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1. IMAGE FUV and in situ FAST particle observations of substorm aurorae - S. B. Mende; C. W. Carlson; H. U. Frey; T. J. Immel
during several substorms. FAST spacecraft observations have shown that the high latitude auroral ionosphere has several distinct regions. Intense auroras are seen in regions of upward directed quasi static electric fields and of Alfven wave accelerated superthermal electrons. In two of the cases presented, the satellite passed through an active poleward propagating substorm surge on its duskward flank. Both show that the superthermal wave accelerated component to be on the polar cap boundary of the surge, and that it could be distinguished from quasi static field ‘‘inverted V’ ’ precipitation which occurred at the more equatorward parts of the auroral...

Thunderstorms in Romania can be severe and cause significant damage and loss of life. Forecasters have difficulty forecasting

3. Transfer of communication skills to the workplace: Impact of a 38-hour communication skills training program designed for radiotherapy teams - Merckaert, Isabelle; Delevallez, France; Gibon, Anne-Sophie; Liénard, Aurore; Libert, Yves; Delvaux, Nicole; Marchal, Serge; Etienne, Anne-Marie; Bragard, Isabelle; Reynaert, Christine; Slachmuylder, Jean-Louis; Scalliet, Pierre; Van Houtte, Paul; Coucke, Philippe; Razavi, Darius
Peer reviewed

4. Localization of the Cross-Field Current Instability in Thin Ionization Layers and the Enhanced Aurora - Jay R. Johnson; Edgar Choueiri; Hideo Okuda
Nearly half of the time, auroral displays exhibit thin, bright layers known as “enhanced aurora. ” There is a substantial body of evidence that connects these displays with thin, dense, heavy ion layers in the E-region. Based on the spectral characteristics of the en-hanced layers, it is believed that they result when wave-particle interaction heats am-bient electrons to energies at or just above the 17 eV ionization energy of N2. While there are several possible instabilities that could produce suprathermal electrons in thin lay-ers, there has been no clear theoretical investigation which examines in detail how wave instabilities in the...

Modern financial economics assumes that we behave with extreme rationality but we do not. Furthermore, our deviations from rationality are often systematic.This paper tries to offer a starting point in the investor’s psychology analyses in the framework of the latest events in the Romanian capi-tal market. The main conclusion is that the two main phenomenon noticed on this market – the “auto-sustainable ” downward trend and the tendency for increase in the market intrinsic volatility lead to a mouvement in the investors ’ psychology cicle from the enthusiastic position (in the final of 2007) to the fear/panic position in the...

6. Effective speech/pause discrimination using an integrated bispectrum likelihood ratio test - J. M. Górriz; J. C. Segura; C. G. Puntonet
This paper shows an effective voice activity detector based on a sta-tistical likelihood ratio test defined on the integrated bispectrum of the signal. It inherits the ability of higher order statistics to detect signals in noise with many other additional advantages: i) its com-putation as a cross spectrum leads to significant computational sav-ings, and ii) the variance of the estimator is of the same order as that of the power spectrum estimator. The proposed method incor-porates contextual information to the decision rule, a strategy that has reported significant improvements in speech detection accuracy and robust speech recognition applications. The experimental...

7. O impacto dos recursos do desempenho exportador de empresas pertencentes a clusters : um estudo no setor vitivinícola francês - Zen, Aurora Carneiro; Fensterseifer, Jaime Evaldo; Prévot, Frédéric
O objetivo deste artigo é analisar o impacto dos recursos no desempenho exportador das empresas pertencentes a clusters. O argumento em que se baseia o presente trabalho é o de que a inserção em clusters possibilita o acesso a recursos que influenciam o processo de internacionalização das empresas. Foi realizada uma pesquisa quantitativa no setor vitivinícola francês, que é o principal mercado consumidor em volume, sendo a França o segundo país em produção de vinhos no mundo. Outro dado da pesquisa é a população-alvo do estudo, que são empresas exportadoras do setor vitivinícola francês, localizadas em clusters, além da amostra...

8. O contexto base da inovação rumo à transição para a sustentabilidade : um ensaio sob uma perspectiva complexa - Silva, Minelle Enéas da; Zen, Aurora Carneiro
O processo de mudança em busca da sustentabilidade, tem recebido o enfoque da inovação como base à construção de dinâmicas para uma ‘transição’. A partir desta visão, o objetivo do presente ensaio teórico, é identificar como o contexto de inovação pode contribuir com a transição para a sustentabilidade a partir de uma perspectiva complexa. Com as discussões realizadas, entende-se que sob uma perspectiva multinível (PMN) e com uma noção incerta e incompleta das situações, a utilização de (re)configurações sóciotécnicas leva ao entendimento que o todo é resultado das partes, segue a lógica micro-meso-macro e gera um novo contexto guiado por...

