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(2203.01) Circuitos (2203.02) Elementos de circuitos
(2203.03) Válvulas electrónicas (2203.04) Microscopía electrónica
(2203.05) Estados electrónicos (2203.06) Transporte de electrones
(2203.07) Circuitos integrados (2203.08) Fotoelectricidad
(2203.09) Piezoelectricidad (2203.99) Otras (especificar)

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1. Amplitude modulated step scan Fourier transform photocurrent spectroscopy of partly compensated B-doped CVD diamond thin films - Remes, Z; Nesladek, M; Bergonzo, P; Barjon, J; Jomard, F
We report on the development of amplitude modulated step-scan Fourier-transform photocurrent spectroscopy (AMFTPS) as a sensitive tool for detecting shallow and deep electronic states in high resistive semiconductors. We present fundamental aspects of dual beam photoconductivity (DBP) and AMFTPS and apply these methods to detect the defect-induced localized electronic levels in the energy gap of boron doped epitaxial CVD diamond thin films grown on single crystalline type Ib (111) oriented diamond substrates. The mechanism of acceptor passivation upon oxygen addition during CVD growth in B-doped films is discussed. © 2007 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.

2. Results from the LUX dark matter experiment - Horn, M; Akerib, DS; Araújo, HM; Bai, X; Bailey, AJ; Balajthy, J; Bernard, E; Bernstein, A; Bradley, A; Byram, D; Cahn, SB; Carmona-Benitez, MC; Chan, C; Chapman, JJ; Chiller, AA; Chiller, C; Currie, A; De Viveiros, L; Dobi, A; Dobson, J; Druszkiewicz, E; Edwards, B; Faham, CH; Fiorucci, S; Flores, C; Gaitskell, RJ; Gehman, VM; Ghag, C; Gibson, KR; Gilchriese, MGD; Hall, C; Hanhardt, M; Haselschwardt, S; Hertel, SA; Huang, DQ; Ihm, M; Jacobsen, RG; Kazkaz, K; Knoche, R; Larsen, NA; Lee, C; Lenardo, B; Lesko, KT; Lindote, A; Lopes, MI; Malling, DC; Mannino, R; McKinsey, DN; Mei, DM; Mock, J; Moongweluwan, M; Morad, J; Murphy, ASJ; Nehrkorn, C; Nelson, H; Neves, F; Ott, RA; Pangilinan, M; Parker, PD; Pease, EK; Pech, K; Phelps, P; Reichhart, L; Shutt, T; Silva, C; Solovov, VN; Sorensen, P; O'Sullivan, K; Sumner, TJ; Szydagis, M; Taylor, D; Tennyson, B; Tiedt, DR; Tripathi, M; Uvarov, S; Verbus, JR; Walsh, N; Webb, R; White, JT; Witherell, MS; Wolfs, FLH; Woods, M; Zhang, C
© 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. The LUX (Large Underground Xenon) experiment aims at the direct detection of dark matter particles via their collisions with xenon nuclei. The 370 kg two-phase liquid xenon time projection chamber measures simultaneously the scintillation and ionization from interactions in the target. The ratio of these two signals provides very good discrimination between potential nuclear recoil and electronic recoil signals to search for WIMP-nucleon scattering. The LUX detector operates at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (Lead, South Dakota, USA) since February 2013. First results were presented in late 2013 setting the world's most stringent...

3. A person based formula for allocating commissioning funds to general practices in England: development of a statistical model. - Dixon, J; Smith, P; Gravelle, H; Martin, S; Bardsley, M; Rice, N; Georghiou, T; Dusheiko, M; Billings, J; Lorenzo, MD; Sanderson, C
OBJECTIVES: To develop a formula for allocating resources for commissioning hospital care to all general practices in England based on the health needs of the people registered in each practice DESIGN: Multivariate prospective statistical models were developed in which routinely collected electronic information from 2005-6 and 2006-7 on individuals and the areas in which they lived was used to predict their costs of hospital care in the next year, 2007-8. Data on individuals included all diagnoses recorded at any inpatient admission. Models were developed on a random sample of 5 million people and validated on a second random sample of...

4. Tests of pattern separation and pattern completion in humans-A systematic review. - Liu, KY; Gould, RL; Coulson, MC; Ward, EV; Howard, RJ
To systematically review the characteristics, validity and outcome measures of tasks that have been described in the literature as assessing pattern separation and pattern completion in humans. Electronic databases were searched for articles. Parameters for task validity were obtained from two reviews that described optimal task design factors to evaluate pattern separation and pattern completion processes. These were that pattern separation should be tested during an encoding task using abstract, never-before-seen visual stimuli, and pattern completion during a retrieval task using partial cues; parametric alteration of the degree of interference of stimuli or degradation of cues should be used to...

