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1. Is there a deficit in recognition in old age? - Ruiz Gallego-Largo, Trinidad; Suengas Goenetxea, Aurora; Simón López, María Teresa; Pastor, Noelia
Background: There is some debate over of the effect of aging on the ability to recognize previously processed information. The aim of the present study is to analyze, by means of different measurements, whether aging has differential effects on recall and recognition of visual and verbal materials. Method: A within-subject design was used to compare two groups of different age (younger, older) in tasks of recall and recognition of images and of the verbal descriptors exchanged in a conversation. Results: The results indicated that, unlike the recall and recognition of words, better in younger participants, the recall and recognition of...

2. Improving NFS for the discrete logarithm problem in non-prime finite fields - Barbulescu, Razvan; Gaudry, Pierrick; Guillevic, Aurore; Morain, François
International audience

3. Influence of bromine substitution pattern on the singlet oxygen generation efficiency of two-photon absorbing chromophores - Lanoë, Pierre-Henri; Gallavardin, Thibault; Dupin, Aurore; Maury, Olivier; Baldeck, Patrice L.; Lindgren, Mikael; Monnereau, Cyrille; Andraud, Chantal
International audience

4. Use of targeted SNP selection for an improved anchoring of the melon (Cucumis melo L.) scaffold genome assembly - Argyris, Jason M; Ruiz-Herrera, Aurora; Madriz-Masis, Pablo; Sanseverino, Walter; Morata, Jordi; Pujol, Marta; Ramos-Onsins, Sebastián E; Garcia-Mas, Jordi

5. Regulation of spindle and chromatin dynamics during early and - Jason E. Swain; Jun Ding; Jingwen Wu; Gary D. Smith
late stages of oocyte maturation by aurora kinases

6. $rec.titulo - Nijole Jasinskiene; Craig J. Coates; Aurora Ashikyan; Anthony A. James
High ef®ciency, site-speci®c excision of a marker gene by the phage P1 cre±loxP system in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti

7. Cooperation and conflict in the evolution of individuality IV. Conflict mediation and evolvability in Volvox carteri. BioSystems 69: 95 - Richard E. Michod; Aurora M. Nedelcu; Denis Roze
The continued well being of evolutionary individuals (units of selection and evolution) depends upon their evolvability, that is their capacity to generate and evolve adaptations at their level of organization, as well as their longer term capacity for diversifying into more complex evolutionary forms. During a transition from a lower- to higher-level individual, such as the transition between unicellular and multicellular organisms, the evolvability of the lower-level (cells) must be restricted, while the evolvability of the new higher-level unit (multicellular organism) must be enhanced. For these reasons, understanding the factors leading to an evolutionary transition should help us to understand...

8. AND - Sang J. Kim; Glenn S. Orton; Christophe Dumas; Yong H. Kim
cult, although the rising plumes near the limb were observable from the Earth within a few minutes. The fire-Infrared spectra of Jupiter’s atmosphere were obtained with the infrared spectrometer (IRS) on the 1.5-m telescope at the ball brought up both jovian and cometary molecules, which Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) during the its high temperatures must have ionized and dissociated. first 2 days of the impacts of the fragments of Comet Shoe- As the fireball cooled rapidly by adiabatic expansion, the maker–Levy 9 (1993e). We monitored 3.51 6 0.17 mm radiation recombination process produced neutral molecules, and from the impact...

9. Does the glass transition of polymers change upon 3D confinement? - Martínez-Tong, Daniel E.; Cui, Jing; Soccio, Michelina; García, Carolina; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Nogales, Aurora
The calorimetric trace of polymer spheres shows an increase of the glass-transition temperature (Tg), with respect to its bulk value. This increase is evaluated by means of an entropy model, where the 3D confinement leads to a limiting number of repeating polymer units in the sphere, and thus to a reduction of the possible configuration states of the polymer chains. This is ultimately related to variations in the bulk value of the T g. Also, the way the polymer nature affects how confinement takes place and how restrictions imposed affect the way a polymer forms cooperative rearranging regions at Tg...

10. Crystallization of poly(l-lactide) confined in ultrathin films: Competition between finite size effects and irreversible chain adsorption - Martínez-Tong, Daniel E.; Vanroy, B.; Wübbenhorst, M.; Nogales, Aurora; Napolitano, S.
Confined at the nanoscale level, polymers crystallize much slower than in bulk, and in some cases the formation of ordered structures results inhibited for extremely long experimental time scales. Here, we report on the thickness dependence of the cold crystallization of thin poly(l-lactide) (PLLA) films (<300 nm), capped between two aluminum (Al) layers. The crystallization kinetics was monitored by means of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy, following the reduction in dielectric strength during annealing in isothermal experiments. We exploited a recently developed analytical method assessing the impact of irreversible chain adsorption and permitting to disentangle finite size and interfacial effects. In line...

