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1. Video Modeling and Its Integration in a Temporal Object Model - John Z. Li; Iqbal A. Goralwalla; M. Tamer Özsu; Duane Szafron
Video modeling has become a topic of increasing interest in the area of multimedia research. One of the key aspects in the video medium is the temporal relationship between video frames. In this report 1 we propose a tree-based model for specifying spatial and temporal semantics of video data. Our focus here is on the temporal issues. We present a unique way of integrating our video model into an objectbase management system which has rich multimedia temporal operations. We further show how temporal histories are used to model video data. Using histories to model video data is both simple and...

2. Further distinctions between manic-depressive illness (bipolar disorder) and primary depressive disorder (unipolar depression - George Winokur; William Coryell; Jean Endicott; Ph. D; Hagop Akiskal
Objective: Patients with bipolar disorder differ from patients with unipolar depression by having family histories ofmania with an earlier onset and by having more episodes over a life-time. This study was designed to determine whether additional aspects of course of illness, the presence of medical diseases, childhood traits, and other familial illnesses separate the two groups. Method: In a large collaborative study, consecutively admitted bipolar and unipolar patients were systematically given clinical interviews. Data were collected on medical diseases and childhood behavioral traits. Systematic family history and family study data were also ob-tamed. The patients were studied every 6 months...

3. Sexual and Physical Abuse Histories and Psychiatric 632 Am] Psychiatry 147:5, May 1990 Symptoms Among Male Psychiatric Outpatients
Of 125 consecutive male patients at an adult psy-chiatric outpatient clinic, 48 % reported histories of sexual abuse and/or physical abuse. The mean scores on the global severity index of the SCL-90-R at the first visit were significantly higher for those who re-ported histories of abuse than for those who had no such history. Childhood abuse also was associated with high levels ofpsychiatric symptoms in these men. (Am J Psychiatry 1990; 147:632-636) W ork by Bryer et al. (1) revealed a high rate of reported histories of abuse among women who had been psychiatrically hospitalized. Higher levels of current symptoms...

4. Building the Neoliberal World: Managers as Intellectuals in a Peripheral Economy - Raewyn Connell
The familiar idea of conflict between intellectuals and the holders of power is called into question in neoliberal global capitalism. A life-history study of a small group of public and private sector managers in Australia documents a labor process that is to a significant extent about data and ideas but is conducted under conditions that make reflective intellectual work unlikely. The tension is resolved in a technologically mediated collective labor process of management. This labor process is onto-formative: in contested and situationally specific ways, the practices of the managers bring a neoliberal order into being. This process is traced in...

5. Visualizing Translation Variation: Shakespeare’s Othello - Zhao Geng; Robert S. Laramee; Tom Cheesman; Alison Ehrmann; David M. Berry
Abstract. Recognized as great works of world literature, Shakespeare’s poems and plays have been translated into dozens of languages for over 300 years. Also, there are many re-translations into the same language, for example, there are more than 60 translations of Othello into German. Every translation is a different interpretation of the play. These large quantities of translations reflect changing culture and express individual thought by the authors. They demonstrate wide connections between different world regions today, and reveal a retrospective view of their cultural, intercultural, and linguistic histories. Researchers from Arts and Humanities at Swansea University are collecting a...

6. Drawing Embodied Histories into Glassblowing
Getting at the tacit understandings of an artful practice is critical in coming to understand the processes of creativity. To achieve this, the researcher, specifically the ethnographer, must place herself in the position of the maker, that is she must herself, make and create. This article provides an account of arriving at the methodological imperative of in situ ethnographic research through actual ethnographic research on the relation of maker and material. From an in situ position, it theorizes the modalities of expression in practice, from problem-solving, to personal style, to the intentional drawing in of embodied histories in practice. This...

7. Transmutation Feature Within MCNPX - Gregg W. Mckinney (invited Speaker; Holly R. Trellue
A feature recently developed for MCNPX [1] is the ability to perform transmutation calculations. Although this capability has been available to users via various post-processing utilities, such as Monteburns [2], it would be the first time this process is entirely automated within MCNPX. Such an enhancement provides many benefits to the user by eliminating the need to learn other post-processing codes, reducing errors in normalizations and auxiliary input, and eliminating file manipulation and tracking issues. This transmutation option is implemented with a batching scheme that updates material properties at various user-specified time steps. The number of particle histories sampled per...

8. Storytelling: The heart and soul of education - Stan Koki
The cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of the Pacific region gives Pacific educators anexcellent opportunity to enrich children’s learning. Diverse points of view, personal histories,prior experiences, and learning styles can be used to greatly enhance teaching and learning. The professional literature suggests numerous ways for teachers to design instruction so that all chil-dren learn. Storytelling is one way—it costs nothing, is enjoyable, and can be used anywhere and at any time (Zabel, 1991). All people have a basic need to share stories. Stories organize experiences and record important hap-penings. As common forms of discourse, stories are of great interest and...

9. Driving in young adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Knowledge, performance, adverse outcomes, and the role of executive functioning - Kevin R. Murphy; Ph. D; Russell A. Barkley; Ph. D; Tracie Bush
The present study sought to examine subtype differences in comorbidity and in antisocial, educational, and treatment histories among young adults (ages 17–27) with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Comparisons were made between ADHD Combined Type (ADHD-C; N 60) and Predominantly Inattentive Type (ADHD-I; N 36) relative to each other and to a community control group of 64 adults. Both ADHD groups had significantly less education, were less likely to have graduated from college, and were more likely to have received special educa-tional placement in high school. Both groups also presented with a greater likeli-hood of dysthymia, alcohol dependence/abuse, cannabis dependence/abuse,...

