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1. Estudi de viabilitat d'un finca agroecològica a la comarca d'Osona - Suriñach Carandell, Armand
La Baga is a property that was managed during generations as a conventional farm, focused in animals feeding. The focal point of the project shows the design of an organic farm, economic, sociologic and environmental viable; everything required to be able to live with the exploitation farming resources. In order to achieve the project objective, the plan involves and exploitation based on the polyculture crops; associating extensive horticulture crops with wooden crops, and intensive horticulture with fruit tree crops.

2. High CO2-low temperature interaction on Ribulose 1,5-biphosphate carboxylase and polyglacturonase protein levels in cherimoya fruit - Escribano, M. Isabel; Cura, B del; Muñoz, Teresa; Merodio, Carmen
Publicado en: CA '97 : Proceedings [Seventh International Controlled Atmosphere Research Conference, University of California, Davis, July 13-18, 1997].Serie Postharvest horticulture no. 15, Vol.3.: Fruits other than apples and pears.

3. Annual report of the Bureau of Agriculture, Horticulture and Statistics. - Kentucky. Bureau of Agriculture, Horticulture and Statistics.
v. :

4. Annual report of the Nebraska State Horticultural Society for the year ... : containing the proceedings of the annual and semiannual meetings held during the year / edited by the Secretary. - Nebraska State Horticultural Society.
v. :

5. Transactions of the Mississippi Valley Horticultural Society. - Mississippi Valley Horticultural Society.
v. :

6. Biennial report. - Montana. State Board of Horticulture.

7. Annual report of the state horticulturist. - Maine. Bureau of Horticulture.

8. Proceedings of the annual meeting. - New York State Horticultural Society.; New-York Horticultural Society.

9. Report of the Kentucky State Horticultural Society. - Kentucky State Horticultural Society.
v. ;

10. Annual report ... / [State Board of Agriculture] - Vermont. State Board of Agriculture.
v. :

11. The illustrated dictionary of gardening : a practical and scientific encyclopedia of horticulture for gardeners and botanists / edited by George Nicholson ; assisted by J. W. H. Trail and J. Garrett. - Nicholson, George, 1847-1908,
4 v. :

12. The gardener's kalendar, or, Monthly directory of operations in every branch of horticulture / by Walter Nicol. - Nicol, Walter.
4th ed.

13. Schmidlin's Gartenbuch. Praktische Anleitung zur Anlage und Bestellung der Haus- und Wirthschaftsgärten nebst Beschreibung und Kultur-anweisung der hierzu tauglichsten Bäume, Sträucher, Blumen und Nutzpflanzen. - Schmidlin, Eduard, 1808-1890.
4. Aufl., vollständig neu bearb. von Th. Nietner ... und Th. Rümpler .

14. The Gardner; a magazine of horticulture and floriculture.
16 v.

15. Carters' practical gardener: the best amateur's guide and handy book of every-day matters connected with garden routine. With illustrations of geometrical designs for fashionable gardening, prize vegetables for exhibition, etc., etc. - James Carter and Co.
3 p. l., [3]-214 p.

16. Patrones de asentamiento en el Período Alfarero Temprano de Chile Central - Sanhueza, Lorena; Cornejo B., Luis E.; Falabella, Fernanda
Essential to understanding prehispanic settlement systems is the identification of the structure and relationships of archaeological sites within a region. Here we examine the results of a survey program that included the Rancagua basin, Santiago basin and Melipilla valley in Central Chile, in order to make inferences related to the settlement pattern of groups that inhabited this area during the Early Ceramic Period. The data show clusters of sites grouped near water resources, mainly river valleys, and empty spaces that share the same geographical conditions but have no evidence of ancient occupation. We use ethnographic and ethnohistorical evidence to propose that this pattern relates to...

17. Pacific Coast Entomological Conference and special short course in horticulture. - Pacific Coast Entomological Conference
16 p. ;

18. Service and regulatory announcements / U.S. Department of Agriculture, Federal Horticulture Board.

19. Annual report of the Horticulture branch. Proceedings under the Destructive insects and pests acts, 1877 and 1907 and the Board of agriculture act, 1889 (Section 2, sub-section 3) ... 1912/13- - Great Britain. Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. Horticulture branch.

20. Effect of Sucrose and Ascorbic Acid Concentrations on Vase Life of Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus L.) Cut - Yousif A. Abdulrahman; Sarfaraz F. Ali; Hadar S. Faizi
Abstract: The vase life of snapdragon cut spike flower (Antirrhinum majus L.) is short due to some post harvest problems leading to its low postharvest quality. Flower longevity is varied in different cultivars of snapdragon. But cause of short vase life was most reported to be loss of carbohydrate content or stem vessel blockage. Therefore this experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of different concentrations effect of sucrose and ascorbic acid on the vase life of snapdragon cut spike flowers (Antirrhinum majus L.). Cut spikes were kept in solutions consisted of two levels of sucrose (0.25 and 0.50...

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