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1. Robotic Airships for Exploration of Planetary Bodies with an Atmosphere: Autonomy Challenges - Alberto Elfes; Samuel S. Bueno; Marcel Bergerman; Ely C. De Paiva; Josu ´e G. Ramos
Abstract. Robotic unmanned aerial vehicles have great potential as surveying and instrument deployment plat-forms in the exploration of planets and moons with an atmosphere. Among the various types of planetary aerovehicles proposed, lighter-than-atmosphere (LTA) systems are of particular interest because of their extended mission dura-tion and long traverse capabilities. In this paper, we argue that the unique characteristics of robotic airships make them ideal candidates for exploration of planetary bodies with an atmosphere. Robotic airships extend the capabili-ties of balloons through their flight controllability, allowing (1) precise flight path execution for surveying purposes, (2) long-range as well as close-up ground...

2. Professorship: S-89 - Janne Hautsalo; Janne Hautsalo; Supervisor Prof; Unto K. Laine; Instructor Prof; Unto K. Laine
Sounds that accompany intense auroral displays have been reported throughout history. Be-cause there has been no instrumental evidence of the sounds, the idea that these sounds are the result of auroral processes has been questioned. At the same time, the research done on the observational material of the sounds has suggested that these sounds are real physical effects. Infrasound produced by aurora has been registered by a number of research teams. However, the few attempts to record audible aurora related sounds have failed. The biggest reason for the failure is that a healthy human ear has been a more sensitive...

3. Phosphorylation of Microtubule-binding Protein Hec1 by Mitotic Kinase Aurora B Specifies Spindle Checkpoint Kinase Mps1 Signaling at the Kinetochore* - Zhu, Tongge; Dou, Zhen; Qin, Bo; Jin, Changjiang; Wang, Xinghui; Xu, Leilei; Wang, Zhaoyang; Zhu, Lijuan; Liu, Fusheng; Gao, Xinjiao; Ke, Yuwen; Wang, Zhiyong; Aikhionbare, Felix; Fu, Chuanhai; Ding, Xia; Yao, Xuebiao

4. $rec.titulo - X. Chen; B. Zhang; J. Fischer; Genes Dev
was raised against glutathione S-transferase (GST) Xenopus Survivin and affinity purified using cleaved Survivin. Antibodies against hFAM were raised against each of four peptides (TPPDEQGQG-DAPPQLED, CAPDEHESPPPEDAP, QRAQENYEG-SEEVSPPQTKDQ, and GDEKQDNESNVDPRDDV) (36) and one GST fusion of the C-terminal fragment (amino acids 2347 to 2547) of hFAM. All were af-finity purified against the respective antigens. Mouse Ufd1 was cloned into the pEF6/V5-His vector. Ufd1 antibodies were raised against GST-Ufd1 fusion protein and purified against His-tagged Ufd1. Anti-bodies against tubulin (Sigma), ACA (Antibodies In-corporated), human Survivin (R&D systems), human Aurora B (BD Biosciences), HA (Roche), Myc (Santa Cruz), and control immunoglobulin G (IgG)...

5. Coordinador General - Dr. Raúl; Arias Lovillo; Dr. Porfirio; Carrillo Castilla; Secretario Académico; Dr. Mariano; Báez Landa; Dr. Arturo; García Niño; Lic Karina; Aurora Ybarra Martínez; De Educación Intercultural; Dr. Fernando; Salmerón Castro; Revista Entreverando; Raymundo Aguilera Cordova; Emma Mora Pablo; Portada Y Diseño; Troy Crawford Lewis; Irasema Mora Pablo; Stacy Souther; Carlos Jasso; Raymundo Aguilera Cordova
Veracruzana Intercultural

6. A Robust Kernel-Based Solution to Control-Hijacking Buffer Overflow Attacks* - Chia-jun Lin; Szu-chi Liu
In this paper, we propose a robust kernel-based solution, called AURORA, to a ubiquitous security problem – control-hijacking Buffer Overflow Attacks (BOAs). AURORA utilizes either the addresses of the buffers storing input strings or signatures to detect and block control-hijacking BOA strings in the kernel, including zero-day ones. Although AURORA detects some types of BOAs through signatures, AURORA does not need to create any new signature for new attack instances after its installation because AURORA’s signatures are created based on commonality of control-hijacking BOAs. Moreover, even a process is under a BOA, AURORA allows it to continue its execution or...

