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  1. Remodeling of hepatic vascular changes after specific chemotherapy of schistosomal periportal fibrosis

    Zilton A Andrade; Ana Paula Baptista; Thaynã Souto Santana; Laboratório De Patologia Experimental; Centro Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz-fiocruz; Rua Valdemar Falcão
    Hepatosplenic schistosomiasis was the first human disease in which the possibility of extensive long standing hepatic fibrosis being degraded and removed has been demonstrated. When such changes occurred, the main signs of portal hypertension (splenomegaly, esophageal varices) progressively disappeared, implying that a profound vascular remodeling was concomitantly occurring. Hepatic vascular alterations associated with advanced schisto-somiasis have already been investigated. Obstruction of the intrahepatic portal vein branches, plus marked angio-genesis and compensatory hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the arterial tree are the main changes present. However, there are no data revealing how these vascular changes behave during the process of fibrosis regression....

  2. 3Programa de Patologia Experimental e Comparada, Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia,

    Nicolle Fridlund; Plugge Fabiano; Montiani Ferreira; Rosária Regina; Tesoni Barros Richartz; Paulo Usp
    Toxoplasma gondii in dogs with neurological signs Ocorrência de anticorpos contra Neospora caninum e/ou Toxoplasma gondii em cães com sinais neurológicos

  3. aPrograma de Pós-Graduação em Patologia Experimental e Comparada,

    Blaboratório De Farmacologia E Toxicologia
    Chelonia mydas is a sea turtle that feeds and nests on the Brazilian coast and a disease called fibropapillomatosis is a threat to this species. Because of this, it is extremely necessary to determine a methodology that would enable the analysis of blood leukocyte function in these sea turtles. In order to achieve this aim, blood samples were collected from C. mydas with or without fibropapillomas captured on the São Paulo north coast. Blood samples were placed in tubes containing sodium heparin and were transported under refrigeration to the laboratory in sterile RPMI 1640 cell culture medium. Leukocytes were separated...

  4. Tese apresentada para obtenção do grau de Doutor em Patologia Experimental

    Universidade Federal; Da Bahia; Faculdade De; Medicina Fundação; Oswaldo Cruzcentro; De Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz; Tese De Doutorado; Ivana Nunes; Gomes De Araujo; Orientadora Patrícia; Sampaio Tavares; Veras Co-orientador; Luiz Antônio; Rodrigues Freitas; Salvador Bahia; Folha De Aprovação; Dra Patrícia; Sampaio Tavares; Veras Pesquisadora; Adjunta Cpqgm Fiocruz
    tiib lioteca Ficha Catalográfica elaborada pela Biblioteca do Centro de Pesquisas Gonçalo Moniz / FIOCRUZ- Salvador- Bahia. Araújo, Ivana Nunes Gomes de A663e Estudo de mecanismos moleculares determinantes de diferenças dainteração de macrófagos de camundongos CBA com Leishmania major ou Leishmania amazonensis [manuscrito] / Ivana Nunes Gomes de Araújo.- 2004.115f: i l; 30cm.


    Faculdade De Medicina; Centro De; Pesquisas Gonçalo Moniz; Curso De; Pós-graduação Em Patologia; Corpúsculos Lipídicos; E Eicosanoides Nos; Momentos Iniciais; Da Infecção Com; Théo De Araújo Santos; Faculdade De Medicina; Centro De; Pesquisas Gonçalo Moniz; Curso De; Pós-graduação Em Patologia; Momentos Iniciais; Da Infecção Com; Théo De Araújo Santos; Orientadora Dra; Valéria Matos Borges; Co-orientadora Dra; Patrícia Torres Bozza; Salvador Bahia Brasil
    Tese apresentada ao Colegiado do Curso de Pós-graduação em Patologia como requisito para obtenção do grau de Doutor em Patologia Experimental.

