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  1. Prediseño de un motor eléctrico para una motocicleta urbana

    Durán Carretero, Teresa
    El vehículo eléctrico está en pleno momento de expansión, empezando a establecerse como parte del parque de automóviles a nivel mundial, a la vez que continúa su desarrollo e investigación para solventar los inconvenientes que presentan y potenciar sus ventajas. La parte más crítica de los vehículos eléctricos es el almacenaje de energía realizado a través de las baterías, ya que, a pesar del impulso de la última década, aún no se han conseguido desarrollar baterías con capacidades suficientes para asegurar una autonomía ni siquiera similar a los vehículos impulsados por motores alternativos convencionales. Además de la capacidad de almacenaje,...

  2. Visual Inspection on Premature Failure of Electric Motor Bearings

    Agus Geter; Edy Sutjipto; A. Triwiyanto; Yulfian Amin; Waleed Fekry Faris
    Abstract. All electrical motor or generator bearings can potential suffers from electric erosion. Unfortunately, problems can start after just a few months of running a new electric motor or generator. From visual inspection, it was found that the failure happened on the raceway surface in equal spacing. There may be many reasons for this – heavier loading than has been anticipated, inadequate or unsuitable lubrication, careless handling, ineffective sealing, or fits that are too tight, with resultant insufficient internal bearing clearance. Each of these factors produces its own particular type of damage and leaves its own special imprint on the...

  3. $rec.titulo

    The flexural strength of small beams of sea ice was measured by a bending method in ~hich each beam was bent at a constant speed by an electric motor. The force applied to the beam was meas-ured by an electric load-cell and was recorded with an oscillograph. The beams were cut from ice blocks which were taken from a sea ice sheet, in such a way as to make its wide plane parallel to the surface of ice sheet. The span of the beam was 24 cm, the width was 5 cm, the thickness was 2 cm. The measurement was...

  4. A new surface-inset, permanent-magnet, brushless DC motor drive for electric vehicles

    Jinyun Gan; K. T. Chau; C. C. Chan; J. Z. Jiang
    Abstract—A new five-phase, surface-inset, permanent-magnet (PM), brushless dc motor drive is proposed in this paper. The motor drive has advantages of both the PM brushless dc motor drive and the dc series motor drive. The originlity is that the air-gap flux of the motor is generated by both the PM excitation and the specially controlled stator currents (two particular phases) under the same PM pole. The motor configuration and principle of operation are so unusual that the magnetic field distribution and steady-state performance are analyzed by the finite-element method (FEM). Experimental results for a prototype verify that the proposed motor...

  5. The Designment and Implenment of Fuzzy Hybrid Pid in Srm Appleller to Electric Valve

    Li Guo Qing; Zhao Dean; Jiang Hui
    Abstract. To solve the strong coupling and nonlinear of switched reluctance motor(SRM) used in the Electric valve,we use a fuzzy compound PID control method, and apply it to the switched reluctance motor’s speed control system. The simulation applies that this method combines the advantages of fuzzy control and PID control and is well applied to non-linear’s object. Based on the theory, we design the core to the outer loop’s speed feedback and inner current loop’s feedback system in TMS320F28335, and describe the specific hardware and software structure, morely verify the feasibility’s test. The theory can solve the problem that the...

  6. Electromagnetic and Vibration Analysis of in-Wheel Switched Reluctance Motor with Notches and Projections for Electric Vehicle Applications

    G. Nalina Shini; Dr. V. Kamaraj; E. Giridharan; S. Kannan
    Abstract. With the demand for fuels to cater the needs of day to day usage of vehicles, the best alternative solution is to use electric vehicles. In-wheel Switched Reluctance Motor(SRM) is the best direct drive motor used in electric vehicles owing to its low cost, simplicity, high torque to inertia ratio. Vibration is a major problem which causes acoustic noise. This paper deals with the design and analysis of In-wheel Switched Reluctance Motor which produces high average torque with low vibration. The above desired performance of In-wheel SRM can be obtained by modifying the stator and rotor pole shapes of...

  7. K:/PIG/PIG 415476.3d (PIG) [PREPRINTER stage] Design and testing of a propeller for a two-seater aircraft powered by fuel cells

    G Romeo; E Cestino; M Pacino; F Borello; G Correa
    Abstract: This article deals with the design, manufacturing, and testing of a propeller for a general aviation aircraft fuelled by hydrogen. The feasibility of the ENFICA-FC project depended on several key-enabling technologies. In order to minimize the power required from both the batteries and the fuel cell, a highly efficient electrical propulsion system was required, in which all the components would need to yield the highest possible efficiency. The choice of the propeller for this specific aircraft was more difficult, above all because the electric motor was limited as to the torque it could handle. In addition, the propeller would...

  8. Controller & modification of a Light Hub-Motor propelled Electric

    Marc Alistair Matthews; Cape Town
    Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree

  9. motor for hybrid electric vehicle

    Kab-jae Lee; Sol Kim; Seong-yeop Lim; Ju Lee
    Bridge design of interior permanent magnet

  10. Derivation of the torque-speed characteristic of a reaction turbine

    D Levy
    When a reaction turbine is coupled to a generator or when an electric motor is coupled to a pump, the torque-speed characteristic of the runner needs to be known so that the control engineer can analyse the system for stability and optimal operation. The currently used one-dimensional vector analysis applies only where there is smoothflow in the inlet ofthe machine. This paper modijies and extends this analysis to apply to a variableflow situation which occurs when the load on the machine is not equal to the optimal specified load. Runaway speed and starting torque of the machine can also be...

