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  1. ExoMol Line List XXI: Nitric Oxide (NO)

    Wong, A; Yurchenko, SN; Bernath, P; Müller, HSP; McConkey, S; Tennyson, J
    Line lists for the ground electronic ground state for six major isotopologues of nitric oxide are presented. The line lists are constructed using empirical energy levels (and line positions) and high-level {\it ab inito} intensities. The energy levels were obtained using a combination of two approaches, from an effective Hamiltonian and from solving the rovibronic Schr\"{o}dinger equation variationally. The effective hamiltonian model was obtained through a fit to the experimental line positions of NO available in the literature for all six isotopologues using the programs SPFIT and SPCAT. The variational model was built through a least squares fit of the...

  2. Establishment of Requirements and Methodology for the Development and Implementation of GreyMatters, a Memory Clinic Information System.

    Tapuria, A; Evans, M; Curcin, V; Austin, T; Lea, N; Kalra, D
    INTRODUCTION: The aim of the paper is to establish the requirements and methodology for the development process of GreyMatters, a memory clinic system, outlining the conceptual, practical, technical and ethical challenges, and the experiences of capturing clinical and research oriented data along with the implementation of the system. METHODS: The methodology for development of the information system involved phases of requirements gathering, modeling and prototype creation, and 'bench testing' the prototype with experts. The standard Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recommended approach for the specifications of software requirements was adopted. An electronic health record (EHR) standard, EN13606 was...

  3. HEMIC Project: Design of a Clinical Information Modelling Tool Based on ISO13972 Technical Specification.

    Moreno-Conde, A; Sanchez-Laguna, F; Marin-Bastida, B; Romero-Tabares, A; Martin-Sánchez, E; Kalra, D; Parra-Calderón, CL
    The Andalusian Health Service is the public healthcare provider for 8.302.923 inhabitants in the South Spain. This organization coordinates primary and specialized care with an IT infrastructure composed by multiple Electronic Health Record Systems. According to the large volume of healthcare professionals involved, there is a need for providing a consistent management of information through multiple locations and systems. The HEMIC project aims to address this need developing and validating a methodology based on a software tool for standardizing information contained within EHR systems. The developed tool has been designed for supporting the participation of healthcare professionals the establishment of...

  4. The effect of smoking on bone healing: A systematic review.

    Patel, RA; Wilson, RF; Patel, PA; Palmer, RM
    OBJECTIVES: To review the systemic impact of smoking on bone healing as evidenced within the orthopaedic literature. METHODS: A protocol was established and studies were sourced from five electronic databases. Screening, data abstraction and quality assessment was conducted by two review authors. Prospective and retrospective clinical studies were included. The primary outcome measures were based on clinical and/or radiological indicators of bone healing. This review specifically focused on non-spinal orthopaedic studies. RESULTS: Nine tibia studies and eight other orthopaedic studies were considered for systematic review. Of these 17 studies, 13 concluded that smoking negatively influenced bone healing. CONCLUSIONS: Smoking has...

  5. SSBI Mitigation and the Kramers-Kronig Scheme in Single-Sideband Direct-Detection Transmission With Receiver-Based Electronic Dispersion Compensation

    Li, Z; Erkilinc, MS; Shi, K; Sillekens, E; Galdino, L; Thomsen, BC; Bayvel, P; Killey, RI

  6. Registration of HIV risk factors in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR): what do GPs in Flanders prefer?

    Vos, J; Deblonde, J; Eynde, SVD; Deveugele, M; Avonts, D
    There is an increase of HIV-diagnoses in Belgium among men who have sex with men. GPs take a key position in discussing sexuality with their patients. They have an overall picture of their patients health, including the health risks (e.g. smoking). Yet it is unclear whether GPs are aware of the (extent of) sexual risk behaviour and the sexual orientation of their patients before problems occur. However, at least the awareness of sexual risk behaviour and/or the sexual orientation of patients seems to be necessary for the prevention of HIV. This study explores the views of GPs in Flanders regarding...

  7. Registration of sexual orientation in the electronic medical record in family practice: opinions of general practitioners (GPs) in Flanders

    Vos, J; Deblonde, J; Eynde, SVD; Deveugele, M; Avonts, D
    Background: Discussing sexual health is a sensitive issue in family practice, these data are often unknown and it is unclear if GP?s know the sexual orientation of patients[1]. Although homosexuals are a minority, they are prominently present in the HIV-population in Belgium[2]. Sexual culture among gay men is not only an individual matter, but embedded in a broader gay community. GP?s, as leading medical actor of community care, may support the continuity of (primary) health care by identifying patients at risk and develop targeted interventions. Aim: Exploring the view of GP?s in Flanders regarding a systematic registration of the sexual...