  6. SHORT COMMUNICATION Sequential Histological Changes in Biomphalaria glabrata during the Course of Schistosoma mansoni Infection

    Queli Teixeira Lemos; Zilton A Andrade; Laboratório De Patologia Experimental; Centro Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz-fiocruz; Rua Valdemar Falcão
    Biomphalaria glabrata, highly susceptible to Schistosoma mansoni, were seen to shed less and less cercariae along the time of infection. Histological examination kept a close correlation with this changing pattern of cercarial shedding, turning an initial picture of no-reaction (tolerance) gradually into one of hemocyte proliferation with formation of focal encapsulating lesions around disintegrating sporocysts and cercariae, a change that became disseminated toward the 142nd day post miracidial exposure. Findings were suggestive of a gradual installation of acquired immunity in snails infected with S. mansoni. Key words: Biomphalaria glabrata- Schistosoma mansoni- histopathology The evidences of susceptibility or resistance to Schistosoma...

  7. Infectious Diseases Division, Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, Jalisco; Instituto de Patologia Infecciosa y Experimental 'Dr. Francisco Ruiz Sanchez',

    The aim of this prospective, blinded, randomized study was to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of oral azithromycin and dicloxacillin in the treatment of adults with acute skin and skin-structure infections. Sixty-two patients were included in the intent-to-treat group and 60 were evaluable for analysis. Azithromycin was given as a 500 mg once-daily dose for three days and dicloxacillin as 250 mg qid for seven days. Isolated pathogens included primarily Staphylococcus aureus. Streptococcus spp., and coagulase-negative staphylococti. Clinical resolution was 83-3 % in the azithromycin group and 83-9 % in the dicloxacillin group, with bacteriological eradication of 90-0 % in...

  8. Immunological Tolerance to Pig-serum Partially Inhibits the Formation of Septal Fibrosis of the Liver in Capillaria hepatica- infected Rats

    Rodrigo Guimarães Andrade; Bruna Magalhães Gotardo; Bárbara Cristina; A Assis; José Mengel; Zilton A Andrade; Laboratorio De Patologia Experimental; Centro Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz-fiocruz; Rua Valdemar Falcão
    Systhematized septal fibrosis of the liver can be induced in rats either by repeated intraperitoneal injections of pig-serum or by Capillaria hepatica infection. The relationship between these two etiological factors, as far as hepatic fibrosis is concerned, is not known, and present investigation attempts to investigate it. C. hepatica-induced septal fibrosis of the liver was considerably inhibited in rats previously rendered tolerant to pig-serum. Pig-serum-tolerant rats developed antibodies against pig-serum when infected with C. hepatica, but this did not happen when the infection occurred in normal rats. On the other hand, anti-C. hepatica antibodies failed to recognize any epitope in...

  9. Bases genéticas de la enfermedad de Behçet. Estudio multicéntrico en población española

    Conte, Maria
    La enfermedad de Behçet (BD) es una vasculitis sistémica de curso crónico y recidivante cuyos síntomas principales son las aftas orales, ulceras genitales y lesiones oculares. Es una enfermedad de base inmunológica clasificada como de patrón mixto porque en su origen se encuentran implicados elementos tanto del sistema inmune innato (enfermedad autoinflamatoria) como adaptativo (enfermedad autoinmune). Se trata de una enfermedad compleja que se desencadena en individuos genéticamente susceptibles mediante el concurso de determinados factores medioambientales. Dentro de los factores genéticos que influyen en la predisposición a desarrollar esta enfermedad, el más conocido y fuertemente asociado en diferentes poblaciones es...