5. Self-harm, Unintentional Injury, and Suicide in Bipolar Disorder During Maintenance Mood Stabilizer Treatment: A UK Population-Based Electronic Health Records Study. - Hayes, JF; Pitman, A; Marston, L; Walters, K; Geddes, JR; King, M; Osborn, DP
Importance: Self-harm is a prominent cause of morbidity in patients with bipolar disorder and is strongly associated with suicide. There is evolving evidence that lithium use may reduce suicidal behavior, in addition to concerns that the use of anticonvulsants may increase self-harm. Information is limited about the effects of antipsychotics when used as mood stabilizer treatment. Rates of unintentional injury are poorly defined in bipolar disorder, and understanding drug associations with this outcome may shed light on mechanisms for lithium's potential antisuicidal properties through reduction in impulsive aggression. Objective: To compare rates of self-harm, unintentional injury, and suicide in patients...

6. A systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between eating disorders and bone density. - Robinson, L; Aldridge, V; Clark, EM; Misra, M; Micali, N
This meta-analysis investigates the effect of an eating disorder on bone mineral density in two eating disorder subtypes. Following conflicting findings in previous literature, this study finds that not only anorexia nervosa, but also bulimia nervosa has a detrimental effect on BMD. Key predictors of this relationship are discussed. This systematic review and meta-analysis investigates bone mineral density (BMD) in individuals with anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) in comparison to healthy controls (HCs). AN has been associated with low BMD and a risk of fractures and mixed results have been obtained for the relationship between BN and BMD....

7. Graphene-Nanodiamond Heterostructures and their application to High Current Devices - Zhao, F; Vrajitoarea, A; Jiang, Q; Han, X; Chaudhary, A; Welch, JO; Jackman, RB
Graphene on hydrogen terminated monolayer nanodiamond heterostructures provides a new way to improve carrier transport characteristics of the graphene, offering up to 60% improvement when compared with similar graphene on SiO2/Si substrates. These heterostructures offers excellent current-carrying abilities whilst offering the prospect of a fast, low cost and easy methodology for device applications. The use of ND monolayers is also a compatible technology for the support of large area graphene films. The nature of the C-H bonds between graphene and H-terminated NDs strongly influences the electronic character of the heterostructure, creating effective charge redistribution within the system. Field effect transistors...

8. Structural and electronic properties of single molecules and organic layers on surfaces - Sotthewes, Kai

9. PERAN TAYANGAN SINETRON RELIGI DALAM MEMBENTUK PERILAKU KEAGAMAAN REMAJA (Studi Kasus Tayangan Sinetron Kiamat Sudah Dekat Terhadap Perilaku Keagamaan Siswa SMK N 5 Yogyakarta) - Laelatul Badriah
Social media is influenced by the times and advances in technology can get in on all aspects of human life both among children, adolescents, and adults. In this case social media which have electronic things likes television can be said becoming a secondary needs for human life both in the needs of the purpose itself and the benefits to be gotten from a television program. Adolescence is a period that is unbelievably vulnerable to psychological condition that is still very unstable, which at this stage it would require a recognition of the identity of the surrounding environment. Therefore many young people today who try...

10. ARMD Strategic Thrust 6: Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation - Ballin, Mark; Sharma, Shivanjli; Holbrook, Jon
In collaboration with the external community and other government agencies, NASA will develop enabling technologies, standards, and design guidelines to support cost-effective applications of automation and limited autonomy for individual components of aviation systems. NASA will also provide foundational knowledge and methods to support the next epoch. Research will address issues of verification and validation, operational evaluation, national policy, and societal cost-benefit. Two research and development approaches to aviation autonomy will advance in parallel. The Increasing Autonomy (IA) approach will seek to advance knowledge and technology through incremental increases in machine-based support of existing human-centered tasks, leading to long-term reallocation...

11. Life-Cycle Planning in Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Study of Refurbished Laptops - Nowak, Thomas; Lechner, Gernot
Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Therefore, the reduction of discarded electronic equipment is of immense importance in order to reduce virgin material consumption and hence the environmental impact associated with the production and consumption of consumer electronics. Using the market for new and refurbished laptops as a reference industry, a typical life-cycle of a laptop including refurbishment and resale of the returned product is modeled and analyzed in order to explore the related profitability. Therefore, we first investigate actual market prices of new and refurbished laptops using data gathered from Subsequently, we introduce a newsvendor model where we use the...

12. When and for whom would e-waste be a treasure trove? Insights from a network equilibrium model of e-waste flows - Wakolbinger, Tina; Toyasaki, Fuminori; Nowak, Thomas; Nagurney, Anna
Electrical and electronic equipment waste (e-waste) is growing fast. Due to its potential economic value as well as its possible negative impacts on the environment, tracing e-waste flow is a major concern for stakeholders of e-waste management. Especially, whether or not adequate amounts of electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE) flow into the designed recycling systems is a fundamental issue for sustainable operations. In this paper, we analyze how technical, market, and legislative factors influence the total amount of e-waste that is collected, recycled, exported and (legally and illegally) disposed off. We formulate the e-waste network flow model as a...

13. Electrochemically modified, robust solid oxide fuel cell anode for direct-hydrocarbon utilization - Choi, Yoonseok; Brown, Evan C.; Haile, Sossina M.; Jung, WooChul
A main advantage of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) operating at a high temperature (>650 °C) is the flexibility of the fuel they use, specifically as they offer the possibility to utilize methane (natural gas). Unfortunately, however, the state-of-the-art SOFC anodes, composed of a nickel and an anionically conducting oxide such as yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), are associated with Ni-catalyzed carbon deposition and the ensuing degradation of the anode performance. Here, we address these issues through the application of a simple, scalable, cost-effective ceramic coating method known as cathodic electrochemical deposition (CELD). Samaria-doped CeO_2 (SDC) was chosen as the coating material...