7. Universities as Source of Knowledge for Innovation. The Case of Technology Intensive Firms - Joana Costa; Aurora A. C. Teixeira; Joana Costa; Aurora A. C. Teixeira
Within a debatable framework of ‘natural replication ’ of well-succeeded cases such as the Silicon Valley, Route 128, OECD countries have been implementing policy measures directed to the stimulation of the development of regional clusters composed by Technology-Intensive Firms (TIF) around universities believing that this would increase economic returns from public research investment thereby fostering regional economic development. That is because knowledge-based goods and services are highly valuated by consumers and the TIF can increase the rate of innovation in the economy as a whole. Thus, the creation of science parks, the support of business incubators, seed capital, specific supports...

8. The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on - Xiaoxian Huang; Aurore Pelissier; Martine Audibert; Jacky Mathonnat; Ningshan Chen; Anning Ma
during the period of the study. ha ls hs

9. Authors - J. Robert Macey; Jared L. Strasburg; Jennifer A. Brisson; Vance T. Vredenburg; J. Robert Macey; Jared L. Strasburg; Jennifer A. Brisson; Vance T. Vredenburg; Mark Jennings
Phylogenetic relationships among frogs of the genus Rana from western North America are investigated using 2013 aligned bases of mitochondrial DNA sequence from the genes encoding ND1 (subunit one of NADH dehydroge-nase), tRNAIle, tRNAGln, tRNAMet, ND2, tRNATrp, tRNAAla, tRNAAsn, tRNACys, tRNATyr, and COI (subunit I of cyto-chrome c oxidase), plus the origin for light-strand repli-cation (OL) between the tRNAAsn and tRNACys genes. The aligned sequences contain 401 phylogenetically informa-tive characters. A well-resolved phylogenetic hypothesis in which the Rana boylii species group (R. aurora, R. boylii, R. cascadae, R. muscosa, and R. pretiosa) is monophyletic is obtained. Molecular sequence divergence suggests...

10. Noise Adaptation for Robust AURORA 2 Noisy Digit Recognition Using Statistical Data Mapping - Xuechuan Wang
The mismatch between system training and operat-ing conditions often has negative influences on automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. Noise in the operat-ing environments is commonly encountered. ASR model adaptation is an important way to enhance the system per-formance in noisy environments. This paper proposes a feature-based statistical data mapping (SDM) approach for robust noisy digit recognition. The recognition tasks are carried out on the AURORA 2 database. Compared to other model adaptation methods such as MLLR, the SDM approach has more robust performances. 1.

11. Academic Year 2008-2009 - Aurora S Chen; Aurora S Chen
The career benefits of an MBA for British and Taiwanese women managers: adopting a career-capital perspective Supervisor: Professor Susan Vinnicombe

12. BERNARDO, MA.C. 15THE MAKING OF HEROES The Making of Heroes: A Grounded Theory on Student Development - Maria Aurora; C. Bernardo; De La
The study explores the nature and extent of educational intervention in public universities in the form of the non-academic inputs of student affairs or services. A multi-site case study of seven Philippine state universities was conducted using grounded theory as a vehicle for theory-building. Each site represented different sizes in student population, academic focus, geographic locations and types of location (rural and urban). A total of 107 interviewees including university officials, alumni, students, faculty and student affairs practitioners served as resource persons, with their responses validated against university documents and site observations. The study puts forward a substantive theory on...

