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181. Strategies to parallelize ILP systems - Nuno A Fonseca; Fernado Silva; Rui Camacho
It is well known by Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) practionersthat ILP systems usually take a long time to nd valuable models(theories). The problem is specially critical for large datasets, preventingILP systems to scale up to larger applications. One approach to reducethe execution time has been the parallelization of ILP systems. In thispaper we overview the state-of-the-art on parallel ILP implementationsand present work on the evaluation of some major parallelization strategiesfor ILP. Conclusions about the applicability of each strategy arepresented.

182. Minimizing Airport Peaks Problem by Improving Airline Operations Performance through an Agent Based System - António J. M. Castro; António Mota; Luís Paulo Reis; Eugénio Oliveira

183. Da transferência de suporte ao sistema de informação organizacional: um posicionamento urgente e estratégico - Maria Manuela Gomes de Azevedo Pinto
Since the late 90s that digitization has assumed a growing importance considering of traditional techniques such as microfilming and photography, and increasingly conquering users e professional that also benefiting from attractive financing options, either within the Digital Cultural Heritage, or in the dematerialisation process at organizations or public and private institutions. However, digitization, and is no longer just a means to create digital reproductions of physical objects, facilitating access and support when preserving the quot;analogquot; original or solving problems of lack of storage space. It means in fact the production of digital information and as any kind of digital information...

184. Efficient Data Structures for Inductive Logic Programming - Nuno A Fonseca; Ricardo Rocha; Rui Camacho; Fernado Silva
This work aims at improving the scalability of memory usagein Inductive Logic Programming systems. In this context, we propose twoecient data structures: the Trie, used to represent lists and clauses;and the RL-Tree, a novel data structure used to represent the clausescoverage. We evaluate their performance in the April system using wellknown datasets. Initial results show a substantial reduction in memoryusage without incurring extra execution time overheads. Our proposal isapplicable in any ILP system.

185. Evaluation of ductile fracture in sheet metal forming using a damage model - J. M. A. César de Sá; Abel D. Santos; Francisco M. A. Pires; Pedro Teixeira
Continuous Damage Mechanics (CDM) may constitute an alternative to the traditional use of Forming Limit Diagrams (FLDs) to predict the onset of formability in sheet metal forming [1]. In CDM, at the constitutive level, a damage variable is introduced to model, at the macro scale, the internal material degradation due to micro-defects that occur during plastic loading. This approach is used in this work and the implementation of a continuum damage model in a commercial code is described, in order to identify ductile fracture in sheet metal forming. The model includes Lemaitres ductile damage evolution law coupled with an orthotropic...

186. Analysis of Medical Images by Computational Methods: Algorithms and Applications - João Manuel R. S. Tavares

187. Impact of Feed-in Generation in Market Prices and Calibration of a Capacity Term to Pay to Traditional Generation Application to the Iberian Market - Adelino Pereira; João Tomé Saraiva
In this paper we describe the models and the simulations that were conducted in order to access the impact of feed-in subsidized generation in the market price in Portugal in the context of the Iberian Electricity Market. In Portugal and Spain feed-in generation (namely wind power) has a large share both in terms of installed capacity and generated energy and the presence of this energy in the hourly balance originates the reduction of the market price and of the number of hours during which traditional generation (namely coal and CCGT stations) are scheduled. This paper aims at evaluating this impact...

188. Sistemas de Informação na Construção: Casos de Aplicação - Alfredo Soeiro
O processo da construção é composto por operações que visam o manuseamento da informação. A informação necessária ao projecto construtivo é traduzida em desenhos, memórias descritivas e justificativas, cadernos de encargos, contratos, concursos, legislação normativa e descritiva, autos de medição, guias de transporte e outras, planos de segurança e saúde, normas técnicas, propostas, etc.. A construção é provavelmente a engenharia que mais documentos utiliza como suporte da actividade. Actualmente os documentos de suporte da construção têm sido produzidos e utilizados em formato digital. O recurso a documentos digitais tem facilitado a gestão documental da informação. Por outro lado a possibilidade...

189. STUDY OF EXTRAORAL FORCE DELIVERY SYSTEMS USING HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES - Jaime Monteiro; Nuno Ramos; Joaquim Silva Gomes; Laiz Cavalcanti; Maria João Ponces; Mário Vaz

190. RobTech - Task 1.1 - Survey in Computational Design - José Pedro Sousa
This report is part of the research project quot;Robotic Technologies for a Non-Standard Design and Construction in Architecturequot;, supported by the FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. In the scope of the introductory activities of the project (T1.1, T.1.2 and T1.3), the present task surveys the current state-of-the art in computational design technologies.


192. Biomedical Image Analysis based on Computational Registration Methods - João Manuel R. S. Tavares

193. Gestão Integrada do Sistema de Informação - Maria Manuela Gomes de Azevedo Pinto
The main purpose of this article is to give an overview of the project which took place in the City council of Vila do Conde, which, based theoretical and scientific principles the Archivistics as an applied discipline in the scope ofInformation Science, with an object - the social information structuralized in (half)-closed systems, and a method - the quadripolar method-. The author presents aspecific project quot;Integrated Management of the Municipality Information System, applied to the current management of the City council, fitting it in the challenges set by the Information and Knowledge Society.

194. On Avoiding Redundancy in Inductive LogicProgramming - Nuno A Fonseca; Vítor Santos Costa; Fernado Silva; Rui Camacho
ILP systems induce rst-order clausal theories performing asearch through very large hypotheses spaces containing redundant hypotheses.The generation of redundant hypotheses may prevent the systemsfrom nding good models and increases the time to induce them.In this paper we propose a classication of hypotheses redundancy andshow how expert knowledge can be provided to an ILP system to avoidit. Experimental results show that the number of hypotheses generatedand execution time are reduced when expert knowledge is used to avoidredundancy.

195. COGERAÇÃO: BENEFÍCIOS em que CONDIÇÕES? - Clito Afonso; Tiago Moutinho

196. Architecture Control and Model Identification of a Omni-Directional Mobile Robot - António Paulo Gomes Mendes Moreira; Paulo José Cerqueira Gomes da Costa; André Gustavo Scolari Conceição

197. Análise de Sistemas Frigoríficos Destinados a Bebidas de Pressão - Clito Afonso; Joaquim Gabriel Magalhães Mendes

198. Rainwater storage tank sizing: Case study of a commercial building - Cristina Santos; Cristina Matos; S. Pereira; I. Bentes; M. Imteaz

199. Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images. Fundamentals, Methods, and Applications

200. Study and Analysis of a Cooling System for Draught Drinks. - Clito Afonso; Joaquim Gabriel Magalhães Mendes


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