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341. Web-based Decision Support System for Incorporating Geosynthetics in Coastal Protection Works - Susana Maria Pereira Garcia; Maria de Lurdes Lopes; Fernando Veloso Gomes; Luciana das Neves

342. New Challenges for Coastal Governance in the Azores: Marine Clusters - Luz Paramio; Fatima Alves; João Porteiro; Fernando Veloso Gomes
The European Union sustainability policies recently reaffirmed by the Lisbon Treaty, shows the makers concerns regarding the maritime sector. The overall approach proposed by the new European policy instruments aimed at reconciling environmental and economic interests both for the Marine and Coastal Zones. Thus, The Outermost regions of the Europe are highlighted over all documents, as areas of great strategic importance to marine management. In Portugal case, the Azores Archipelago has specific characteristics potency the development of a model of sustainability framed within the objectives of the European Marine Policy. Its marine space covered by the dispersion of its nine...

343. Analysis of the Portuguese west coast morphology and morphodynamics, based on aerial images and GIS tools - Joaquim Barbosa; Fernando Veloso Gomes; Francisco Taveira Pinto
Several areas of the western coast of Portugal are undergoing severe erosion. Accurateknowledge of coastal morphology and morphodynamic characteristics as well as their correlationthrough time is of great importance, not only to identify coastal erosion hazards, but also tounderstand more in-depth the movement of sediments and the action of currents, which are themain coastal processes responsible for erosion.The main goal of this work is to develop a tool capable of performing aerial image analysis,visual and computed, of coastal forms and wave breaking zones The results of this analysis will beintegrated and made available through a GIS database. With this approach,...

344. Bio-Imaging and Visualization for Patient-Customized Simulations
Imaging and Visualization are among the most dynamic and innovative areas of research of the past few decades. Justification of this activity arises from the requirements of important practical applications such as the visualization of computational data, the processing of medical images for assisting medical diagnosis and intervention, and the 3D geometry reconstruction and processing for computer simulations.Currently, due to the development of more powerful hardware resources, mathematical and physical methods, investigators have been incorporating advanced computational techniques to derive sophisticated methodologies that can better enable the solution of the problems encountered. Consequent to these efforts any effective methodologies have...

345. Overtopping Reduction at Leixões Harbour, Portugal - Fernando Veloso Gomes; Francisco Taveira Pinto; Hugo Guedes Lopes; Emílio Brogueira Dias

346. Quantification of the total suspended matter concentration in the sea breaking zone from in situ measurements and remotely sensed data - two empirical approaches - Ana Teodoro; André Ribeiro Marçal; Fernando Veloso Gomes
Remote sensing techniques can be used to calculate suspended sediment concentrations and to understand the flux and distribution of sediments driven by mechanisms such as tides and waves, river discharges, etc. The main objective of this study is the quantification of the Total Suspended Matter (TSM) concentration in the sea breaking zone for a particular area of the Portuguese coast, around Aveiro. The methodology used was based on in situ measurements and multi spectral satellite images. In situ experimental techniques (maritime platform, aerial platform, simulation on the beach and water sample collection in the breaking zone) were used to determine...

347. NUMERICAL MODELLING OF WAVES INTERACTING WITH THE BREAKWATERS OF LEIXÕES HARBOUR, PORTUGAL - Maria Graça Neves; Maria Teresa Reis; Jorge Gadelho; Javier Lara; Francisco Taveira Pinto; Hugo Guedes Lopes; José Cabral

348. Continuing Professional Development Programs in 5 European Countries - Alfredo Soeiro
Four professional engineering organizations in Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania have joined efforts to promote continuing professional development in engineering companies following the exampleof the Institution of Engineers Ireland. Over the past decade EngineersIreland and the Irish Government have co-financed and developed amodel which employers of engineering professionals can use to connect disparate training, learning development initiatives under abest-practices umbrella. In essence, the standard provides a framework for employers to support good practices in the area of lifelonglearning for engineers and technicians.It is designed to reflect andreward the ever-changing environments in which engineering andtechnical professionals work and learn. Five case...

