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161. Prediction of the Dynamics of Gel Formation in SuperabsorbentPolymer Synthesis - Miguel Gonçalves; Virgínia Pinto; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui P. F. Nunes Da Costa

162. Synthesis and Characterization of pH-Sensitive Acrylamide/Acrylic Acid Hydrogels - Virgínia Pinto; Miguel Gonçalves; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui Costa

163. Microreactor generated RAFT imprinted smart hydrogels - Porkodi Kadhirvel; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui P. F. Nunes Da Costa

164. Contemporary use of rammed earth in Portugal. The case of Alentejo coast - Joana Marques; Pilar A. Lima; Clara P. Vale
In the last two decades there has been a return to the use of rammed earth construction in the Alentejo coast. This return is somehow driven by the international influence of the quot;Architectures de terrequot; 1981-82 exhibition in the Centre George Pompidou that has its national reflex in the 1993 Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation exhibition. Furthermore, concerning to conservation heritage, the 7th International Conference on the Study and Conservation of Earthen Architecture held in Silves in the same year, revealed the technique and started to have its echoes in the local media. In the end, several private and pioneer experiences, driven...

165. Production of RAFT imprinted smart hydrogel particles in a continuous flow micro-reactor - Carla Machado; Ana Freitas; Porkodi Kadhirvel; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui P. F. Nunes Da Costa

166. Development of tailored hydrogels using RAFT polymerization in continuous flow microreactor - Carla Machado; Tânia Oliveira; Patrícia Reitor; Daniela Oliveira; Filipa Freitas; Porkodi Kadhirvel; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui P. F. N. Costa

167. Modeling Studies on RAFT copolymerization of styrene/divinylbenzene in aqueous suspension - Miguel Gonçalves; Virgínia Pinto; Rolando Dias; Mário Rui P. F. Nunes Da Costa; Julio Ortiz

168. Water-based polyurethane dispersions: Chemistry, Technology and applications - Isabel Fernandes; Mário Rui P. F. Nunes Da Costa; Maria-José Ferreira; Filomena Barreiro
Over the past few decades, polyurethane-polyurea aqueous dispersions (PUDs) have developeda solid reputation for high performance applications, particularly in the field of adhesives andcoatings. PUDs are mostly environmentally compatible products; they are totally devoid orcontain only low amounts of volatile organic compounds(VOC). This is an important feature inview of the present environmental policies where governments and internal agencies are placingemphasis on developing sustainable processes, improving work conditions and reducingemissions of toxic and pollutingsubstances into the atmosphere.In the past years, our research group has beeninvolved in the development of polyurethane-polyurea aqueous dispersions for two main applications (footwear and indirect food contact).With...

169. An earlier example of Portuguese concrete prefabrication, the quot;Torre da Boavistaquot; condominium in Porto - Clara P. Vale; Vitor Abrantes
Prefabrication is a paradigm of the Modernity with a late and minor implementation in Portugal. The first large scale concrete prefabrication in Oporto takes place only in the 70s. Nuno Tasso de Sousa, a Portuguese architect influenced by the work of José Lluís Sert and by other international references designed a set of two buildings that apply a precast concrete slabs system on the facades cladding. The absence of knowledge and technological skills leads to the use of the two buildings as a testing laboratory of design solutions, execution and assembly of panels, refined throughout the building phases. The designer...

170. A perspectiva das coisas. Raul Lino em Cascais - Rui Jorge Garcia Ramos
The perspective of things. Raul Lino in Cascaisquot;Returning home and Raul Lino#8217;s early training; the setting for an intellectual and architectural orientation; the picturesque and the transformation of domestic space; synthesis of a particular way of doing architecture and distortion of an ideal are the main topics addressed in this article.

