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  1. Le droit du travail comme questionnement social, contribution de l " approche par les conventions du travail " à une autre histoire sociale

    Didry, Claude
    texte soumis à l'Economic sociology - European Electronic Newsletter

  2. $rec.titulo

    Gibson, John Paul
    This HDR is a summary of the last 20 years of my research career (since I started my PhD). It provides an overview of all my research activities. It focuses on my contributions to the domain of formal software engineering. With respect to fundamental theory, it reports on my work in the area of feature interactions and feature composition. To demonstrate my ability to apply research to real-world problems, it reports on my research on electronic voting. It then reports on my research into the symbiotic nature of research and teaching, with emphasis on formal methods and problem based learning....

  3. How to Screen for Non-Adherence to Antihypertensive Therapy.

    Gupta, P; Patel, P; Horne, R; Buchanan, H; Williams, B; Tomaszewski, M
    The quality of assessment of non-adherence to treatment in hypertensive is poor. Within this review, we discuss the different methods used to assess adherence to blood-pressure-lowering medications in hypertension patients. Subjective reports such as physicians' perceptions are inaccurate, and questionnaires completed by patients tend to overreport adherence and show a low diagnostic specificity. Indirect objective methods such as pharmacy database records can be useful, but they are limited by the robustness of the recorded data. Electronic medication monitoring devices are accurate but usually track adherence to only a single medication and can be expensive. Overall, the fundamental issue with indirect...

  4. Power allocation and multiuser scheduling for delay-limited communications exploiting only channel statistics

    Wong, K-K

  5. Classification and Reconstruction of Compressed GMM Signals with Side Information

    Renna, F; Wang, L; Yuan, X; Yang, J; Reeves, G; Calderbank, R; Carin, L; Rodrigues, MRD

  6. The "Permanent" Component of NBTI Revisited: Saturation, Degradation-Reversal, and Annealing

    Grasser, T; Waltl, M; Rzepa, G; Goes, W; Wimmer, Y; El-Sayed, A-M; Shluger, AL; Reisinger, H; Kaczer, B

  7. NanoMag - Standardization of Analysis Methods for Magnetic Nanoparticles

    Heinke, D; Gehrke, N; Ludwig, F; Steinhoff, U; Pankhurst, QA; Luetke-Buzug, K; Thuenemann, A; Johansson, C

  8. Experimental Error Performance of Modulation Schemes Under a Controlled Laboratory Turbulence FSO Channel

    Rajbhandari, S; Ghassemlooy, Z; Haigh, PA; Kanesan, T; Tang, X

  9. Decision-Directed-Free Blind Phase Noise Estimation for COOFDM

    Le, ST; McCarthy, ME; Mac Suibhne, N; Haigh, PA; Giacoumidis, E; Doran, NJ; Ellis, AD; Turitsyn, SK

  10. What shape do UK trainees want their training to be? Results of a cross-sectional study.

    Harries, RL; Rashid, M; Smitham, P; Vesey, A; McGregor, R; Scheeres, K; Bailey, J; Sohaib, SM; Prior, M; Frost, J; Al-Deeb, W; Kugathasan, G; Gokani, VJ
    OBJECTIVES: The British Government is acting on recommendations to overhaul postgraduate training to meet the needs of the changing population, to produce generalist doctors undergoing shorter broad-based training (Greenaway Review). Only 45 doctors in training were involved in the consultation process. This study aims to obtain a focused perspective on the proposed reforms by doctors in training from across specialities. DESIGN: Prospective, questionnaire-based cross-sectional study. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS: Following validation, a 31-item electronic questionnaire was distributed via trainee organisations and Postgraduate Local Education and Training Board (LETB) mailing lists. Throughout the 10-week study period, the survey was publicised on several social media...

  11. Guest Editorial on Special Issue on Microwave Photonics

    Stoehr, A; Novak, D; Renaud, C; Lim, C

  12. Role of Ag-doping in small transition metal clusters from first-principles simulations

    Li, SF; Shao, Z; Han, S; Xue, X; Wang, F; Sun, Q; Jia, Y; Guo, ZX
    First-principles calculations are used to systematically investigate the geometric and electronic structures of both pure TMn (n=2-4) and Ag-modulated AgTMn-1 (n=2-4; 3d -transition metal (TM): from Sc to Cu; 4d -TM: from Y to Ag elements) clusters. Some new ground state structures are found for the pure TMn clusters, such as a low symmetry configuration for Cr3, which is found to be about 0.20 eV more stable than the previously reported C2v symmetry. In the most cases, Ag-doping can significantly elongate the bond lengths of the clusters and induce geometric distortions of the small clusters from the high dimensional to...

  13. An Accurate Approximation of Delay with Nakagami-m Channels and Exponential Arrivals

    Chen, Y; Darwazeh, I

  14. The influence of eWOM in social media on consumers' purchase intentions: An extended approach to information adoption

    Erkan, I; Evans, C
    Social media websites have created valuable opportunities for electronic word of mouth (eWOM) conversations. People are now able to discuss products and services of brands with their friends and acquaintances. The aim of this study is to examine the influence of these conversations in social media on consumers' purchase intentions. For this purpose, a conceptual model was developed based on the integration of Information Adoption Model (IAM) and related components of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA). The new model, which is named as Information Acceptance Model (IACM), was validated through structural equation modelling (SEM) based on surveys of 384 university...

  15. A Multi-CAP Visible-Light Communications System With 4.85-b/s/Hz Spectral Efficiency

    Haigh, PA; Burton, A; Werfli, K; Minh, HL; Bentley, E; Chvojka, P; Popoola, WO; Papakonstantinou, I; Zvanovec, S

  16. Parity Check Based Redistribution of Secret Shares

    Desmedt, Y; Morozov, K


    Haigh, PA; Son, TL; Zvanovec, S; Ghassemlooy, Z; Luo, P; Xu, T; Chvojka, P; Kanesan, T; Giacoumidis, E; Canyelles-Pericas, P; Hoa, LM; Popoola, W; Rajbhandari, S; Papakonstantinou, I; Darwazeh, I

  18. Experimental Verification of Visible Light Communications based on Multi-Band CAP Modulation

    Haigh, PA; Chvojka, P; Zvanovec, S; Ghassemlooy, Z; Le, ST; Kanesan, T; Giacoumidis, E; Doran, NJ; Papakonstantinou, I; Darwazeh, I

  19. Estudio de nuevos benzopiranos haloalquil sustituidos

    Alcívar León, Christian David
    El objetivo general de esta tesis se centra en la síntesis y estudio de un conjunto de nuevas 4H-1-benzopiran-4-onas haloalquil sustituidas, moléculas con potencial bioactividad. Los estudios abarcan la espectroscopia vibracional, electrónica y de RMN, la espectrometría de masas, la difracción de Rayos X y los métodos teóricos. Con algún ejemplo se avanzó en estudios por espectroscopia de fluorescencia y en otro caso se recurrió al análisis (en colaboración) de la relación estructura-actividad entre derivados de cromona y enzimas seleccionadas, por estudios de acoplamiento (docking) molecular. Este conjunto de técnicas permiten realizar un análisis estructural exhaustivo como paso previo a...

  20. Supporting Flexible Regulation of Crisis Management by means of Situated Artificial Institution, Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering

    De Brito, Maiquel; Thévin, Lauren; Garbay, Catherine; Boissier, Olivier; Hübner, Jomi Fred
    International audience

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