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  1. Ajuste y actualización de tablas input-output. Metodología y aplicación a las tablas input-output de la economía canaria de 1990

    Manrique de Lara Peñate, Casiano

    [ES]Esta investigación surge para responder a uno de los elementos de la elaboración de modelos computables de equilibrio general (MCEG) que suele quedar relegada en una gran mayoría de las investigaciones destinadas a preparar este tipo de modelos: el ajuste y la actualización de Tablas Input-Output (TIO), que son los marcos contables de referencia de estos MCEG. Dado que el modelo a plantear busca poder efectuar análisis del impacto de reformas en la estructura fiscal y tarifaria en Canarias, el proceso de ajuste y actualización planteado contempla de forma especial la preparación de la información estadística relacionada con los flujos...

  2. En marcha sistema de inscripción en línea de la biblioteca de ciencias económicas y empresariales

    Barrios Mendoza, Oscar Rafael

  3. Educación y embarazo adolescente

    Egas, María Isabel
    El trabajo busca observar el impacto del cambio de currículo de la Educación General Básica sobre el número de embarazos de las adolescentes en Ecuador. Se explota la reforma del currículo de la Educación Básica del año 2010, que incluyó una sección obligatoria de educación sexual y reproductiva. Se utiliza el Método de Diferencias en Diferencias, donde la estrategia de identificación se basa en el contraste entre mujeres que tienen entre 12 y 15 años y mujeres entre 17 a 18 años. Los resultados obtenidos muestran que los grupos afectados por la política, en particular de edades más chicas (12...

  4. A divulgação de alterações das políticas contabilísticas das IFRS na União Europeia

    Cordeiro, Ruben Mota
    Tese de Doutoramento, Ciências Económicas e Empresariais, especialidade de Gestão, 13 de junho de 2016, Universidade dos Açores.

  5. Banks with Peso - Denominated Deposits in Small Open Economies with Aggregate Liquidity Shocks

    Kawamura, Enrique
    I extend the traditional Diamond Dybvig framework with aggregate liquidity shocks to small open economies. Currency board may imply perfect risk sharing (with perfect credit markets), contrary to Chang and Velasco ’s findings (2000). With interim-date borrowing constraints and fixed exchange rates, Wallace’ s (1990) partial suspension of convertibility of deposits is obtained. A banking system with an international lender may implement both allocations without runs. Flexible exchange rates with local-currency denominated deposits improves risk sharing relative to fixed exchange rates when borrowing constraints are present. It also avoids equilibrium bank runs.

  6. Strategic Tax Competition with a Mobile Population

    Fernández, Gonzalo
    This paper analyzes a model of strategic tax competition with mobile capital and mobile identical consumers. The results of the model are compared to the traditional strategic tax competition model with immobile population. In addition to the fiscal and pecuniary externalities present in the standard model, a new effect shows up in the mobility model to affect provision of the public good. As with the pecuniary externality, this new effect depends on whether the jurisdictions are net exporters or net importers of capital. Thus, in a symmetric set up, the mobility effect along with the pecuniary externality disappear, yielding unambiguous...

  7. Decisão n.º325/2016, de 04 de novembro de 2016 (CONSUN)

    Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Conselho Universitário
    Acordo de Cooperação Técnica entre a UFRGS e o Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, por intermédio de sua Secretaria do Desenvolvimento Econômico, Ciência e Tecnologia.

  8. Decisão n.º337/2016, de 04 de novembro de 2016 (CONSUN)

    Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Conselho Universitário
    Primeiro e Segundo Termos Aditivos ao Convênio entre a UFRGS, através da Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas, e a Fundação de Apoio da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - FAURGS.

  9. Procura de gasolina por distritos em Portugal : cálculo das elasticidades de curto e longo prazo no período 1990-2010 : forecast 2011-2030

    Fonseca, Ricardo Jorge Medeiros
    Tese de Doutoramento, Ciências Económicas e Empresariais, especialidade em Teoria Económica Geral, 3 de Junho de 2016, Universidade dos Açores.

  10. E-Government and E-Governance Developments in EU Cities Reshaping Government Relation to Citizens”, University of Zaragoza. Available at:

    Vicente Pina; Basilio Acerete; Dpto De Contabilidad Y Finanzas; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas
    During the 1980s and 1990s government policies were concerned with streamlining the public sector and enhancing its efficiency. At the beginning of the twenty-first century the challenge to governments in all countries is to transform themselves in order to engage citizens in democratic activities and to improve citizens ’ trust in governments

  11. Semiparametric estimation in perturbed long memory series

    Josu Arteche; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas; Documento Trabajo; Biltoki Dt; J. Arteche
    The estimation of the memory parameter in perturbed long memory series has recently attracted attention motivated especially by the strong persistence of the volatility in many financial and economic time series and the use of Long Memory in Stochastic Volatility (LMSV) processes to model such a behaviour. This paper discusses frequency domain semiparametric estimation of the memory parameter and proposes an extension of the log periodogram regression which explicitly accounts for the added noise, comparing it, asymptotically and in finite samples, with similar extant techniques. Contrary to the non linear log periodogram regression of Sun and Phillips (2003), we do...


    Doval Inés María; Tecnología Y Administración; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas
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  13. University of the Basque Country Paper presented to the session: Decentralisation and Evaluation.

