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  1. Yield tables

    G. Montero; I. Cañellas; R. Ruíz-peinado; Dpto Selvicultura; Cifor-inia Ctra; A Coruña
    Growth and yield models of silviculture applied to four site indices have been drawn up. The data were ob-tained in 72 plots, installed in 1965 in man made stands of Pinus halepensis Mill., and inventoried in 1965, 1975, 1980, 1988 y 1999. The site index was defined as the top height at age 80 and models were adjusted using the Richards function, obtaining four site qualities: 20, 17, 14 and 11. Following this, silvicultural production models, including two different thinning regimes, were developed for the two higher site qualities sites, with more productive interest (20 and 17) using a simulation...

  2. Editor

    Francis E. Putz; Pieter A. Zuidema; Timothy Synnott; Michelle A. Pinard; Douglas Sheil; Jerome K. Vanclay; Plinio Sist; Sylvie Gourlet-fleury; Bronson Griscom; John Palmer; Roderick Zagt; Dr. Belinda Reyers
    forestry; tropical silviculture.

  3. Effects of silviculture and genetics on branch/knot attributes of coastal pacific northwest douglas-fir and implications for wood quality—A Synthesis. Forests 2014

    Wood Quality—a Synthesis; Eini C. Lowell; Douglas A. Maguire; David G. Briggs; Eric C. Turnblom; Keith J. S. Jayawickrama; Jed Bryce

  4. Publishers The Finnish Society of Forest Science

    Silva Fennica; Silva Fennica; Eeva Korpilahti
    Aim and Scope Silva Fennica publishes original research articles, critical review articles, research notes report-ing preliminary or tentative results, and discussion papers. The journal covers all aspects of forest research, both basic and applied subjects. The scope includes forest environment and silviculture, physiology, ecology, soil science, entomology, pathology, and genetics related to forests, forest operations and techniques, inventory, growth, yield, quantitative and management

  5. Recommended Citation "PB1798 Uneven-age Management in Mixed Species, Southern Hardwoods: Is It Feasible and Sustainable?, " Wayne K. Clatterbuck,

    Wayne K. Clatterbuck; Jeffrey W. Stringer; Larry Tankersley; Jeffrey W. Stringer; Larry Tankersley
    The publications in this collection represent the historical publishing record of the UT Agricultural Experiment Station and do not necessarily reflect current scientific knowledge or recommendations. Current information about UT Ag Research can be found at the UT Ag Research website. This Hardwood Silviculture Notes is brought to you for free and open access by the UT Extension Publications at Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange. It has been accepted for inclusion in Forestry, Trees, and Timber by an authorized administrator of Trace: Tennessee Research and

  6. Original article Methods of oak silviculture in Austria

    E Hochbichler
    Summary — In Austria oak stands occupy an area covering ≈ 150 000 ha or ≈ 4 % of the total forest area. Half of the oak stands are managed as coppice or coppice with standards, and half are man-aged as high forest. During the last 2 decades there has been a remarkable increase in developing young oak stands. The interest in managing suitable forest areas for oak is apparently growing. Therefore regeneration methods, timely and proper management and thinning regimes will be very important in the near future. As a result of different growth performances it is necessary to...

  7. Key words: rural economy, adhesion, subventions, subsistent farms, performance and profitability. SUMMARY

    Sîrbulescu Elena Claudia; Luminińa Pîrvulescu; Carmen Dumitrescu
    The year 2007, the data for Romania adhesion to European Union is coming quickly and the country has to adapt rapidly the rural economy to may integrate in the internal market of European Union and to adopt integrally the Common Agricultural Politics (CAP). The adhesion to EU is probably the most powerful pressing factor for rapid reforming of agriculture and Romanian rural economy, because of the necessity of integrating successfully in European rural economy. The European agriculture model is based on a competitive sector and market oriented, also completing other public functions, as environment protection, offering residential settlements more convenient...

  8. A Manual of Permanent Plot Procedures for Tropical Rain Forests. Tropical Forestry Papers Nº 14

    T. J. Synnott; Unit Of Tropical Silviculture
    Printed in Great Britain by Express Litho Service (Oxford). iFOREWORD This manual was drafted during a research project financed by

  9. $rec.titulo

    1918) began with studies to determine the best silvicultur-al practices for timber production of southwestern yellow pine (Pinus ponderosa). Besides issues of stocking levels

  10. Caracterización de la estructura horizontal de una plantación de Pinus maestrensis Bisse, sin atención silvícola, en el Área de Manejo Los Números, municipio de Guisa, provincia de Granma

    Pérez Osoria, Manuel; Cruz Pérez, Yudemir; Kissoon, Winston
    The purpose of this work was to evaluate the impact of the forest harvesting in forests planted of Pinus maestrensis Bisse, in the Area of Handling» Los Numeros», Guisa municipality, it belongs to the Enterprise Unit Base of Silvículture Management of Guisa, of the Integral Forestry Enterprise Granma. The investigation was developed in two fundamental stages: the evaluation of the pine forest before the pruning and the valuation after this. A characterization of the structure of the pine forest using the indexes of diversity of Simpson and Shannon was carried out, comparing it before and after the harvesting, several dasometric...

