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  1. I Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências do Departamento de Medicina Preventiva.

    Rev Saúde Pública; Mariana Maleronka Ferroni; André Klafke De Limaii; Paulo Hilário Nascimento; Nelson Gouveiaiv; Paulo Sp Brasil; Mariana Maleronka Ferron
    Environmental lead poisoning among children in Porto Alegre state, Southern Brazil Intoxicação ambiental por chumbo em crianças de Porto Alegre OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of lead poisoning in children and to identify associated factors, as well as possible local sources of contamination. METHODS: A cross-sectional prevalence study conducted in 2006 with a random sample of 97 children age zero to fi ve years from a neighborhood in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil. Blood lead levels were measured and a questionnaire administered to collect information on sociodemographics, recycling and dwelling. A preliminary environmental evaluation was carried out with direct analysis of...

  2. Correspondence

    A Bueno-cavanillas; Medicina Preventiva Y
    Driver dependent factors and the risk of causing a collision for two wheeled motor vehicles

  3. A Theoretical Framework for al-Tıb al-Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine) in Modern Times

    Serdar Demirel; Saad Eldin Mansour
    Al-tıb al-nabaw! means the curative treatments and preventive medicine reported in the Prophetic guidance and practice. The Prophet (s.a.w) applied certain healing practices and advised the use of certain types of food and substances for medical treatments. After the demise of the Prophet (s.a.w), a vast literature had been written in this field. The issue of how to understand the Prophetic medicine has become a subject of interest for Muslims vis-à-vis to others in fields of modern medical sciences. This study aims to analyze al-tıb al-nabaw!, paerticularly the theoretical framework of how to explain and understand al-tib al-nabawi in modern...

  4. Received for publication in June 2009. Approved for publication in March 2010.

    Dulce O. Amarante Dos Santos; Goiânia Go Brasil; Maria Daílza; Conceição Fagundes; Dulce O. Amarante Dos; Maria Daílza Da
    Health and dietetics in medieval preventive medicine

  5. The US Air Force Aerial Spray Unit: A History of 54

    Mg Russell; J. Czerw; Col Mustapha Debboun; Usa Jerome; A. Klun; Col James; A. Swaby; Usaf James; C. Mcavin; Desmond H. Foley; Phd Et Al
    preventive medicine:

  6. Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Preventive Veterinary Medicine

    journa l homepage: www.e lsev / locate /prevetmed Identifi th h influen farm

  7. DOSSIER From Control Policy to Comprehensive Family Planning:

    Success Stories From Finland
    ’ inland has a strong tradition of equity and social justice produced by provision of basic services for all ’ citizens’. After the World War II, maternal and child A health care services, free of charge, were established. Well-trained public health nurses and midwives, employed by local municipalities, run the services. The low rate of infant mortality, 5,2/1000 in 1992, reflects the high quality of reproductive health services2. In the late 1960s Finland adopted a comprehensive family planning strategy, based on foundations of public health and preventive medicine. The focus of the action moved from control of abortion to prevention...

  8. Trends in smoking prevalence in Danish adults: 1964-1994

    Merete Osler; Eva Prescott; Adam Gottschau; Anders Bjerg; Hans Ole Hein; Anette Sjøl; Peter Schnohr
    in women. In both men and women this decrease wasThe influence of gender, age, and education. M. Osler1, E. Prescott2, A. Gottschau2, A. Bjerg2, H. O. Hein3, A. Sjøl4 smallest in the least educated ( less than 8 years of school education). Heavy smoking was also least prevalent inand P. Schnohr5. (1Department of Social Medicine and Psychosocial Health, University of Copenhagen, 2the women, in the oldest age group, and among the well educated. During the study period, the unadjusted preval-Copenhagen Centre for Prospective Population Studies at the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Copenhagen Hospital ence of heavy smoking decreased from 52...

  9. By

    Shamaila Ashraf; M. Sc; M. Phil
    ii ii Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) causes an acute and contagious disease in young chickens from 3-6 weeks of age. Two serotypes of the virus are recognized of which serotype 1 viruses are pathogenic to chickens and are classified into classic, variant, and serotype 2 viruses are nonpathogenic. The disease is controlled by vaccination. In the first part of the study interactions between a mild and a pathogenic strain of IBDV in specific pathogen free (SPF) chickens were studied. Chickens were inoculated with the Bursine-2 vaccine followed by the pathogenic STC strain at various time intervals. Persistence of virus...


