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  1. CFD simulations of the night-time condensation inside a closed glasshouse: Sensitivity analysis to outside external conditions, heating and glass properties

    Ali, Hacene Bouhoun; Bournet, Pierre-Emmanuel; Danjou, Vianney; Morille, Benjamin; Migeon, Christophe
    Times Cited: 0

  2. Analysis of the time evolution of the intercepted radiation inside a crop using CFD

    Morille, B.; Bournet, P. E.; Migeon, C.
    Times Cited: 0;International Symposium on New Technologies for Environment Control, Energy-Saving and Crop Production in Greenhouse and Plant Factory - Greensys 2013, Jeju, Korea Republic, 22-27 September 2013.

  3. A dehumidification strategy to avoid condensation on plants and spare energy in greenhouse

    Chasseriaux, Gérard; Chantoiseau, Etienne; Migeon, C.; Bournet, P. E.
    Times Cited: 0;International Symposium on New Technologies for Environment Control, Energy-Saving and Crop Production in Greenhouse and Plant Factory - Greensys 2013, Jeju, Korea Republic, 22-27 September 2013.

  4. Is the Penman-Monteith model adapted to predict crop transpiration under greenhouse conditions? Application to a New Guinea Impatiens crop

    Morille, B.; Migeon, C.; Bournet, P. E.
    International audience

  5. Coupling Global and Distributed Climate Models to Better Assess Heat Transfers through the Cover of a Greenhouse

    Serir, L.; Bouhdjar, A.; Bournet, P. E.
    International audience

  6. w Night Time CFD Simulations of the Distributed Climate inside a Glasshouse

    Morille, B.; Genez, R.; Migeon, C.; Bournet, P. E.; Ali, H. B.
    International audience

  7. Peat particle size effects on spatial root distribution, and changes on hydraulic and aeration properties

    Cannavo, Patrice; Michel, Jean Charles
    International audience

  8. Numerical Simulation of the Airflow and Temperature Distribution in a Closed Empty Venlo Glasshouse under Hot and Arid Climate

    Mesmoudi, K.; Zitouni, B.; Outtas, T.; Bournet, P. E.
    International audience

  9. Water Repellency of Peats: a Main Factor Influencing the Evolution of Their Physical Properties

    Michel, Jean Charles; Qi, G.; Charpentier, Sylvain
    Michel, J. -C. Qi, G. Charpentier, S.;International Symposium on Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis;Oct 17-21, 2011;Barcelona, SPAIN;Int Soc Hort Sci

  10. Commerical Transition to LEDs: A Pathway to High-Value Products

    Stutte, Gary W.
    The use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to support plant growth is a radical departure from use of gas-discharge lamps, which were developed in mid-19th and widely adopted by the industry during the 20th century. Initial investigation by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the late 1980s on the use of LEDs to grow plant in space is resulting in an industry-wide transition from gas discharge to solid-state lighting systems. This global transformation is given urgency by national policies to reduce energy consumption and being facilitated by ready access to information on LEDs. The combination of research, government policy,...

  11. Frutíferas Nativas do Sul do Brasil

    Nessa edição do Pesquisa em Pauta, conversamos com o professor Paulo Vitor, coordenador do Departamento de Horticultura e Silvicultura da UFRGS, sobre a pesquisa: Potencial de frutíferas nativas do sul do Brasil.

  12. Vers une horticulture à haute performance environnementale

    Lespinasse, Yves; Delahaye, Angélique; PADILLA, Martine; Plénet, Daniel; Lescourret, Francoise; Génard, Michel; Causse, Mathilde; Navez, Brigitte; Dosba, Francoise; Jeannequin, Benoit
    UMR 1334 AGAP : Equipe AFEF ‘Architecture et Fonctionnement des Espèces fruitières’ ; Team AFFS ‘Architecture and Functioning of Fruit Species’ Contact:,

  13. Evaluation of the genetic diversity among elite tea (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis) accessions using RAPD markers

    Kaundun, SS; Zhyvoloup, A; Park, YG

  14. Key Gaps for Enabling Plant Growth in Future Missions

    Motil, Brian; Hanford, Anthony; Barta, Dan; Massa, Gioia; Anderson, Molly; Quincy, Charlie; Romeyn, Matthew; Wheeler, Ray; Fritsche, Ralph
    Growing plants to provide food or psychological benefits to crewmembers is a common vision for the future of human spaceflight, often represented in media and in serious concept studies. The complexity of controlled environment agriculture, and plant growth in microgravity have and continue to be the subject of dedicated scientific research. However, actually implementing these systems in a way that will be cost effective, efficient, and sustainable for future space missions is a complex, multi-disciplinary problem. Key questions exist in many areas: human medical research in nutrition and psychology, horticulture, plant physiology and microbiology, multi-phase microgravity fluid physics, hardware design...

  15. Rose and Pear Breeding in Nineteenth-Century France: the Practice and Science of Diversity

    Pavie, Cristiana; Philips, Denise; Kingsland, Sharon

    Horticultural plant breeding underwent significant development in France in the
    nineteenth century. A wide community of breeders, naturalists, botanists and
    scholars was interested in plant breeding; some cared primarily about finding the
    most effective ways to get new varieties, while others wanted to understand this
    new diversity. They faced a number of practical and theoretical problems con-
    cerned with the causes of variation, the genealogy of variation, and the nature of
    hybrids. This chapter focuses on two of the most widely bred woody plants in
    France, roses and pear-trees, in order to highlight the particularities of these per-
    ennial plants,...

  16. Les rosiers entre horticulture et science au XIXe siècle

    Pavie, Cristiana

  17. Uso de componentes de óleos essenciais e de extrato pirolenhoso no raleio de frutos de bergamoteiras ‘Montenegrina’ para sistemas orgânicos de produção

    Munhoz, Bruno de Oliveira


    Heisler, Guilherme

  19. Avaliação do sistema de produção e comercialização em propriedades citrícolas do Rio Grande do Sul

    Schneider, Leonardo André

  20. Determinação de pontos críticos no manuseio pós-colheita de laranjas

    Bender, Stefan da Silveira

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