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1. Transactions of the Section on Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the American Medical Association at the ... annual session. - American Medical Association. Section on Preventive Medicine and Public Health.
Mode of access: Internet.

2. Transactions of the Jenner Institute of Preventive Medicine. - Jenner Institute of Preventive Medicine.
Mode of access: Internet.

3. Pharmacology and therapeutics, preventive medicine. - Koehler, G.; Fantus, Bernard, 1874-1940, ed.; Evans, W. A. (William Augustus), 1865-1948, ed.
Issued 1917 as The Practical medicine series, v. 8; 1918-23, as v. 6.

4. Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health. - Royal Institute of Public Health.
"A journal of preventive medicine."

5. The journal of preventive medicine : the official organ of the Royal Institute of Public Health. - Royal Institute of Public Health (Great Britain)
Title from cover.

6. The evolution of preventive medicine in the United States Army, 1607-1939. - Bayne-Jones, Stanhope, 1888-
Bibliographical references: p. 205-230.

7. The prevention of senility : and A sanitary outlook. - Crichton-Browne, James, Sir, 1840-1938.
The 1st lecture was delivered before the Preventive Medicine Section of the London Congress of the Royal Institute of Public Health, July 20, 1905; the 2d, before the London Conference of the Sanitary Inspectors Assn., Aug. 17, 1905.

8. Rol biológico y aplicaciones de los miRNAs en cáncer de seno - Ariza Márquez, Yeimy Viviana; Beltrán López, Ángela Patricia; Briceño Balcázar, Ignacio; Aristizábal Gutiérrez, Fabio Ancízar
MiRNAs are small RNAs that are involved in various processes of gene regulation by RNAi and play a key role in various biological processes, such as cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Consequently, the altered expression of miRNAs contributes to human disease, including cancer. In this review, we will focus on the recent findings of miRNAs that affect the development of cancer, particularly breast cancer; and simultaneously, we will evaluate their regulatory mechanisms , their classification , their use as markers of tumor invasion, drug susceptibility and additionally the utility of miRNAs in the diagnosis, monitoring and individualize treatment will be...

9. The Scope of Pre-Pregnancy Care Conducted at Health Centers of Tabriz, Iran: Women's Viewpoints - Kamalifard, Mahin; Ebrahim, Hossein; Rahmat, Mahnaz
Pre-pregnancy care is considered as preventive medicine related to pregnancy and delivery. This Questionnaire based study upon 384 women in the first half of the pregnancy showedthe scope of pre-pregnancy care in the area of physical health was either weak (75%) or average (25%). All women declared that they had not received mental health-related care during the pre-pregnancy care. The scope of pre-pregnancy care in the area of life-style was categorized as weak, average, and good by 69.79%, 29.69%, and 0.52% of the studied women, respectively.

10. Materiales proinflamatorios. Una alternativa en medicina reparativa y preventiva - Mejía Tobón, John Santiago; Moreno Moreno, Fernando de Jesús; Sierra, Ana; Piedrahita, Manuel; Muskus, Carlos
The development of new materials and its application in tissular engineering is one of the areas of human knowledge in which an accelerated expansion is expected. The materials that have been developed so far are characterized by the minimal inflammation that they induce either because they are essentially";; inert";;, degradable or inductors of tissular integration. The proinflammatory biomaterials is a new category of materials that can be use to take advantage of some of the consequences of the inflammatory process they trigger such as angiogenesis or the induction of immune responses. It is possible to trap antigens in neoprene polymers...

11. Introductory lecture on hygiene, public health and preventive medicine [electronic resource] / - Craik, Robert, 1829-1906.
"Reprinted from the Montreal Medical Journal, November, 1896."

12. Rules of the [I]nstitute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine [electronic resource]. - Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine (London, Ont.)
Cover title.

13. Sustainable medical research by effective and comprehensive medical skills: overcoming the frontiers by predictive, preventive and personalized medicine - Trovato, Guglielmo M

14. Partnership for Health - Ipr/department Of Preventive Medicine; Popular Opinion Leader (pol; Street Smart
A small-group intervention with young people living with HIV/AIDS

15. Partnership for Health - Ipr/department Of Preventive Medicine; Popular Opinion Leader (pol; Street Smart
A small-group intervention with young people living with HIV/AIDS

16. Effectiveness of Multicomponent Programs with Community Mobilization for Reducing Alcohol-Impaired Driving - Ruth A. Shults; Y W. Elder; James L. Nichols; David A. Sleet; Richard Compton; Sajal K. Chattopadhyay; Task Force; Community Preventive Services
A systematic review was conducted to determine the effectiveness and economic efficiency of multicomponent programs with community mobilization for reducing alcohol-impaired driving. The review was conducted for the Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide). Six studies of programs qualified for the review. Programs addressed a wide range of alcohol-related concerns in addition to alcohol-impaired driving. The programs used various crash-related outcomes to measure their effectiveness. Two studies examined fatal crashes and reported declines of 9 % and 42%; one study examined injury crashes and reported a decline of 10%; another study examined crashes among young drivers aged 16–20 years...

17. Recommendations to Increase Physical Activity in Communities Task Force on Community Preventive Services
endurance, decision making, evidence-based medicine, economics, preventive health

18. In the current issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the Community Preventive Services - Philip J. Cook
Task Force (Task Force) provides a set of review and recommendation papers on the privatization of alcohol sales, which is very timely, to say the least. 1,2 In the November 2011 election, voters in Washington State endorsed Initiative Measure 1183, which has the effect of taking that state out of the business of selling spirits to the public. By June 2012, the Liquor Control Board will no longer operate state stores (or state “contract ” stores) or set retail prices. The state facilities are to be privatized by auction, and new retail locations will be licensed. Several of the other...

19. Partnership for Health - Andrea L. Witkin; California State; Ipr/department Of Preventive Medicine; Popular Opinion Leader (pol; Street Smart
A small-group intervention with young people living with HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Guide

20. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine - Amna Umer; Roger A. Edwards
Expanding public health professionals ’ roles in promoting and supporting breastfeeding as optimal infant feeding: A pilot study with online tutorial implications

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