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1. Ecological and genetic determinants of Pepino mosaic virus emergence - Moreno Pérez, Manuel Guillermo; Pagán Muñoz, Jesús Israel; Aragón Caballero, Liliana; Cáceres, Fátima; Fraile Pérez, Aurora; García Arenal, Fernando
Virus emergence is a complex phenomenon, which generally involves spread to a new host from a wild host, followed by adaptation to the new host. Although viruses account for the largest fraction of emerging crop pathogens, knowledge about their emergence is incomplete. We address here the question of whether Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) emergence as a major tomato pathogen worldwide could have involved spread from wild to cultivated plant species and host adaptation. For this, we surveyed natural populations of wild tomatoes in southern Peru for PepMV infection. PepMV incidence, genetic variation, population structure, and accumulation in various hosts were...

2. La peculiar situación jurídica del menor aragonés mayor de catorce años. - López Azcona, María Aurora
One of the main special characters of the Civil Law of Aragon is the large ability to legally act recognized to children above 14 years, irrespective of him having been emancipated or not. Once reached that age, the child acts on his own, he's no more under the legal representation of his parents or tutors and only under special circumstances he is still in need of the approval of the latter ones.

3. George Sand [Reseña] - Jack, Belinda; Thomas, Florence
Belinda Jack nos cuenta en ese libro la vida de George Sand (de su verdadero nombre Aurora Dupin), esa mujer libertaria del siglo XIX, lo años de su nacimiento, su infancia, su adolescencia y su vida adulta. Una vida tan llena tanto por sus luchas interiores -Sand es una mujer que desde su adolescencia tratará de romper los fatalismos ligados a la condición de mujer del siglo XIX, un siglo profundamente familista y maternalista- como por su inmensa obra literaria que cuenta más de cincuenta novelas y ensayos y centenares de artículos de prensa en un siglo que fue el...

4. La Batería Aurora: una nueva evaluación de la inteligencia exitosa = Aurora Battery: A new assessment of successful intelligence - Prieto, Lola; Ferrándiz García, Carmen; Ferrando Prieto, Mercedes; Bermejo García, María Rosario
The aim of this article is to analyse the degree of agreement and convergence between two different measures of intelligence at identifying students with low, average and high intelligence. These measures are: Aurora-a Battery, a cognitive assessment based on Robert J. Sternberg`s theory of Successful Intelligence; and Cattell¿s factor "g", based on a mono-factorial model of intelligence. In addition, differences on successful intelligence are analysed depending on students IQ level measured by factor "g" test. A sample size of 431 students ranging in age from 8-15 years old attending eight different schools in Murcia Region (Spain) took part in this...

5. International Regional Patterns of R&D Networks Involving Low Tech SMEs - Teixeira, Aurora; Santos, Paulo; Delgado, Ana Paula
A large number of studies have emphasized the spatial proximity of economic activity and its relation to the spatiality of knowledge creation in various types of connections. Far less attention has been paid to the understanding of the determinants of ‘cultural’ and geographical proximity in international R&D cooperation projects involving SMEs and the role of the quality of the Regional Innovation System (RIS). Using a database of completed European Cooperative Research projects, we conclude that: 1) technologically more complex projects are more likely to involve ‘culturally’ and geographically distant partners; 2) RIS related variables determine ‘cultural’ proximity but not geographical...

6. Routines, Capabilities and Innovation in the Brazilian Wine Industry - Cherubini Alves, André; Carneiro Zen, Aurora; Padula, Antônio Domingos
As environments become more competitive and change, firms need to look for new ways of competing by implementing changes and innovations aiming at improving or even building new capabilities. Through multiple case studies, we examine the relationship between routines, capabilities and innovation seeking to identify the changes and innovations that have occurred along the trajectory of two wine producing firms in the Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The results indicate that both companies submitted changes/innovations in routines and capabilities, however, the different strategies and decisions made led to totally different outcomes in terms of size, growth and...

7. A Indústria Eletrônica no Brasil e na China: Um Estudo Comparativo e a Análise das Políticas Públicas de Estímulo a Capacidade Tecnológica do Setor - Hauser, Ghissia; Carneiro Zen, Aurora; Selao, Daniel Correa; Garcia, Patrícia Lazzaroti
Title: The Electronic Industry in Brazil And China: A Comparative Study And the Analysis of the Public Policies of Stimulation the Technological Capacity of the Sector. The world-wide economy has passed for reorganization processes. It having evidenced a set of emergent countries that will be able to become the main productive forces of next the 50 years. These countries constitute the BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China. The objective of the article is to compare the development of the electronic industry in Brazil and China, both integrant countries of the BRIC, and to bring elements for the reflection on the...

8. Diccionario de nombres del ciclo amadisiano ("DINAM"). Universidad de Zaragoza. Departamento de Filología Española. Responsable: María Coduras Bruna. ISSN 2341-1333 (Recurso electrónico) - García Ruiz, María Aurora
The "Diccionario antroponímico del ciclo amadisiano" o "DINAM" is a digital resources for searching names, nicknames, family trees and other associated with characters in the "Amadis of Gaul" cycle.

