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    Revista Facultad; Nacional Agronomía; Alarcón García; Miguel Ángel; López Vargas; Jairo Humberto; Restrepo Molina
    Agro-industrial fruit co-products in Colombia, their sources and potential uses in processed food industries: a review

  2. 1. On leave from Departamento de Zootecnia, Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. REDUCED ANIMAL MODEL FOR MARKER ASSISTED SELECTION USING BEST LINEAR UNBIASED PREDICTION R.J.C.Cantet1 and C.Smith

    Centre Genetic; Improvement Livestock
    A reduced animal model (RAM) version of the animal model (AM) incorporating independent marked quantitative trait loci (MQTL's) of Fernando and Grossman (1989) is presented. Both AM and RAM permit obtaining Best Linear Unbiased Predictions of MQTL effects plus the remaining portion of the breeding value that is not accounted for by independent MQTL's. RAM reduces computational requirements by a reduction in the size of the system of equations. Non-parental MQTL effects are expressed as a linear function of parental MQTL effects using marker information and the recombination rate (r) between the marker locus and the MQTL. The resulting fraction...

  3. Crown size and transplant type on the strawberry yield

    Carine Cocco; Jerônimo Luiz Andriolo; Francieli Lima Cardoso; Ligia Erpen; Odair José; Ufsm/ccr Gradu; O Em Agronomia; Edited Edmilson; José Ambrosano
    ABSTRACT: Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa D.) yield is affected by vigor of transplants. Those young and vigorous at planting lead to plants reaching higher vegetative growth and fruit yield than weak or old ones. This study aimed at determining plant growth, development, and fruit yield of the strawberry plant from bare root and plug transplants with different crown diameters. Bare root transplants were produced by rooting stolons and plug transplants from runner tips collected and rooted in a substrate growing bed. Three classes of crown diameters were compared in a 2 × 3 factorial and randomized block experimental design, with...

  4. Lobesia botrana Den and Schiff (Lepidoptera,

    Lm Torres-vila; J Stockel; P Lecharpentier
    agronomie: plant genetics and breeding A melanic form of the European grape vine moth,

  5. 1 Universidade Federal do ParanÆ 2 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

    Revista Brasileira; Ciência Avícola; Alex Maiorka; Maiorka A; Dahlke F; Santin E; Kessler Am; Faculdade De Agronomia
    This study was conducted to evaluate the performance and carcass and breast yields of broilers fed two different energy levels (3,200 or 2,900 kcal ME/kg) and two ways of expressing amino acid requirements (total TAA or digestible DAA) between 21 and 42 days of age. The results showed that broilers fed the diet containing 3,200 kcal ME/kg had higher weight gain (P=0.015), better feed conversion (P=0.001), and higher abdominal fat deposition (P=0.001) as compared to those fed the diet containing 2,900 kcal ME/kg. Diets formulated on DAA basis promoted higher weight gain (P=0.043), better feed conversion (P=0.010) and better conversion...

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    agronomie: plant genetics and breeding Cloning of genes associated with the colonization of tomato roots by the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae

  7. Application of endomycorrhizae to commercial production of Rhododendron microplants. Agronomie 12: 881–885

    Mc Lemoine; S Gianinazzi; V Gianinazzi-pearson
    Summary — Rhododendron plants produced in vitro are weaned under greenhouse conditions but = 10 % of the mi-croplants either die or do not grow during this stage. A series of experiments was carried out to determine whether production could be increased through controlled mycorrhization. Of 7 fungi isolated from roots of plants sampled in a commercial nursery (Derly France, SA), 1 was mycorrhizal and 6 caused significant damage, showing the need to dis-infect substrata before outplanting. Of 5 combinations of pH and substrata tested, only 1 was suitable for both plant growth and mycorrhization. Screening of different strains of...

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    Revista Facultad; Nacional Agronomía; Rico Rodríguez; Fabián Gutiérrez Cortés; Carolina Díaz Moreno; Fabián Rico; Rodríguez Carolina; Gutiérrez Cortés; Consuelo Díaz Moreno
    Influence of chitosan coatings with citric essential oil on the shelf-life of minimally processed mango (Mangifera indica L.)

