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  1. Desarrollo eléctrico de un sistema de microgeneración eólica

    Oliveros Rubio, Pablo
    En la actualidad existe una necesidad energética mundial muy alta. Se tiene conocimiento de que 1300 millones personas no tienen acceso a la energía y 2700 millones de personas extraen energía de la biomasa tradicional, que favorece el deterioro gradual del medio ambiente por la emisión de gases. En el marco del primer grupo, dado que los países a los que pertenecen estas poblaciones poseen habitualmente rentas per-cápita bajas no disponen de capacidad económica suficiente para realizar instalaciones eléctricas o de generación complicadas y tecnológicamente avanzadas. La consecuencia de su escaso o nulo acceso a la energía provoca que su...

  2. Solar Electric Motor on Superconducting Bearings: Design and Tests in Liquid Nitrogen

    Berger, Kévin; Boufatah, Fawzi; Linares-Lamus, Rafael-Antonio; Menana, Hocine; Hinaje, Melika; Douine, Bruno; Lévêque, Jean
    The authors would like to thank Isabelle Schwenker for its help during the setup of the experimental parts. We are also grateful to Mariusz Stepien and Boguslaw Grzesik for organizing in 2014 the visit of the Silesian University of Technology where we have seen such a solar motor for the first time.

  3. Learning control of a flight simulator stick

    Theo J. A. De Vries; Koen H. J. Vrielink; G. J. Wierda; André Borghuis
    n important part of a flight simulator is its control loading system, which is the part that emulates the behaviour of an aircraft as experienced by the pilot through the stick. Such a system consists of a model of the aircraft that is to be simulated and a stick that is driven by an electric motor. To make the simulation as realistic as possible, the simulator stick should behave in the same way as the stick in the real aircraft. However, due to the properties of the motor and the stick, small irregularities can be felt when the stick is...

  4. Hybrid Technology in the Vehicles

    Walid Ahmed
    Abstract: The hybrid technology is the technology which combines with internal combustion engine of the vehicle with the high voltage battery and the electric motor of the vehicle. 21st century transportation is not just a vision for the future but it is here today. The clean and fuel efficient hybrid vehicles are now available joining the alternatively fueled vehicle already present on the road. This paper contains the history of the hybrid technology, their working mechanism and their problems. The hybrid technology benefits specifically include increased fuel efficiency, long term financial benefits and the most important environmental advantages. Purchasing slightly...

  5. Design of a User-Friendly Control System using Least Control Parameters 허 영 진1, 박 대 길2, 김 진 현†

    Youngjin Heo; Daegil Park; Jinhyun Kim
    Abstract An electric motor is the one of the most important parts in robot systems, which mainly drives the wheel of mobile robots or the joint of manipulators. According to the requirement of motor performance, the controller type and parameters vary. For the wheel driving motors, a speed tracking controller is used, while a position tracking controller is required for the joint driving motors. Moreover, if the mechanical parameters are changed or a different motor is used, we might have to tune again the controller parameters. However, for the beginners who are not familiar about the controller design, it is...


    R. H. J. Brown; R. H. J. Brown
    SINCE Heilbrunn's work in 1926 most workers have agreed that the viscosity of protoplasm is low; all the recent observations, with one exception, have given figures which are not markedly different from each other. The exception, the work of Fetter (1926) on Paramecium, gives a viscosity value which is much higher than that found in other material. The present paper constitutes a re-examination of the viscosity values given by Fetter. MATERIAL AND METHOD The animals used were obtained from a stock culture of Paramecium sp. The experimental method was originally based on that of Fetter, but it required so much...

  7. Simulation and fault detection of three-phase induction motors Abstract

    B. Liang A; B. S. Payne B; A. D. Ball B; S. D. Iwnicki A
    Computer simulation of electric motor operation is particularly useful for gaining an insight into their dynamic behaviour and electro-mechanical interaction. A suitable model enables motor faults to be simulated and the change in corresponding parameters to be predicted without physical experimentation. This paper presents both a theoretical and experimental analysis of asymmetric stator and rotor faults in induction machines. A three-phase induction motor was simulated and operated under normal healthy operation, with one broken rotor bar and with voltage imbalances between phases of supply. The results illustrate good agreement between both simulated and experimental results.

