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4541. Cystatin D has tumor suppresor activity and is regulated by1 , 25-dihydroxyvtamin D3 in colon cancer - Alvarez Díaz, Silvia
Tesis doctoral inédita leida en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Facultad de Medicina. Dpto. de Bioquímica. Fecha de lectura: 21 de Diciembre de 2009

4542. Antitumorigenic mechanisms of action of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor y (PPARy) ligands in breast cancer - Dorado Pérez, Jorge
Tesis doctoral inédita leida en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Facultad de Medicina.Dpto de Bioquímica. Fecha de lectura: 20 de Noviembre de 2009

4543. Respuesta cardiaca al estrés tóxico por exposición pasiva combinada al humo de cigarrillo y al etanol - Rodrigues de A., Zoraida C.
El estrés oxidativo ha sido considerado por muchos investigadores como la principal causa de daño tisular generado por el consumo de alcohol en combinación con nicotina. Sin embargo, se desconoce si existe una potenciación de la inducción de Hsps como respuesta al daño celular en el caso de fumadores involuntarios que consumen etanol, y si los sistemas de citoprotección endógena, específicamente la proteína anti-estrés Hsp70, tienen alguna participación. En tal sentido, en este trabajo se determinó la presencia de las Hsp70 y su correspondencia con la respuesta subcelular cardiaca en el estrés tóxico individual y combinado de etanol y exposición...

4544. Polimorfismos bioquímicos en razas caprinas españolas. I. Murciana, granadina, malagueña y serrana andaluza - Morera Sanz, L.; Barbancho Medina, Manuel; Llanes Ruiz, Diego; Rodero Franganillo, Antonio; Garzón Garrido-Espiga, R.

4545. Polimorfismos bioquímicos en caballos - Andrés Cara, D.F. de; Álvarez, A.; Garzón Garrido-Espiga, R.; Aguilar, P.; Ariza Arellano, A.
Have been analysed haemoglobin (flb), albumin (Al), esterase (Es-al) and transferrin (Tf) types of 168 horses belonging to thoroughbred (English), Arab, Spanish and Breton breeds and their cross-breeds English-Arab and Spanish-Breton. We have found all the three haemoglobin types (AA, Aa, and aa); the most common was AA type. The lowest frequency was aa, it only appeared in one Spanish horse. Have been found all the three albumin phenotypes (IF, FS" and SS). The most common was FS phenotype, the least was FF which was absent from thorough-bred. The most common allele was Als. Of the seven possible phenotypes of...

4546. Newborn screening for biotinidase deficiency in Brazil : biochemical and molecular characterizations - Camargo Neto, Eurico; Schulte, Jaqueline; Rubim, Rosália; Lewis, E.; De Mari, Jurema de Fatima; Castilhos, C.; Brites, Adriana; Giugliani, Roberto; Jensen, K.P.; Wolf, B.
Biotinidase deficiency is an inherited metabolic disorder characterized by neurological and cutaneous symptoms. Fortunately, it can be treated and the symptoms prevented by oral administration of the vitamin biotin. Using dried blood-soaked filter paper cards, biotinidase activity was determined in the sera of 225,136 newborns in Brazil. Mutation analysis performed on DNA from 21 babies with low serum biotinidase activity confirmed that 3 had profound biotinidase deficiency (less than 10% of mean normal sera biotinidase activity), 10 had partial biotinidase deficiency (10 to 30% of mean normal serum activity), 1 was homozygous for partial biotinidase deficiency, 4 were heterozygous for...

4547. Genotoxic, neurotoxic and neuroprotective activities of apomorphine and its oxidized derivative 8-oxo-apomorphine - Picada, Jaqueline Nascimento; Roesler, Rafael; Henriques, Joao Antonio Pegas
Apomorphine is a dopamine receptor agonist proposed to be a neuroprotective agent in the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Both in vivo and in vitro studies have shown that apomorphine displays both antioxidant and pro-oxidant actions, and might have either neuroprotective or neurotoxic effects on the central nervous system. Some of the neurotoxic effects of apomorphine are mediated by its oxidation derivatives. In the present review, we discuss recent studies from our laboratory in which the molecular, cellular and neurobehavioral effects of apomorphine and its oxidized derivative, 8-oxo-apomorphine-semiquinone (8-OASQ), were evaluated in different experimental models, i.e., in vitro genotoxicity...

4548. Lipid peroxidation and total radical-trapping potential of the lungs of rats submitted to chronic and sub-chronic stress - Torres, Ronaldo Lopes; Gamaro, Giovana Duzzo; Torres, Iraci Lucena da Silva; Fontella, Fernanda Urruth; Silveira, Patrícia Pelufo; Moreira, Juliano Soares Rabello; Lacerda, Mariane Americo; Amoretti, José Ricardo Luz; Rech, Daniel; Dalmaz, Carla; Bello, Antonio Andrea
Exposure to stress induces a cluster of physiological and behavioral changes in an effort to maintain the homeostasis of the organism. Long-term exposure to stress, however, has detrimental effects on several cell functions such as the impairment of antioxidant defenses leading to oxidative damage. Oxidative stress is a central feature of many diseases. The lungs are particularly susceptible to lesions by free radicals and pulmonary antioxidant defenses are extensively distributed and include both enzymatic and non-enzymatic systems. The aim of the present study was to determine lipid peroxidation and total radical-trapping potential (TRAP) changes in lungs of rats submitted to...

