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  1. Healthcare and Medical IoT

    Datta, Shoumen
    Detection of analytes in the context of nano-diagnostics for preventive medicine and global public health.

  2. Intervening in ageing to prevent the diseases of ageing

    Partridge, L
    Increases in human lifespan worldwide have revealed that advancing age is the predominant risk factor for major life-threatening diseases. Recent work has shown that ageing in diverse animals, including humans, is malleable to specific types of genetic mutation, diet, and drugs that can extend lifespan and improve health during ageing. These findings point to the prospect of broad-spectrum preventive medicine for the diseases of ageing based on intervention in relevant aspects of the ageing process itself.

  3. Ausência de enterobactérias produtoras de carbapenemase do tipo KPC em amostras clínicas de cães e gatos analisadas no Laboratório de Medicina Veterinária Preventiva (UFRGS)

    Pinheiro, Jordania dos Santos

  4. Avaliação físico-química e microbiológica do leite UHT e suas adequações a legislação brasileira

    Dalpiaz, Tainá


    Torcato, Evelyn Winny

  6. Estudo transversal do estado corporal de cães atendidos no Hospital de Clínicas Veterinárias da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul e possíveis fatores associados à obesidade

    Sala, Rafaella Dalla Vecchia

  7. Ovinos como Bioindicadores de Qualidade Ambiental

    Oliveira, Amanda Dias de

  8. Eficácia de desinfetantes químicos iodofor frente cepas de Salmonella sp. isoladas de suínos

    Kistemacher, Bruna Genz

  9. Determinação do perfil de suscetibilidade antimicrobiana em Staphylococcus aureus isolado de queijos coloniais sob inspeção oficial em Porto Alegre

    Souza, Laura Nunes de

  10. Landscaping capacity-building initiatives in epidemiology in India: bridging the demand–supply gap

    Zodpey, S; Pandey, AA; Murhekar, M; Sharma, A
    India, the second most populous country in the world, has 17% of the world’s population but its total share of global disease burden is 21%. With epidemiological transition, the challenge of the public health system is to deal with a high burden of noncommunicable diseases, while still continuing the battle against communicable diseases. To combat this progression, public health capacity-building initiatives for the health workforce are necessary to develop essential skills in epidemiology and competencies in other related fields of public health. This study is an effort to systematically explore the training programmes in epidemiology in India and to understand the demand–supply dynamics of epidemiologists in the country....

  11. Pox Britannica: Smallpox Inoculation in Britain, 1721-1830

    Brunton, Deborah Christian
    Inoculation has an important place in the history of medicine: not only was it the first form of preventive medicine but its history spans the so-called eighteenth century 'medical revolution'. A study of the myriad of pamphlets, books and articles on the controversial practice casts new light on these fundamental changes in the medical profession and medical practice. Whereas historians have associated the abandonment of old humoural theories and individualised therapy in favour of standardised techniques with the emergence of new institutions in the second half of the century, inoculation suggests that changes began as early as the 1720s. Though...

  12. Essays on labor market contracts' design and implications on workers' incentives and productivity

    Dizioli, Allan
    When an employer decides to hire particular workers, one of her most important decisions is to design a work contract that assures the right incentives for her employees and promotes behavior that maximizes workers' productivity and profits. ^ At the macroeconomic level, different contract design generates different equilibrium patterns and different policy implications. At the microeconomic level, different contract designs generate a structure of incentives for teams of workers in firms. Thus, identifying characteristics of optimal contracts is an indispensable tool to generate economic models with testable implications. This dissertation contains two essays that discuss how dissimilar contract designs can...

  13. Molecular medicine and concepts of disease: the ethical value of a conceptual analysis of emerging biomedical technologies

    Boenink, Marianne
    Although it is now generally acknowledged that new biomedical technologies often produce new definitions and sometimes even new concepts of disease, this observation is rarely used in research that anticipates potential ethical issues in emerging technologies. This article argues that it is useful to start with an analysis of implied concepts of disease when anticipating ethical issues of biomedical technologies. It shows, moreover, that it is possible to do so at an early stage, i.e. when a technology is only just emerging. The specific case analysed here is that of ‘molecular medicine’. This group of emerging technologies combines a ‘cascade...

  14. Scalable Predictive Analysis in Critically Ill Patients Using a Visual Open Data Analysis Platform

    Poucke, Sven Van; Zhang, Zhongheng; Schmitz, Martin; Vukicevic, Milan; Laenen, Margot Vander; Deyne, Cathy De; Celi, Leo Anthony G.
    With the accumulation of large amounts of health related data, predictive analytics could stimulate the transformation of reactive medicine towards Predictive, Preventive and Personalized (PPPM) Medicine, ultimately affecting both cost and quality of care. However, high-dimensionality and high-complexity of the data involved, prevents data-driven methods from easy translation into clinically relevant models. Additionally, the application of cutting edge predictive methods and data manipulation require substantial programming skills, limiting its direct exploitation by medical domain experts. This leaves a gap between potential and actual data usage. In this study, the authors address this problem by focusing on open, visual environments, suited...

