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1. Minisculpture 1 - Schöffer, Nicolas; Nicolas Schöffer
Two chrome polished steel panels with die-cut forms mounted together, forming a minisculpture on a round base with an electric motor.; chrome, electric motor; 20 cm x 23.5 cm x 16 cm (7 7/8 in. x 9 1/4 in. x 6 5/16 in.)

2. Electric ignition for motor vehicles; - Hibbert, Walter, 1852-
Mode of access: Internet.

3. Award of the board of arbitration between: Springfield street railway company, Worcester consolidated street railway company, Milford, Attleboro & Woonsocket street railway company, Interstate consolidated street railway company, Attleboro branch railroad company and Amalgamated association of street and electric railway employees of America, Division 448 of Springfield, Division 22 of Worcester. - Springfield street railway company.; Worcester consolidated street railway company.; Milford, Attleboro & Woonsocket street railway Company.; Interstate consolidated street railway Company.; Attleboro branch railroad Company.; Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America.
Mode of access: Internet.

4. Estudio in vitro del espesor radicular residual dejado por diferentes sistemas rotatorios en la zona de peligro. - Luna Lara, Carlos Alberto
INTRODUCCIÓN: La adecuada limpieza y conformación del conducto radicular consiste en darle una forma al conducto que permita remover el tejido pulpar vital o necrótico, dentina y microorganismos y facilitar la obturación tridimensional de esté. Uno de los principales retos de la endodoncia es la preparación de los conductos curvos ya que se pueden producir accidentes de procedimiento como: la transportación del conducto, fractura de instrumentos, adelgazamiento excesivo de las paredes del conducto y perforaciones. Las raíces mesiales de los primeros molares inferiores anatómicamente presentan una área delgada en la pared distal del conducto que es vulnerable a adelgazamiento durante una...

5. Constitution and general laws. - Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America.
The name of the association varies: 1901, Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employes of America.

6. Creació i simulació de mapes de canvi per a vehicles comercials lleugers elèctrics - Morales Melero, Xavier
En aquests últims anys s’ha vist incrementada l’oferta de vehicles de passatgers elèctrics,mentre que en els LCV (de l’anglès Light Commercial Vehicle o Vehicle Comercial Lleuger)l’oferta ha estat bastant més reduïda, no obstant s’ha observat un creixent interès d’aquestsfabricants en portar la tecnologia elèctrica cap aquest sector.Aquest projecte es descompon en varies etapes. Primer de tot i basant-se en un prototip deLCV elèctric existent, es pretén explicar d’una manera simplificada la transformació que esva dur a terme partint d’un Nissan Cabstar MT de 3,5 tones i motor Diesel per arribar a unvehicle elèctric amb reductor d’una marxa. Generalment, en vehicles...

7. Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of multiphase voltage source converters for application in traction drives - Salehifar, Mehdi
There is an increasing demand for vehicles with less environmental impact and higher fuel efficiency. To meet these requirements, the transportation electrification has been introduced in both academia and industry during last years. Electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid Electric vehicle (HEV) are two practical examples in transportation systems. The typical power train in the EVs consists of three main parts including energy source, power electronics and an electrical motor. Regarding the machine, permanent magnet (PM) motors are the dominant choice for light duty hybrid vehicles in industry due to their higher efficiency and power density. In order to operate the power...

8. Caracterización mecánica de un motor eléctrico de corriente alterna utilizando un freno de foucault - Álvarez V., César Augusto; Marín Q., Juan Pablo; González C., Juan Camilo
The Autonoma university in Manizales acquired a Foucault brake to perform laboratory test to characterize an electrical motor. A module was constructed for the analysis of failures in bearings by vibration; the break was connected to the module to do the tests and capture information to come to the graphics of torque and power against the revolution per minute of the motor.

9. ME student - Sneha S. Chavan; Dr. Shashank; B. Thakre; Prof Kiran; R. Kaware
Abstract--Gearboxes are used in almost every industry right from power to marine, and also include agriculture, textile, automobiles, aerospace, shipping etc. A gearbox is a gear or a hydraulic system responsible for transmitting mechanical power from a prime mover (an engine or electric motor) into some form of useful output. It is referred to the metal casing in which a number of gears are sealed. Pivot pin fitted in lever of gearbox which is used for engaging the gears in gearbox. It is seen that the component Pivot Pin has failed in few Vehicles after completion of certain Kms. In...

10. Producer Services, Manufacturing Linkages, and Trade", FIW-Working Paper - Joseph Francois; Julia Wörz; Jel-codes O
Working with a mix of panel data on goods and services trade for the OECD for 1994-2004, combined with social accounts data (i.e. data on intermediate linkages) for 78 countries benchmarked to 2001, we examine the role of services as inputs in manufacturing, with a particular focus on indirect exports of services through merchandise exports, and also on the related interaction between service sector openness and the overall pattern of manufacturing exports. From the cross-section, we also develop a set of stylized facts linking services to level of development and the density of intermediate linkages. We find significant and strong...

11. Executive Summary
There are several advantages to the use of electricity as a transportation fuel—notably, high vehicle efficiency, lower operating costs, and zero tailpipe emissions. Because of the high efficiency of an electric motor, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) can be two to three times more efficient than a comparable gasoline vehicle, and electricity as a fuel is in most cases less expensive per mile than gasoline. The high vehicle efficiency plus low “fueling ” cost provides a lower cost of operation compared to a conventional gasoline vehicle. Additionally, electricity rates have been historically less volatile than gasoline prices, and this pattern is...

