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1. Systems and Methods for Radar Data Communication - Miller, Brad; Bunch, Brian; Szeto, Roland
A radar information processing system is operable to process high bandwidth radar information received from a radar system into low bandwidth radar information that may be communicated to a low bandwidth connection coupled to an electronic flight bag (EFB). An exemplary embodiment receives radar information from a radar system, the radar information communicated from the radar system at a first bandwidth; processes the received radar information into processed radar information, the processed radar information configured for communication over a connection operable at a second bandwidth, the second bandwidth lower than the first bandwidth; and communicates the radar information from a...

2. Microscale Digital Vacuum Electronic Gates - Manohara, Harish; Mojarradi, Mohammed M.
Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement microscale digital vacuum electronic gates. In one embodiment, a microscale digital vacuum electronic gate includes: a microscale field emitter that can emit electrons and that is a microscale cathode; and a microscale anode; where the microscale field emitter and the microscale anode are disposed within at least a partial vacuum; where the microscale field emitter and the microscale anode are separated by a gap; and where the potential difference between the microscale field emitter and the microscale anode is controllable such that the flow of electrons between the microscale...

3. Structural Assembly for Cold Plate Cooling - Taddey, Edmund P.; Zaffetti, Mark A.
A device including a structural member having a heat spreader and an electronic device mounted directly to a first surface of the heat spreader of the structural member. The device also includes a cold plate mounted directly to the first surface of the heat spreader of the structural member.

4. Team Electronic Gameplay Combining Different Means of Control - Palsson, Olafur S.; Pope, Alan T.
Disclosed are methods and apparatuses provided for modifying the effect of an operator controlled input device on an interactive device to encourage the self-regulation of at least one physiological activity by a person different than the operator. The interactive device comprises a display area which depicts images and apparatus for receiving at least one input from the operator controlled input device to thus permit the operator to control and interact with at least some of the depicted images. One effect modification comprises measurement of the physiological activity of a person different from the operator, while modifying the ability of the...

5. Systems and Methods of Laser Texturing of Material Surfaces and Their Applications - Nayak, Barada K.; Gupta, Mool C.
The surface of a material is textured and by exposing the surface to pulses from an ultrafast laser. The laser treatment causes pillars to form on the treated surface. These pillars provide for greater light absorption. Texturing and crystallization can be carried out as a single step process. The crystallization of the material provides for higher electric conductivity and changes in optical and electronic properties of the material. The method may be performed in vacuum or a gaseous environment. The gaseous environment may aid in texturing and/or modifying physical and chemical properties of the surfaces. This method may be used...

6. Chemochromic Detector for Sensing Gas Leakage and Process for Producing the Same - Tate, LaNetra Clayton; Captain, Janine E.; Roberson, Luke B.; Williams, Martha K.
A chemochromic sensor for detecting a combustible gas, such as hydrogen, includes a chemochromic pigment and a textile polymer. The textile material includes a chemochromic pigment operably responsive to a combustible gas. The combustible gas sensing textile material can be made by melt spinning, solution spinning, or other similar techniques. In a preferred embodiment carbon nanotubes are used with the textile material which will increase the material strength and alter the thermal and/or electrical properties. These textiles woven into fabrics can provide garments not only with hydrogen sensing capabilities but the carbon nanotubes will allow for a range of sensing...

7. Miniaturized Ion Mobility Spectrometer - Kaye, William J.; Stimac, Robert M.
By utilizing the combination of a unique electronic ion injection control circuit in conjunction with a particularly designed drift cell construction, the instantly disclosed ion mobility spectrometer achieves increased levels of sensitivity, while achieving significant reductions in size and weight. The instant IMS is of a much simpler and easy to manufacture design, rugged and hermetically sealed, capable of operation at high temperatures to at least C., and is uniquely sensitive, particularly to explosive chemicals.