  15. Men with testosterone deficiency and a history of cardiovascular diseases benefit from long-term testosterone therapy: observational, real-life data from a registry study

    Haider A; Yassin A; Haider KS; Doros G; Saad F; Rosano GM
    Ahmad Haider,1 Aksam Yassin,2-4 Karim Sultan Haider,1 Gheorghe Doros,5 Farid Saad,4,6 Giuseppe MC Rosano7 1Private Urology Practice, Bremerhaven, 2Institute for Urology and Andrology, Segeberger Kliniken, Norderstedt, 3Department of Preventive Medicine, Men’s Health Program, Dresden International University, Dresden, Germany; 4Department of Urology, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, United Arab Emirates; 5Department for Epidemiology and Statistics, Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA; 6Global Medical Affairs Andrology, Bayer Pharma AG, Berlin, Germany; 7Department of Cardiology, Centre for Clinical and Basic Science, San Raffaele-Roma, Rome, Italy Background/objectives: Long-term testosterone therapy (TTh) in men with hypogonadism has been shown to improve all components...

  16. Appropriate body mass index and waist circumference cutoff for overweight and central obesity among adults in Cambodia.

    Yom An; Siyan Yi; Annette Fitzpatrick; Vinay Gupta; Piseth Raingsey Prak; Sophal Oum; James P Logerfo
    BACKGROUND: Body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) are used in risk assessment for the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide. Within a Cambodian population, this study aimed to identify an appropriate BMI and WC cutoff to capture those individuals that are overweight and have an elevated risk of vascular disease. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We used nationally representative cross-sectional data from the STEP survey conducted by the Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, Cambodia in 2010. In total, 5,015 subjects between age 25 and 64 years were included in the analyses. Chi-square, Fisher's Exact test and Student t-test, and...

  17. Prevention of neural tube defects: a cross-sectional study of the uptake of folic acid supplementation in nearly half a million women.

    Jonathan P Bestwick; Wayne J Huttly; Joan K Morris; Nicholas J Wald
    BACKGROUND: Taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy to reduce the risk of a neural tube defect (NTD) is especially important in countries without universal folic acid fortification. The extent of folic acid supplementation among women who had antenatal screening for Down's syndrome and NTDs at the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, London between 1999 and 2012 was assessed. METHODS AND FINDINGS: 466,860 women screened provided details on folic acid supplementation. The proportion of women who took folic acid supplements before pregnancy was determined according to year and characteristics of the women. The proportion of women taking folic acid supplements before...

  18. Is the epidemiology of alkhurma hemorrhagic fever changing?: A three-year overview in Saudi Arabia.

    Ziad A Memish; Shamsudeen F Fagbo; Ahmed Osman Ali; Rafat AlHakeem; Fathelrhman M Elnagi; Elijah A Bamgboye
    BACKGROUND: The epidemiology of Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever disease is yet to be fully understood since the virus was isolated in 1994 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SETTING: Preventive Medicine department, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of all laboratory confirmed cases of Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever disease collected through active and passive surveillance from 1(st)-January 2009 to December, 31, 2011. RESULTS: Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever (AHFV) disease increased from 59 cases in 2009 to 93 cases in 2011. Cases are being discovered outside of the region where it was initially diagnosed in Saudi Arabia. About a third...

  19. Applying data envelopment analysis to preventive medicine: a novel method for constructing a personalized risk model of obesity.

    Hiroto Narimatsu; Yoshinori Nakata; Sho Nakamura; Hidenori Sato; Ri Sho; Katsumi Otani; Ryo Kawasaki; Isao Kubota; Yoshiyuki Ueno; Takeo Kato; Hidetoshi Yamashita; Akira Fukao; Takamasa Kayama
    Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a method of operations research that has not yet been applied in the field of obesity research. However, DEA might be used to evaluate individuals' susceptibility to obesity, which could help establish effective risk models for the onset of obesity. Therefore, we conducted this study to evaluate the feasibility of applying DEA to predict obesity, by calculating efficiency scores and evaluating the usefulness of risk models. In this study, we evaluated data from the Takahata study, which was a population-based cohort study (with a follow-up study) of Japanese people who are >40 years old. For...

  20. Elaboración de una herramienta para la vigilancia de indicadores de calidad de la docencia en la formación especializada de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública

    Christian Carlo Gil-Borrelli; Pello Latasa; Laura Reques; Guadalupe Alemán
    En este trabajo se describe el proceso de creación de una herramienta para evaluar la satisfacción con la calidad de la docencia recibida en las rotaciones de la especialidad de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública. Para ello se adaptó la Encuesta de Satisfacción de la Formación Especializada por parte de un panel de expertos formado por 23 residentes de nueve comunidades autónomas, que valoraron y adaptaron la encuesta a las rotaciones de la especialidad mediante una escala de Likert de 5 puntos y la inclusión de nuevas dimensiones e ítems. Las dimensiones mejor valoradas fueron la planificación y la consecución...

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