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1. Bioética en tiempo real: El Límite de la viabilidad en los recién nacidos - Altamirano Bustamante, Myriam M.; Zamorano Jiménez, Clara Aurora de Jesús; Chirino Barceló, Yazmin; Baptista González, Héctor
Introducción:  los avances en la medicina perinatal en sociedades con mayor desarrollo industrial, han generado reducción en las tasas de mortalidad neonatal con una gradual disminución en la edad gestacional con posibilidades de supervivencia. Objetivo: analizar los elementos bioéticos considerados en la toma de decisiones para establecer los límites de viabilidad en el recién nacido. Metodología: se  realizó una búsqueda bibliográfca en distintas  fuentes  y bases de datos electrónicas  sobre  los  aspectos éticos,  legal  y humanista en relación con el límite de la viabilidad en los recién nacidos. Resultados y conclusiones: se describen dos escenarios clínicos, que son la plataforma...

2. Otras inapropiables : feminismos desde las fronteras - Alexander, M. Jacqui; Anzaldúa, Gloria; Brah, Avtar; Bhavnani, Kum-Kum; Coulson, Margaret; Hooks, Bell; Levins Morales, Aurora; Sandoval, Chela; Talpade Mohanty, Chandra

3. The role and targeting of Aurora kinases in head and neck cancer - Mehra, Ranee; Serebriiskii, Ilya G.; Burtness, Barbara; Astsaturov, Igor; Golemis, Erica A.
Controlled activation of the Aurora kinases regulates mitotic progression in normal cells. Overexpression and hyperactivation of the Aurora-A and -B kinases play a leading role in tumorigenesis, inducing aneuploidy and genomic instability. In squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN), overexpression of Aurora-A is associated with decreased survival, and reduction of Aurora-A and -B expression inhibits SCCHN cell growth and increases apoptosis. In this article, we provide a basic overview of the biological functions of Aurora kinases in normal cells and in cancer, and review both small studies and high throughput datasets that implicate Aurora-A, particularly, in the...

4. OSTEOCLAST-INDUCED FOXP3+ CD8 T-CELLS LIMIT BONE LOSS IN MICE - Buchwald, Zachary S.; Kiesel, Jennifer R.; Yang, Chang; DiPaolo, Richard; Novack, Deborah V.; Aurora, Rajeev
Osteoimmunology is the crosstalk between the skeletal and immune system. We have previously shown in vitro that osteoclasts (OC) crosspresent antigens to induce FoxP3 in CD8 T-cells (OCiTcREG), which then suppress osteoclast activity. Here we assessed the ability of OC-iTcREG to limit bone resorption in vivo. Mice lacking CD8 T-cells lose more bone in response to RANKL (Tnfsf11) administration. Using adoptive transfer experiments we demonstrate that FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells limit bone loss by RANKL administration. In ovariectomized mice, a murine model of postmenopausal osteoporosis, OC-iTcREG limited bone loss and increased bone density as assessed by serum markers, micro computed tomography...

5. Ecological and Genetic Determinants of Pepino Mosaic Virus Emergence - Moreno-Pérez, Manuel G.; Pagán, Israel; Aragón-Caballero, Liliana; Cáceres, Fátima; Fraile, Aurora; García-Arenal, Fernando
Virus emergence is a complex phenomenon, which generally involves spread to a new host from a wild host, followed by adaptation to the new host. Although viruses account for the largest fraction of emerging crop pathogens, knowledge about their emergence is incomplete. We address here the question of whether Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV) emergence as a major tomato pathogen worldwide could have involved spread from wild to cultivated plant species and host adaptation. For this, we surveyed natural populations of wild tomatoes in southern Peru for PepMV infection. PepMV incidence, genetic variation, population structure, and accumulation in various hosts were...

6. Genomics of KPC-Producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Sequence Type 512 Clone Highlights the Role of RamR and Ribosomal S10 Protein Mutations in Conferring Tigecycline Resistance - Villa, Laura; Feudi, Claudia; Fortini, Daniela; García-Fernández, Aurora; Carattoli, Alessandra
Full genome sequences were determined for five Klebsiella pneumoniae strains belonging to the sequence type 512 (ST512) clone, producing KPC-3. Three strains were resistant to tigecycline, one showed an intermediate phenotype, and one was susceptible. Comparative analysis performed using the genome of the susceptible strain as a reference sequence identified genetic differences possibly associated with resistance to tigecycline. Results demonstrated that mutations in the ramR gene occurred in two of the three sequenced strains. Mutations in RamR were previously demonstrated to cause overexpression of the AcrAB-TolC efflux system and were implicated in tigecycline resistance in K. pneumoniae. The third strain...

7. PhyloFlu, a DNA Microarray for Determining the Phylogenetic Origin of Influenza A Virus Gene Segments and the Genomic Fingerprint of Viral Strains - Paulin, Luis F.; Soto-Del Río, María de los D.; Sánchez, Iván; Hernández, Jesús; Gutiérrez-Ríos, Rosa M.; López-Martínez, Irma; Wong-Chew, Rosa M.; Parissi-Crivelli, Aurora; Isa, P.; López, Susana; Arias, Carlos F.
Recent evidence suggests that most influenza A virus gene segments can contribute to the pathogenicity of the virus. In this regard, the hemagglutinin (HA) subtype of the circulating strains has been closely surveyed, but the reassortment of internal gene segments is usually not monitored as a potential source of an increased pathogenicity. In this work, an oligonucleotide DNA microarray (PhyloFlu) designed to determine the phylogenetic origins of the eight segments of the influenza virus genome was constructed and validated. Clades were defined for each segment and also for the 16 HA and 9 neuraminidase (NA) subtypes. Viral genetic material was...