4549. The brain decade in debate : I. Neurobiology of learning and memory - Baddeley, Alan; Bueno, Orlando; Cahill, Larry; Fuster, Joaquin M.; Izquierdo, Ivan Antonio; McGaugh, James L.; Morris, Richard; Nadel, Lynn; Routtenberg, Aryeh; Xavier, Gilberto Fernando; Da Cunha, Claudio
This article is a transcription of an electronic symposium in which some active researchers were invited by the Brazilian Society for Neuroscience and Behavior (SBNeC) to discuss the last decade’s advances in neurobiology of learning and memory. The way different parts of the brain are recruited during the storage of different kinds of memory (e.g., short-term vs long-term memory, declarative vs procedural memory) and even the property of these divisions were discussed. It was pointed out that the brain does not really store memories, but stores traces of information that are later used to create memories, not always expressing a...

4550. Vascular supply of the central nervous system of the land snail Megalobulimus oblongus (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) - Noblega, Hector Gabriel; Missaglia, Vivian; Stenert, Cristina; Heuser, Maria Cristina Faccioni; Achaval-Elena, Matilde
The vascularization of the central nervous system of the snail Megalobulimus oblongus was studied by injection of carmine-gelatin solution into the arterial system and using a histochemical technique for the detection of alkaline phosphatase. The central nervous system of M. oblongus is irrigated by the anterior aorta, from which a series of small branches emerge that supply the subesophageal nervous ganglia. In turn, these branches give rise to a series of smaller vessels that irrigate the buccal bulb, the anterior portion of the foot, the cerebral ganglia, the dorsal body gland, and the anterior portion of the reproductive system. No...

4551. Inhibition of in vitro CO2 production and lipid synthesis by 2-hydroxybutyric acid in rat brain - Silva, Alexandre Rodrigues da; Ruschel, Cristiano; Helegda, Celio; Wyse, Angela Terezinha de Souza; Wannmacher, Clovis Milton Duval; Wajner, Moacir; Dutra Filho, Carlos Severo
2-Hydroxybutyric acid appears at high concentrations in situations related to deficient energy metabolism (e.g., birth asphyxia) and also in inherited metabolic diseases affecting the central nervous system during neonatal development, such as "cerebral" lactic acidosis, glutaric aciduria type II, dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase (E3) deficiency, and propionic acidemia. The present study was carried out to determine the effect of 2-hydroxybutyric acid at various concentrations (1- 10 mM) on CO2 production and lipid synthesis from labeled substrates in cerebral cortex of 30-day-old Wistar rats in vitro. CO2 production was significantly inhibited (30-70%) by 2-hydroxybutyric acid in cerebral cortex prisms, in total homogenates and...

4552. Chronic postnatal administration of methylmalonic acid provokes a decrease of myelin content and ganglioside N-acetylneuramic acid concentration in cerebrum of young rats - Brusque, Ana Maria; Rotta, Liane Nanci; Pettenuzzo, Letícia Ferreira; Junqueira, Debora; Schwarzbold, Carolina Vargas; Wyse, Angela Terezinha de Souza; Wannmacher, Clovis Milton Duval; Dutra Filho, Carlos Severo; Wajner, Moacir
Levels of methylmalonic acid (MMA) comparable to those of human methylmalonic acidemia were achieved in blood (2-2.5 mmol/l) and brain (1.35 µmol/g) of rats by administering buffered MMA, pH 7.4, subcutaneously twice a day from the 5th to the 28th day of life. MMA doses ranged from 0.76 to 1.67 µmol/g as a function of animal age. Control rats were treated with saline in the same volumes. The animals were sacrificed by decapitation on the 28th day of age. Blood was taken and the brain was rapidly removed. Medulla, pons, the olfactory lobes and cerebellum were discarded and the rest...

4553. Pharmacological differences between memory consolidation of habituation to an open field and inhibitory avoidance learning - Vianna, Monica Ryff Moreira Roca; Izquierdo, Luciana Adriana; Barros, Daniela Marti; Souza, Márcia Maria de; Rodrigues, Cleverson; Kauer-Sant'Anna, Márcia; Medina, Jorge Horácio; Izquierdo, Ivan Antonio

4554. Detección y caracterización de aislados de "escherichia coli" de origen clínico y fecal en gallinas ponedoras - Gibert Perelló, Magdalena
El objetivo de esta tesis ha sido realizar la caracterización de aislados de E. coli clínicos (responsables de cuadros de colibacilosis en gallinas ponedoras) y fecales. Tras llevar a cabo el aislamiento e identificación bioquímica de los aislados, se ha procedido a la determinación del serogrupo, patotipo (detección de factores de virulencia por PCR), sensibilidad a antimicrobianos y pulsotipo (mediante la técnica de Pulsed Field-Gel Electrophoresis, PFGE). Además, se ha realizado un estudio comparativo con aislados de origen fecal, en cuanto a la presencia de genes de virulencia y la caracterización molecular.

