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  1. Aurora de Sangre. Vida y muerte de Hildegart

    Pou Pérez, Miguel
    Nos presenta una visión detallada sobre Hildegart, una asombrosa joven figura en el periodo de la Segunda República Española. Una niña prodigio que basaba su vida para y por los estudios y la praxis política del país, desde una perspectiva progresista e igualitaria. Su madre, Aurora Rodríguez, le truncó la libertad de emancipación y su vida se terminó con cuatro disparos. La encarnación del "super-hombre de Nietzsche" en su "escultura de carne" -como mencionaba a Hildegart- no terminó de desarrollarse al no estar Aurora de acuerdo con el camino vital que iba a seguir su hija.

  2. En cuerpo y alma. Ser mujer en tiempos de Franco

    Rodríguez Martínez, Desirée
    Reseña del último libro de la catedrática Aurora Morcillo Gómez

  3. La alimentación y el estado de nutrición en el Perú

    Collazos Chiriboga, Carlos; Moscoso Franklin, Irma; Bravo de Rueda, Yolanda; Castellanos, Aurora; Cáceres de Fuentes, Carmen; Roca N., Amalia; Bradfield, Robert B.
    Peru, located in the central and western part of South America, is a unitary state with a republican form of government and 10'213, 000. It has a surface area of ​​1'311030 Km2 and two natural axes, the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, which differentiate its territory into three geographic regions: the coast, mountain and forest. The three Peruvian regions are not only geographical individuality, but also economic and social. DE: So, to study the nutritional status of the Peruvian family, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare through the Institute of Nutrition of the American Cooperative Public Health,...

  4. Cuidados de enfermería en pacientes portadores de asistencias ventriculares

    Rossi López, Miriam; Pérez Taboada, Mónica Aurora; Pereira Ferreiro, Ana
    • Introduction: In recent years, there has been an increase in the use and variety of mechanical ventricular assist devices in critical patients. Although the indications and management of the various assist devices are different, nursing care for patients bearing them is similar. • Objective: To provide a standardized care plan to assist inpatients bearing a ventricular assist device which serves as a basis for carrying out individual care plans. • Materials and Methods: Analysis of our unit’s protocols for every ventricular assist device we have, as well as a comprehensive bibliographical review. • Results: A care plan was developed that identified most common nursing diagnoses in...

  5. Comparación entre el balance de líquidos calculado y las variaciones ponderales en una unidad de cardiología

    Gómez Palomar, María Jesús; Caro Romano, Aurora; Escales Seris, Montserrat
    • Introduction: Water balance, one of the most studied variables in cardiology, is an acute decompensation mechanism associated with worsening of the symptoms. • Objective: To find out the relationship between the WB of those patients admitted to our cardiology unit and the weight changes they undergo. • Materials and methods: Comparative observational analytical study in patients admitted to the Cardiology Intermediate Care Unit with an indication for WB during February and March 2012. Inclusion criteria: patients who were admitted with WB. Exclusion criteria: patients for whom the water gain and water loss control was not possible (incontinent, disoriented), those isolated due to resistant germs and those...

  6. Caso clínico: Miocardiopatía dilatada en paciente con distrofia muscular de becker

    Rossi López, Miriam; Pereira Ferreiro, Ana; Pérez Taboada, Mónica Aurora
    Becker muscular dystrophy is an inherited disorder that causes progressive muscle weakness affecting the legs and pelvis. Symptoms appear at about 10 years of age and in most cases there is cardiac involvement by the thirties. We report a case of a 36 year-old male with dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to Becker dystrophy who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit so as to receive inotropic and mechanical support while waiting for a heart. An individualized and case-adapted nursing care plan was created before and after heart transplantation, using therefor the 14-need assessment according to Virginia Henderson’s model. Nursing diagnoses of anxiety and fear stood out,...

  7. Análise sobre a interação da triple helix em um programa público federal: um estudo dos núcleos de apoio à gestão da inovação (NAGIS)

    Zen, Aurora Carneiro; Jaramillo Lopez, Ana Isabel; Dambros, Ângela Maria Ferrari; Callegaro de Menezes, Daniela; Machado, Bernardo Dias
    The aim of this study is to analyze interactions among government, universities and enterprises, components of Triple helix model, considering the implementation process of governmental program to foster innovation in Brazil. To do so, we conducted a qualitative exploratory research within five Centers of Support for Innovation Management (Núcleos de Apoio à Gestão de Inovação – Nagis), which are projects financed through support from federal government, in order to encourage innovation in enterprises of the country. We analized trajectory of these Nagis, their methodology and their difficulties during implantation of each center. The source of data was documents and interviews...