  11. The design of PLC control of multi degree of Freedom Landscape showcase

    Liu An; Wei Jingtao
    Abstract. In order to make the different angles of the viewers get the best visual effects, the paper proposed a lift tilt rotary landscape showcase which can show all kinds with multi-degree of freedom. Showcase uses the electric motor to drive and PLC applications in the system which can be programmed to control various types of mechanical components, to achieve the function of lifting and descending of 4 position, 8 position, and 12 position, horizontal lift and rotating in 360-degree. The test and operation results demonstrate that the showcase meets the specific functional demand of design.

  12. Performance Study of DC Compressor for Automotive Air Conditioning System

    Henry Nasution; M. H. Z. Yamani; K. Sumeru
    Abstract. The automotive air conditioning compressor (AAC) is belt-driven by the engine. The compressor speed is directly proportional to the engine speed. Therefore, the cooling capacity will vary as the engine speed changes. To meet the air conditioning (AC) demand, the compressor continually cycles on and off. In the research, the compressor of the AAC is driven by an electric motor which in turn is operated by electrical battery (12 volt). The use of direct current compressor (DCC) is seen as a solution of the existing system. Using the proposed system, DCC gets significant improvements in energy efficiency. Compared with...

  13. Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis of Motor Cooling System in Articulated Dump Truck

    Zhang Yan; Shen Yanhua; Zhang Wenming
    set Abstract. In order to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the electric driving motor of the articulated dump truck, water cooling system is installed for each motor. For the best performance of the water cooling system, not only the heat transfer should be enhanced to maintain the motor in relatively low temperature, but also the pressure drop in the water cooling system should be reduced to save energy by reducing the power consumption of the pump. In this paper, the numerical simulation of the cooling progress is completed and the temperature and pressure field distribution are obtained. The...

  14. The Control Strategy and Experimental Analysis of Electronic Differential Steering for Four Independent Drive Hub Motor Electric Vehicle

    Pan Hao; Song Runsheng
    Abstract: Wheel hub motor used in drive system of pure electric vehicle has become hot research and future development. Based on a four-wheel independent drive(4WID) electric vehicles with wheel hub motors, the paper has made the research on electronic differential steering control strategy by using Ackermann steering model conditions, and the experimental results have also been analyzed for the actual steering control effects under differential control strategy. 1

  15. A New Hybrid Power Train for Low Speed Light Truck

    Wang Renguang; Chen Hongtao; Zhang Lintao; Shi Chuanlong E
    Abstract. A new kind of power train was developed for low speed lorry with top speed less than 70km/h. this new hybrid power train is mainly consisted of clutch, transmission, engine, engine controller, vehicle controller, power battery, electric motor, and main differential. The main differential has a set of gear for power input, which is for engine and motor power coupling. This new system can provide pure engine driving, pure motor driving, hybrid driving, and braking energy regeneration according to different conditions, which can save energy and improve efficiency.

  16. Electric mine motor thermal models aiding design and setting thermal protections

    R. Krok
    Abstract. The paper presents original modified thermal networks for calculations of the temperature field in induction mine motors under steady and transient conditions aiding design and setting thermal protections. They can be used for location of the hottest places in motor elements in order to place in them sensors for temperature measurements. They can be also applied to determining the equivalent thermal constants of windings needed when setting microprocessor thermal protections. Key words: induction mine motors, thermal protections, thermal networks. 1.

  17. Axial-flux permanent-magnet motor design for electric vehicle direct drive using sizing equation and finite element analysis

    A. Mahmoudi; N. A. Rahim; H. W. Ping
    Abstract—The design process of a double-sided slotted TORUS axial-flux permanent-magnet (AFPM) motor suitable for direct drive of electric vehicle (EV) is presented. It used sizing equation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). AFPM motor is a high-torque-density motor easily mounted compactly onto a vehicle wheel, fitting the wheel rim perfectly. A preliminary design is a double-sided slotted AFPM motor with 6 rotor poles for high torque-density and stable rotation. In determining the design requirements, a simple vehicle-dynamics model that evaluates vehicle performance through the typical cruising trip of an automobile was considered. To obtain, with the highest possible torque, the initial...


    M. R. Ahmed; M. M. Billah; A. T. M. Ziauddin
    Nowadays USG application in paddy field is an innovative technology to reduce the nitrogen fertilizer losses in the field. Manual application of USG in the field by hand between four seedlings is very much time consuming, costly and back breaking task. As a result different models of USG applicator were developed in home and abroad. Most of the applicators are manually pushed or pull type. An applicator was designed and developed to operate by a DC electric motor. In this machine 12 Volt 9 AH rechargeable battery was used. Power was transmitted by pulley and v-belt from the motor to...

  19. Theory of a New Drive System for Manipulators

    Kons Tantin Ivanov; Baurzhan Tultayev
    Abstract- The production operation of the module includes stages: acceleration, breaking and the installed motion. Optimum on power and sizes the drive of the module of the manipulator should overcome the force matching a variable load at di fferent stages of operation at constant power of an engine. For this purpose it is offered to use the adaptive mechanical drive containing the electric motor and an adaptive gear variator with constant engagement of toothed wheels. The adaptive gear variator provides the variable transfer ratio only owing to the mechanical properties lost-free energy on its transformation and without control means.

  20. DOI: 10.13189/fst.2014.020101 Design and Fabrication of Rice De-Stoning Machine

    Olugboji Oluwafemi Ayodeji; Jiya Jonathan Yisa
    Abstract This work aims at meeting the ever increasing demands of quality rice, avoiding losses and improving the income of local farmers. Mild steel was used in the construction of the machine. Standard equations were used to determine the dimension of the parts. The machine is driven by a 1Hp electric motor with 688.17 W required power. The machine has a capacity of 47.39 Kg/hr and an efficiency of 82.47 %

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