  8. Investigating the potential role of ICT to support older people with multi-morbidity to navigate the care network

    Vos, J; Windle, K; Siriwardena, N; Linehan, C
    Tools are available to help people navigate when they are not quite sure where they should be going (e.g. GPS). In the care system there is (as yet) no available map to guide patients, users or carers to particular health and care services. This poster displays the mixed method research protocol in which we will investigate the potential role of ICT to support older people with multi morbidities to navigate through the care system. Three distinct work streams are set up to explore and analyse the current literature, patients? perspective about their care network and patients? experience about problems in...

  9. Cast adrift in the care system? A systematic scoping review of care navigation for older people with multimorbidity

    Vos, J; Windle, K; Siriwardena, N; Linehan, C
    With an increase in the older population, higher levels of multimorbidity and changes in the care landscape (e.g. specialisation, fragmentation), there is a need for greater insight into how suffering from two or more major chronic conditions affects patient experience of, and navigation through, the health and social care system. This study aims to gain an understanding of what information is available in the literature regarding care system navigation in the setting of older people with multimorbidity. A scoping review through five electronic databases was conducted together with a review of the grey literature on this topic. This resulted in...

  10. A systematic scoping review of care navigation for older people with multimorbidity

    Vos, J; Windle, K; Siriwardena, N; Linehan, C
    Introduction: The health and social care environment is being transformed by the needs of the aging population, higher levels of multimorbidity, and shifts in the care landscape, such as specialisation, ?privatisation? and fragmentation. Health and social care systems were not designed to appropriately support individuals with multimorbidities; primarily evolving to cater for single diseases and acute events. Nevertheless, there is now an urgent need to redesign existing structures and care delivery to address the needs of the population, ensuring individuals can access the right care at the right time and in the right place. If patients or users are unable...

  11. New feature selection frameworks in emotion recognition to evaluate the informative power of speech related features

    Altun, H; Shawe-Taylor, J; Polat, G

  12. Improving surveillance of sexually transmitted infections using mandatory electronic clinical reporting: the genitourinary medicine clinic activity dataset, England, 2009 to 2013

    Savage, EJ; Mohammed, H; Leong, G; Duffell, S; Hughes, G
    A new electronic surveillance system for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) was introduced in England in 2009. The genitourinary medicine clinic activity dataset (GUMCAD) is a mandatory, disaggregated, pseudo-anonymised data return submitted by all STI clinics across England. The dataset includes information on all STI diagnoses made and services provided alongside demographic characteristics for every patient attendance at a clinic. The new system enables the timely analysis and publication of routine STI data, detailed analyses of risk groups and longitudinal analyses of clinic attendees. The system offers flexibility so new codes can be introduced to help monitor outbreaks or unusual STI...

  13. First-principles calculations of thermal, electrical, and thermoelectric transport properties of semiconductors

    Zhou, Jiawei; Liao, Bolin; Chen, Gang
    The transport properties of semiconductors are key to the performance of many solid-state devices (transistors, data storage, thermoelectric cooling and power generation devices, etc). An understanding of the transport details can lead to material designs with better performances. In recent years simulation tools based on first-principles calculations have been greatly improved, being able to obtain the fundamental ground-state properties of materials (such as band structure and phonon dispersion) accurately. Accordingly, methods have been developed to calculate the transport properties based on an ab initio approach. In this review we focus on the thermal, electrical, and thermoelectric transport properties of semiconductors,...

  14. Object Removal in Panoramic Media

    MacQuarrie, A; Steed, A
    Due in large part to new consumer virtual reality systems, panoramic media is an increasingly popular image and video format. While the capture of panoramic media is well understood, editing still poses many challenges. In this paper we explore object removal in 360° images. First, a method is proposed in which field-of-view expansion using retargeting techniques is combined with Graphcut Textures to remove objects near the equator of the viewing sphere. Several extensions and refinements are proposed to improve this technique, including how it can be extended to removing objects anywhere on the viewing sphere. Secondly, inpainting in 360° images is examined,...