  8. Transferencia de conocimiento dentro de la empresa: análisis de variables precursoras en un entorno lean-kaizen

    Máynez Guaderrama, Aurora; Cavazos Arroyo, Judith; Valles Monge, Leticia
    Introduction: Lean manufacturing is a systematic approach that identifies and removes waste, through continuous improvement. A common activity in it, are kaizen events, which impact the technical and human subsystems of the organization, but unfortunately there are only a few jobs that inquire over its effect on the second subsystem. Thus, this work seeks to contribute with empirical evidence of variables associated with it, particularly the relations between organizational culture and the transfer of tacit knowledge within the company, through the mediation of the understanding need for kaizen, spirit at work and organizational commitment. Method: A quantitative, empirical and cross-sectional...

  9. El simbolismo del león

    Caracuel Barrientos, Aurora
    The aim of this work is studying all the symbolism of lions, animals which were very important and appreciated since the beginning of civilization in Middle East and all Mediterranean cultures. Interpretations were numerous and diverse, and their roots are found in lion’s behaviour, but also in religious and astronomical theories. Those theories were used by Christian authors during following centuries, who created new explanations and symbols —sometimes updating them— for the king of the beasts.

  10. La experiencia de ocio en las personas jóvenes con discapacidad

    Lazcano Quintana, Idurre; Madariaga Ortuzar, Aurora
    Este artículo describe las prácticas y experiencias de ocio de las personas jóvenes con discapacidad. Entendiendo el ocio como un ámbito de desarrollo humano y un derecho universal, y haciendo especial hincapié en la importancia de las experiencias de ocio como elementos promotores del desarrollo integral, y en la juventud como un periodo evolutivo esencial para construir y armar el desarrollo integral de la persona. España es posiblemente el país de Europa con una mayor tradición en estudios sobre juventud, existiendo multitud de investigaciones (Ortega, Lazcano y Manuel, 2015) que analizan la realidad en cuanto al ocio de las personas...

  11. Crisis financiera del 2008: efecto en las empresas listadas en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

    Jaramillo Olivares, Aurora; Jaramillo Jaramillo, Macela
    The objective of this work is to know if the companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, suffered negative reaction in the price of its shares derived from the financial crisis in 2008. The methodology used was the study of events through the market model and the calculation of the abnormal returns of the event date. The analysis was carried out with 87 companies, of which information was obtained from the daily prices in a period from January 2008 to February 2009. The results reveal that the companies of the BMV do not suffer negative economic effects on the price...

  12. Intertextualidad sobre números negativos en niños de primaria: un acercamiento histórico

    Gallardo Cabello, Aurora; Mejía Rodríguez, José Luis; Saavedra Mercado, Gil Arturo
    We analyze the cognitive processes of an elementary school student in relation to informal ideas with integers. The study is grounded on two fundamental theorical concepts: intertextuality and the senses of use of negatives. The intuitive ideas about negative numbers from this student suggest a possible teaching trajectory for the learning of integers, pointing to an earlier introduction of this concept. In addition, we used semiotic analysis to observe the student’s perspective in solving problems. We discuss historical conflicts of the mathematicians in the acceptance of negative numbers. This work has historical character and allows the deep understanding of a student with low academic performance, in his adherence to...

  13. Análisis de la producción investigativa, redes de colaboración e impacto científico del Centro de Investigaciones Pesqueras, Cuba (2000-2015)

    Thomas Sánchez, Ruby; Pis Ramírez, María Aurora; Arencibia, Gustavo
    Objective. It was examined the investigative productivity, collaboration networks and scientific impact of the Center of Fisheries Research (CFR), located in Cuba.Design/Methodology/Approach. It is a research of a bibliometric character where production, collaboration and impact indicators were examined over the 2000-2015 period.Results/Discussion. The research productivity was irregular according to the yearly evolution. Papers written in Spanish and published by Latin American journals are highlighted. By other hand multiple authorships prevailed, being aquiculture the most addressed topic. Collaboration between the CFR members with researchers of external affiliation was very low and the inter-institutional relationships were mostly given with Cuban, Mexican, Venezuelan,...

