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  1. Análisis de un sistema de desalinización por compresión mecánica de vapor

    Del Río Valeiras, Lucas
    El objetivo principal del presente trabajo es la realización de un análisis energético para un sistema de desalinización por compresión de vapor con una producción de agua dulce con una capacidad de 90m³/d, a partir del modelo matemático se estudiará como varían los parámetros más decisivos del sistema en función de la demanda de producto. Asimismo se analizará el comportamiento general del sistema al variar otros parámetros de entrada susceptibles de oscilación como pueden ser: • Temperatura de agua de mar. • Caudal de producto • Salinidad. • Presiones de trabajo de evaporador y condensador. • Relación de compresión. El presente proyecto se centra en...

  2. Predicción y optimización de ciclos de conducción

    After the latest global scandal of falsifying tests of contamination by the German car manufacturer Volkswagen, every day more people worry about their cars and are environmentally friendly and meet all requirements imposed by law. As the media said, the company had implemented software in their diesel vehicles that allowed gas disable control of the vehicle and, in a normal driving cycle, issued the rate of toxic gases forty times above the permitted limit. Besides all this, the program detected when the car was under review and limited gas emissions below permitted, which already exceeded the limits of legality. If we add...

  3. Understanding the Thermal Degradation of 3-layer Insulating Papers for Electric Motor

    Loubeau, Florian; Rain, Pascal; Durieux, Anne; Le Strat, Florence
    International audience

  4. Using Motorettes for the Experimental and Numerical Determinations of the PDIV in an Electric Motor

    Loubeau, Florian; Rain, Pascal; Durieux, Anne; Le Strat, Florence; Fresnet, François
    International audience

  5. Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring for Endoscopic Endonasal Approaches to the Skull Base: A Technical Guide

    Singh, Harminder; Vogel, Richard W.; Lober, Robert M.; Doan, Adam T.; Matsumoto, Craig I.; Kenning, Tyler J.; Evans, James J.
    Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during endoscopic, endonasal approaches to the skull base is both feasible and safe. Numerous reports have recently emerged from the literature evaluating the efficacy of different neuromonitoring tests during endonasal procedures, making them relatively well-studied. The authors report on a comprehensive, multimodality approach to monitoring the functional integrity of at risk nervous system structures, including the cerebral cortex, brainstem, cranial nerves, corticospinal tract, corticobulbar tract, and the thalamocortical somatosensory system during endonasal surgery of the skull base. The modalities employed include electroencephalography, somatosensory evoked potentials, free-running and electrically triggered electromyography, transcranial electric motor evoked potentials, and auditory...

  6. Design and testing of small scale fish meat bone separator useful for fish processing

    Ali Muhammed, M.; Manjunatha, N.; Murthy, K. Venkatesh; Bhaskar, N.
    The present study relates to the food processing machinery and, more specifically machine for producing boneless comminuted meat from raw fish fillet. This machine is of belt and drum type meat bone separator designed for small scale fish processing in a continuous mode. The basic principal involved in this machine is compression force. The electric geared motor consists of 1HP and the conveyor belt has a linear velocity of 19 to 22 m min−1, which was sufficient to debone the fish effectively. During the meat bone separation trials an efficiency up to 75 % on dressed fish weight basis was observed and with...

  7. Remote Adaptive Motor Resistance Training Exercise Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof

    Shaw, James; Reich, Alton
    The invention comprises a method and/or an apparatus using a computer configured exercise system equipped with an electric motor to provide physical resistance to user motion in conjunction with means for sharing exercise system related data and/or user performance data with a secondary user, such as a medical professional, a physical therapist, a trainer, a computer generated competitor, and/or a human competitor. For example, the exercise system is used with a remote trainer to enhance exercise performance, with a remote medical professional for rehabilitation, and/or with a competitor in a competition, such as in a power/weightlifting competition or in a...