  8. A new Coordinate Control Method for electric motor Regenerative Braking and ABS Coordinate

    Renguang Wang A; Guangkui Shi B; Hongtao Chen C; Lintao Zhangd; Chao Yu E
    Abstract. In pure electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), the adoption of electric motor barking function for vehicle braking energy recycling make its braking control become more complicated. But making good use of braking energy can improve vehicle efficiency. A new method was developed to coordinate the electric motor regenerative braking and ABS braking. Which identify the road condition with real time basing on wheel speed information from four wheel speed sensors. Then control system decides the braking force provided by ABS system. The residual braking force is produced by electric motor barking to meet total braking force...


    Eniko Enikov; Gabor Step An; E. Enikov; G. Stepan
    In this work we discuss two basic alternatives of stabilizing an inverted pendulum- by applying a horizontal force to its base or by use of a speed controller which implements a kinematic constraint into the mechanical system. Key~ords: inverted pendulum, nonholonomic systems. 1. Description of the Mechanical System The mechanical system consists of a pendulum hinged to a mobile cart (see Fig. 1). The cart and the pendulum are constrained to move in the sam ~ vertical plane. The cart consists of an electric motor with a gearbox connected to a pair of wheels. As can be seen from Fig....

  10. Title Design of a new outer-rotor flux-controllable vernier PM in-wheelmotor drive for electric vehicle Author(s) Liu, C Citation

    Abstract — This paper proposes a new in-wheel motor drive for electric vehicle (EV), which utilizes the outer-rotor topology to directly couple with the tire rims and hence removing the mechanical transmission. The key is to use the vernier structure for obtaining the high-speed to low-speed gear effect and achieving the high output torque at low speed operation. Also, the proposed motor drive adopts the DC field winding for performing the flux weakening control at high speed operation. Thus, this new in-wheel motor drive can smoothly operate within the speed range of 0~1000rpm at different operation modes for EVs. The...

  11. A New Power Train System for Electric Hybrid Vehicle

    Renguang Wang A; Zhenlin Yang B; Lintao Zhang C; Chao Yu D; Guangkui Shi E; Hongtao Chen F
    Abstract. A new hybrid power train using variable displacement pump/motor was developed for electric vehicle. It mainly includes engine, brake, clutch, variable displacement pump/motor, hydraulic accumulator, output gear, planetary gear set, controller. The planetary gear set, brake, clutch, output gear, power output shaft are integrated to form power split and coupling mechanism. In this new power train, the hydraulic variable displacement pump/motor is used instead of the electric generator/motor with different operation modes, which are pure hydraulic motor driving, pure engine driving, parallel hybrid driving, and compound hybrid driving.


    Bogdan Kozik
    The paper presents preliminary stand tests of a demonstrator of planetary gearing. The gearing used in the research has been made of ABS polymer with good strength parameters. Parts of the gearing have been created by means of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). The input data come from 3D CAD solid model which geometry is determined by a file of any system equipped with the ability to save in STL format. This model is described by a grid of triangles and divided into levels (layers). Their thickness determines the accuracy of representation of a detail curvature. The thickness of the layers...

  13. According to the Ministry of Transportation and

    A hybridization design of an air motor and an electric motor based on field programmable gate array controller Shih-Yao Huang and Yean-Ren Hwang Among the elements of developing electric vehicles, the battery is usually the weakest point, as well as the most expensive component. If the battery life is too short, the frequently replacement of the battery is necessary, which will increase the overall cost. This article presents a novel hybridization design and implementation of an air motor and an electric motor which utilizes magnetic powder brake to integrate these two motors together. In this research, by the use of...

