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1. Hangar para el avión del Shah del Irán - Jawerth, D.
A hangar for the Shah's private aircraft has been built in Teheran. It has a suspended roof, of aluminium corrugated sheeting. The project was made by Mr. Jawerth, of Stockholm, and the construction was carried out by a Swedish contractor. The hangar is 56 by 30 m, and its structure consists of a number of columns, joined by a triangulated cable framework. These columns are stabilized by guy cables, anchored outside the hangar. Each cable structure has a supporting cable, and another lower one, which serves to stretch the supporting cable. A third cable ties the other two cables together at...

In the last few years, environmental impact and price rise of the Petroleum based fuels have increased. For this perfect alternative, Electric vehicles are much preferred commonly around the world. Now Transient period of conventional vehicles to electric vehicles have started. Dual-mode vehicles are electrically powered and conventional internal combustion engine run in dual-mode for power too. Using batteries for electric drive and reciprocating engine for conventional drive either one can be operated at a time and this can be switch manually according to the application requirement. The Motorcycle with combination of IC engine and electric motor will provide a...

3. Vehicles Combining Three Optimizing Techniques, Neural Network, Rule Based - Vikas Gupta
This paper presents a model-based hybrid technique for energy management in parallel hybrid electric vehicles. This hybrid technique gives optimal solution for fuel consumption for both online and offline conditions, this technique do not need the prior knowledge of the drive cycle, its computation time, mathematical complexity and coding complexity is quite low or less. This algorithm has two parts. In the first part the modes of operations of hybrid electric vehicle is done by the help of Neural Network and IF THEN ELSE rules. In the second part the electric motor and engine combined mode 3 and charging mode...

4. Electric Motor MEPS Guide - Boteler Brunner; De Almeida; Graphic Oerlikon; Journalisten Ag; Christine Sidler; Conrad U. Brunner; Gessnerallee A
Not for sale Information on the introduction of new testing standards, efficiency classes, labels and minimum energy performance standards MEPS for electric motors in global markets.

5. Performance Testing Of Torque Limiter Timer Belt Spindle Drive for Overload Protection - L. B. Raut; Rohan N. Kare
Power is transmitted from motor to output shaft without any interference when no excessive load acting on the machine. But major problem is faced by industry on the machine that is when excessive load will act on the output shaft then problem of overloading make the driving motor or engine to stall; which will lead to burnout of the electric motor. In extreme cases this overload will lead to the breakage of drive elements or the clutch itself. In order to avoid the damage of the transmission elements it is necessary that the input and output shafts be disconnected in case...

6. Figure 1 EVAD 3.0 Schematic MECHANICAL CONTROL OF CIRCULATORY ASSIST DEVICES - S. D. Pinder; D. L. Russell; T. Mussiv
Mechanical circulatory assist devices are grouped in two major classes depending on the manner in which they supply the pumping action: pulsatile or non-pulsatile. Electrohydraulic ventricular assist devices (EVADs) are inherently pulsatile. There is a tendency, in the design of such devices, to create an alternating flow by incorporating the alternation into the control system. This can create a reliability problem as it often requires that a mechanical component be made to reverse direction repetitively. One method to resolve this problem employs a rotary control valve constructed in a manner such that a pulsatile flow is created in spite of...

7. Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. Primal Electric Transit in San Diego Part Three - Richard V. Dodge
At last, the overhead was completed and the boiler, steam engine and the dynamos were all set, ready for the generating of the electric current. On November 9, electric motor number 1, named J. R. Thomas, made a trial trip with only Dr. Gochenauer, the engineer and the conductor aboard. Continued on page 4

8. Compression solutions / energy / compression Scan the QR code with the QR code reader in your mobile! 2 3Siemens offers a full range of turbocompressors to meet the needs of the oil and gas and process industries: centrifugal, axial or axial-radial, and integrally geared compressors can be matched with all kinds of mechan-ical drives – steam turbine, gas turbine, VSDS system or electric motor – in a solution to match each unique customer. A wide range of products and a wealth of experience

