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1. P a g e | iMapReduce based RDF Assisted Distributed SVM for High Throughput Spam Filtering - High Throughput Spam; Godwin Caruana
Electronic mail has become cast and embedded in our everyday lives. Billions of legitimate emails are sent on a daily basis. The widely established underlying infrastructure, its widespread availability as well as its ease of use have all acted as catalysts to such pervasive proliferation. Unfortunately, the same can be alleged about unsolicited bulk email, or rather spam. Various methods, as well as enabling architectures are available to try to mitigate spam permeation. In this respect, this dissertation compliments existing survey work in this area by contributing an extensive literature review of traditional and emerging spam filtering approaches. Techniques, approaches...

2. by - Alexander V. C. Plant
The financial and environmental costs associated with the manufacture and consumption of products may be reduced through design for efficient production, service life extension and post-consumer value recovery. In response to today’s need to design with consideration for the whole product life cycle, British Standards Institution (BSI) published BS 8887-1 (2006) Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly and End-of-life processing (MADE). Original research into the distribution and use of this first part of the MADE series is reported in this thesis. The organizations that accessed BS 8887-1 were categorised using their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code. The results are presented graphically...

3. A Novel Genetic Algorithm for Evolvable Hardware - Emanuele Stomeo; Member Ieee; Tatiana Kalganova; Cyrille Lambert
Abstract—Evolutionary algorithms are used for solving search and optimization problems. A new field in which they are also applied is evolvable hardware, which refers to a self-configurable electronic system. However, evolvable hardware is not widely recognized as a tool for solving real-world applications, because of the scalability problem, which limits the size of the system that may be evolved. In this paper a new genetic algorithm, particularly designed for evolving logic circuits, is presented and tested for its scalability. The proposed algorithm designs and optimizes logic circuits based on a Programmable Logic Array (PLA) structure. Furthermore it allows the evolution...

4. $rec.titulo - Stephann Makri; Ann Blandford; Anna L. Cox
Copyright & reuse City University London has developed City Research Online so that its users may access the research outputs of City University London's staff. Copyright © and Moral Rights for this paper are retained by the individual author(s) and / or other copyright holders. All material in City Research Online is checked for eligibility for copyright before being made available in the live archive. URLs from City Research Online may be freely distributed and linked to from other web pages. Versions of research The version in City Research Online may differ from the final published version. Users are advised...

5. Wearable Performance - Johannes Birringer; Michèle Danjoux
Wearable computing devices worn on the body provide the potential for digital interaction in the world. A new stage of computing technology at the beginning of the 21st Century links the personal and the pervasive through mobile wearables. The convergence between the miniaturisation of microchips (nanotechnology), intelligent textile or interfacial materials production, advances in biotechnology and the growth of wireless, ubiquitous computing emphasizes not only mobility but integration into clothing or the human body. In artistic contexts one expects such integrated wearable devices to have the two-way function of interface instruments (e.g. sensor data acquisition and exchange) worn for particular...

6. Secrets of Sex and Innocence in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure: A Profile of Purity Using Three Common Philosophies - Rance D. Denton
Well before the innovations of electronic mail and text messaging, people communicated over long distances using the power of paper and ink. To fulfill the natural urge for human interconnection, letter-writing empowered people with a personal mode of expression that gradually grew into an art-form. The epistolary mode gave people an outlet by which to express their views on the “religious…and social customs that formed the framework for individual lives. ” 1 Novels written in the epistolary format mimic private correspondence, allowing the reader to be audience to stories that do not often adhere to proper social expectations. Epistolary novels...

7. Printed at: - In Lee; Cover Design; Kristin Klinger; Jamie Snavely; Jeff Ash; Carole Coulson; Chris Hrobak; Lisa Tosheff
any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without written permission from the publisher. Product or company names used in this set are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate a claim of ownership by IGI Global of the trademark or registered trademark. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Handbook of research on telecommunications planning and management for business / In Lee, editor. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. Summary: "This book provides original, in-depth, and innovative articles on telecommunications policy, management, and business applications"--Provided by publisher. ISBN 978-1-60566-194-0 (hbk.)-- ISBN 978-1-60566-195-7...