  14. Diferencias conductuales y cognitivas en dos grupos de escolares con TDAH intervenidos con Arteterapia -vsMetilfenidato y un grupo control

    Gallardo Saavedra, M. Aurora G.; Padrón García, Ana Lucía; Martínez Wbaldo, M. del Consuelo
    Introduction: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a neuropsychiatric entity, with prevalence in children between 2% and 20%, its current treatment associates medications and psychotherapy. The art therapy in mental health has been used to try to change the behavior and cognition. Objective: To compare the cognitive-behavioral changes in schoolchildren with ADHD treated with art therapy-vs-methylphenidate and a control group. Method: a randomized clinical trial in three volunteer groups of 30 pupils in the second grade, two with ADHD “A” and “B, and one control “C”, intervened during 6 months, one with 9 art workshops in 72 sessions and another with methylphenidate and play sessions, behavior and cognition...

  15. Impulso transmedia en las radios universitarias.: Análisis de El Escaparate, programa de radio de la Universidade de Vigo

    Feijóo Fernández, Beatriz; García González, Aurora
    The media convergence has made easier the development of multimedia projects in which the content of the main platform (in this case the radio) is expanded thanks to other supports that complement and enrich the offer. In this specific moment of the historical evolution of the radio, the possibility of studying one of these contemporary multimedia proposal recently implemented in the University of Vigo was considered. The main objective of this study was focused on verifying the level of transmediation that has reached El Escaparate, the University radio of the University of Vigo. In order to get this goal, we...

  16. Crisis y paradojas de la ciudad en la aurora del siglo XXI

    Silveira, María Laura
    The big cities of peripheral countries show a modern territorial division of labor, which superimpose to the others and devalue them. In this process we can recognize an upper circuit, with a marginal portion, and a lower circuit, interdependent but constituted with different degree of technology, capital and organization. The contemporary technical system, the omnipresent information and the power of financial system reach the lower circuit, and provide it new possibilities and new nexus of dependency and subordination. At the same time the marginal portion of upper circuit grows and became more complex as consequence of development of labor division and of the tasks requested by upper circuit. Formed...

  17. No limiar da aurora: itinerários de uma travessia ritualística e alquímica em A cidade sitiada

    Veloso, Rodrigo
    This is a study of the work A cidade sitiada by Clarice Lispector, in dialogue with antropology (rites of passage), the second alchemy Jungian psychology in which it is intended to analyze the character in its individuation process, that means of self-knowledge of oneself. We perceived that the  principal character is marked by the conjugation and stigma of the verb to live, that is, it goes through different phases and stages in order to discover who he really is, since he is always in search of his identity, which is constructed with the development of his story in the novel....

  18. Cobertura mediática de la prohibición de las corridas de toros en Cataluña a través de un análisis multivariante HJ-BIPLOT

    Urchaga Litago, José David; Carballa Rivas, Noa María; García González, Aurora
    Se presenta el procedimiento multivariante HJ-BIPLOT que permite la visualización simultánea de variables y casos. Esta técnica ya se ha empleado en otros contextos como en la Medicina, Psicología o Geología dentro de la estadística de minería de datos (Big Data). Se muestra su utilidad en el ámbito de la comunicación con el añadido de partir de un material cualitativo. Para ello, se analiza la cobertura mediática de la prohibición del Parlamento catalán de las corridas de toros (prensa estatal editada en Madrid, catalana y salmantina). Se analizaron 650 unidades, desde diferentes dimensiones periodísticas: fuentes, enfoque (a favor o en...

  19. Evolução da produtividade do leite na microrregião do guamá no período de 1997-2014

    Nascimento Alves, José Darlon; Albuquerque Oliveira, Inayara; Oliveira Moreira, Wendel Kaian; Albuquerque, Fabio; Shigueru Okumura, Ricardo
    Cattle raising is one of the most important sectors of Brazilian agribusiness, in which Brazil is the world's fifth largest producer of milk. The objective of this study was to analyze the milk productivity behavior in the microregion of Guama, Para state in the period of 1997-2014. The data were time series of milked cows and milk production in Pará, specifically in the micro region of Guama, covering the period 1997-2014, provided by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. The method used for data analysis was the shift-share that can be used to decompose the growth in milk production...

  20. Conjunto de juegos para prevenir las manifestaciones inadecuadas de conducta en los niños (original)

    López Álvarez, Sulia Aurora; Peña García, Yusnely; Rodríguez Lora, Valery
    The research was carried out in the children care center "Serranitos de la Nueva Aurora” with 19 children from the fifthyear of life. It lasted from September, 2012 until April, 2013. The results obtained through the diagnosis and the characterization of the subject demonstrate the necessity to apply a group of games directed to the formation of positive qualities in the development of the children personality as a way to achieve correct habits of social behavior.

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