    Jeffrey P. Koplan; Md Mph
    Much has been written on the cost-effectiveness of immunizations used in preventive medicine. Using recent data and issues, the economic perspectives of the vaccines for pertussis, poliomyelitis, and hepatitis B are reevaluated. They are all good health in vestments, but benefit-cost or cost-effectiveness analysis permits better consider-ation of the circumstances under which and the populations for whom they can best be used. Key Words: Immunizations; Cost-effectiveness; Benefit-cost; Prevention IMMUNIZATIONS have probably con-tributed more to human health than any other medical technology. They have led to the worldwide eradication of one dis-ease (smallpox) and the near elimination in some nations of...

  11. Oesophageal hiatus hernia in three generations of one family I. J. CARRlt AND P. FROGGATT From the Departments of Child Health and of Social and Preventive Medicine, The Queen's University of Belfast, and the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

    SUMMARY A family is described in which eight members in three successive generations had a sliding type of oesophageal hiatus hernia (or partial thoracic stomach) as a sole anomaly. The trait in this family behaved as a strict dominant, manifesting the segregation of a single abnormal autosomal gene. Other possible aetiologies are discussed but considered unlikely. An oesophageal hiatus hernia has seldom been documented in more than one member of a family. In this paper we describe a family with eight unequivocally affected members in three successive generations; discuss possible mech-anisms of inheritance; and review the literature on familial cases....

  12. Major: Veterinary Preventive Medicine Program of Study Committee:

    Thomas Nishantha Denagamage; Thomas Nishantha Denagamage; Scott Hurd; James Dickson
    Application of evidence-based medicine to

  13. of Preventive Medicine and

    Enrique Regidor; Juan L Gutiérrez-fisac; Jose ́ R Banegas
    com Accepted for publication

  14. Preventive Medicine, Monash University–Central and Eastern Clinical

    P Ittak
    See end of article for


    Trends and challenges in preventive medicine in European Union countries. Comment on the state

  16. Actions on urban health enhancement in the Arctic: Salutogenic Planning Concept

    Emilia Rönkkö
    The prevailing paradigm of environmental health research has emphazised pathogenesis and disease prevention, instead of salutogenic mechanisms of health promotion. Looking at the historical background of the interconnections between public health and urban planning since the 19th century, it can be concluded that the practical measures of environmental health concerns have been underpinned by preventive medicine and probabilities of exposure, focusing on screening health risks and fighting epidemics in urban areas. The only major difference today is that the newly emerged healthy urban planning initiatives are triggered by the global epidemics of non-commutable diseases caused by lifestyle and dietary factors....

  17. Evolution of the iss gene in Escherichia coli

    Timothy J. Johnson; Yvonne Wannemuehler; Lisa K. Nolan; Timothy J. Johnson; Yvonne M. Wannemuehler; Lisa K
    the Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health Commons The complete bibliographic information for this item can be found at

  18. Correspondence:

    Rev Saúde Pública; Celene Aparecida; Ferrari Audii; Ana M Segall-corrêai; Silvia M Santiagoi; Maria Graça; G Andradei; Rafael Pérez-escamillaii; Medicina Preventiva; Campinas Sp Brasil; Celene Aparecida; Ferrari Audi; Preventiva Social; Pós-graduação Em Saúde Coletiva
    Violence against pregnant women: prevalence and associated factors OBJECTIVE: To identify the factors associated with domestic violence against pregnant women. METHODS: Interviews were conducted with 1,379 pregnant women undergoing antenatal care in basic health care units of the Brazilian Health System, within the municipality of Campinas (Southeastern Brazil). A structured questionnaire on domestic violence, validated in Brazil, was applied between July 2004 and July 2006. The fi rst and second interviews in a cohort study were analyzed. Descriptive and multiple logistic regression analysis of the data were conducted. RESULTS: Psychological violence was reported by 19.1 % (n=263) of the total...

  19. PREVENTIVE MEDICINE The general practitioner and community health education

    Godfrey D. Ripley; Boreham Wood Hertfordshire
    TRADITIONALLY, the general practitioner's role has been connected primarilywith alleviating pain and distress and attempting to cure illness. Some education on health matters forms an integral, though informal and usually pre-cognitive, part of all encounters between patient and doctor. Formal projects of health education, if undertaken at all by doctors, have belonged to the domain of those physicians specializing in preventive medicine, ie, the public health service. In the United Kingdom the medical profession has, in the past, made little impact on the field of health education, leaving it, to the teachers and more recently the sociologists. Recent papers, however,...

  20. Part of the Community Health and Preventive Medicine Commons, Environmental Public Health Commons, International Public Health Commons, and the Maternal and Child Health Commons

    Laura E. Pugh; Laura Pugh
    This Honors Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Theses, Dissertations, & Master Projects at W&M Publish. It has been accepted for

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