9. INTERACTION ASPECTS OF PULSE STRESS AND INSULATION SYSTEMS - Zeszyty Problemowe; Maszyny Elektryczne Nr; Václav Mentlík; Pavel Šebík; Pavel Trnka; Wpływ Zasilania; Impulsowego Na; Układy Izolacyjne
Abstract: In the past twenty years, industrial controls have experienced dramatic changes with advances in adjustable speed drive technology. It has been observed that voltage waveforms generated by power frequency converters may affect significantly the reliability of electric motor insulation system. Over voltage problems in long cable drives due to step voltage pulse rise time became an important research area during the last decade. The over voltage phenomenon is usually described using the traveling wave and reflection phenomena. For better understanding of the processes in long cable drives distributed-parameter representation in simulations is used. The problem with bearing currents is...

10. Reducing The Operating Costs Of An Apartment Building - Takács Ján; Rácz Lukáš
Circulation pumps are mechanical devices, which are used to create the overpressure required for the transportation of a heat-transfer medium in heating technology as well as in other related technologies. In a circulation pump the mechanical energy generated by the drive machine – an electric motor is transformed to hydraulic energy, which consists of kinetic and static energy. In the pipeline of a heating system circulation pumps represent a source of hydraulic energy (positive differential pressure), which is consumed to transport the heat-transfer medium. During the flow, the heat-transfer medium puts up resistance to the so-called passive resistors, which consist...

11. Prevención de las fallas de los motores trifásicos de inducción mediante una adecuada selección - Osvaldo Guerreo Castro

En este trabajo se expone los aspectos de mayor importancia a considerar en
una adecuada selección de motores para prevenir las fallas, así como las
repercusiones que puede tener tanto en la operación del equipo, como en la cantidad, frecuencia y tipo de falla de los motores trifásicos de inducción.

Primeramente, se expondrán los aspectos que prevalecen o se usan con mayor
frecuencia en la selección de un motor trifásico de inducción y otros aspectos
que se deben analizar con el cuidado correspondiente y que no se consideran
para prevenir las fallas de estos equipos.

No se pretende que este trabajo sea...

12. A Methodology for Selection of Optimum Power Rating of Propulsion Motor of Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle on Indian Drive Cycle (IDC) - Prasun Mishra; Suman Saha; H. P. Ikkurti
Optimum power rating of propulsion motor is an important issue for designing efficient drive train for a three wheeled battery operated electric vehicle application on standard drive cycle like Indian Drive Cycle of Indian urban and suburban areas. This paper deals with proper estimation of power rating of electric motor by root means square technique while considering the limitations of overloading and under loading operation of motor used in electric vehicle along with some specified design parameters, aiming towards better performance than that of a conventional IC engine driven vehicle. Dynamics of three wheeled vehicle is simulated on MATLAB/Simulink environment...

13. Energy Efficiency Standards of Induction Motors, ¿Are you Prepared Latin America? - Carlos M. Londoño-Parra; José L. Ramírez-Echavarría
In Colombia the regulatory process regarding the energy efficiency of end-use prod-ucts is emerging with the draft technical regulation product labeling RETIQ, which includes in Annex E, the test methods for determining the efficiency of motors alternat-ing current induction. The goal of this paper is to compare the energy efficiency of induction motors between the countries of Latin America and the countries of the major economies of the globe, considering four aspects: the current state of classification standards and test procedures of induction motors efficiency, multilateral agreements of mutual recognition, the infrastructure to conduct tests of the standard and support...

14. Bearing Fault Detection in Induction Motor Using Motor Current Signature Analysis - AKSHAT SINGHAL, MEERA A.KHANDEKAR
The health condition of induction motor can be effectively monitored using a non-intrusive method called Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA). The concept is to treat the electric motor as an implicit transducer built into motor-driven equipment; the current behaviour can thus be used to show various health conditions of the motor as well as the load it is driving. The objective of this work is to explore the feasibility of MCSA for continuous monitoring and diagnostic purposes. For signal processing we use Fast Fourier Transform. In summary, the findings show promising results which could lead to better reliability performance of...