    Centro De; Pesquisa Gonçalo Moniz; Dissertação De Mestrado; Uso De; Pcr No; Diagnóstico Da; Leishmaniose Visceral; Canina Uma; Abordagem Comparativa; De Diferentes; Protocolos E Tecidos; Manuela Da; Silva Solcà; Salvador Bahia Brasil; Centro De; Pesquisa Gonçalo Moniz
    Curso de Pós-Graduação em Patologia Experimental USO DE PCR NO DIAGNÓSTICO DA LEISHMANIOSE VISCERAL

  11. On the origin of the Biomphalaria glabrata hemocytes

    Samaly Dos Santos Souza; Zilton A Andrade; Laboratório De Patologia Experimental; Centro Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz-fiocruz; R. Valdemar Falcão
    A histologic, morphometric and ultrastructural study performed on Biomphalaria glabrata submitted to infection with Schistosoma mansoni miracidia failed to provide significant evidences that the so-called amebocyte-produc-ing organ (APO) is really the central organ for hemocyte production. In infected snails no general reactive changes appeared in the APO, the mitoses were seen only occasionally, and the possibility of cellular hyperplasia was ruled out by morphometric measurements. Under the electron microscope the APO cells presented an essentially epithe-lial structure, without features indicative of transition toward hemocytes. On the other hand, the present findings pointed to a multicentric origin for the mollusck hemocytes,...

  12. I.F. Magalhães-Santos

    Braz J Med Biol Res; Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
    Immunological basis of septal fibrosis of the liver in Capillaria hepatica-infected rats Laboratório de Patologia Experimental, Centro de Pesquisa Gonçalo Moniz,

  13. Pathogenesis of Chagas’ disease

    Zilton A Andrade; Laboratório De Patologia Experimental; Centro Pesquisas; Gonçalo Moniz-fiocruz; Rua Valdemar Falcão
    The main clinical forms of Chagas disease (acute, indeterminate and chronic cardiac) present strong evidences for the participation of the immune system on pathogenesis. Although parasite multiplication is evident during acute infection, the intense acute myocarditis of this phase exhibits clear ultrastruc-tural signs of cell-mediated immune damage, inflicted to parasitized and non-parasitized myocardiocytes and to the endothelium of myocardial capillaries (microangiopathy). Inflammation subsides almost completely when immunity decreases parasite load and suppressor factors modulate host reaction, but inflammation does not disappear when the disease enters the indeterminate phase. Inflammation be-comes mild and focal and undergoes cyclic changes leading to complete...

  14. Impactos da estimulação transcraniana por corrente contínua (ETCC) na resposta comportamental e neuroquímica de ratos submetidos a um modelo de neuralgia trigeminal

    Callai, Etiane Micheli Meyer
    A neuralgia trigeminal é o tipo de neuropatia orofacial mais prevalente, acometendo principalmente indivíduos idosos. O sintoma mais característico é alodínia mecânica relacionada à sensibilização central. Atualmente, os tratamentos disponíveis para o tratamento da neuralgia trigeminal são o farmacológico, como uso de anticonvulsivantes e antidepressivos, e o cirúrgico, em casos eletivos. Entretanto, nem todos os pacientes obtém remissão sintomática, toleram os fármacos ou podem ser submetidos a procedimento cirúrgico. Mesmo nos casos em que é realizada cirurgia, os sintomas tendem a retornar em alguns anos. Assim, torna-se necessário buscar novas terapias para neuralgia trigeminal. A estimulação transcraniana por corrente contínua...

  15. Estudio histológico de la respuesta reparativa, en patología experimental, en menisco implantado en músculo estriado y en fondo de saco subcuadricipital

    López Alonso, A.; Díaz Flores, L.; Vargas Romero, A.; Aznar Aznar, A.
    The meniscus ingraft in striated muscle and in articular cavity of the knee, was regenerated growing fibrous connective tissue in the areas without tissue. Neither of case s showed cartilage transformation. The results showed that the vascular conection is necesary to repair whith the place wher e the news vessels and his fibroblastic cells appear.