14. [n]-Polyenovanillins (n = 1−6) as New Push−Pull Polyenes for Nonlinear Optics:  Synthesis, Structural Studies, and Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Their Spectroscopic Properties, Electronic Structures, and Quadratic Hyperpolarizabilities - Brotin, Thierry; Andraud, Chantal; Ledoux, Isabelle; Brasselet, Sophie; Zyss, Joseph; Perrin, Monique; Thozet, Alain; Collet, André
International audience

15. Impact of biofilm resuspension on mesozooplankton in a shallow coastal ecosystem characterized by a bare intertidal mudflat - David, Valérie,; Hartmann, Hans J.; Barnett, Alexandre,; Bréret, Martine; Montanié, Hélène; Orvain, Francis; Dupuy, Christine
electronic publication at this time

16. Context dependency of trait repeatability and its relevance for management and conservation of fish populations - Killen, S. S.; Adriaenssens, B.; Marras, S.; Claireaux, Guy; Cooke, S. J.
Repeatability of behavioural and physiological traits is increasingly a focus for animal researchers, for which fish have become important models. Almost all of this work has been done in the context of evolutionary ecology, with few explicit attempts to apply repeatability and context dependency of trait variation toward understanding conservation-related issues. Here, we review work examining the degree to which repeatability of traits (such as boldness, swimming performance, metabolic rate and stress responsiveness) is context dependent. We review methods for quantifying repeatability (distinguishing between within-context and across-context repeatability) and confounding factors that may be especially problematic when attempting to measure...

17. Sistema de monitoreo de señales industriales de máquinas rotativas basado en señales de emisión acústica. - Mejía Henao, Juan Diego
El presente trabajo pretende desarrollar un sistema de monitoreo de condición de máquinas rotativas basado en señales acústicas, con el fin de medir caudal en tuberías por técnica de ultrasonido e identificar fallas de los distintos componentes del dispositivo rotatorio. La implementación de un sistema electrónico de medición de caudal, un sistema electrónico de adquisición de sonido y una metodología de procesamiento de señales, permiten la realización de las tareas propuestas por el sistema de monitoreo. Las distintas pruebas de validación del sistema comprueban que el sistema desarrollado logra medir la velocidad del flujo en tuberías de agua y estimar fallas...

18. Risk factors and outcome of stroke in renal transplant recipients - Findlay, Mark; Thomson, Peter; Macisaac, Rachael; Jardine, Alan; Patel, Rajan; Stevens, Kathryn; Rutherford, Elaine; Clancy, Marc; Geddes, Colin; Dawson, Jesse; Mark, Patrick
Stroke incidence is high in end-stage renal disease and risk factors differ between the dialysis and general populations. However, risk factors and outcomes following renal transplantation remain unclear. We analysed all adult patients with a functioning renal transplant from 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2012. Data were extracted from the electronic patient record. Variables associated with stroke were identified by survival analyses; demographic, clinical, imaging and laboratory variables were assessed and case-fatality determined. Follow-up was until 05/12/2013. 956 patients were identified (median age 40.1 years, 59.9% male). Atrial fibrillation prevalence was 9.2% and 38.2% received a transplant during follow-up. 26 (2.7%) experienced a...

19. The front-end electronics for the 1.8-kchannel SiPM tracking plane in the NEW detector - Rodríguez, Javier; Toledo Alarcón, José Francisco; Esteve Bosch, Raul; Lorca, D.; Monrabal, F.
NEW is the first phase of NEXT-100 experiment, an experiment aimed at searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay. NEXT technology combines an excellent energy resolution with tracking capabilities thanks to a combination of optical sensors, PMTs for the energy measurement and SiPMs for topology reconstruction. Those two tools result in one of the highest background rejection potentials in the field. This work describes the tracking plane that will be constructed for the NEW detector which consists of close to 1800 sensors with a 1-cm pitch arranged in twenty- eight 64-SiPM boards. Then it focuses in the development of the electronics needed...

20. Colorimetric detection of hazardous gases using a remotely operated capturing and processing system - Montes Robles, Roberto; Moragues Pons, María Esperanza; Vivancos Bono, José Luís; Ibáñez Civera, Francisco Javier; Martínez Mañez, Ramón; FRAILE MUÑOZ, RUBEN; García Breijo, Eduardo
This paper presents an electronic system for the automatic detection of hazardous gases. The proposed system implements colorimetric sensing algorithms, thus providing a low-cost solution to the problem of gas sensing. It is remotely operated and it performs the tasks of image capturing and processing, hence obtaining colour measurements in RGB (Red Green Blue) space that are subsequently sent to a remote operator via the internet. A prototype of the system has been built to test its performance. Specifically, experiments have been carried out aimed at the detection of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2 and formaldehyde at diverse concentrations by...

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