  9. Complete issue

    Revista Facultad; Nacional Agronomía
    A coating of chitosan and propolis extract for the postharvest treatment of papaya (Carica papaya L. cv.Hawaiiana)

  10. A sala de aula como laboratório para construção de objetos de aprendizagem aplicáveis ao ensino presencial e à distância

    Jacques, Jocelise Jacques de; García, Daniel Sergio Presta; Lersch, Ines Martina; Pozzi, Marion Diverio Faria
    Este trabalho apresenta uma proposta, em construção, de diferentes possibilidades pedagógicas de uso inovador da tecnologia aplicada à educação, visando mais especificamente, a educação à distância. Os debates a respeito da EaD, sobretudo, na última década, têm oportunizado reflexões importantes a respeito da necessidade de ressignificações de alguns paradigmas que norteiam nossas compreensões relativas à educação. Para tanto, está em desenvolvimento o Projeto de EAD da disciplina de Desenho Técnico para Agronomia subsidiado pelo Edital SEAD 2008. Este projeto prevê a parceria entre os professores de Desenho Técnico a Mão Livre, Desenho Técnico para Agrnomia e Desenho Geológico, envolvendo um...

  11. Département d’Agronomie, Faculté des Sciences de la Nature et de la Vie

    Ghania Chaib Phd; Mostefa Benlaribi Prof; Tahar Hazmoune Phd; Université Skikda Algérie
    In this work, the contents of proline and soluble sugars are estimated under different levels of water deficit: 75%, 35%, 25 % and 12,5% of fields ’ capacity (FC). The study involved 10 genotypes of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf) of different origins, local and introduced. The results show that the proline content in the leaves is low at 75 % FC. The proline increases in parallel with the decrease of the water content in the medium of development, with the exception of 25 % FC; however, this increase remains normal over 75 % FC. Sugars evolve in the same...

  12. Un modèle multi-agents pour la simulation en agronomie : usages et comparaisons

    Le Ber, Florence; Dury, Arnaud; Chevrier, Vincent
    Colloque avec actes et comité de lecture.

  13. Barrage

    Colloque Automatique Et Agronomie; Montpellier Janvier; Pierre-olivier Malaterre
    Le contrôle automatique des canaux d’irrigation: état de l’art et perspectives Pierre-Olivier Malaterre†

  14. Agronomie, pouvoirs et sociétés en Europe occidentale (XVe-XVIIIe siècle)

    Olivier, Sylvain; Stockland, Pierre-Étienne
    [Jean-Marc Olivier (dir.) - ISBN 9782340014329]

  15. Mestre em Ciências.

    Wanda Griep Hirai; Agricultura Familiar E Segurança Alimentar; Faculdade Agronomia; Eliseu Maciel
    a importância da produção para o autoconsumo em três municípios do RS

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    J Loiseau; C Marche; Y Le Deunff
    agronomie: plant genetics and breeding Variability of somatic embryogenic ability in the genus Pisum L: effects of genotype, explant source and culture medium

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    Agronomía Colombiana; Simón Pedro López; Camilo Ernesto; Simón Pedro Cortés; Camilo Ernesto López
    How to cite

  18. Escola de Agronomia e Engenharia de Alimentos

    Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical; Karina Mendes Pinheiro; Thieres George; Freire Silva
    Indirect methods for determining the area index of forage cactus cladodes1

  19. 1Programa de Pós-Graduação em Agronomia; Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná. 2Laboratório de

    Jucelaine Haas-costa; Luis Francisco; Angeli Alves; Ra Aparecida Daros
    Beauveria bassiana, an important insect pathogen was used to evaluate its effect on the feeding, behavior, histology of the digestory system and anatomy of Gallus domesticus. The fungus (strain Unioeste 4) was administrated orally treated with chicken food. Chicken feces were collected, and the birds observed for 28 days. Also, were evaluated the weight of the birds, as well as any sign of intoxication or pathological modification. Tissue samples were withdrawn to test lesions with the optic microscope. There was 100 % of survival of the birds, and no behavior alteration or external lesion was found. The test group presented...

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    Universite Blaise; Pascal Universite D’auvergne; Ecole Doctorale; Des Sciences; De La Vie; Sante Agronomie Environnement; Spécialité Ecologie
    Ressources pollinifères et mellifères de l’Abeille domestique, Apis Mellifera, en paysage rural du nord-ouest de la France

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