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  1. 1Laboratório de Toxicologia, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade Federal do Rio

    E Do Sul; La Salle Brazil; E Do Sul; Fundação Estadual De
    antioxidant) and acute toxicity of essential oils from Drimys angustifolia and D. brasiliensis

  2. de Saúde Pública,

    Humana Escola Nacional; Fundação Oswaldo Cruz; Rua Leopoldo Bulhões; Diretoria De Alimentos; E Toxicologia Agência; Nacional De Vigilância; William Waissmann
    Health surveillance and endocrine disruptors

  3. Some aspects of the reactions between hydroxylamine and hemoglobin

    Russell D. Cranston; Roger; P. Smith
    CRANSTON, RUSSELL D. AND Roczn P. SMITH: Some aspects of the reactions between hydroxylamine and hemoglobin derivatives. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 177: 440-446, 1971. Recent evidence indicates that nitrite and unsubstituted hydroxylamine are not toxicologi-cally equivalent forms in vivo. Hydroxylamine has effects on red cell metabolism which are not shared by nitrite. Hydroxylamine has a greater tendency to generate sulfhemoglobin-like pigments and Heinz bodies in the red cells of certain mammalian species than do equal concentrations of nitrite. It is not clear whether sulfhemoglobin and Heinz body formation are due to the metabolic effects of hydroxylamine or to some fundamental...

  4. Revista

    De Toxicología; Asociación Española De Toxicología; Grau Sepulveda Andres; Asociación Española De Toxicología; Pamplona España; Número Completo
    Cómo citar el artículo

  5. v

    Armanda Teixeira Gomes; Mestre Toxicologia; Analítica Clínica Forense; Professora Doutora; Vera Marisa Costa
    Brain and peripheral organ toxicity of “ecstasy ” in adolescent rats in human relevant doses Dissertation thesis for the Master Degree in Analytical

  6. Complete issue

    Revista De Toxicología; Asociación Española De Toxicología; Asociación Española De Toxicología; Pamplona España; How To Cite
    More information about this article Journal's homepage in Scientific Information System Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative Abstract: The ubiquitous presence of pollutants and the accurate evaluation of their potential risks for environmental and human health is an area of major concern. We have simulated an in vitro scenario of long-term exposure to a mixture of eight pollutants at real environmental concentrations using mammalian Vero cells. Our results demonstrate that cellular proliferation rates were significantly altered, either by inhibition or stimulation, depending on the...

  7. SYMPOSIUM Retinal Pigment Epithelium Melanin

    Ocular Toxicity; Pierrette Dayhaw-barker
    Ocular morphology is speci cally directed at facilitating the transmittance of visible light to the retina for the purposes of pho-toreceptor absorption and phototransduction, thereby initiating the process of vision. By absorbing excess radiation, melanin sig-ni cantly enhances this process. It can also act as a photoprotec-tor by quenching reactive oxygen species and other radicals pro-duced as a result of the high oxygen dependency of the retina for its metabolism. However, melanin also binds numerous pharma-ceuticals, a process that can result in ocular toxicity. Although our understanding of this binding remains somewhat limited, melanin chemistry, its distribution, and other factors...

  8. <tel-00911886>

    Hal Id Tel; Année N; Spécialité Neurotoxicologie; Ecole Médicament; Toxicologie Chimie Environnement; Aline Chevallier
    Etude du rôle du récepteur aux hydrocarbures aromatiques ou AhR dans le développement et l’homéostasie du système nerveux de la souris C57BL/6J

  9. Segmental Aplasia of the Mitochrondrial Sheath and Sequelae Induced by Gossypol in Rat Spermatozoa

    R. Oko; F. Hrudka
    Gossypol is a phenolic pigment isolated from the cotton plant. Physiological and toxicologi-cal effects of the compound were reviewed by Abou-Donia (1976). Gossypol is considered a safe and reversible male contraceptive if ad-ministered in small oral doses (Chinese Med. J., 1978). This conclusion was based largely on studies conducted in rats fed 20 mg/kg BW/day for 9 months or 30 mg/kg BW/day for 2 months. The antifertility effect of gossypol has been tested on over 4,000 healthy men for periods up to 4 years (Chinese Med. J., 1978), and it was also investigated by Nadakavukaren et al. (1979) and Shepu...

  10. 2Laboratório de Toxicologia Celular, Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade Federal de

    Revista Brasileira De Farmacognosia
    Abstract: Soy isoflavones have been extensively used for menopausal symptoms and prevention of hormone-related cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Commercially available forms of isoflavones include supplements, capsules and tablets. However, the non-standardization of soy isoflavones extracts and different dissolution profiles of these solid dosage forms highlight the need of additional studies on the development of well characterized pharmaceutical dosage forms of isoflavones. In this work, immediate release oral tablets of soy isoflavones were obtained and evaluated. Genistein and daidzein, were the main constituents of the dried soy extract. Preparation of the tables was accomplished in a rotary tableting machine following...


    Marlies De Boeck; Peter Hoet; Noömi Lombaert; Benoit Nemery; Micheline Kirsch; Dominique Lison; Laboratorium Voor Cellulaire Genetica; Laboratorium Voor Pneumologie; Eenheid Longtoxicologie; Université Catholique De Louvain; Unité Toxicologie; Médecine Travail
    D ow nloaded from 2ABSTRACT Inhalation of hard metal dust (WC-Co particles) has been associated with an increased risk for lung cancer in occupational settings. In vitro, WC-Co was genotoxic in human lymphocytes producing DNA strand breaks and micronuclei. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the in vivo genotoxic effects of WC-Co dust in rat type II pneumocytes. DNA breaks/alkali-labile sites (alkaline comet assay) and chromosome/genome mutations (micronucleus test) were assessed after a single intra-tracheal instillation of WC-Co, including dose-effect and time trend relationships. In addition, the alkaline comet assay was performed on cells obtained after broncho-alveolar...

