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  1. Statistics in Focus. Transport business statistics Buses and urban railways largest employers in the passenger land transport sector. 2000.16

    Sánchez, Aurora Ortega

  2. Statistics in Focus. Transport business statistics Buses and urban railways largest employers in the passenger land transport sector. 2000.16

    Sánchez, Aurora Ortega

  3. Statistics in Focus. Transport Business Statistics Road haulage: Italy and Spain with the highest rates of self-employment. 2000.4

    Sánchez, Aurora Ortega

  4. The role of magnetospheric plasma instabilities in auroral and substorm dynamics

    Kalmoni, NME
    The auroral substorm is the manifestation of explosive energy release from the rapid and global reconfiguration of the magnetotail. The auroral substorm is marked by a sudden brightening and poleward expansion of the most equatorward auroral arc in the midnight sector of the ionosphere. The temporal sequence of magnetospheric processes which lead to the dynamic auroral substorm display remain disputed to this day. This thesis contains original research on the development and exploitation of novel data analysis techniques in order to analyse ground-based all sky imager data of the aurora, enabling the study of substorm processes in remarkable detail. Fourier...

  5. Identifying intervals of temporally invariant field-aligned currents from Swarm: Assessing the validity of single-spacecraft methods

    Forsyth, C; Rae, IJ; Mann, IR; Pakhotin, IP
    Field-aligned currents (FACs) are a fundamental component of coupled solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere. By assuming that FACs can be approximated by stationary infinite current sheets that do not change on the spacecraft crossing time, single-spacecraft magnetic field measurements can be used to estimate the currents flowing in space. By combining data from multiple spacecraft on similar orbits, these stationarity assumptions can be tested. In this technical report, we present a new technique that combines cross correlation and linear fitting of multiple spacecraft measurements to determine the reliability of the FAC estimates. We show that this technique can identify those intervals in which...

  6. The ability of the Aurora-A inhibitor alisertib to potentiate the anti-proliferative effects of VEGFR inhibitors in glioblastoma cells

    Mifsud, Caroline
    Glioblastoma (WHO grade IV glioma) is the most common primary malignant brain tumor in adults, and is generally incurable. The prognosis is poor, with a median survival of only 14.6 months. Aurora-A, a serine-threonine kinase critical for a variety of cellular processes including centrosome duplication, spindle assembly, and mitotic exit, is widely overexpressed in glioblastoma. Additionally, malignant gliomas also possess high levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which is associated with pathological vasculogenesis and angiogenesis. Therefore, drugs that inhibit Aurora-A, in addition to VEGF and its receptor, are of interest in order to inhibit neovascularization and cellular proliferation. It...

  7. ‘Bêkou’, le fonds fiduciaire de l’Union européenne pour la République centrafricaine: un espoir pour le financement des Etats fragiles en transition? = 'Bêkou', the European Union Trust Fund for the Central African Republic: hope for funding for fragile states in transition? EU Diplomacy Paper 07/2016

    Loste, Aurore
    No abstract.

  8. Inverted-V and low-energy broadband electron acceleration features of multiple auroras within a large-scale surge

    Li, B; Marklund, G; Karlsson, T; Sadeghi, S; Lindqvist, P-A; Vaivads, A; Fazakerley, A; Zhang, Y; Lucek, E; Sergienko, T; Nilsson, H; Masson, A

  9. Identification of Cancer Related Genes Using a Comprehensive Map of Human Gene Expression

    Torrente, Aurora; Lukk, Margus; Parkinson, Helen; Rung, Johan; Brazma, Alvis; Xue, Vincent
    Rapid accumulation and availability of gene expression datasets in public repositories have enabled large-scale meta-analyses of combined data. The richness of cross-experiment data has provided new biological insights, including identification of new cancer genes. In this study, we compiled a human gene expression dataset from ∼40,000 publicly available Affymetrix HG-U133Plus2 arrays. After strict quality control and data normalisation the data was quantified in an expression matrix of ∼20,000 genes and ∼28,000 samples. To enable different ways of sample grouping, existing annotations where subjected to systematic ontology assisted categorisation and manual curation. Groups like normal tissues, neoplasmic tissues, cell lines, homoeotic...

  10. A population pharmacokinetic model of AT9283 in adults and children to predict the maximum tolerated dose in children with leukaemia.