    Maria Angeles Diez; Maria Soledad Esteban; Convenors E. Hel; H. Wollmann; Maria Angeles Diez; Facultad De Ciencias Economicas
    The evaluation of regional innovation and cluster policies: looking for new approaches

  14. Associate Professor at the Faculdade de Ciências Econômicas

    Luiz Fernando; Rodrigues Paula; Rio Janeiro
    This paper discusses whether there is some evidence in recent literature that banks do obtain economies of scale and scope when they expand their activities, mainly by mergers and acquisitions (M&As). In this connection, this paper shows that, although there is no clear evidence that such economies have been reached by the banks, the final cost-benefit balance of M&As extracted from literature seems to favour the more universal financial franchise. However, these results are neither unequivocal nor asserted a priori. Indeed, M&As can be desirable for banks if the former are expected to increase profits independently of the effect they...

  15. Tourism and Terrorism: Terrorists Threats to

    David Mc. A Baker; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas
    If airplanes and passengers, as well as propertyand people on the ground are to be protected,potential perpetrators of aviation terrorism mustbe prevented from breaching security checkpointsand gaining access to “secure ” airport areas and toaircrafts. Given the interconnectedness of the airtransportation system, a sufficiently high level ofsecurity must be provided throughout the entiresystem.In this paper we examine terrorism issuesrelevant to airline and airport security internationally, a topic that has received much attention since 9/11. Understanding the key issuesis crucial in evaluating the various methods of regulatingand providing aviation safety and security.The purpose of this paper is to review the key...

  16. exploring the Film Contagion 2011

    Maximiliano E Korstanje; Geoffrey Skoll; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas; Maximiliano E Korstanje; Geoffrey Skoll
    This essay explores the synopsis of the film Contagion (2011) that narrates the ethical dilemma of sacrifice in a post-disaster context. At first glance, it seems to emulate the situation during Swine flu outbreaks, radicalizing the political discourse in two directions. On one hand, China, a new emerging but undemocratic superpower, is portrayed as dangerous, disordered, and the Chinese as lazy. In the movie, the United States government intervenes to maintain the security of world health. The US intervention entails restricting the rights of democratic life such as mobility, trade, connectivity, and the distribution of food. The implication is that...


    De Ciências Econômicas; Balança Comercial E Capacidade; Produtiva Da Indústria De Transformação; Breves Reflexões Sobre A Relevância; Instrumentos De Gestão Ambiental; Reitora Pro; Wrana Maria Panizzi; Faculdade De; Ciências Econômicas; Diretora Prof; Otilia Beatriz; Kroeff Carrion; Centro De Estudos; E Pesquisas Econômicas; Diretor Prof; Fernando Ferrari Filho; Departamento De; Ciências Econômicas; Chefe Prof; Luiz Alberto; Oliveira Ribeiro Mir; Curso De; Pós-graduação Em Economia; Coordenador Prof; Marcelo Savino Portugal; Curso De; Pós-graduação Em; Economia Rural; Coordenador Prof; Carlos Guilherme; A. Mielitz Netto; Conselho Editorial; Achyles B. Costa; Aray M. Feldens; Carlos A; Carlos G. A. Mielitz Netto; Eduardo A. Maldonado Filho; Eduardo P; Celo S. Portugal; Naii J Souza; Otilia B. K. Carrion; Paulo A. Spohr
    da História da Teoria Econômica- G i iber to T a d e u L i m a A Competitividade do Arroz Gaúcho e seus Condicionantes- A u g u s t o M. A l v i m- C a r l o s G. A. Mie l i tz Net to Uma Análise da Economia de Ricardo

  18. The Interregional Trade in the Context of a Multirregional Input-Output Model for Spain

    Estudios De Economía Aplicada; Asociación Internacional De Economía; Llano Verduras Carlos; Asociación Internacional; Economía Aplicada; Valladolid España; Llano Verduras Carlos; Ciencias Económicas; Empresariales. U. A. De Madrid
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  19. Evaluating Emergency Employment Programs

    La Plata; Di Tella; La Plata; Facultad De Ciencias Económicas; Paredes M; In Chile; Rómulo A. Chumacero; Ricardo Paredes M
    3Departmento de Ingeniería Industrial y Sistemas, Ponti…cia Universidad Católica de Chile. E-mail address: rparedes@ing:puc:cl This paper develops direct tests for evaluating the performance of two types of emergency employment programs put in place in Chile since 1999. Our results suggest: First, decen-tralized and “market-driven ” programs (subsidies for hiring and training) are more e¢cient in terms of productivity, but are targeted to people that are less vulnerable to unemploy-ment. Second, direct employment programs result in moderate increases of the income of the households of the participants. This increase may be outweighted by the costs (in present value) associated with higher...

  20. Accepted by.........-- /--------------------.........................

    Heinz Dieter Besser; Faculdade Ciencias; Economicas Ufrj; Heinz Dieter Besser
    This study examines rural credit market characteristics and their impacts on transactors in the Northeast of Brazil, as well as discusses some related welfare aspects of formal lending systems. In the first chapter credit market as well as institutional (formal) credit system characteristics are presented, as an introduction to the analysis of the credit market in a specific subregion of the State of Ceara, in the North-east of Brazil, i.e., the Serra do Baturite Area. In the second chapter, local information is gathered and presented for the completion of the informational requirements on the subject. In the third chapter a...

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