8. Análisis de la normativa de la UE y la jurisprudencia del TJUE en materia de conciliación de la vida personal, familiar y laboral [Recurso electrónico] / tesis doctoral presentada por Elena Juaristi Besalduch ; dirigida por la Dra. Dña. Ruth Abril Stoffels y por la Dra. Dña. Susana Sanz Caballero. - Juaristi Besalduch, Elena.; Abril Stoffels, Ruth María, dir.; Sanz Caballero, Susana, dir.
Nota de Fondos: Esta Tesis Doctoral se encuentra a texto completo en el CEU Repositorio Institucional.

9. Principios de narratividad en El Eclipse (1907) de George Mélies [Recurso electrónico] / Victoria Pérez. - Pérez, Victoria.
En: Doxa Comunicación : revista interdisciplinar de estudios de comunicación y ciencias sociales. ISSN 1696-019X n. XIII, 2011, pp 229-237

10. Esfera pública y temas de conflicto [Recurso electrónico] / José Francisco Serrano Oceja. - Serrano Oceja, José Francisco.
En: Doxa Comunicación : revista interdisciplinar de estudios de comunicación y ciencias sociales. ISSN 1696-019X n. XIII, 2011, pp 221-229

11. Electronic transport properties of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin films obtained from Lift-off process - Darga, Arouna; Sorin, F.; Longeaud, Christophe; Berdnikov, Y.; Sondergard, E.; Kleider, Jean-Paul; Alvarez, José; Jaffré, Alexandre
International audience

12. Business models for electronic open access journals and disciplinary differences : a proposal - Gumiero, Katiúcia Araujo; Costa, Sely Maria de Souza
Reports results of a research that aimed at studying the use of business models in the context of open access electronic scholarly journals publishing. Additionally, the work approaches disciplinary differences, particularly in terms of three issues, namely required publication speed, funding and features that involve the edition of a scholarly journal. In this context, the study aimed at proposing a model that allows identifying required elements to design business models appropriated to open access scholarly journals publishing. Along with identifying the elements, the study looked at the relationships between these elements and differences found between knowledge fields. Based on a bibliographic...

13. The impact of computer usage on scholarly communication among social scientists - Costa, Sely Maria de Souza; Meadows, Jack
An examination has been made of the effects of using information technology on the communication of research by social scientists in Brazil. Two disciplines were studied – economics and sociology – via both interviews and a questionnaire survey. A small sample of UK social scientists was also interviewed. The results indicate that major changes in communication habits are occurring. These are already well advanced for informal communication and are beginning to appear for formal communication. Differences have been found between economists and sociologists, with the former more active in their use of electronic facilities. Along with such discipline-related differences, the developments also appear to be influenced, in part, by pressures from the...

14. Histological and ultrastructural analysis of cryopreserved sheep preantral follicles - Santos, Regiane R.; Rodrigues, Ana Paula Ribeiro; Costa, Sonia Helena Furtado; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Matosa, Maria H.T.; Lucci, Carolina Madeira; Báo, Sônia Nair; Hurk, Rob Van Den; Figueiredo, José Ricardo
The aim of this study was to verify the histological and ultrastructural characteristics of sheep preantral follicles after exposure of ovarian tissue to cryopreservation in glycerol (GLY), ethylene glycol (EG), propanediol (PROH) or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in order to determine the optimum method to store sheep ovarian tissue for later experimental or clinical use. Each ovarian pair from five mixed-breed ewes was divided into 17 fragments. One (control) fragment was immediately fixed for routine histological and ultrastructural studies and the remaining (test) fragments were randomly distributed in cryotubes, equilibrated at 20 °C/20 min in 1.8 mL of minimal essential medium...

