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Nomenclatura Unesco > (22) Física > (2209) Óptica
(2209.01) Espectroscopía de absorción (2209.02) Cinematografía
(2209.03) Colorimetría (2209.04) Espectroscopía de emisión
(2209.05) Fibras ópticas (2209.06) Óptica geométrica
(2209.07) Holografía (2209.08) Iluminación
(2209.09) Radiación infrarroja (2209.10) Láseres
(2209.11) Luz (2209.12) Microscopios
(2209.13) Óptica no lineal (2209.14) Propiedades ópticas de los sólidos
(2209.15) Optometría (2209.16) Instrumentos fotográficos
(2209.17) Fotografía (2209.18) Fotometría
(2209.19) Óptica física (2209.20) Radiometría
(2209.21) Espectroscopía (2209.22) Radiación ultravioleta
(2209.23) Radiación visible (2209.24) Física de la visión
(2209.90) Tratamiento digital. Imágenes (2209.99) Otras (especificar)

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1. Desarrollo y evaluación toxicológica de nuevos materiales para su aplicación en la conservación de alimentos. - Maisanaba Hernández, Sara
En la actualidad, la industria alimentaria está apostando por la incorporación de sustancias naturales a envases alimentarios con el fin de incrementar la perdurabilidad del alimento en el mercado. Debido al empleo de estas sustancias en esta nueva aplicación, la seguridad de los consumidores y del medio ambiente puede verse comprometida debido a una mayor exposición, desconociéndose en gran medida, hasta el momento, las posibles consecuencias. De entre las sustancias naturales seleccionadas por la industria alimentaria para este fin, destacan las arcillas y minerales de arcillas, y los aceites esenciales y sus respectivos componentes mayoritarios, constituyendo las primeras (arcillas) el...

2. Análisis óptico y digital de la interfase objetivo-portamuestra utilizando imágenes obtenidas con microscopio confocal - Herrera Paloma, Myriam; Daza Figueredo, Jesús; Moreno, Alfredo
The optic specifications of microscopes are significant at the moment to obtain images to will be analyze and process. The interphase, from the objective lens until the carry-sample, is anelement that integrates some optic specifications in the moment to obtain aquality image. Images of different frames using carry-samples of glass and of polymeric membranesare obtained. It is evaluated and characterized the illumination to exit of carry-sample applying image processing algorithms and using some describers of the gray levels distributionand their contrast. Of the results of study the characterization of carry-samples settles down as norm, with the aim of diminishing the...

3. Electrode Structure for both Poling and Driving of the Electro-Optic Polymer in an Analog-to-Digital Converter based on an Optical Deflector - Hadjloum, Massinissa; El Gibari, Mohammed; Li, Hong Wu; Daryoush, Afshin S.
International audience

4. Tuning of Microwave and Optical Properties of the Electro-Optic Polymer PMMA-DR1 by Loading with SiC Nanoparticles for Optimization of Photonic Microwave Components - Palessonga, Den God; El Gibari, Mohammed; Ginestar, Stéphane; Terrisse, Hélène; Guiffard, Benoit; Kassiba, Abdelhadi; Li, Hong Wu
International audience

5. Effects of albendazole combined with TSII-A (a Chinese herb compound) on optic neuritis caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensis in BALB/c mice - Feng, Feng; Feng, Ying; Liu, Zhen; Li, Wei-Hua; Wang, Wen-Cong; Wu, Zhong-Dao; Lv, Zhiyue

6. Atomic scale characterizationof semiconductor non-planar nanostructures - de la Mata Fernández, María
Las nanoestructuras semiconductoras son bloques de construcción con gran potencial para ser integrados en numerosos dispositivos tecnológicos, además de ser plataformas ideales para el estudio de principios físicos fundamentales. Para entender la formación y crecimiento se estas estructuras, deben ser caracterizas a nivel atómico. El conocimiento de las disposiciones atómicas exactas es muy útil para poder afrontar algunos interrogantes relacionados con los mecanismos de crecimiento que impulsan la formación de diversas nanoestructuras y permiten, por tanto, la síntesis inteligente de materiales con las propiedades buscadas. En esta tesis se llevan a cabo caracterizaciones atómicas detallas de compuestos semiconductores, AB, sintetizados...

7. Endoscopic optic nerve decompression for nontraumatic compressive optic neuropathy - Cheng-long REN; Xiao-lu WANG; Xi-zheng SHAN
Objective To describe the preliminary experience with endoscopic optic nerve decompression (EOND) for nontraumatic compressive optic neuropathies (NCONs). Methods The clinical data of 10 patients, male 5 and female 5, with a mean age of 44.3±5.1 years, who underwent EOND for visual loss (n=5) or visual deterioration (n=5) due to tumor compression in General Hospital of Armed Police Forces of China in the period from April 2013 to April 2014 were analyzed retrospectively. Preoperative and 6-month-postoperative clinical and imaging data of these patients were reviewed and analyzed. Results Among 5 patients who lost light perception (including 2 patients with bilateral optic nerve compression)...