349. A Igreja de São Domingos de Guimarães. Cronografia dos trabalhos de restauro e conservação realizados pela DGEMN.Elementos para a leitura do edifício: A obra de restauro da DGEMN segundo a documentação escrita do Processo IPA:0308600008 [Parte 1] - Marta Maria Peters Arriscado de Oliveira

350. Elementos de formação urbana da Afurada - Marta Oliveira

351. Viana, a Sé - Marta Oliveira
Viana, the Seelt;br>The old square and the parish church have a common layout that determines, as in an interface, the pattern of the urban space and its built-up scale. The churchs shape is inspired by Romanesque architecture. its spans having a regular rhythm, with emphasis on the area just before the chancel that will be turned into a transept. The building itself fits in with contemporary port village churches, while the amplitude of arcades and volume within the church attest to an innovating space concept, much in line with the time of construction. From the beginning, the parish church embodied...

352. A ordem de uma geral maneira de edificar - Marta Oliveira
Just a common way of raising a churchThe See stands out among the greatest Manueline works, as the episcopal church of the new Portuguese territories of the Atlantic Islands, West Africa and India. Though it can be compared to the reigns main sees in terms of size, it followed the Kings wishes of raising a common church, using a model that had been known since Gothic times. It is a simple expression of architecture, but it is also an innovating conception of interior values, principles of design, symmetry and proportion with similarities with contemporary work done on the Jerónimos church....

353. O Campo Novo de Braga. O Plano, a Praça e a Capela de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe - Marta Maria Oliveira; Sílvia Ramos; Ana Cristina Silva; Maria de Fátima Castro; Jessica de Sousa; Paula Nunes
A cidade de Braga Primaz, senhorio dos Arcebispos. A abertura do Campo Novo - Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque, em 1720; aforamento de prazos do Cabido a partir de 1725; um plano de expansão da cidade. A expressão do mecenato religioso Barroco: uma praça com um projecto unitário de edificação, em articulação com uma capela mariana, como santuário de monte de proximidade urbana.

354. O Mosteiro do Salvador: Um Projecto do Século XVI - Marta M. Peters Arriscado de Oliveira

355. Bom Jesus de Valverde: um estudo da igreja e do claustro do convento - Marta Maria Cabral [=Marta Maria Oliveira]

356. Igrejas colunárias com tectos de madeira - Marta M. Peters Arriscado de Oliveira; José Ferrão Afonso
Iglesias columnarias con techos de maderalt;br>El interior norte y centro del país conserva un tipo de iglesias, de forma arcaica, medievales y de la Edad Moderna. Destacan las ermitas de peregrinación pero, dobladas sobre la condición local de parroquia, se replican los casos. El principio constructivo simple se explica a partir de la idea de cobertura, que se apoya sobre columnas y estructuras murarias, y el empleo de la madera, el material en que es trabajada. Hallenkirchen con techos, lugar comunitario religioso y civico.

357. Guimarães ad radicem montis Latito - Marta M. Peters Arriscado de Oliveira [2]; José Ferrão Afonso [1]; Sílvia Ramos [3]

358. Porto, São Miguel o Anjo: uma torre-farol e capela. Memória para uma intervenção na obra - Marta Maria Peters Arriscado de Oliveira

359. O desenho da cidade : contribuição para o seu estudo - Marta Oliveira (coord.); Teresa Augusto; Maria Alexandra Ferreira Alves Leite; Maria Gabriela Gonçalves Nascimento; Maria Manuela Correia Pacheco Pires

360. Generation of hardware modules for run-time reconfigurable hybrid CPU/FPGA systems - Miguel Silva; João Canas Ferreira
This paper describes a tool that creates partially-reconfigurable modules from the bitstreams of individual component modules. The resulting modules are intended for use in applications that exploit partial dynamic reconfiguration. The tool is integrated in a design flow particularly aimed at dynamically-reconfigurable platform FPGAs. The corresponding design flow is described together with a basic run-time support system.


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