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141. Public transit, obesity, and medical costs: Assessing the magnitudes." Preventive Medicine - Ryan D. Edwards
4 tables and 1 figure

142. Available: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/pphb-dgspsp/publicat/dic-dac2/english/01cover_e - Engl J Med
4. Kernohan AFB, Perry CG, Small M. Clinical impact of the new criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Clin Chem Lab Med 2003;41:1239-45. 5. Marshall KG. The folly of population screening for type 2 diabetes [editorial]. CMAJ 1999;160(11):1592-3. 6. Gerstein HC, Meltzer S. Preventive medicine in people at high risk for chronic disease: the value of identifying and treating diabetes [editorial]. CMAJ 1999;160(11):1593-4, discussion 1595-6.

143. An exploration of attitudes and support needs of police officer negotiators involved in suicide negotiation - Spence, William; Millot, Jodi
This study explored the attitudes and support needs of police officer negotiators involved in suicide negotiation. A qualitative approach was adopted, applying principles of grounded theory research. Purposive sampling was used and 16 semi-structured interviews conducted. Strategies and processes taught during training for the role constituted an important support mechanism. The lack of formal processes to support participants’ well-being was reported although effective peer support network amongst negotiators existed. Mental health awareness and suicide intervention training should be considered key for police officers, who are first responders. Robust procedures are needed to support the emotional well-being of police negotiators.

144. Plan de Seguridad y Salud para Edificio Plurifamiliar de 56 viviendas, local comercial, garaje, y piscina en Náquera (Valencia) - SALVAGO MAS, FRANCISCO JAVIER
El presente estudio de seguridad y salud tiene por objetivo establecer las directrices en materia de prevención de riesgos laborales a seguir durante la ejecución de las obras de construcción de un Edificio Plurifamiliar de 56 viviendas, local comercial, garaje y piscina, sito en Náquera (Valencia), de acuerdo con lo dispuesto en el Real Decreto en artículo 1.627/1997 de 24 de octubre. La metodología utilizada parte del "Proyecto básico" redactado a tal efecto, por el arquitecto. Se analizan tanto las unidades de obra, la tecnología, los procedimientos de trabajo y organización de la obra, como el entorno y condiciones físicas del lugar. Se define un Plan de ejecución...

145. How Would God Have Us Practice Preventive Medicine? - Hilton P. Terrell; Ph. D
Preventive medicine is widely popular today. The government hopes through it to solve its rising health care bill. Private industry, which pays the bulk of health insurance premiums, has the same hopes. Physicians are finding in the popular concept an opportunity to protect their incomes while in good conscience protecting their patients ' health. Christians are proponents of it because it seems to fit so well biblical admonitions such as I Cor. 3:16,17. In a world in which we must be against so many things, in this one area, at least, Christians don't have to be at odds with a...

146. Public Health Genomics education in post-graduate schools of hygiene and preventive medicine: a cross-sectional survey - Ianuale, Carolina; Leoncini, Emanuele; Mazzucco, Walter; Marzuillo, Carolina; Villari, Paolo; Ricciardi, Walter; Boccia, Stefania

147. Body Mass Index and Liver Enzyme Activity in Serum - Antonmo Salvaggio; Maurizio Periti; Lino Miano; Monica Tavanelli; Daniela Marzorati
The association between body mass index (BM1) and serum liver enzyme activity [y-glutamyltransf erase (GGT), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), and aspartate ami-notransferase (AST)] was studied in 3167 subjects, 2373 men and 794 women. The subjects were managers and employees, ages 18-64 years, who were examined dur-ing a program of preventive medicine. Analysis of cova-nance was used to compare the serum liver enzyme activities (expressed as natural logarithms) of the sub-jects, who were subdivided according to BMI, while also considering age, alcohol and cigarette consumption, and physical activity. In men, the percentage increase in the geometric mean of liver enzyme activity of...