8. Developing a Mathematical Model to Dampen the Effect of Chromatic Dispersion in Optic Fibre Carrying-Capacity Due To External Pressure - C.O. Ezeagwu; J.Eke; I.C. Oshuoha; I. Ofili
Telecommunications requires a medium to propagate the signals from source to destination without signal impairment .The optical fibre has been rated the best medium ,but for long haulage ,wavelength multiplex (WDM) has to be installed which introduces dispersion The information carving capacity of a fibre is then limited by the phenomenon called dispersion .This introduces small change in the transmit time for signals travelling through the fibre The arrival of different wavelength at different time and the interspersing of the signal bits causes signal broadening at the destination ,resulting degradation of blurred images for data and noisy audio output, A mathematical...

9. Modern Fiber Optic Submarine Cable Telecommunication Systems Planning for Explosive Bandwidth Needs at Different Deployment Depths - Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed
The explosive bandwidth needs, especially in the inter data center market, have pushed transmission data rates to 100 Gbit/sec and beyond. Current terrestrial fibers are inadequate for long haul, high bandwidth deployments. To solve these problems a new fiber is introduced for terrestrial high bandwidth deployments: different polymeric core fibers with enlarged effective area with a significant optical signal to noise ratio improvement over other conventional terrestrial single mode fibers. To ensure the new fiber may be deployed robustly a new coating structure was employed. A rigorous cable structure was then chosen for evaluation. Based on experimental data, both the...

10. Protective effect of optic radiation reconstruction against the risk of visual field deficits in anterior temporal lobectomy - Zhi-qiang CUI; Zhi-pei LING; Long-sheng PAN; Xiao-lei CHEN; Qun WANG; Zhi-zhong ZHANG; Ye-qing QI; Xin XU; Zhi-qi1 MAO; Wei-jun WANG; Lu SUN; Xin-guang YU; Guo-ming LUAN

Objective To explore the clinical value of optic radiation reconstruction in protecting against visual field deficits (VFDs) in anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL). Methods We retrospectively analyzed 24 patients with medically refractory temporal lobe epilepsy undergoing ATL between January 2013 and June 2014. The surgical operations were aided by combining optic radiation reconstruction by diffusion tensor tractography (DTT), microscopy-based neuronavigation and intraoperative MRI (iMRI) techniques. ATL was performed according to the distance between Meyer's loop and temporal pole. The visual fields were examined and seizure outcomes were evaluated by Engel class test in 3-month follow-up. Results The optic radiation was reconstructed...

11. Adult methylmalonic acidemia presented as neuromyelitis optica: one case report - Sheng-de LI; Jing YUAN; Peng LIU; Li-ying CUI

A 26-year-old male was admitted to our department, complaining of cognitive impairment, urine incontinence for 3 months, blurred vision for one month and numbness of bilateral lower limbs for 20 days. Presumed as “depression” and “viral encephalitis”, antidepressant and dexamethasone had been given but had no response. Neurological examination demonstrated impaired orientation to time and place; hearing impairment of right ear; normal muscle force in upper limbs, proximal lower muscle force was 2 and distal was 0; normal tendon reflex in both upper limbs; diminished tendon reflex in both lower limbs; left palmomental reflex (+); bilateral Babinski sign (+). Below...

12. New Algorithms and Architectures for Arithmetic in GF (2^m) Suitable for Elliptic Curve Cryptography - Francisco Rodriguez-Henriquez
During the last few years we have seen formidable advances in digital and mo-bile communication technologies such as cordless and cellular telephones, personal communication systems, Internet connection expansion, etc. The vast majority of digital information used in all these applications is stored and also processed within a computer system, and then transferred between computers via ber optic, satellite systems, and/or Internet. In all these new scenarios, secure information transmission and storage has a paramount importance in the emerging interna-tional information infrastructure, especially, for supporting electronic commerce and other security related services. The techniques for the implementation of secure information handling...

13. Creación de empresas de base tecnológica: factores de éxito y fracaso - March Chordà, Isidre; Mora Esquivel, Ronald
El presente trabajo aborda desde una perspectiva teórica y conceptual la problemática que rodea la creación de una modalidad empresarial con gran proyección, las pymes de base tecnológica o nuevas empresas basadas en la tecnología. Tras una exhaustiva revisión de trabajos teóricos y otros con base empírica, seleccionamos 4 tipologías que tratan de definir y explicar el patrón de comportamiento de esta modalidad empresarial. Finalmente, y en consonancia con el propósito de responder a diversas cuestiones ligadas a la creación de pequeños y medianos negocios innovadores basados en la tecnología, identificamos una serie de factores que según diversos autores actúan como promotores...