  16. Reparación fetoscópica del mielomeningocele en el feto ovino

    Sevilla Tirado, Juan José
    El Mielomeningocele sigue suponiendo en nuestros días una patología de gran interés socio-sanitario, tanto por su incidencia como por su alta comorbilidad. Muchos han sido los intentos terapéuticos empleados a lo largo de la historia con la finalidad de eliminar o, al menos, disminuir las consecuencias clínicas de la que es la más frecuente malformación congénita no letal del sistema nervioso central. La irrupción de la cirugía fetal supuso un paso esperanzador en la evolución y el pronóstico de esta terrible malformación. Sin embargo, las técnicas descritas hasta la actualidad llevan acarreadas enormes tasas de complicaciones y de mortalidad, todo...

  17. Eficacia de la infiltración de ozono paravertebral lumbar y en puntos gatillos como coadyuvante del tratamiento en pacientes con dolor lumbar crónico y lumbociatalgia crónica en el síndrome doloroso miofascial aislado o acompañado de otras patologías

    E. Silva Jiménez; M. Toro; C. Baíz
    Introducción: Posterior al primer episodio de dolor lumbar, la recurrencia persiste durante un año o más en el 25 al 60 %, afectando a población económicamente activa, causando discapacidad y en 80 % ausentismo laboral. Objetivo: Evaluar el grado de eficacia del uso de la técnica de infiltración con ozono paravertebral lumbar y en puntos gatillos junto al tratamiento farmacológico y rehabilitador, en pacientes con dolor lumbar crónico y lumbociatalgia crónica debido al síndrome doloroso miofascial (SDM) aislado o acompañado de otras patologías. Métodos: Estudio no probabilístico, de tipo experimental controlado, doble ciego. Se estudiaron 43 pacientes (22 experimental y...

  18. Efecto terapéutico del extracto etanólico de Erythroxylum coca spp. en anemia ferropénica inducida en ratas Holtzman macho

    Evelyn F. Gonzales-Carazas; Giannina C. Melgarejo-García; Lizeth K. Chávez-Conde; Luis J. Arellán-Bravo; Elena Carbajal-Lázaro; Yasmine A. Cabrera-Gómez; Gilmer M. Quiróz-Sáenz; Isis N. García-Antúnez; Miguel Llanto-Aguirre; Franchesca G. Choque-Nolasco
    Introducción: La hoja de coca ha sido usada tradicionalmente con fines medicinales y contiene altos niveles de hierro. Objetivos: Determinar el efecto del extracto etanólico de Erythroxylum coca spp. frente a anemia ferropénica inducida por dieta deficiente en hierro, en ratas Holtzman macho. Diseño: Experimental. Lugar: Laboratorio del Instituto de Patología, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Material biológico: Dieciocho ratas Holtzman macho de 16 días de edad recién destetadas. Intervenciones: Se formó tres grupos de seis ratas cada uno: a) grupo hierro suficiente (HS), recibió 25 g/d de alimento balanceado durante 7 semanas; b) grupo hierro...

  19. Estudios con fitoderivados en patología experimental: tendencias y recomendaciones

    Yesenia M Huerta-Collado; Miluska O Mejia; Liz Veramendi-Espinoza; Juan José Montenegro-Idrogo

  20. Celiac artery in New Zealand rabbit: anatomical study of its origin and arrangement for experimental research and surgical practice Artéria celíaca em coelhos Nova Zelândia: estudo anatômico de sua origem e arranjo para a pesquisa experimental e a prática cirúrgica

    Marcelo Abidu-Figueiredo; Bárbara Xavier-Silva; Themis M. Cardinot; Márcio A. Babinski; Maurício A. Chagas
    Rabbits have been used as an experimental model in many diseases and for the study of toxicology, pharmacology and surgery in many universities. However, some aspects of their macro anatomy need a more detailed description, especially the abdominal and pelvic arterial vascular system, which has a huge variability in distribution and trajectory. Thirty cadaveric adult New Zealand rabbits, 13 male and 17 female, with an average weight and rostrum-sacral length of 2.5 kg and 40cm, respectively, were used. The thoracic aorta was cannulated and the vascular system was filled with stained latex S-65. The celiac artery and its proximal branches...

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