171. Unequal individual genetic algorithm with intelligent diversification for the lot-scheduling problem in integrated mills using multiple-paper machines - Marcos Furlan; Bernardo Almada Lobo; Maristela Santos; Reinaldo Morabito
This paper addresses the lot-sizing and scheduling problem of pulp and paper mills involving multiple paper machines. The underlying multi-stage integrated production process considers the following critical units: continuous digester, intermediate stocks of pulp and liquor, multiple paper machines and a recovery line to treat by-products. This work presents a mixed integer programming (MIP) model to represent the problem, as well as a solution approach based on a customized genetic algorithm (GA) with an embedded residual linear programming model. Some GA tools are explored, including literature and new operators, a novel diversification process and other features. In particular, the diversification...

172. Evaluation of the magnetic permeability for the microstructural characterization of a duplex stainless steel - Edgard de M. Silva; Josinaldo P. Leite; Francisco A. de França Neto; João P. Leite; Walter M. L. Fialho; Victor Hugo C. de Albuquerque; João Manuel R. S. Tavares
Non-Destructive Testing has been commonly used to assess the presence of discontinuities that may affect the integrity of materials in service. In this study, a Hall effect sensor is used in a methodology developed to study in a non-destructive manner the microstructural variations of a material that occur due to the single-phase decomposition. The material selected was the UNS S31803 duplex stainless steel, particularly due to its behavior under temperatures below 525 °C. Measurements of magnetic permeability based on Hall voltage values were performed as well as hardness measurements and X-ray diffraction studies. The results confirm that the magnetic permeability...

173. A Survey on Fault Localization Techniques - Alexandre Perez; Rui Abreu; Eric Wong

174. Planes departamentales de CT&I - Duque Escobar, Gonzalo

175. Effect of material and structural factors on fracture behaviour of mineralised collagen microfibril using finite element simulation - Abdelwahed Barkaoui; Ridha Hambli; João Manuel R. S. Tavares
Bone is a multiscale heterogeneous material and its principal function is to support the body structure and to resist mechanical loads without fracturing. Numerical modelling of biocomposites at different length scales provides an improved understanding of the mechanical behaviour of structures such as bone, and also guides the development of multiscale mechanical models. Here, a three-dimensional nano-scale model of mineralised collagen microfibril based on the finite element method was employed to investigate the effect of material and structural factors on the mechanical equivalent of fracture properties. Fracture stress and damping capacity as functions of the number of cross-links were obtained...

176. Desarrollo de un videojuego multiplataforma en Java - Elias Sacerdote, Natalio

[ES] El trabajo consistirá en abordar el desarrollo de un videojuego utilizando el lenguaje de programación Java y una librería especializada en desarrollo de videojuegos. Crearemos un videojuego del género plataformas. Para ello utilizaremos una vista en dos dimensiones, el jugador controlará un personaje humanoide con el que deberá atravesar una serie de niveles. Los niveles estarán agrupados en mundos con distintas temáticas (nieve, espacio, etc.) y en ellos el jugador se encontrará con múltiples obstáculos y enemigos. Los mundos se definen como agrupaciones de diez niveles en las que en el décimo nivel de cada mundo (nivel final) el...

177. Aplicación para dispositivos móviles basados en Android para la consulta y gestión de reservas de vuelos de la aerolínea Canaryfly - Fernández Berga, Marlon Demís

[ES]El actual proyecto consiste en la implementación de un primer prototipo de la aplicación basada en dispositivos Android que la empresa Canaryfly, una aerolínea canaria, ofrecerá a sus clientes con el objetivo  de facilitarles información de sus vuelos y la posibilidad de gestionar sus reservas. La aplicación final pretende ser una extensión del sistema actual de Canaryfly, dado que el objetivo que se persigue  es el de ofrecer las mismas funcionalidades que ofrece la página web. Las funcionalidades desarrolladas para este proyecto han sido la creación de formularios para realizar la solicitud de presupuestos para vuelos especiales, dígase chárter y...

178. Image Processing on Magnetic Resonance Images of Female Pelvic Cavity using Deformable Models - João Manuel R. S. Tavares; Renato Natal; Zhen Ma

179. Analysis of Biomedical Images based on Automated Methods of Image Registration - João Manuel R. S. Tavares

180. A high resolution geospatial database for wave energy exploitation - Francisco Taveira Pinto; Rodrigo Carballo


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