    Duong, JK; Griffin, MJ; Hargrave, D; Vormoor, J; Edwards, D; Boddy, AV
    AIMS: AT9283 is used to treat patients with solid tumours and patients with leukaemia. However, the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) for children with leukaemia remains unknown due to early termination of the Phase I trial. The aim of this study was to develop a population model of AT9283 to describe the pharmacokinetics in adults and children and to estimate the MTD in children with leukaemia. METHODS: Data from Phase I dose-escalation studies in adults and children were used to build a population pharmacokinetic model (NONMEM v7.3). Potential covariates investigated included body weight, body surface area (BSA), glomerular filtration rate (GFR),...

  11. A phase I/II trial of AT9283, a selective inhibitor of aurora kinase in children with relapsed or refractory acute leukemia: challenges to run early phase clinical trials for children with leukemia.

    Vormoor, B; Veal, GJ; Griffin, MJ; Boddy, AV; Irving, J; Minto, L; Case, M; Banerji, U; Swales, KE; Tall, JR; Moore, AS; Toguchi, M; Acton, G; Dyer, K; Schwab, C; Harrison, CJ; Grainger, JD; Lancaster, D; Kearns, P; Hargrave, D; Vormoor, J
    Aurora kinases regulate mitosis and are commonly overexpressed in leukemia. This phase I/IIa study of AT9283, a multikinase inhibitor, was designed to identify maximal tolerated doses, safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamic activity in children with relapsed/refractory acute leukemia. The trial suffered from poor recruitment and terminated early, therefore failing to identify its primary endpoints. AT9283 caused tolerable toxicity, but failed to show clinical responses. Future trials should be based on robust preclinical data that provide an indication of which patients may benefit from the experimental agent, and recruitment should be improved through international collaborations and early combination with established treatment strategies.

  12. A phase I/II trial of AT9283, a selective inhibitor of aurora kinase in children with relapsed or refractory acute leukemia: challenges to run early phase clinical trials for children with leukemia

    Vormoor, B; Veal, GJ; Griffin, MJ; Boddy, AV; Irving, J; Minto, L; Case, M; Banerji, U; Swales, KE; Tall, JR; Moore, AS; Toguchi, M; Acton, G; Dyer, K; Schwab, C; Harrison, CJ; Grainger, JD; Lancaster, D; Kearns, P; Hargrave, D; Vormoor, J

  13. Nitrate negatives of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad bridge

    Views of the C, B & Q railroad bridge over the Fox River near Aurora, Ill.

  14. The use of Multiple Breath Washout for Assessing Cystic Fibrosis in Infants

    Davies, G; Aurora, P
    INTRODUCTION: Lung Clearance Index, measured using the multiple breath washout (MBW) technique, may be a useful test in infants with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). However, the requirement for specialised equipment and a number of important technical and methodological considerations relevant to testing in infants have complicated matters, and to date prevented its widespread translatability in this age group. Areas covered: We review the current status of infant MBW testing in CF, focusing on Lung Clearance Index. This includes a review of recent developments in the field relevant to testing methodology in the infant population, use in evaluating lung disease in CF...

  15. Risk stratification of Barrett's oesophagus using a non-endoscopic sampling method coupled with a biomarker panel: a cohort study

    Ross-Innes, CS; Chettouh, H; Achilleos, A; Galeano-Dalmau, N; Debiram-Beecham, I; MacRae, S; Fessas, P; Walker, E; Varghese, S; Evan, T; Lao-Sirieix, PS; O'Donovan, M; Malhotra, S; Novelli, M; Disep, B; Kaye, PV; Lovat, LB; Haidry, R; Griffin, M; Ragunath, K; Bhandari, P; Haycock, A; Morris, D; Attwood, S; Dhar, A; Rees, C; Rutter, MD; Ostler, R; Aigret, B; Sasieni, PD; Fitzgerald, RC
    Background Barrett's oesophagus predisposes to adenocarcinoma. However, most patients with Barrett's oesophagus will not progress and endoscopic surveillance is invasive, expensive, and fraught by issues of sampling bias and the subjective assessment of dysplasia. We investigated whether a non-endoscopic device, the Cytosponge, could be coupled with clinical and molecular biomarkers to identify a group of patients with low risk of progression suitable for non-endoscopic follow-up. Methods In this multicentre cohort study (BEST2), patients with Barrett's oesophagus underwent the Cytosponge test before their surveillance endoscopy. We collected clinical and demographic data and tested Cytosponge samples for a molecular biomarker panel including...