  11. As distintas faces da intermediação entre capital e trabalho rural no Brasil

    Aparecida de Moraes, Eulália Maria; Medeiros de Melo, Beatriz
    En las últimas décadas, Brasil se ha establecido como el mayor productor mundial decommodities (soja, azúcar, maíz, carne, café) y minerales (hierro, oro, plata, aluminio, entre otros). Para esta gran producción, el capital se ha beneficiado de la movilidad laboral en los diferentes niveles-local, regional, nacional e internacional. Históricamente, existen profundas diferencias económicas y sociales entre las regiones. Así, desde hace décadas, vemos los imágenes de miles de migrantes de los estados del noreste y el norte de Minas Gerais, para trabajar en las plantaciones de caña de azúcar, café, naranja, así como la construcción en el centro sur, en...


    Harry Ardell Fowells
    In the preparation of this thesis, the writer does not claim to haveS discovered any great truths or their underlying causes. As the title indicates, the work is a summary of some of the more important investigational activities on the McDonald Forest. This line of endea-vor was chosen because it is the belief of the writer that forest re-search projects which consider time as an element or variable should be kept up-to-date. By so suimnarizing the data of each period, it is thought that the greatest value will be derived from the problem. Accordingly,. the writer has used much data...


    Seth W. Bigelow; Sean Parks
    Predicting altered connectivity of patchy forests under group selection silviculture

  14. BY

    Northern Wisconsin Usa; Christel Kern
    program that seeks to provide a diverse workforce by providing higher education opportunities and subsequent scientist positions for underrepresented groups. This program was a way for me to maintain my paraprofessional research position in ecology and silviculture while attending graduate school and provided a mechanism for me to advance my career after successful completion of school. SRI also provided some funding for tuition. I want to thank Brian Palik (research ecologist, USFS Northern Research Station [NRS]) for supporting me to enter the SRI program and my dual roles as a NRS employee and graduate student throughout the process. As a...

  15. General Directorate of Forestry Protection and Nature Conservation Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia

    Priyono Suryanto (corresponding; Mohd. Zaki Hamzah; Azmy Mohamed
    Silviculture Agroforestry Regime (SAR) is a compatible management model between the local community agroforestry with the intensive buffer zone and Gunung Merapi National Park (GMNP) through forest rehabilitation and renewal zonation system. The aims of this study: to assess the prospects of SAR among the stakeholders, i.e. the local community, the government and the researchers, as well as the challenges on its implementation. This study employed the SWOT analysis (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), synergized with the Analysis of Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach to quantitative the potential of SAR. The results revealed that SAR has a high potential for...

  16. Mapping wood production in European forests

    Verkerk, Pieter J.; Levers, Christian; Kuemmerle, Tobias; Lindner, Marcus; Valbuena Puebla, Ruben; Verburg, Peter H.; Zudin, Sergey
    Wood production is an important forest use, impacting a range of other ecosystem services. However, information on the spatial patterns in wood production is limited and often available only for larger administrative units. In this study, we developed high-resolution wood production maps for European forests. We collected wood production statistics for 29 European countries from 2000 to 2010, as well as comprehensive sets of biophysical and socioeconomic location factors. We used regression analyses to produce maps indicating the harvest likelihood on a 1 × 1 km2 grid. These likelihood maps were validated using national forest inventory plot data. We then...

  17. Análisis del crecimiento económico de Ecuador, impacto y contribución del sector agropecuario.

    [ES] El Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) del Ecuador, ha crecido a una tasa promedio interanual del 4,31%, lo cual demuestra el desarrollo económico experimentado por el país en los últimos 10 años. En esta economía, el sector agropecuario es de vital importancia por su papel estratégico dentro del concepto global de seguridad alimentaria y debido a su contribución al PIB, que de acuerdo a las cifras del Banco Central del Ecuador para el año 2014 fue del 7,25% (incluye únicamente el sector agricultura, ganadería, caza y silvicultura). Sin embargo la contribución de este sector a la economía del país, ha sido...

  18. SYSTEMATIC REVIEW PROTOCOL Open Access Comparative effectiveness of silvicultural

    John R Healey; Barbara Livoreil; Robert Nasi; Marielos Peña-claros; Francis E Putz; Wen Zhou
    ng timber production impact of silviculture on tropical forests and to identify silvicultural practices appropriate for the current conditions in

  19. Bibliotheque nationale du Canada Acquisit~ons and Biblicgraphic Services Branch NOTICE

    K I A On; Benson Wong
    Direction des acquisitions et des services bibliographiques

  20. SYSTEMATIC REVIEW PROTOCOL Open Access Comparative effectiveness of silvicultural

    John R Healey; Barbara Livoreil; Robert Nasi; Marielos Peña-claros; Francis E Putz; Wen Zhou
    ng timber production impact of silviculture on tropical forests and to identify silvicultural practices appropriate for the current conditions in

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