting their functioning. Experimental studies on Sphagnum peatlands conducted under precisely controlled (e.g. mesocosm) conditions are relatively rare, especially those aiming to understand the system as a whole. Furthermore, mesocosm designs are generally described only briefly in the literature. In this article we provide a comprehensive account of a mesocosm experiment designed to study the response of Sphagnum peatlands to water table manipulation. We...

11. An Annotated Checklist of the Human and Animal Entamoeba (Amoebida: Endamoebidae) Species- A Review Article. - Hossein Hooshyar; Parvin Rostamkhani; Mostafa Rezaeian
The number of valid of pathogen and non-pathogen species of Entamoeba has continuously increased in human and animals. This review is performed to provide an update list and some summarized information on Entamoeba species, which were identified up to the 2014.We evaluated the Entamoeba genus with a broad systematic review of the literature, books and electronic databases until February 2014. The synonyms, hosts, pathogenicity and geographical distribution of valid species were considered and recorded. Repeated and unrelated cases were excluded.Totally 51 defined species of Entamoeba were found and arranged by the number of nuclei in mature cyst according to Levin's...

12. State Probability Analysis of Internet Traffic Sharing in Computer Network - Diwakar Shukla; Sanjay Thakur; Arvind Kumar Deshmukh
The Internet is a popular electronic tool to access information around the world. It is controlled by large group of network operators and local Internet service providers. The user is a last node of this network. Billions of people around the world are in the club of internet users at present. The growing demand beyond capability is causing congestion and blocking in networks. There is a kind of inherent competition among operators in market to catch-up more and more users. This paper presents Markov chain model based study of state probability in Internet traffic sharing assuming there are only two...

13. Introduction of a New Suture Method in Repair of Peripheral Nerves Injured with a Sharp Mechanism - Alireza Saied; Majid Asadi Shekar; Amirreza Sadeghifar; Ali Karbalaeikhani
Background: The standard method for repair of an injured peripheal nerve is epineural repair with separate sutures. Herein we describe a method in which the nerve is sutured with continous sutures. In fact this method has not been utilized for nerve repair previously and our purpose was to compare it to the standard method. If it proved to be successful it would replace the standard method in certain circumstances. Methods: The proposal of the clinical trial was given a reference number form the ethics comitee. 25 dogs in which the scaitic nerve was cut by a sharp blade under genaeral...

14. Virtual Market Using Logistics Optimization - Reddy Veera Babu; M.Venkata Rao
In this paper we have proposed an idea called virtual marketplace that effectively utilizes the widespread and vast cellular phone infrastructure and the recent advances in sensor technology, leading to tremendous cost and time saving. This idea takes virtual markets to a new level of evolution, with unparalleled customer convenience, speed, quality assurance and reliability. Almost every item such as books, electronic goods, milk, vegetables, televisions and food items can be traded using this virtual market. Some of the key features are: (i) Wireless communication-enabled real-time inventory and (ii) logistics optimization (iii) quality control (iv) delivery people-human employees to pick up and deliver...

15. Corrosión de dispositivos electrónicos por contaminantes atmosféricos en interiores de plantas industriales de ambientes áridos y marinos - López Badilla, Gustavo; Tiznado Vázquez, Hugo; Soto Herrera, Gerardo; Cruz Hernández, Wencel de la; Valdez Salas, Benjamín; Schorr Wiener, Miguel; Zlatev, Roumen
The electronics industry has grown over the last fifty years, particularly in developed countries, contributing to its economic progress. Particularly in the State of Baja California in northwest Mexico, these companies have successful in the industrial parks of Mexicali city considered as a arid zone and in Ensenada, a city and port located in the Pacific Ocean region with marine environment. In both cities during the winter and summer the main climatic factors in indoor environments of industrial plants are the humidity and temperature, which added with air pollutants as H2S and SO X in Mexicali and chloride in Ensenada,...

16. Sistema de control de acceso e interbloqueo para el Centro de Inmunología Molecular - Pedreira Marcel, Marcel; Moreno, Valery
This paper shows the design and development of an access control and interlocking system for the Molecular Immunology Center because the commercial systems installed in this center do not meet all needs. The proposed system consists of two electronic boards: the door controller and the interlock controller, both were developed based on Microchip's PIC microcontroller programmed using CCS PCW compiler. These cards are able to communicate with devices like barcode reading, proximity, biometric or any other that transmit by Wiegand protocol. They must also be configured to operate in a desired manner and therefore a software application was developed using...

17. Medidas de conciliación y resultados empresariales [Recurso electrónico] / Enrique Lluch Frechina. - Lluch Frechina, Enrique.
En Abril Stoffels, R. (coord.). "Conciliación hoy". Madrid : CEU Ediciones, 2012. Pp. 405-428. ISBN 978-84-15382-37-9.

18. El Comité Económico y Social Europeo y la conciliación entre la vida personal, familiar y laboral [Recurso electrónico] / Ruth Abril Stoffels. - Abril Stoffels, Ruth María.
En Abril Stoffels, R. (coord.). "Conciliación hoy". Madrid : CEU Ediciones, 2012. Pp. 37-74. ISBN 978-84-15382-37-9.

19. La jurisprudencia del Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea y la conciliación profesional, familiar y personal [Recurso electrónico] / Susana Sanz Caballero. - Sanz Caballero, Susana.
En Abril Stoffels, R. (coord.). "Conciliación hoy". Madrid : CEU Ediciones, 2012. Pp. 83-116. ISBN 978-84-15382-37-9.

20. Algunas notas sobre la Jurisdicción Internacional en el siglo XXI [Recurso electrónico] / Susana Sanz Caballero [y] Ruth Abril Stoffels. - Sanz Caballero, Susana.; Abril Stoffels, Ruth María.
En Sanz Caballero, S. y Abril Stoffels, R. (coords.). Retos de la Jurisdicción Internacional. Cizur Menor (Navarra) : Aranzadi, 2012. Pp. 11-22. ISBN 978-84-470-3977-7.

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