15. Neuropathic pain: transcranial electric motor cortex stimulation using high frequency random noise. Case report of a novel treatment - Alm PA; Dreimanis K
Per A Alm, Karolina DreimanisDepartment of Neuroscience, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SwedenObjectives: Electric motor cortex stimulation has been reported to be effective for many cases of neuropathic pain, in the form of epidural stimulation or transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). A novel technique is transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS), which increases the cortical excitability irrespective of the orientation of the current. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of tRNS on neuropathic pain in a small number of subjects, and in a case study explore the effects of different stimulation parameters and the long-term stability of treatment effects.Methods:...

16. Performance evaluation of a fish feed pelletizing machine - Ojomo A. O.; Agbetoye L. A. S.; Ologunagba F. O.
A pelletizing machine for the production of fish feed was designed and developed. It consists of a hopper, barrel which houses the screw conveyor (auger), the cutting knife and the die orifice. The machine is driven by a 2 kW, 1420 rpm single phase electric motor. The performance evaluation of the machine was carried out. The aim was to investigate the effects of moisture contents and the speed of operation on the performance of the machine. It was observed that the pelletizing efficiency, throughput capacity and the percentage recovery of the machine increased with the increase in moisture content and...

17. Mathematical Modeling of the Three Phase Induction Motor Couple to DC Motor in Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Zulkarnain Lubis; A. N. Abdalla; Mortaza; Ruzlaini Ghon
Problem statement: With emphasis on a cleaner environment and efficient operation, vehicles today rely more and more heavily on electrical power generation for success. Approach: Mathematical modeling the components of the HEV as the three phase induction motor couple to DC motor in hybrid electric vehicle was introduced. The controller of Induction Motor (IM) was designed based on input-output feedback linearization technique. It allowed greater electrical generation capacity and the fuel economy and emissions benefits of hybrid electric automotive propulsion. Results: A typical series hybrid electric vehicle was modeled and investigated. Conclusion: Various tests, such as acceleration traversing ramp and...

18. Innovative processing for improved electrical steel properties - Schneider, J.; Barros-Lorenzo, J.; Infante-Danzo, I.; Verbeken, K.; Houbaert, Y.
Electrical steel grades are the normal construction material for electrical motors and transformers because of their enhanced soft magnetic properties. One of the current trends in their production aims for increasing the silicon and/or aluminum concentration (above 3 wt %) to reduce magnetic losses through increased electrical resistivity. This is very difficult to realize by conventional processing, mainly because of cracking during cold rolling. An alternative production route is proposed that raises the silicon and/or aluminum concentration by surface deposition of silicon and/or aluminum on a low-Si/low-Al steel substrate, e.g. by a short immersion in a molten Al-Si bath, followed...

19. Assessing variable speed pump efficiency in water distribution systems - A. Marchi; A. R. Simpson; N. Ertugrul
Energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions are increasingly becoming important design targets in many industrial systems where fossil fuel based electrical energy is heavily utilised. In water distribution systems (WDSs) a significant portion of operational cost is related to pumping. Recent studies have considered variable speed pumps (VSPs) which aim to vary the operating point of the pump to match demand to pumping rate. Depending on the system characteristics, this approach can lead to considerable savings in operational costs. In particular, cost reductions can take advantage of the demand variability and can decrease energy consumption significantly. One of the...

20. Electric Motor Drive for Natural Gas Compression in Pipeline: Techno-economic Analysis - A.NASIR, P.PILIDIS, S.OGAJI, H.T.ABDULKARIM, A.EL-SULEIMAN
The transportation of natural gas requires more compressors than any other sector of the oil and gas market due to the long distances the gas must travel between gathering, processing and distribution sites. Electric drive is one of the major prime movers used for these compressor stations in order to maintain the gas flow and to deliver at a set pressure. To maintain a minimum transportation cost, a techno-economic module which will guide the drive and pipe selection is important. This paper presents a techno-economic tool which can be used to rapidly assess the profitability or otherwise of a natural...

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