4555. The interplay between HIV-1 gp41, membranes and pre-fusion antiviral agents - Veiga, Ana Salomé Rocha do Nascimento, 1980-
Tese de doutoramento em Bioquímica (Biofísica Molecular), apresentada à Universidade de Lisboa através da Faculdade de Ciências, 2008

4556. Determinação dos parâmetros do ferro em cães sadios e anêmicos - Pires, Luciana Salini Abrahão
Resumo: O ferro é fundamental ao metabolismo dos seres vivos. A determinação dos parâmetros do metabolismo do ferro, associada aos achados hematológicos, constitui uma ferramenta importante para o iagnóstico, controle e diferenciação de estados anêmicos. As anemias, de diversas origens e classificações, são encontradas freqüentemente na clínica médica de cães, representando 15,9% de todos os hemogramas realizados em cães, segundo os registros do serviço do Laboratório de Patologia Clínica Veterinária da Universidade Federal do Paraná. Existe a carência dos parâmetros normais do ferro para a opulação de cães no Brasil. Os objetivos do presente trabalho visaram estabelecer os valores normais...

4557. Persistencia de déficits nutricionales tras la recuperación de peso a corto plazo en adolescentes con anorexia nerviosa. - Castro, J.; Deulofeu, R.; Gila, A.; Puig, J.; Toro, J.
Objetivos: Estudiar las alteraciones nutricionales en adolescentes con anorexia nerviosa y establecer si ciertas deficiencias persisten tras la recuperación de peso a corto plazo. Método: Sesenta y una paciente de entre 10 y 19 años ingresadas en una Unidad de Referencia para Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria, que cumplían criterios diagnósticos DSM-IV para anorexia nerviosa fueron evaluadas en el momento del ingreso y al alta hospitalaria tras la recuperación de peso. Se determinaron una amplia serie de parámetros bioquímicos, nutricionales y hormonales. Resultados: En el momento del ingreso no se encontraron deficiencias en las proteínas o lípidos, pero un número...

4558. Valorización energética de la biomasa : aplicación en industrias del sector agroalimentario - García Morales, José Luis; Romero, L. I.; Sales, D.
La utilización de la biomasa proveniente del sector agroalimentario como una fuente de energía renovable es de gran interés en la actualidad. Ésta puede generar energía, a través de procesos tanto termoquímicos como bioquímicos, susceptible de utilizarse en forma de calor, energía mecánica o electricidad, y en diferentes estados de agregación: sólida, líquida o gas. La Digestión Anaerobia de vertidos de destilerías vínicas es un ejemplo idóneo de los procesos bioquímicos de conversión de la biomasa para obtener energía, ya que la vinaza se genera en el propio proceso de obtención del alcohol etílico (destilación de vinos y subproductos de la...

4559. Estudio del papel protector de la proteína desacoplante UCP3 frente al extrés oxidativo en mitocondrias de músculo esquelético y corazón de ratones tratados con endotoxina y en cardiomiocitos de rata - Aguirre Laso, Enara
En el presente trabajo de tesis doctoral se ha intentado determinar el posible papel protector de la proteína UCP3 frente al estrés oxidativo en el músculo esquelético y el corazón de ratón a través de la medida de la conductancia de la membrana mitocondrial interna a los protones en presencia del radical superóxido y del compuesto 4-hidroxinonenal (HNE), ambos descritos previamente como activadores de las proteínas desacoplantes. Estas medidas se realizaron en mitocondrias aisladas a partir de ratones de tipo silvestre en las que la proteína UCP3 se expresaba a niveles basales, en mitocondrias aisladas a partir de estos mismos ratones tras la administración...

4560. Aprenentatge basat en objectius aplicat a un mòdul docent de continguts preclínics del grau de Medicina - Benito i Mundet, Antoni; Pinart Nadal, Elisabeth; Roldán, María Inés; Viñas de Puig, Jordi; Santos Verdaguer, Mònica; Massaguer i Vall-llovera, Anna; Puig i Miquel, Teresa; Vilanova i Brugués, Maria
L’experiència que es presenta s’ha dut a terme en el mòdul “Morfologia, estructura i funció del cos humà I” de primer curs del Grau de Medicina per tal d’adaptar-se a l’Espai Europeu d’Educació Superior. Particularment es va tenir en compte el fort debat existent en els darrers anys sobre els ensenyaments de pre-grau en àmbits de Ciències de la Salut [1-5] Els objectius principals plantejats en aquest projecte van ser dos: 1) convertir un ensenyament fragmentat de tres matèries afins en un ensenyament integrat i focalitzat per a estudiants de medicina; 2) fer protagonista directe del seu aprenentatge a aquests...


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