15. Preservation of bovine preantral follicle viability and ultra-structure after cooling and freezing of ovarian tissue - Celestino, Juliana Jales de Hollanda; Santos, Regiane Rodrigues dos; Lopes, Cláudio Afonso Pinho; Martins, Fabrício Sousa; Matos, Maria Helena Tavares; Melo, Mônica Aline Parente; Báo, Sônia Nair; Rodrigues, Ana Paula Ribeiro; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Figueiredo, José Ricardo de
Bovine preantral follicles within ovarian fragments were exposed and cryopreserved in absence or presence of 1.5 M glycerol (GLY), ethylene glycol (EG), propanediol (PROH) or dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), undergoing a previous cooling at 20 °C for 1 h (protocol 1) or at 4 °C for 24 h (protocol 2) in 0.9% saline solution. At the end of each treatment, preantral follicles were classified as non-viable/viable when they were stained/not stained with trypan blue, respectively. To confirm viability staining, ultra-structure of the follicles was evaluated by transmission electronic microscopy (TEM). Data were compared by Chi-square test (P < 0.05). The storage...

16. Análisis de la información en páginas web de Portugal, España, Reino Unido y Francia: el caso del comercio electrónico de libros - Pestana Caldes, Ana Isabel
This work is based on the study of information present on Web sites that sell books electronically in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and France. This study is based on Web sites addresses recovered through Google and the aim is to know what the users may find when they surf the Web. It is also studied the users' behavior in the presence of the information through an instrument of analysis that makes is possible to evaluate in a qualitative and quantitative way the information available in the Web site. The results show that the presence of Portuguese, Spanish, British and French...

17. Constituents of an Extract of Cryptocarya rubra Housed in a Repository with Cytotoxic and Glucose Transport Inhibitory Effects# - Ren, Yulin; Yuan, Chunhua; Qian, Yanrong; Chai, Hee-Byung; Chen, Xiaozhuo; Goetz, Michael; Kinghorn, A. Douglas
A new alkylated chalcone (1), a new 1,16-hexadecanediol diester (2), and eight known compounds, were isolated from a dichloromethane-soluble repository extract of the leaves and twigs of Cryptocarya rubra collected in Hawaii. The structures of the new compounds were determined by interpretation of their spectroscopic data, and the absolute configurations of the two known cryptocaryanone-type flavonoid dimers, (+)-bicaryanone A (3) and (+)-chalcocaryanone C (4), were ascertained by analysis of their electronic circular dichroism and NOESY NMR spectra. All compounds isolated were evaluated against HT-29 human colon cancer cells, and, of these, (+)-cryptocaryone (5) was found to be potently cytotoxic toward...

18. Nanopatterned Graphene on a Polymer Substrate by a Direct Peel-off Technique - Chen, T. L.; Ghosh, D. S.; Marchena, M.; Osmond, J.; Pruneri, Valerio
: A graphene (Gr) on a polyimide (PI) polymer film (Gr−PI film), obtained by a direct peel-off technique, is proposed and investigated. Thanks to its high transparency, electrical conductivity, mechanical strength, and chemical durability, the Gr−PI film is an ideal substrate for flexible electronic and optoelectronic devices, including transistors, lightemitting diodes, and plasmonic antennas. It is obtained using a straightforward method. After spin coating and curing a PI film on Gr previously grown on Cu, one can separate the Gr−PI film from the Cu foil thanks to the difference in the adhesive energy between the Gr−Cu and Gr−PI interfaces. The resulting Gr−PI film shows an average electrical sheet resistance ranging from...

19. Nano guiding of light using Dyakonov waves - Takayama, Osamu; Torner Sabata, Lluís; Artigas García, David
This special issue of Optics & Photonics News highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months.

20. Tunable beam displacer - Luis José, Salazar-Serrano; Valencia, Alejandra; Perez Torres, Juan
We report the implementation of a tunable beam displacer, composed of a polarizing beam splitter (PBS) and two mirrors, that divides an initially polarized beam into two parallel beams whose separation can be continuously tuned. The two output beams are linearly polarized with either vertical or horizontal polarization and no optical path difference is introduced between them. The wavelength dependence of the device as well as the maximum separation between the beams achievable is limited mainly by the PBS characteristics.

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