  14. Motor Applications

    U Ad-a; D T Ic; Wires For; Electric Motor; Applications"ecte Prime Contractor; Principal Investigator; John W. Halloran; J. W. Halloran
    I APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE: DISTRIBUTION IS UNLIMITED The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies, either expressed or implied, of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or the U. S. Government. I I I

  15. *Corresponding author

    Kanghyun Nam; Hiroshi Fujimoto; Yoichi Hori
    Design of an adaptive sliding mode controller for robust yaw stabilisation of in-wheel-motor-driven electric vehicles

  16. IOS Press Efficient method for eddy current analysis in permanent magnets of electric motors

    Michal-wolfgang Waszak
    Abstract. This paper presents an efficient method for eddy current analysis in permanent magnets (PM) used in electric machines. Due to appreciable electric conductivity of sintered PM the energy losses related to induced eddy currents cannot be neglected. Since the resulting increase of temperature may weaken the magnetomotive force or even demagnetize the PM material. Two numerical approaches for eddy current calculations in massive materials are commonly applied: 2d model (assuming infinite axial length) and 3d model (usually suffering from numerical inefficiency). In this paper we discuss numerically efficient method for eddy current computation taking actual axial length into account....

  17. XML Template (2011) [7.11.2011–10:56am] [1–9] K:/PIC/PIC 428398.3d (PIC) [PREPRINTER stage] Original Article

    A hybridization design of an air motor and an electric motor based on field programmable gate array controller Shih-Yao Huang and Yean-Ren Hwang Among the elements of developing electric vehicles, the battery is usually the weakest point, as well as the most expensive component. If the battery life is too short, the frequently replacement of the battery is necessary, which will increase the overall cost. This article presents a novel hybridization design and implementation of an air motor and an electric motor which utilizes magnetic powder brake to integrate these two motors together. In this research, by the use of...

  18. Analysis of Soft-switching Converters for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles

    Tze Wood Ching
    Two new soft-switching converters for switched reluctance motor drives are proposed and analyzed. The pro-posed zero-voltage-transition (ZVT) converter possesses the definite advantages that both main transistors and diodes can operate with zero-voltage switching (ZVS), as well as unity device voltage and current stresses. On the other hand, the proposed zero-current-transition (ZCT) converter offers the advantages that both the main and auxiliary switches operate with zero-current switching (ZCS), as well as minimum current and voltage stresses. Both converters have the merits of simple circuit topology, minimum component count and low cost. Keywords soft-switching converters, switched reluctance motor drives, electric vehicle propulsion...

  19. Dry-mixed Mortar Control System Based on Fieldbus and PLC

    Huan Zhang; Shuqi Shang; Linong Gong; Chuanhui Huang; Chuanhui Huang
    Abstract. A design of dry-mixed mortar control system based on Fieldbus and PLC was introduced in this paper. A scheme of totally integrated automation, which includes S7-300 PLC, PROFIBUS-DP Fieldbus, touch panel and etc., was proposed. Firstly, control demands and process of this system were described; secondly, hardware configuration and software design were illustrated as well. By using large-scale PLC and field level network- PROFUBUS-DP, the motions of electric motor actuators or hydraulic cylinder actuators are running well, and all sections in the process flow, like hoist, well-distributed vibration, mixing, unloading, etc can all be implemented in time and in...

  20. Circuit design for an intelligent dustbin controlled by gestures

    Huachun Zhou
    our movement and then compete corresponding task according to our willing. To make the intelligent machine more acceptable to human life, and to develop an intelligent dustbin which controlled by gestures will realize interactions between human and intelligent dustbin. This article introduced the hardware circuit design of the intelligent dustbin. Block scheme of the intelligent dustbin The block scheme of the intelligent dustbin is illustrated in Figure 1. Zigbee is used to receive the control command; CC2530 is used to control motors, vacuum cleaner and switch cover; Ultrasonic sensor is used to detecting and avoiding obstacles; Gas sensor is used...

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