9. Ricardo Carballo Calero na historia do rosalianismo: unha aproximación bibliográfica - Pociña Pérez, Andrés; López López, Aurora

10. Evidencias de producción alfarera medieval en Calahorra - Luezas Pascual, Rosa Aurora

11. Compositional Heterogeneity of Hailstones: Atmospheric Conditions and Possible Environmental Implications - Martínez-Frías, J.; Millán, M.; García García, Nicolás; López Vera, F.; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; García García, Roberto; Rodríguez-Losada, J. A.; Reyes, Emilio; Martín Rubí, J. A.; Gómez-Coedo, Aurora
3 páginas, 2 figuras.

12. Aurora-A is a determinant of tamoxifen sensitivity through phosphorylation of ERα in breast cancer - Zheng, XQ; Guo, JP; Yang, H; Kanai, M; He, LL; Li, YY; Koomen, JM.; Minton, S.; Gao, M; Ren, XB; Coppola, D; Cheng, JQ

13. Pseudo-emulsion membrane strip dispersion (PEMSD) pertraction of chromium(VI) using CYPHOS IL101 ionic liquid as carrier - Alguacil, Francisco José; Alonso Gámez, Manuel; López Gómez, Félix Antonio; López-Delgado, Aurora
The transport of chromium(VI) from hydrochloric acid medium by pseudoemulsion membrane strip dispersion (PEMSD), using CYPHOS IL101 (phosphonium salt) as ionophore, is investigated under various experimental variables in the feed phase [hydrodynamic conditions, concentration of Cr(VI) (0.01-1 g/L), concentration of HCl (0.01-1M)], in the organic phase [carrier concentration (1-10% v/v)], and in the strip phase (stripping agent). Other variables investigated were the volume organic/strip phase ratios in the pseudoemulsion phase and also the type of membrane support. Under given experimental conditions, i.e., [Cr(VI)]0 = 0.01 g/L and [HCl] 0 = 0.01 M in the feed phase and organic solution of...

14. Dissecting the first and the second meiotic divisions using a marker-less drug-hypersensitive fission yeast - Aoi, Yuki; Sato, Masamitsu; Sutani, Takashi; Shirahige, Katsuhiko; Kapoor, Tarun M; Kawashima, Shigehiro A
Faithful chromosome segregation during meiosis is indispensable to prevent birth defects and infertility. Canonical genetic manipulations have not been very useful for studying meiosis II, since mutations of genes involved in cell cycle regulation or chromosome segregation may affect meiosis I, making interpretations of any defects observed in meiosis II complicated. Here we present a powerful strategy to dissect meiosis I and meiosis II, using chemical inhibitors in genetically tractable model organism fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe). As various chemical probes are not active in fission yeast, mainly due to an effective multidrug resistance (MDR) response, we have recently developed a...

15. Guerra fría y propaganda: Estados unidos y su cruzada cultural en europa y américa latina - Macías Conejo, Aurora

16. Conocimiento y practicas del personal docente con relacion al abordaje del proceso de duelo en adolescentes - Leiva Díaz, Viriam; López Bermúdez, María Elena; Torres Madrigal, Aurora
The following article presents the partial results on the knowledge and practices of teachers in addressing the grieving teen's Julio Acosta Garcia Higher Institute of San Ramon. This research was performed using a quantitative approach, descriptive. For data collection a questionnaire was used, which allowed to characterize and understand the issues mentioned around the theme of the grieving process in adolescents. The information is grouped according to the systematic study of variables for later analysis. Among the most important findings, it is mentioned that the teachers have little knowledge about the processes of mourning in the period of adolescence, and...

17. Candesartan restores pressure-induced vasodilation and prevents skin pressure ulcer formation in diabetic mice - Danigo, Aurore; Nasser, Mohamad; Bessaguet, Flavien; Javellaud, James; Oudart, Nicole; Achard, Jean-Michel; Demiot, Claire

18. Discovery of Diffuse Aurora on Mars - Schneider, Nick; Stiepen, Arnaud; Jain, S; Deighan, J; Stewart, I; Evans, Scott; Stevens, Mike; Larson, D; Mitchell, D; Montmessin, F; Chaffin, M; McClintock, W; Clarke, J; Holsclaw, G; Jakosky, B

19. Statistical properties of the coarse-grained velocity gradient tensor in turbulence: Monte-Carlo simulations of the tetrad model - Pumir, Alain; Naso, Aurore
International audience

20. A Conditional System to Specifically Link Disruption of Protein-Coding Function with Reporter Expression in Mice - Chiou, Shin-Heng; Kim-Kiselak, Caroline; Risca, Viviana I.; Heimann, Megan K.; Chuang, Chen-Hua; Burds, Aurora A.; Greenleaf, William J.; Jacks, Tyler E.; Feldser, David M.; Winslow, Monte M.; Heimann, Megan K.; Burds, Aurora A.; Jacks, Tyler E.
Conditional gene deletion in mice has contributed immensely to our understanding of many biological and biomedical processes. Despite an increasing awareness of nonprotein-coding functional elements within protein-coding transcripts, current gene-targeting approaches typically involve simultaneous ablation of noncoding elements within targeted protein-coding genes. The potential for protein-coding genes to have additional noncoding functions necessitates the development of novel genetic tools capable of precisely interrogating individual functional elements. We present a strategy that couples Cre/loxP-mediated conditional gene disruption with faithful GFP reporter expression in mice in which Cre-mediated stable inversion of a splice acceptor-GFP-splice donor cassette concurrently disrupts protein production and creates...

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