  12. ANNÉE 2012 N° THÈSE Pour l’obtention du Grade de

    Docteur De; L’universite Paris Descartes; Spécialité Neurotoxicologie; Ecole Médicament; Toxicologie Chimie Environnement; Aline Chevallier
    développement et l’homéostasie du système nerveux de la souris C57BL/6J

  13. Open Access Undiagnosed Drug Misuse Among Admissions to Psychiatric Day Treatment and Prediction of Early Exit

    Stephen Magura; Jessaca Spybrook; Andrew Rosenblum; Chunki Fong; Cherie Villano; Howard S. Vogel; Thomas Betzler
    Abstract: A challenge for psychiatric treatment programs is to accurately identify individuals with drug misuse problems at admission to treatment. Consecutive new admissions to an urban continuing day treatment program (n=229) during 2003-2005 were recruited and their treatment status was determined after one year. At admission, 34 % were diagnosed with drug dependence/abuse based on a DSM-IV clinical interview, whereas 69 % were found to be misusing drugs based on a research protocol consisting of self-reports of use within the past 30 days and drug toxicologies. Drug misuse as identified by the research protocol predicted a clinically meaningful outcome- early...

  14. Running title: A proteomic dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana vacuoles

    Christophe Bruley; Jérôme Garin; Jacques Bourguignon; Toxicologie Nucléaire Environnementale
    A proteomic dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana vacuoles isolated from cell culture

  15. $rec.titulo

    Laboratório De Emergências Clínicas (lim; Marcelo Abidu-figueiredo; Bárbara Xavier-silva; Themis M. Cardinot; Márcio A. Babinski; Maurício A. Chagas
    RESUMO.- [Artéria celíaca em coelhos Nova Zelândia: estudo anatômico de sua origem e arranjo para a pes-quisa experimental e a prática cirúrgica.] Os coelhos têm sido usados como modelo experimental em diferen-tes patologias e para estudos de toxicologia, farmacolo-gia e cirurgia em várias universidades. Entretanto apesar de sua grande utilização, muitos aspectos de sua macroanatomia, em especial os que se referem ao siste-ma vascular arterial que irrigam as viscerais abdomino-pélvicas ainda carecem de uma descrição mais detalha-da, pois os vasos arteriais apresentam grande variabili-dade na sua distribuição e trajeto. Foram utilizados 30 coelhos, 13 machos e 17 fêmeas, pesando em...

  16. Dissolved Organic Matter Kinetically Controls Mercury Bioavailability to Bacteria in Lake Water from the Canadian Arctic

    Sophie Chiasson-gould
    Thèse soumise à la Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales dans le cadre des exigences du programme de Maîtrise ès sciences, Biologie, Toxicologie chimique et environnementale Institut pour la Biologie Ottawa Carleton et

  17. Lisdexanfetamina : desenvolvimento e validação de métodos bioanalíticos por cromatografia líquida acoplada a detector de massas e avaliação famacocinética preliminar

    Comiran, Eloisa
    Lisdexanfetamina (LDX) é um pró-fármaco estimulante de longa duração indicado para o tratamento dos sintomas do transtorno do déficit de atenção e hiperatividade e do transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica. A hidrólise da ligação amida da LDX ocorre in vivo liberando a molécula terapeuticamente ativa d-anfetamina (d-ANF) e o aminoácido l-lisina. Visto que a LDX se biotransforma à d-ANF – um potente estimulante do sistema nervoso central com destaque tanto na clínica quanto na toxicologia – existe potencial para uso inadequado, abuso e desvio para fins não terapêuticos. Nos laboratórios de toxicologia, amostras biológicas com resultados positivos para anfetamina (ANF)...

  18. La identificación genética como herramienta en la investigación de adopciones irregulares y sustracción de recién nacidos en España: experiencia del Instituto Nacional de Toxicología y Ciencias Forenses (Departamento de Barcelona)

    Crespillo Márquez, Manuel; Paredes Herrera, Miguel R.; Barrio Caballero, Pedro A.; Crespo Alonso, Santiago; Vingut, Alberto; Valverde Villarreal, Juan Luis; Luque Gutiérrez, Juan Antonio
    Introduction Cases of irregular adoptions and abduction of newborns in Spain have had got a great social impact which has led to regulatory reforms and the implementation of scientific guidelines and recommendations to help their investigation. The objective of the study was the genetic identification of the samples submitted by kinship studies. Materials and methods In the period between the year 2011 and 2014, the Barcelona Department of the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences,received a total of 58 cases on which it was judicially required to carry out a study of genetic identification. Exhumed bones or clinical samples were analyzed....

  19. Fichero 120: la base de datos de Perfiles de ADN del Instituto Nacional de Toxicología y Ciencias Forenses de personas afectadas por la sustracción de recién nacidos

    Vallejo de Torres, Gloria


    Mecanismes Cellulaires; Et Moleculaires; De La Transition; Epithelio-mesenchymateuse Au; Niveau Hepatique; Effets Des; Docteur De; L’universite Paul Cezanne; Biologie Cellulaire Toxicologie Moléculaire; Ludovic Peyre-teisseire
    Ecole doctorale Sciences de l’environnement (ED251)

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