148. miR-429 Identified by Dynamic Transcriptome Analysis Is a New Candidate Biomarker for Colorectal Cancer Prognosis - Sun, Yingnan; Shen, Shourong; Tang, Hailin; Xiang, Juanjuan; Peng, Ya; Tang, Anliu; Li, Nan; Zhou, Weiwei; Wang, Zeyou; Zhang, Decai; Xiang, Bo; Ge, Jie; Li, Guiyuan; Wu, Minghua; Li, Xiayu
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common malignant gastrointestinal cancer. Efforts for preventive and personalized medicine have intensified in the last decade with attention to novel forms of biomarkers. In the present study, microRNA and genetic analyses were performed in tandem for differential transcriptome profiling between primary tumors with or without nodes or distant metastases. Serial Test Cluster (STC) analysis demonstrated that 20 genes and two microRNAs showed distinctive expression patterns associated with the tumor, node, and metastasis (TNM) stage. The selected target genes were characterized by GO and Pathway analysis. A microRNA-target gene network analysis showed that miR-429 resided in...

149. Model-guided therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: a role for information technology in predictive, preventive and personalized medicine - Berliner, Leonard; Lemke, Heinz U; vanSonnenberg, Eric; Ashamalla, Hani; Mattes, Malcolm D; Dosik, David; Hazin, Hesham; Shah, Syed; Mohanty, Smruti; Verma, Sid; Esposito, Giuseppe; Bargellini, Irene; Battaglia, Valentina; Caramella, Davide; Bartolozzi, Carlo; Morrison, Paul
Predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (PPPM) may have the potential to eventually improve the nature of health care delivery. However, the tools required for a practical and comprehensive form of PPPM that is capable of handling the vast amounts of medical information that is currently available are currently lacking. This article reviews a rationale and method for combining and integrating diagnostic and therapeutic management with information technology (IT), in a manner that supports patients through their continuum of care. It is imperative that any program devised to explore and develop personalized health care delivery must be firmly rooted in clinically...

150. DNA diagnostics--molecular techniques and automation - Landegren, Ulf; Kaiser, Robert; Caskey, C. Thomas; Hood, Leroy
Molecular biology has revolutionized the understanding of many aspects of human disease. Ongoing developments in DNA diagnostics--the analysis of disease at the nucleic acid level--will soon provide automated, rapid, and inexpensive analyses for DNA or RNA sequences associated with genetic, malignant, and infectious diseases. DNA diagnostics will also facilitate the identification of disease-associated genes at birth, thus creating new opportunities for preventive medicine.

151. Estudio de la correlación del test de captopril y el test de fludrocortisona en el diagnóstico de confirmación del hiperaldosteronismo primario - Antelo Cuns, Tania
INTRODUCCIÓN: Dada la alta prevalencia del hiperaldosteronismo primario y el exceso de daño vascular ligado al mismo, es importante disponer de un test fiable y práctico para confirmar dicho diagnóstico. No existe un consenso en la actualidad acerca del test de elección para dicho objetivo. La literatura adolece de estudios comparativos entre los diferentes test empleados en la clínica. HIPÓTESIS Y OBJETIVOS: El presente estudio se ha orientado a la valoración comparativa de los valores de aldosterona plasmática, actividad de renina y el cociente entre ambos tras la administración de captopril oral, con los valores de aldosterona plasmática en el...

152. Wishing you continuing good health, - William R. Ware; William R. Ware
The main topics covered in this issue are scans that directly measure the extent of coronary atherosclerosis, chelation therapy for heart disease, salt intake reduction to reduce cardiovascular risk, the risk of cancer associated with low cholesterol, and finally the cancer risk associated with medical radiation. This selection represents the continuing belief that avoiding cardiovascular disease and cancer are among the very most important issues in preventive medicine. In addition, a number of topics are briefly discussed including risk factors for kidney cancer, the merits of combining coenzyme Q-10 with statin therapy, and the connection between childhood metabolic syndrome and...

153. Isolation of Leptospira spp. from a man living in a rural area of the Municipality of Cruz Alta, RS, Brazil - Silva,Felipe Jorge da; Silva,Glaucenyra Cecília Pinheiro; Loffler,Sylvia Grune; Brihuega,Bibiana; Samartino,Luis Ernesto; Alarcon,Miguel Frederico Fernandez; Santos,Carlos Eduardo Pereira dos; Mathias,Luis Antonio
The aim of this study was to describe the isolation of a pathogenic strain of Leptospira interrogans from the urine sample of a male human living in the rural area of the County of Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul. An aliquot of each urine sample was sown in a Fletcher and Ellinghausen - McCullough - Johnson - Harris (EMJH) media. Samples in which there was growth of spirochetes were sent to the Leptospirosis Laboratory of the Institute of Pathobiology in the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, Buenos Aires, Argentina and were typified by the Multiple Locus of Variable Number...