8. Modafinil Improves Real Driving Performance in Patients with Hypersomnia: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Crossover Clinical Trial - Philip, Pierre; Chaufton, Cyril; Taillard, Jacques; Capelli, Aurore; Coste, Olivier; Léger, Damien; Moore, Nicholas; Sagaspe, Patricia

9. The role of Aurora A in hypoxia-inducible factor 1α-promoting malignant phenotypes of hepatocelluar carcinoma - Cui, Shi-Yun; Huang, Jia-Yuan; Chen, Yi-Tian; Song, Hai-Zhu; Huang, Gui-Chun; De, Wei; Wang, Rui; Chen, Long-Bang
Overexpression of both hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α) and Aurora A has been found in hepatocelluar carcinoma (HCC). However, whether HIF-1α and Aurora A synergistically promote malignant phenotypes of HCC cells is unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate the roles and functional correlation of HIF-1α and Aurora A in HCC progression. Immunohistochemistry was performed to detect HIF-1α and Aurora A protein expression in 55 primary HCC and corresponding non-tumor tissues and their clinical significance. Gene knockout technology using short hairpin RNA (shRNA) was used to knockdown expression of HIF-1α or Aurora A and analyze their effects on malignant...

10. Loss of the proteins Bak and Bax prevents apoptosis mediated by histone deacetylase inhibitors - Ierano, Caterina; Chakraborty, Arup R; Nicolae, Alina; Bahr, Julian C; Zhan, Zhirong; Pittaluga, Stefania; Bates, Susan E; Robey, Robert W
Burkitt lymphoma is characterized by deregulation of c-myc, and therapies targeting c-myc are under investigation as treatments. Histone deacetylase inhibitors are known to abrogate c-myc expression, leading us to examine their effect in a series of Burkitt lymphoma cell lines. While treatment with romidepsin, panobinostat, vorinostat, or belinostat for 48 h resulted in complete cell death in the Ramos and ST486 lines, CA46 and DG75 cells were resistant. In parallel studies, CA46 and DG75 cells were also insensitive to 48 h treatment with the Aurora kinase inhibitors (AKIs) MLN8237 (alisertib), VX-680 (tozasertib), or ZM447439. Bax knockdown is known to lead...

11. Radiobiological comparison of two radiotherapy treatment techniques for high-risk prostate cancer - Hernández, Trinitat García; González, Aurora Vicedo; Peidro, Jorge Pastor; Ferrando, Juan V. Roselló; González, Luis Brualla; Cabañero, Domingo Granero; Torrecilla, José López

12. Aurora A kinase and its substrate TACC3 are required for central spindle assembly - Lioutas, Antonios; Vernos, Isabelle
This study shows that Aurora A-in addition to its role metaphase bipolar spindle assembly-is required for the generation of a robust anaphase central spindle. Aurora A substrate TACC3 participates in this process.

13. Phase II study of irinotecan in combination with temozolomide (TEMIRI) in children with recurrent or refractory medulloblastoma: a joint ITCC and SIOPE brain tumor study - Grill, Jacques; Geoerger, Birgit; Gesner, Lyle; Perek, Danuta; Leblond, Pierre; Cañete, Adela; Aerts, Isabelle; Madero, Luis; de Toledo Codina, Josep Sanchez; Verlooy, Joris; Estlin, Edward; Cisar, Laura; Breazna, Aurora; Dorman, Andrew; Bailey, Simon; Nicolin, Gary; Grundy, Richard G.; Hargrave, Darren;

14. Aurora Leigh. / - Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 1806-1861.; Chapman and Hall, publisher. pbl
Mode of access: Internet.

15. Jock Scott, midshipman: his log / - Aurora, pseud.
Mode of access: Internet.

16. Evaluation Of A Video Capture Board For Networked Workstations - Sanjay Kumar Udani; Dr. Sohrab Rabii
This thesis examines the architectural issues in the design of a video capture board intended for use in multimedia videoconferencing. The major issues examined are: ffl Control of reception and transmission of multimedia video streams ffl Quality of service and service provision ffl Compression requirements and solutions ffl Data buffering and card connection strategies ffl Handling multiple video streams Results of measurements for prototype boards designed and constructed at Penn are also given. ii Acknowledgements I would like thank Jonathan Smith for his support and guidance throughout the project. And Brendan Traw, Alex Doyle and Al Broscius for their invaluable...

17. Restoration Of Archived Television Programmes For Digital Broadcasting - J.-H. Chenot; J.O. Drewery; D. Lyon
The increasing number of television channels and the demands for access to `national heritage of old films' has caused demands for restoration which can be applied so as to enable a wider range of archived material to be used. This paper begins by explaining the drawbacks of the current methods of archive restoration and concludes that successful exploitation of the vast archive possessed by broadcasters will be achieved only by an automated system able to work in real time but being capable of manual intervention. This is the starting point of the European AURORA consortium whose work is then described....

18. Association Rule Based Flexible Machine Learning Module for Embedded System Platforms like Android - Amiraj Dhawan; Shruti Bhave; Amrita Aurora; Vishwanathan Iyer
Abstract—The past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the popularity of smartphones. As newer features continue to be added to smartphones to increase their utility, their significance will only increase in future. Combining machine learning with mobile computing can enable smartphones to become ‘intelligent ’ devices, a feature which is hitherto unseen in them. Also, the combination of machine learning and context aware computing can enable smartphones to gauge users’ requirements proactively, depending upon their environment and context. Accordingly, necessary services can be provided to users. In this paper, we have explored the methods and applications of integrating...

19. Snow thickness measurements at station PS86/080-1 - Katlein, Christian; Arndt, Stefanie; Nicolaus, Marcel

20. Snow thickness measurements at station PS86/071-1 - Katlein, Christian; Arndt, Stefanie; Nicolaus, Marcel

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