  15. CHERI: A Hybrid Capability-System Architecture for Scalable Software Compartmentalization

    Watson, RNM; Woodruff, J; Neumann, PG; Moore, SW; Anderson, J; Chisnall, D; Dave, N; Davis, B; Gudka, K; Laurie, B; Murdoch, SJ; Norton, R; Roe, M; Son, S; Vadera, M
    CHERI extends a conventional RISC Instruction-Set Architecture, compiler, and operating system to support fine-grained, capability-based memory protection to mitigate memory-related vulnerabilities in C-language TCBs. We describe how CHERI capabilities can also underpin a hardware-software object-capability model for application compartmentalization that can mitigate broader classes of attack. Prototyped as an extension to the open-source 64-bit BERI RISC FPGA soft-core processor, Free BSD operating system, and LLVM compiler, we demonstrate multiple orders-of-magnitude improvement in scalability, simplified programmability, and resulting tangible security benefits as compared to compartmentalization based on pure Memory-Management Unit (MMU) designs. We evaluate incrementally deployable CHERI-based compartmentalization using several real-world...

  16. Conservation of vibrational coherence in ultrafast electronic relaxation: The case of diplatinum complexes in solution

    Monni, Roberto; Auböck, Gerald; Kinschel, Dominik; Aziz-Lange, Kathrin M.; Gray, Harry B.; Vlček, Antonín; Chergui, Majed
    We report the results of ultrafast transient absorption studies of tetrakis(μ-pyrophosphito)diplatinate(II), [Pt_2(μ-P_2O_5H_2)_4]^(4−) (Pt(pop)) and its perfluoroborated derivative [Pt_2(μ-P_2O_5(BF_2)_4]^(4−) (Pt(pop-BF_2)) in water and acetonitrile upon excitation of high lying (<300 nm) UV absorption bands. We observe an ultrafast relaxation channel from high lying states to the lowest triplet state that partly (Pt(pop) in H_2O, Pt(pop-BF_2)) or fully (Pt(pop) in MeCN) bypasses the lowest singlet excited state. As a consequence, vibrational wave packets are detected in the lowest triplet state and/or the lowest excited singlet of both complexes, even though the electronic relaxation cascade spans ca. 2 and 1.3 eV, respectively. In...

  17. Keeping Signals Straight: How Cells Process Information and Make Decisions

    Laub, Michael T.; Laub, Michael T
    As we become increasingly dependent on electronic information-processing systems at home and work, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our very survival depends on highly complex biological information-processing systems. Each of the trillions of cells that form the human body has the ability to detect and respond to a wide range of stimuli and inputs, using an extraordinary set of signaling proteins to process this information and make decisions accordingly. Indeed, cells in all organisms rely on these signaling proteins to survive and proliferate in unpredictable and sometimes rapidly changing environments. But how exactly do these proteins...

  18. Spectroscopic probe of the van der Waals interaction between polar molecules and a curved surface

    Bimonte, Giuseppe; Emig, Thorsten; Jaffe, Robert L; Kardar, Mehran
    We study the shift of rotational levels of a diatomic polar molecule due to its van der Waals interaction with a gently curved dielectric surface at temperature T, and submicron separations. The molecule is assumed to be in its electronic and vibrational ground state, and the rotational degrees are described by a rigid rotor model. We show that under these conditions retardation effects and surface dispersion can be neglected. The level shifts are found to be independent of T, and given by the quantum state averaged classical electrostatic interaction of the dipole with its image on the surface. We use...

  19. Piecewise parameterised Markov random fields for semi-local Hurst estimation

    Regli, JB; Nelson, JDB
    Semi-local Hurst estimation is considered by incorporating a Markov random field model to constrain a wavelet-based pointwise Hurst estimator. This results in an estimator which is able to exploit the spatial regularities of a piecewise parametric varying Hurst parameter. The pointwise estimates are jointly inferred along with the parametric form of the underlying Hurst function which characterises how the Hurst parameter varies deterministically over the spatial support of the data. Unlike recent Hurst regularistion methods, the proposed approach is flexible in that arbitrary parametric forms can be considered and is extensible in as much as the associated gradient descent algorithm can accommodate...

  20. Compressive imaging with complex wavelet transform and turbo AMP reconstruction

    Guo, C; Nelson, JDB
    We extend the “turbo” belief propagation framework for compressive imaging to the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) to exploit both sparsity and dependency across scales. Due to the near shift-invariance property and the improved angular resolution of DT-CWT, better reconstruction can be expected when incorporating with the compressed sensing (CS) algorithms. Two types priors to form the hidden Markov tree structure for the DT-CWT coefficients are considered. One models the real and imaginary components of DT-CWT separately while the other assumes the shared hidden states between the two. Simulation with natural images confirm an improved performance when iterating between the CS reconstruction and...

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