  16. Comparing position and orientation accuracy of different electromagnetic sensors for tracking during interventions

    Nijkamp, Jasper; Schermers, Bram; Schmitz, Sander; Jong, Sofieke de; Kuhlmann, Koert; Heijden, Ferdi van der; Sonke, Jan-Jakob; Ruers, Theo
    Purpose To compare the position and orientation accuracy between using one 6-degree of freedom (DOF) electromagnetic (EM) sensor, or the position information of three 5DOF sensors within the scope of tumor tracking. Methods The position accuracy of Northern Digital Inc Aurora 5DOF and 6DOF sensors was determined for a table-top field generator (TTFG) up to a distance of 52 cm. For each sensor 716 positions were measured for 10 s at 15 Hz. Orientation accuracy was determined for each of the orthogonal axis at the TTFG distances of 17, 27, 37 and 47 cm. For the 6DOF sensors, orientation was determined for sensors...

  17. X-linked primary ciliary dyskinesia due to mutations in the cytoplasmic axonemal dynein assembly factor PIH1D3

    Olcese, C; Patel, MP; Shoemark, A; Kiviluoto, S; Legendre, M; Williams, HJ; Vaughan, CK; Hayward, J; Goldenberg, A; Emes, RD; Munye, MM; Dyer, L; Cahill, T; Bevillard, J; Gehrig, C; Guipponi, M; Chantot, S; Duquesnoy, P; Thomas, L; Jeanson, L; Copin, B; Tamalet, A; Thauvin-Robinet, C; Papon, JF; Garin, A; Pin, I; Vera, G; Aurora, P; Fassad, MR; Jenkins, L; Boustred, C; Cullup, T; Dixon, M; Onoufriadis, A; Bush, A; Chung, EM; Antonarakis, SE; Loebinger, MR; Wilson, R; Armengot, M; Escudier, E; Hogg, C; UK10K Rare Group,; Amselem, S; Sun, Z; Bartoloni, L; Blouin, JL; Mitchison, HM
    By moving essential body fluids and molecules, motile cilia and flagella govern respiratory mucociliary clearance, laterality determination and the transport of gametes and cerebrospinal fluid. Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is an autosomal recessive disorder frequently caused by non-assembly of dynein arm motors into cilia and flagella axonemes. Before their import into cilia and flagella, multi-subunit axonemal dynein arms are thought to be stabilized and pre-assembled in the cytoplasm through a DNAAF2-DNAAF4-HSP90 complex akin to the HSP90 co-chaperone R2TP complex. Here, we demonstrate that large genomic deletions as well as point mutations involving PIH1D3 are responsible for an X-linked form of...

  18. Heterotrophic Bacteria Show Weak Competition for Nitrogen in Mediterranean Coastal Waters (Thau Lagoon) in Autumn

    Trottet, Aurore; Leboulanger, Christophe; Vidussi, Francesca; Pete, Romain; Bouvy, Marc; Fouilland, Eric
    The importance of heterotrophic bacteria relative to phytoplankton in the uptake of ammonium and nitrate was studied in Mediterranean coastal waters (Thau Lagoon) during autumn, when the Mediterranean Sea received the greatest allochthonous nutrient loads. Specific inhibitors and size-fractionation methods were used in combination with isotopic N-15 tracers. NO3 (-) and NH4 (+) uptake was dominated by phytoplankton (60 % on average) during the study period, which included a flood event. Despite lower biomass specific NH4 (+) and NO3 uptake rates, free-living heterotrophic bacteria contributed significantly (> 30 %) to total microbial NH4 (+) and NO3 (-) uptake rates in...

  19. Short-term hooking mortality of three marine fish species (Sparidae) caught by recreational angling in the south Portugal

    Veiga, P.; Goncalves, J. M. S.; Erzini, Karim
    Short-term hooking mortality was evaluated for three sparid species [Diplodus vulgaris (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire), Spar-us aurata L. and Spondyliosoma cantharus (L.)] in the Algarve, south Portugal. Fishes were caught from the shore during October 2009 at a fish farm reservoir (Ria Formosa), using three different hook sizes. The relationships between hooking mortality and seven independent variables were analyzed using logistic regression models. In all,384 fishes representing the three target species were caught during the angling sessions. The most caught species was S. cantharus (n = 181; 100% undersized), followed by S. aurata (n = 137; 89% undersized) and D. vulgaris (n...

  20. "La intersección edu-comunicativa"


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