8. Funding: None Conflict of Interest: - Lynne Dawkins; John Turner; Eadaoin Crowe
Nicotine derived from the electronic cigarette improves time-based prospective memory in abstinent smokers

9. Electronic Properties of SnO2-Based Ceramics with Double Function of Varistor and Humidity Sensor - A. B. Glot; A. V. Gaponov; B. J. Jones; G. Jimenez-santana
Copyright AD-TECH; licensee Pty Ltd. This is an AZo Open Access Rewards System (AZo-OARS) article distributed under the terms of the AZo–OARS

10. The Flow Country The peatlands of - R A Lindsay; D J Charman; F Everingham; R M O'reilly; M A Palmer; T A Rowell; D A Stroud; Edited D A Ratcliffe; P H Oswald
Please note: the content of this PDF file is taken from archive holdings, and has been rendered to produce the best possible output. However, you may experience fluctuations in quality due to these files not being created from electronic originals.

11. Word Length: 7409
This is an electronic version of an article published in [Australian Psychologist

12. Recommended Citation Beidaghi, Majid, "Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of On-chip Micro-supercapacitors " (2012). FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 660. - Majid Beidaghi; Majid Beidaghi; To Dean Amir Mirmiran; W. Kinzy Jones; Dean Amir Mirmiran

13. Electronic and Computer Engineering Personal Mobile Grids with a Honeybee Inspired Resource Scheduler - Heba Abdullataif Kurdi
The overall aim of the thesis has been to introduce Personal Mobile Grids (PM-Grids) as a novel paradigm in grid computing that scales grid infrastructures to mobile devices and extends grid entities to individual personal users. In this thesis, architectural designs as well as simulation models for PM-Grids are developed. The core of any grid system is its resource scheduler. However, virtually all current conventional grid schedulers do not address the non-clairvoyant scheduling problem, where job information is not available before the end of execution. Therefore, this thesis proposes a honeybee inspired resource scheduling heuristic for PM-Grids (HoPe) incorporating a...

14. Usability Issues with Security of Electronic Mail - Alexander John; Anthony George

15. Edited by - Petra Leimich; Bernadette Marie; Byrne Higher; Education Academy
No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the Editor. Such permission will normally be granted for educational purposes provided that due acknowledgement is given. ISBN 978-1-907207-57-0 To request copies of this report in large print or in a different format, please contact the communications office at the Higher Education Academy: 01904 717500 or This is the tenth in the series of highly successful international workshops on the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of...

16. Factors Affecting E-government Adoption in the State of Qatar - Shafi Al-shafi; Vishanth Weerakkody
Electronic government (e-government) initiatives are in their early stages in many developing countries and faced with various issues pertaining to their implementation, adoption and diffusion. Although e-government has increased transparency and improved communication and access to information for citizens, digital diffusion of information is often achieved at high cost to government agencies. Conversely, citizens ’ adoption of e-government services has been less than satisfactory in most countries. While studies by researchers continue to outline the most salient adoption constructs, as well as various frameworks and models for understanding adoption, research by independent consultancy/research organisations has produced a host of statistics...

17. School of Engineering and Design Electronic & Computer Engineering Intelligent Genetic Algorithms for Next-Generation Broadband Multi-Carrier CDMA Wireless Networks - Yang Zhang; Co-supervisor Profyonghua Song
airport. She left us on June 14, 2006. This thesis is dedicated to the memory of my grandma. 11 Table of Contents Abstract....................................................................................... 1

18. Croll: Strengthening Legal Compliance For Privacy - Vicky Liu; William Caelli; Lauren May
It is well recognised that adoption of information communication and technology (ICT) in healthcare can transform healthcare services. Numerous countries are seeking to establish national e-health development and implementation. To collect, store and process individual health information in an electronic system, healthcare providers need to comply with the appropriate security and privacy legislation. Deploying ICT systems in healthcare operations can provide advantages in healthcare delivery; however, risks to privacy in such e-health systems must be addressed. Adopting appropriate security technologies can simplify some of the complexity associated with privacy concerns. Evaluation criteria can be useful in providing a benchmark for...

19. Can e-Government Systems Bridge the Digital Divide? - Elias Pimenidis; Lazaros S. Iliadis; Christos K. Georgiadis
Abstract: Electronic Government systems are often seen as panacea in the remedy of all failings of governance. With a history span of almost two decades, e-government implementations have often reached dead ends and have regularly failed to deliver the promise that the governments that have initiated them have made to their citizens. Despite an abundance of development models and best case scenarios identified in literature, e-government services are continually failing to attract the citizens and to capture their trust and faith. The main reason quoted for such failures is the lack of innovation and inclusivity in the way a service...

20. Usability of Web Browsers for Multi-touch Platforms - Hasan Zaryab Khan
Multi-touch interface is an improvement within the existing touch screen technology, which allows the user to operate the electronic visual display with finger gestures. This Multi-touch interface is designed by using multi-touch technologies,

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