154. Ten-Year (1993 – 2002) Retrospective Evaluation of Vaccination of - I. G* Adetunji; V. O James; V. O Alonge
Record books in form of one thousand, four hundred and seventy eight (1478) registers, case notes and vaccination certificates of registered dogs were assessed for rabies vaccination and its booster coverage. The dogs which consisted of 850 males and 628 females were presented at the Small Animal and Preventive Veterinary Medicine Clinics, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan between January 1993 and December 2002. Among the registered dogs, 155 (10.5%) with annual mean of 9.1 + 9.1 % were vaccinated. Although more females (83 or 13.2%) were vaccinated than male dogs (72 or 8.5%), the difference was not significant (p>0.05)....

155. SPECIAL THEME: NUTRITIONAL EPIDEMIOLOGY When the population approach to prevention puts the health of individuals at risk - Jean Adams; Martin White
The population approach to prevention has been described as one of the ‘absolute truths ’ of preventive medicine. However, when the relationship between risk factor exposure levels and associated risk is J-shaped the population approach can increase risk in a small number of individuals. There is evidence that the relationship between a variety of exposures and all-cause morbidity and mortality is J-shaped. However, such relationships are often overlooked by epidemiological investigations which focus on cause-specific morbidity and mortality. Although the overall beneficial effect of population interventions may outweigh any negative effect seen, the effect on the individuals concerned should not...

156. Direct webiste - Annabelle Mooney; Srikant Sarangi
ICT (Information Communication Technologies) such as Websites, internet are increasingly being seen as a medium of information exchange in all spheres of life. In relation to health care, the internet has the capacity to create more informed patients and can potentially transform the doctor-patient relationship, accompanied by a shift to preventive medicine, autonomy and self-care. In this overview paper, we examine the recently launched NHS Direct Website in the UK, paying particular attention to the design features of information-organisation, with implied end-users in sight. We suggest that the Website performs two primary roles: first, as a provider of information, and...

157. EPIDEMIOLOGY OF HUMAN INFECTION WITH THE NOVEL VIRUS INFLUENZA A (H1H1) IN THE - I Department Of Preventive Medicine; Denise Schout; I Ludhmila; Abrahao Hajjar; Ii Filomena; Regina Barbosa Gomes
doi: 10.1590/S1807-59322009001000014

158. Preventive Medicine and Biometrics Uniformed Services University - Chang-tien Lu; Yufeng Kou; Hongjun Wang; Dechang Chen
Spatial outliers are spatially referenced objects whose non-spatial attribute values are significantly different from those of other spatially referenced objects in their spatial neigh-borhoods. Informally, a spatial outlier is a local instability,

159. BURSA EN AVES - Rev Inv Vet Perú; Laboratorio De Medicina Veterinaria Preventiva; Comparación De; Una Prueba; De Elisa Estándar; Y Elisa De; Rango Extendido; Para La; Enfermedad Infecciosa; De La; Magali Salas M; Eliana Icochea; Gavidia Ch
A total of 180 paired serum samples from 3 breeder groups (broiler’s grandparents and parents), and layers) were used to detect antibodies against the Infectious Bursal Disease virus through the ELISA test. Animals were tested at three ages (1-3 days, 16, and 27 weeks of age). Two commercial kits were tested: the standard ELISA (ELISA-IBD) and the new named Extended Range ELISA (ELISA-XR). The latter detected higher titres of antibodies than the ELISA-IBD. Broiler’s parents had the higher levels of antibodies indicating better immune response than the other two groups. The titre distribution had a more uniform distribution using the...

160. Por qué Colombia no es un país líder en la categoría bienestar del sector turismo de salud - Hernández Piedrahita, Viviana; Forero Romero, Olga Lucía
El documento presenta el análisis del sector turismo de la salud como una industria que exhibe varias modalidades, cuyo tema mencionado fue el objeto de estudio de la presente investigación, por ser considerado una sección específicamente en Colombia que tiene la oportunidad de convertirse en uno de clase mundial a través de las categorías de medicina curativa, preventiva, estética y bienestar


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