14. Innovación en los indicadores de análisis económico: Aplicación de las empresas privatizadas - Prior Jiménez, Diego; Surroca, Jordi
En este trabajo, se propone un modelo de análisis que extiende la clásica descomposición de DuPont de Neumours. Para ello, en primer lugar, incorporamos el ya conocido EVA (Economic Value Added) a dicha descomposición. A continuación, el EVA se relaciona con dos magnitudes representativas de los movimientos de tesorería, el resultado monetario (EBITDA) y el flujo libre de tesorería (free cash flow). Como resultado, se obtiene un modelo cuya óptica de análisis es más amplia que la de propuestas anteriores, y en la que se dota de mayor rigor a las variables contables. Además, como punto importante, el modelo hace posible que la evolución del valor añadido y los excedentes...

15. Current Trends of High capacity Optical Interconnection Data Link in High Performance Optical Communication Systems - Dr. Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed
Optical technologies are ubiquitous in telecommunications networks and systems, providing multiple wavelength channels of transport at 2.5 Gbit/sec to 40 Gbit/sec data rates over single fiber optic cables. Market pressures continue to drive the number of wavelength channels per fiber and the data rate per channel. This trend will continue for many years to come as electronic commerce grows and enterprises demand higher and reliable bandwidth over long distances. Electronic commerce, in turn, is driving the growth curves for single processor and multiprocessor performance in data base transaction and Web based servers. Ironically, the insatiable taste for enterprise network bandwidth,...

16. Significance of the disc damage likelihood scale objectively measured by a non-mydriatic fundus camera in preperimetric glaucoma - Pahlitzsch M; Torun N; Erb C; Bruenner J; Maier AK; Gonnermann J; Bertelmann E; Klamann MKJ
Milena Pahlitzsch,1 Necip Torun,1 Carl Erb,2 Jeanette Bruenner,1 Anna Karina B Maier,1 Johannes Gonnermann,1 Eckart Bertelmann,1 Matthias K J Klamann1 1Department of Ophthalmology, University Medicine Charité, Campus Virchow Clinic, Berlin, 2Augenklinik am Wittenbergplatz, Berlin, Germany Purpose: To assess the correlation between the disc damage likelihood scale (DDLS) objectively measured by a non-mydriatic fundus camera, Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3, and optic coherence tomography in preperimetric glaucoma. Methods: One-hundred-twenty-five patients with preperimetric primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (n=30) were included (mean age 58.9±15.9 years). All three devices graded the optic disc topography: Diagnosis 1 was defined as “outside normal limits”,...

17. Planificación estratégica de enfermería en Extremadura: aproximación conceptual - Romero de Julián, Francisco Javier; Sánchez de Bustos, Adela; Tirado Altamirano, Francisco; Rivero Nieto, Pedro
En el presente artículo se pretende ofrecer a las personas interesadas en el campo de la gestión, en general y en la gestión de los servicios de enfermería, en particular, una aproximación a los principales conceptos que afectan la planificación estratégica de los servicios de enfermería. El objetivo es que pueda servir como base sobre la que en un futuro puedan desarrollarse proyectos de desarrollo profesional en enfermería. La metodología utilizada ha sido una amplia revisión de la bibliografía relacionada, en la que han destacado aspectos profesionales, sociales, económicos y de gestión. La conclusión más importante que podemos obtener es...

18. Manipulation of inhibition in the owl’s nucleus laminaris and its effects on optic tectum neurons - Takahashi, Yoshifumi; Konishi, Masakazu
Differences in arrival time and intensity (or level) of sound between the ears serve as cues for localization of sound in many animals. Barn owls use interaural time difference (ITD) and interaural level difference (ILD) for localization in azimuth and elevation, respectively. The owl’s brain processes these two cues in separate pathways. The nucleus laminaris is the first site that detects ITDs by methods of delay lines and coincidence detection. The nucleus ventralis lemnisci lateralis, pars posterior is the first site of processing ILDs. The two pathways merge in the inferior colliculus to give rise to sensitivity to combinations of...

AIM: To report an atypical and misdiagnosed case of optic neuritis in a young female. METHOD: 26 year healthy female was referred to the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Amritsar with the diagnosis of angle closure glaucoma both eyes. Patient was on 2% pilocarpine eye drops q.i.d and tablet acetazolamide 250 mg BD. On examination, visual acuity was 2/60 OD and 1/60 OS. Near vision was 6/36 OU. There was no circumcorneal congestion OU, no corneal edema OU, though anterior chamber was shallow OS >OD with pin pointed non-reacting pupil OU. IOP 14.6mm Hg OD and17.3mm Hg OS. Gonioscopically open angle...

20. Glaucoma Detection in Retinal Images Using Image Processing Techniques: A Survey - Imran Qureshi
Glaucoma is a disease associated with human eyes and second conducting movementofblindness across the globe if eyes are not treated at preliminary stage. Glaucoma normally occurs with increased intra-ocular pressure (IOP) in eyes and gradually damagesthe vision field of eyes. The term ocular-hypertension is related to those people in whom IOP increases consistently and does not damage the optic nerve. Glaucoma has different types such as open-angle, close-angle, congenital, normal tension and etcetera. Normal tension glaucoma affects vision field and damages optic nerve as well. The term angle means the distance between iris and cornea; if this distance is largeit is...

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