    D. Kiš; T. Jurić; N. Voća; Duška Čurić; M. Mandurić
    Recipes determine the quality of livestock feed and the hydraulic adders are one of the elements determining if the given recipe will be carried out. Generally, construction of existing adders does not allow accomplishment of that aim i.e. they do not meet recipe requirements. Consequently, researches which determined deviations in ingredient adding present with existing adders and with the experimental hydraulic adder were conducted. The research was conducted for two years (2005 and 2006) in two livestock feed factories in the Republic of Croatia on samples of feed mixtures for pigs weighing up to 15 and 25 kilos. Relative error...

  9. Diseño de un Equipo para Secado Mecánico de Café y su Evaluación a Partir de la Construcción de un Modelo a Escala 1: 5

    Henao Cuellar, José Duban; Perdomo Centeno, Luis Adolfo; Cuellar Pérez, Luis Enrique
    Con el fin de mejorar el proceso de secado del café, se diseñó un equipo mecánico tipo silo, el cual tiene ventajas como: menor requerimiento de espacio para secar, es desarmable, reduce la mano de obra, disminuye el tiempo de secado y conserva la calidad del producto. El silo consta de dos cámaras de secado y el flujo de aire puede circular a través de estas realizando secado ó presecado dependiendo de la dirección del flujo empleada (sistema de compuertas), con lo cual se logra homogeneidad en la humedad final del grano. Además presenta un mecanismo práctico para el descargue...

  10. Diseño de un sistema para la operación remota de una máquina trifásica de inducción mediante variador de frecuencia con interfaz Android sobre tablet-pc smartphone.

    [ES] El presente Trabajo de Final de Grado aborda la operación y el control de un motor eléctrico de corriente alterna asíncrono mediante una aplicación móvil sobre sistema Android. El motor se alimenta a tensión y frecuencia variable por un variador de frecuencia industrial que recibirá las ordenes de una tarjeta de adquisición de datos la cual estará conectada de forma inalámbrica con un dispositivo móvil Android. El usuario recibe información del estado del sistema y emite las órdenes pertinentes a través de una interfaz gráfica gracias a la aplicación diseñada. La App que constituye uno de los resultados del TFG se ha desarrollado empleando el...

  11. Design, development and evaluation of a divergent roller sizer for almond kernels

    D Ghanbarian; A Ghorbani-marghmaleki; M.A Ghazavi; Sh Besharati
    Introduction: Iran is one of the major producers of almonds. According to the statistics released by FAO (2011), Iran with more than 110000 tons of almonds is the third in rank throughout the world. However, most Iranian almonds are presented as an unsorted and unpackaged product. Some producers sort their products by hand which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. So, there is an essential need for suitable grading and packaging machines especially for the export of almond kernels.Grading, which is sometimes called sorting, is basically separating the material in different homogenous groups according to its specific characteristics like size, shape,...

  12. Investigating the effect of tractive parameters on imposed vertical stresses under driving wheel using a soil bin test rig facility

    H Taghavifar; A Mardani
    Introduction: Tire tractive parameters of the driving wheel are of the most substantial factors for the evaluation of the performance of agricultural tractors. Great tractive efficiency has called the attention of vehicle designers to attain economic efficiency owing to the minimization of fuel consumption. At terrain-tire interface, some soil physical-mechanical changes occur that lead to unwanted soil compaction. Of the influential parameters for the creation of soil compaction is the soil stresses formed owing to the wheeled vehicle trafficking. While the increase of tractive efficiency is desired, minimization of soil stresses should also be considered with the same importance to...

  13. Omnidirectional sensory and motor volumes in electric fish.

    James B Snyder; Mark E Nelson; Joel W Burdick; Malcolm A Maciver
    Active sensing organisms, such as bats, dolphins, and weakly electric fish, generate a 3-D space for active sensation by emitting self-generated energy into the environment. For a weakly electric fish, we demonstrate that the electrosensory space for prey detection has an unusual, omnidirectional shape. We compare this sensory volume with the animal's motor volume--the volume swept out by the body over selected time intervals and over the time it takes to come to a stop from typical hunting velocities. We find that the motor volume has a similar omnidirectional shape, which can be attributed to the fish's backward-swimming capabilities and...