11. Changes in mobility of plastic crystal ethanol during its transformation into the monoclinic crystal state - Sanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Puente Orench, Inés; Jiménez-Ruiz, M.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.
Transformation of deuterated ethanol from the plastic crystal phase into the monoclinic one is investigated by means of a singular setup combining simultaneously dielectric spectroscopy with neutron diffraction. We postulate that a dynamic transition from plastic crystal to supercooled liquid-like configuration through a deep reorganization of the hydrogen-bonding network must take place as a previous step of the crystallization process. Once these precursor regions are formed, subsequent crystalline nucleation and growth develop with time. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

12. Aurora kinase B inhibition reduces the proliferation of metastatic melanoma cells and enhances the response to chemotherapy - Porcelli, Letizia; Guida, Gabriella; Quatrale, Anna E; Cocco, Tiziana; Sidella, Letizia; Maida, Immacolata; Iacobazzi, Rosa M; Ferretta, Anna; Stolfa, Diana A; Strippoli, Sabino; Guida, Stefania; Tommasi, Stefania; Guida, Michele; Azzariti, Amalia

13. Versiones poco conocidas del mito de Medea, I: "El seguro contra naufragio" de Hoyos y Vicent - López López, Aurora; Pociña Pérez, Andrés

14. Concentrated ground plane booster antenna technology for multiband operation in handset devices - Picher, Cristina; Anguera Pros, Jaume; Andújar Linares, Aurora; Puente Baliarda, Carles; Bujalance Jurado, Adrián
The current demand in the handset antenna field requires multiband antennas due to the existence of multiple communication standards and the emergence of new ones. At the same time, antennas with reduced dimensions are strongly required in order to be easily integrated. In this sense, the paper proposes a compact radiating system that uses two non-resonant elements to properly excite the ground plane to solve the abovementioned shortcomings by minimizing the required Printed Circuit Board (PCB) area while ensuring a multiband performance. These non-resonant elements are called here ground plane boosters since they excite an efficient mode of the ground...

15. Determinants of extramarital sex in the Philippines* - Dennis A. Ahlburga; Eric R. Jensenb; Aurora E. Perezc
Understanding the factors associated with sexual behaviour is critical in slowing the spread of HIV in the Philippines, where sexual transmission accounts for most HIV infections, with the majority from heterosexual activity. Further, unprotected sex is common, as is sex with prostitutes. These factors increase the risks associated with extramarital sex. From an analysis of a nationally representative sample of women, we found that a number of factors were related to women’s reports of their husbands ’ sexual activity outside their current relationship: women report that partners who are more educated, have been in the current relationship longer, and who...

16. THE DUALITY OF ZERO IN THE TRANSITION FROM ARITHMETIC TO ALGEBRA 1 - Aurora Gallardo; Abraham Hernández; Cinvestav México
a) How does zero contribute to the extension of the numerical domain of natural numbers to integers? b) Do students consider zero a number? c) Are they aware of the dual nature of zero? d) Do they understand the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by zero? e) Does a historical-epistemological analysis of zero as a number would contribute to the understanding of the conflicts presented by students nowadays? f) Which cognitive hanges are provoked in students by the teaching of integers through technological environments?

17. Design-adaptive Local Polynomial Estimator for the Errors-in-Variables Problem. Long version available from the authors - Aurore Delaigle; Jianqing Fan; Raymond J. Carroll
Local polynomial estimators are popular techniques for nonparametric regression estimation and have received great attention in the literature. Their simplest version, the local constant estimator, can be easily extended to the errors-in-variables context by exploiting its similarity with the deconvolution kernel density estimator. The generalization of the higher order versions of the estimator, however, is not straightforward and has remained an open problem for the last 15 years. We propose an innovative local polynomial estimator of any order in the errors-in-variables context, derive its design-adaptive asymptotic properties and study its finite sample performance on simulated examples. We provide not only...

18. Electromagnetic wave propagation and absorption in magnetised plasmas: variational formulations and domain decomposition - Back, Aurore; Hattori, Takashi; Labrunie, Simon; Roche, Jean-Rodolphe; Bertrand, Pierre

19. Améliorer la précision de l’estimation de l’âge au décès des adultes par le comptage des anneaux du cément dentaire - Lanteri, Laëtitia; Schmitt, Aurore
International audience

20. SECOND GENERATION OF FREE-FLYING MAGNETOMETER: - System On A Chip Implementation; Brent Blaes Hamid Javadi
A Free-Flying Magnetometer (FFM) is an autonomous spin-stabilized "sensorcraft " that measures vector magnetic field at dc and low frequencies by means of a 3-axis magnetometer. Multiple FFMs are deployed to provide synchronized multipoint magnetic field measurements. These kinds of measurements are enabling new science by determining the fine-scale structure of the currents in the ionosphere involved in the production of aurora (auroral current is caused by penetration of energetic electrons in the solar wind that are accelerated by the Earth's magnetic field and resulting in the outward escape of ions). The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) recently developed a "hockey...

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