10. nv o r o
uniaxial studies of rubber deformation and characterization exist, Most commonly, hyperelastic constitutive models are used to theories and experimental data of rubber subject to multiaxial stressing are less common @1,2#, particularly for the case of cyclic loading. Cyclic load histories are of particular importance in the analysis of fatigue, since fatigue is inevitably associated with his-tories of applied cyclic loading. This paper discusses characterization and modeling of rubber stress-strain response under both monotonic and cyclic load his-tories. In particular, the stress-strain response of a filled, natural rubber compound is considered. While unfilled rubbers exhibit nearly ideal nonlinear elastic behavior, filled...

The research project presented here dealt with an important aspect of seismic structural response that is still not well understood. Its objective was to develop criteria to choose suitable earthquake recordings to be used in non-linear dynamic analyses for seismic design, evaluation and upgrade of ductile structures. The methodology adopted consists of systematic investigations of the non-linear response of single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF)-systems subjected to different types of earthquake recordings. The structural behavior is described by six different recognised hysteretic models. A database of 164 recorded time-histories was built based on the European Strong Motion Database. Different earthquake characteristics are investigated (effective...

12. Does Political Participation Affect Political Stability? A Study of Latin America During the 19th and 20th Centuries - Carolina Curvale
Political stability is necessary for the proper conduct of both private and public life in so-ciety. The old-standing question is whether and how political stability depends on political participation: who participates, how many participate, and how do they participate in pol-itics? Based on an original data file that includes information about political institutions and political events since independence, I employ three measures of political stability- coups d’etat, constitutional change, and executive turnover- to confront the leading hypotheses in the literature that relate political participation to political stability. While the data did not provide definitive support on whether political participation affected...

13. The Cycle of (Legal) Violence? Child Abuse and Military Aspirations - Christopher Khawand
Most prior research on military enlistment has focused on characteristics that can be used to identify potential recruits, but has rarely looked at the psychological histories of those recruits. Data on Wisconsin seniors in 1957 from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study was used to build a large profile of socio-economic controls for testing the “cycle of violence” hypothesis – that physical abuse in childhood leads to violent adult impulses – as manifested through aspirations for a military career. Results were generated using a probit model with reported military aspirations as the dependent variable. For (mostly Caucasian) male Wisconsin respondents in 1957,...

14. LOCATION AND ORGANIZING STRATEGY: - Exploring Influence; Location Organization; Jeffrey L. Furman
The origin and nature of meaningful, persistent firm-specific differences is a central issue in the study of business strategy. I investigate in this paper the role of characteristics physically external to firms, but embodied in their local geographic areas, in driving differences in firms ’ organizing strategies. Specifically, I examine the extent to which location-specific characteristics affect the organization of pharmaceutical firms’ research laboratories. The paper brings both qualitative and quantitative evidence to bear on this issue. Analyses of the histories of several late 19th century drug makers suggest that differences in local institutions, labor markets, and demand structures played...

15. Design, Human Factors - Citable Link; Seth Hunter; Pattie Maes; Stacey Scott; Henry Kaufman
MemTable: An integrated system for capture and recall of shared histories in group workspaces

16. Stress-breakdown time and slip-weakening distance inferred from slip-velocity functions on earthquake faults - Takeshi Mikumo; Kim B. Olsen; Eiichi Fukuyama; Yuji Yagi
Abstract We estimate the critical slip-weakening distance on earthquake faults by using a new approach, which is independent of the estimate of fracture energy or radiated seismic energy. The approach is to find a physically based relation between the breakdown time of shear stress Tb, the time of peak slip-velocity Tpv, and the slip-weakening distance Dc, from the time histories of shear stress, slip, and slip velocity at each point on the fault, which can be obtained from dynamic rupture calculations using a simple slip-weakening friction law. Numerical calculations are carried out for a dynamic shear crack propagating either spontaneously...

17. 2Species Selection in Comparative Studies of Aging and Antiaging Research - João Pedro De Magalhães
A great range of life histories are observed among mammals. Understanding why different species age at different rates may provide clues about the mechanistic and genetic basis of aging. This work focuses on animal species and their use in comparative studies of aging. Firstly, I debate how to compare aging across different species, including physiological parameters and statis-tical analyses. Afterwards, a selection of species for use in the comparative biology of aging is suggested. Taking into account that the ultimate aim of research on aging is to benefit people, my selection is largely based on primates. Primates feature such a...

18. Location-based and preference-aware recommendation using sparse geo-social networking data - Jie Bao; Yu Zheng; Mohamed F. Mokbel
The popularity of location-based social networks provide us with a new platform to understand users ’ preferences based on their lo-cation histories. In this paper, we present a location-based and preference-aware recommender system that offers a particular user a set of venues (such as restaurants) within a geospatial range with the consideration of both: 1) User preferences, which are auto-matically learned from her location history and 2) Social opin-ions, which are mined from the location histories of the local ex-perts. This recommender system can facilitate people’s travel not only near their living areas but also to a city that is...

19. Domain Name Based Visualization of Web Histories in a Zoomable User Interface - R. G; G. Kumar; B. Bederson; B. Shneiderman; Rajiv G; Girish Kumar; Ben Bederson; Ben Shneiderman
ISR develops, applies and teaches advanced methodologies of design and analysis to solve complex, hierarchical,

20. $rec.titulo
nvironmental and cost constraint issues drive the use of liquid epox-ies and liquid urethanes for the protec-tion of girthwelds and joints on pipelines. This article will use case histories to illustrate the field application of ure-thane and epoxy liquid coatings on girthwelds and appurtenances. Rehabilitation projects provide the backbone of the article. Specific requirements of liquid coatings and performance characteristics are included. The article also discusses why the use of liquid coatings is increasing and spells out the steps for their application.

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