13. technological absorption hypothesis for the Portuguese economy, - Natércia Fortuna; Aurora A. C. Teixeira; Natércia Fortuna
Human capital, trade and long-run productivity. Testing the technological absorption hypothesis for the Portuguese economy, 1960-2001

14. Optimization and evaluation of Gabor feature sets for ASR - Bernd T. Meyer; Birger Kollmeier
In order to enhance automatic speech recognition performance in adverse conditions, Gabor features motivated by physiolog-ical measurements in the primary auditory cortex were opti-mized and evaluated. In the Aurora 2 experimental setup such localized, spectro-temporal filters combined with a Tandem sys-tem yield robust performance with a feature set size of 30. Im-proved results can be obtained when using a Hanning window instead of a cut-off Gaussian envelope due to better modulation frequency characteristics. An analysis of complementarity of Gabor and MFCC features shows that errors could be reduced by 55 % with a perfect classifier. In a real world scenario,...

15. $rec.titulo - Aurore Voldoire; Bas Eickhout; Michiel Schaeffer; Jean-françois Royer; Fabrice Chauvin
1 Climate simulation of the 21 st century with interactive land-use changes

16. U.S. $4 CAN $5 JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES - What Begins; As A Typical; Night For; John Clemens Onjan
Similar pain has bothered Clemens, a healthy 45 year old with no pertinent medical history, periodically during the previous two months. It has always gone away on its own, so he hasn’t consulted his doctor. This night, however, the pain is severe, unrelenting and traveling down his left arm. Thirty minutes after the onset of the pain, Clemens, nauseated and soaked in sweat, knows he has a seri-ous problem and puts in a desperate call to 9-1-1. At 1741, Aurora (Colo.) Fire Dept. (AFD) Engine 2 and Rural Metro ambulance 107 receive a “chest pain ” dispatch to Clemens’ home....

17. 2005), Human Capital Intensity in Technology-based Firms located in Portugal: Does Foreign Multinationals make a Difference?, FEP Working Papers - Ana Teresa Tavares; Aurora A. C. Teixeira; Cempre Centro De Estudos; Macroeconómicos E Previsão; Ana Teresa; Tavares Aurora; A. C. Teixeira
This paper contributes to the scarce empirical literature on the impact of foreign ownership on human capital intensity. New evidence is provided, based on a comprehensive, large-scale survey of technology-based firms located in Portugal. Using two alternatives measures of human capital (one based on skills, another on education), the key findings are that: (1) foreign ownership directly (and significantly) impacts on firms general human capital (education); (2) foreign ownership indirectly (and significantly) impacts on firms specific human capital (skills); (3) the total impact of foreign ownership on firms ’ human capital intensity is higher for education- (general) than for skills-...

18. A Prolog Compiler and its Extension for Or-Parallelism - Mats Carlsson; Mats Carlsson
This report describes algorithms for the compiler component of the Aurora Or-Parallel Prolog system. The compiler translates one Prolog clause at a time into a sequence of abstract instructions. The instruction set is based on the sequential Warren Abstract Machine (WAM) with extensions for full Prolog, shallow backtracking, memory management and garbage collection, and for the SRI model of or-parallel execution of Prolog. Most of the described algorithms apply to compilation of sequential Prolog programs. The extensions introduced to support or-parallelism are minor, and concern pruning operators (cut and commit) and compile-time allocation of binding array offsets for permanent variables...

19. 5. A C. elegans chromokinesin required for chromosome segregation [p 15] - Amy Macqueen; Anne M. Villeneuve; Danielle R. Hamill; Bruce Bowerman; K. Hagstrom; R. Chan; D. Pasqualone; B. J. Meyer; M. Howe; D G. Albertson; B. J. Meyer; Jim Powers; Bill Saxton; Susan Strome; Kenneth Lee; Yosef Gruenbaum; Katherine L. Wilson; Aaron F. Severson; Wen J. Chen; Poupak Rahmani Donald; Sambath Chung Monica Driscoll; Scott Alper; Cynthia Kenyon; Jill C. Bettinger; Steven L. Mcintire
7. The formin protein CYK-1 acts in parallel to an aurora-like kinase/MKLP-1 pathway to execute cytokinesis in early Caenorhabditis elegans embryos [p 17]


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