9. Preliminary analysis of Martian nightglow and aurora observed by MAVEN/IUVS - Stiepen, Arnaud; Stewart; Jain; Schneider; Deighan; Evans; Stevens; Montmessin; Chaffin; McClintock; Clarke; Holsclaw; Jakosky

10. Balanced transmission of a paternal complex chromosomal rearrangement involving chromosomes 2, 3, and 18. - Basinko, Audrey; Perrin, Aurore; Nguyen, Huyen Anh; Morel, Frédéric; Le Bris, Marie-Josée; Saliou, Anne-Hélène; Collet, Michel; Parent, Philippe; Benech, Caroline; Quemener, Sylvia; Ferec, Claude; Douet-Guilbert, Nathalie; De Braekeleer, Marc
International audience

11. $rec.titulo - Jacquot, Aurore

12. $rec.titulo - Jacquot, Aurore,

13. Improved Broadcast Encryption Scheme with Constant-Size Ciphertext - Dubois, Renaud; Aurore, Guillevic; Sengelin Le Breton , Marine
International audience

14. Alkylphenols and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in eastern Mediterranean Spanish coastal marine bivalves - BOUZAS BLANCO, ALBERTO; Aguado García, Daniel; Martí Ortega, Nuria; Pastor, JM; Herraez, R; Campins, P; SECO TORRECILLAS, AURORA
This paper reports the first results on alkylphenol pollution in edible bivalves from the Spanish coast. Two sampling campaigns (July 2006 and July 2007) were carried out to determine the concentration of nonylphenol (NP), octylphenol (OP), and eight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in wild mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialys) and clams (Donax trunculus) at 14 sampling sites along the eastern Mediterranean Spanish coast. The results show that NP is the predominant alkylphenol, being the port of Valencia the most polluted area (up to 147 mu g/kg wet weight in clams). Moving away from the ports the concentration of NP in bivalves decreased....

15. Documentation of dropstones at station PS86/019-1 - Türke, Andreas

16. Determinants of International Technology Transfer: an Empirical Analysis of the Enterprise Europe Network - Araújo, Carina; Teixeira, Aurora A. C.
This paper explores the key factors that foster technology transfer within the triad university-industry-government in an international context, i.e., the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Based on 71 technological Partnership Agreements (PAs), estimation results indicate that PAs associated to partners that provide their collaborators with the appropriate training in technology transfer-related issues, present substantial past experience in international or technological projects, and participate in extensive networks, are those that achieve better performances in terms of international technology transfer. High levels of formal schooling per se are not a key determinant of international technology transfer; the critical factor is highly educated human...

17. Problemática de la educación preescolar en España - Medina de la Fuente, Aurora

18. "Burnout" en la enseñanza: análisis de incidencia y factores determinantes - Manassero Mas, María Antonia; Fornés Vives, Joana; Fernández Bennássar, María del Carmen; Vázquez Alonso, Ángel; Ferrer Pérez, Victoria Aurora

19. Enseñando por proyectos en la escuela: la clase de Laura Castell - La Cueva, Aurora; Imbernón Muñoz, Francisco; Llobera Jiménez, Rosa María
Presentamos un estudio educativo de caso acerca de una profesora de sexto grado y sus estudiantes, que desarrollan un proyecto de aula. Los propósitos de nuestra investigación son incrementar la comprensión de la enseñanza por proyectos, iluminando sus logros, dificultades y ocasionales debilidades, y contribuir con ideas y propuestas al mayor desarrollo teórico y práctico de esta metodología pedagógica. Durante el proyecto observado, los estudiantes diseñaron planes de trabajo, buscaron información en fuentes diversas, colaboraron entre sí, escribieron informes, comunicaron resultados al resto de la clase, participaron en el gobierno del aula, y realizaron auto-evaluación y co-evaluación. Sin embargo, su...

20. Proyectos de investigación en la escuela: científicos, tecnológicos y ciudadanos - La Cueva, Aurora
El trabajo defiende la actualidad y pertinencia de la enseñanza basada en proyectos, y plantea tres grandes tipos de proyectos que pueden desarrollar los estudiantes en la escuela: científicos, tecnológicos y ciudadanos. Para cada uno de ellos se señalan rasgos principales, nociones, habilidades y valores que fomentan, y algunos casos reales ilustrativos. Aunque la clasificación no debe asumirse rígidamente, puede ayudar a vislumbrar otras posibilidades de trabajo didáctico, más allá de las indagaciones de corte estrictamente científico o de las meramente documentales, y muy lejos de la escuela de la repetición y la copia. Se reconoce que la enseñanza por...

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