12. MOTOR-DRIVEN ELECTRIC VEHICLE, ITS DESIGN AND CONTROL AS A FUTURE MOBILITY SOLUTION - Rob Res; Yunha Kim Et Al; Yunha Kim; Kanghyun Nam; Hiroshi Fujimoto; Yoichi Hori; Corresponding Yunha Kim
This paper presents a novel chassis structure for advanced mobility platforms, using caster wheels with disturbance observers, and independent driving motors. The system consists of two independent driving wheels and two caster wheels. The proposed configuration enables the vehicle to have: a low mechanical stiffness against the direct yaw moment input because caster wheels are free to rotate; and high static stability because of the four wheels having a large base geometry. In addition, by introducing disturbance observers, the vehicle was given enhanced mobility and safety characteristics. A number of advantages, which include small-radius turning, under-steer gradient control, load transfer...

13. A three-phase induction motor electric driver - modeling and implementation - Fajardo Jaimes, Arturo; Ojeda Ruiz, Fernando; Karim Hay Harb, Abdel; Perilla Galindo, Gabriel
This paper gives a detailed description of a non-conventional speed-variation linear model in­tended for a conventional three-phase induction motor. The proposed architecture consists in a single-phase unit-power-factor tap (PFC) fo­llowed by three-phase inverter, which feeds the motor by using the scalar-control technique. The whole system is digitally-controlled by a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). In order to obtain the model, non-conventional use of the average ope­rator is suggested, which involves a calculation time span that depends on the target dynamics. This type of analysis simplifies the development of lossless models in terms of model precision. The project was divided into three...

14. A temporal basis for predicting the sensory consequences of motor commands in an electric fish - Kennedy, Ann; Wayne, Greg; Kaifosh, Patrick; Alvina, Karina; Abbott, L.F.; Sawtell, Nathaniel B.
Mormyrid electric fish are a model system for understanding how neural circuits predict the sensory consequences of motor acts. Medium ganglion cells in the electrosensory lobe create negative images that predict sensory input due to the fish’s electric organ discharge (EOD). Previous studies showed that negative images could be created through plasticity at granule cell-medium ganglion cell synapses provided that granule cell responses to the brief EOD command were sufficiently varied and prolonged. Here we show for the first time that granule cells indeed provide such a temporal basis, and that it is well matched to the temporal structure of...

15. Instrumentation for Core Loss Measurement - S. Parameswari
Abstract: In Induction Motors, irrespective of the load condition, whenever supply is provided to the electric motor, core loss exists and it remains constant. Therefore, Core loss is a major loss component in electric motors. Hence, core quality checking is an important one in electric motor. In this project, core loss tester is developed for measuring core loss in cleated stator pack. In back iron of the cleated stator pack, a 1.5T flux density is established to measure the core loss. For this purpose, virtual instrumentation technique is used.

16. Design of Switched Reluctance Motor for Three Wheeler Electric Vehicle - T. Dinesh Kumar; M. An
Abstract—Switched Reluctance Machines (SRM) offer attractive attributes for automotive applications. Low cost, high reliability, and competitive weight and efficiency combine to make the switched reluctance (SR) motor drive a strong candidate for application in future electric vehicle (EV) propulsion systems. This paper proposes a methodology to determine separately the peak and continuous power ratings of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) for electric propulsion of an electric vehicle (EV).same machine have to deliver peak and continuous power for different road load condition of vehicle. Then gives switched reluctance design guidelines for battery operated electric vehicles. Finally, it presents the design and...

Since the cost of fossil fuels is gradually increasing day by day as well as government policy is also towards the minimization of atmospheric pollution, it is mandatory for the human being to concentrate more on designing a hybrid bicycle powered by re-chargeable lead acid batteries. The aim of this paper is to design an electronic control unit for brushless DC (BLDC) motors in an electric cum human powered bicycle, characterized by new solutions for the control method and the 8-bit microcontroller system. A dynamic model of the vehicle has been realized, and the characteristics of the ECU have been...

18. doi:10.4028/ Research of Accuracy Parameters of the Gantry Course - Gintas Viselga
movement Abstract. A laser instrument maintains the course of the positioned gantry module. A laser beam generator emitting a vertical beam is placed at the end of the experimental field. A laser beam catcher with photo diodes is mounted onto a positioned gantry module replaceable support. Course deviations were assessed in two cases: when laser, straight-course maintaining mechanism was mounted at the same end of the spar as positioning trundle; and when it was mounted at the middle of the spar. Furthermore, we estimated how course deviations vary when changing the interaxial distance of laser catcher photodiodes. An electromechanical transmitter...

19. Design and fabrication of high energy miller used to synthesis of materials - Vera, Pedro; Lara, Homer
This work shows the design of miller machinery to advanced material, the mixer was developed with students based in the process of mechanosynthesis, the design had a price 40% less than commercial miller-mixer in Mexico market, the design was oriented to have better control on program of work, try to reduce the cost, and add capacity. So the mixer was designed using the Software Inventor 2010, materials as aluminum, stainless steel and electric motor 127 V, the angular velocity to work was reduced with flexible system, the results shows a adequate work velocity, continuous operation with the double of capacity...

20. The place of the motor bus as a supplement to electric railways / by R. Gilman Smith. - Smith, R. Gilman.; American Electric Railway Transportation and Traffic Association.
"Before the American Electric Railway Transportation and Traffic Association at its convention, held at Atlantic City, N.J., Oct. 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, 1920."

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