  14. Species-specific diversity of a fixed motor pattern: the electric organ discharge of Gymnotus.

    Alejo Rodríguez-Cattaneo; Ana Carolina Pereira; Pedro A Aguilera; William G R Crampton; Angel A Caputi
    Understanding fixed motor pattern diversity across related species provides a window for exploring the evolution of their underlying neural mechanisms. The electric organ discharges of weakly electric fishes offer several advantages as paradigmatic models for investigating how a neural decision is transformed into a spatiotemporal pattern of action. Here, we compared the far fields, the near fields and the electromotive force patterns generated by three species of the pulse generating New World gymnotiform genus Gymnotus. We found a common pattern in electromotive force, with the far field and near field diversity determined by variations in amplitude, duration, and the degree...

  15. Comparative evaluation of light-trap catches, electric motor mosquito catches and human biting catches of Anopheles in the Three Gorges Reservoir.

    Wang Duo-quan; Tang Lin-hua; Gu Zhen-cheng; Zheng Xiang; Yang Man-ni; Jiang Wei-kang
    The mosquito sampling efficiency of light-trap catches and electric motor mosquito catches were compared with that of human biting catches in the Three Gorges Reservoir. There was consistency in the sampling efficiency between light-trap catches and human biting catches for Anopheles sinensis (r = 0.82, P<0.01) and light-trap catches were 1.52 (1.35-1.71) times that of human biting catches regardless of mosquito density (r = 0.33, P>0.01), while the correlation between electric motor mosquito catches and human biting catches was found to be not statistically significant (r = 0.43, P>0.01) and its sampling efficiency was below that of human biting catches. It is concluded that light-traps can...

  16. Torque Ripple Minimization and Performance Investigation of an In-Wheel Permanent Magnet Motor

    A. Mansouri; T. Hafedh
    Recently, electric vehicle motoring has become a topic of interest, due to the several problems caused by thermal engines such as pollution and high oil prices. Thus, electric motors are increasingly applied in vehicle’ applications and relevant research about these motors and their applications has been performed. Of particular interest are the improvements regarding torque production capability, the minimization of torque ripple and iron losses. The present work deals with the optimum design and the performance investigation of an outer rotor permanent magnet motor for in-wheel electric vehicle application. At first, and in order to find the optimum motor design,...

  17. Replacing the ICE by electric motor of the IVECO 150E Eurocargo Hard-Press Garbage Truck

    Tiba Zsolt (1965-) (gépészmérnök); Kertész József (1955-) (villamosmérnök); Husi Géza (1962-) (gépészmérnök, számítógépes tervezőmérnök); Békési Zsolt (1988-) (gépészmérnök)

  18. Diseño de un reductor de velocidades para una cinta transportadora de carbón

    El presente proyecto tiene como objetivo el diseño de un reductor para el accionamiento de una cinta transportadora de carbón de una central térmica. Se dispone de un motor eléctrico de: - 55 KW - 1500 rpm para mover la cinta transportadora de carbón para la alimentación del hogar.


    Loubeau, Florian; Rain, Pascal; Durieux, Anne
    International audience

  20. Design, development, and validation of concepts for generating passive pulsation in cooling nozzles

    Enno Sabelberg; Maria Cardenas; Reinhold Kneer; Wilko Rohlfs
    Efficient liquid cooling systems in cutting and chipping processes are essential to remain below the temperature limits of the cutting tool and materials. Impinging jet cooling near the processing location is a widely employed technique for this purpose. The cooling effect can be optimized using a pulsating cooling fluid to improve heat transfer, via a periodic renewal of the hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layer. This study focuses on a cooling nozzle which generates a passive jet excitation, without an electric motor or any valve system. Four different nozzle design mechanisms for the jet excitation were developed and tested with respect to...

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