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1. 1Constellations of Identity: Place-ma(r)king beyond heritage - Venda Louise Pollock; Joanne P. Sharp; Fine Art
This paper will critically consider the different ways in which history and belonging have been treated in artworks situated in the Citadel development in Ayr on the West coast of Scotland. It will focus upon one artwork, Constellation by Stephen Hurrel, as an alternative to the more conventional landscapes of heritage which are adjacent, to examine the relationship between personal history and place history and argue the primacy of participatory process in the creation of place and any artwork therein. Through his artwork, Hurrel has attempted to adopt a material process through which place can be created performatively but, in...

2. W.: Persistent termini of 2004- and 2005-like ruptures of the Sunda megathrust - Aron J. Meltzner; Kerry Sieh; Hong-wei Chiang; Chuan-chou Shen; Bambang W. Suwargadi; Danny H. Natawidjaja; Belle Philibosian; Richard W. Briggs
[1] To gain insight into the longevity of subduction zone segmentation, we use coral microatolls to examine an 1100-year record of large earthquakes across the boundary of the great 2004 and 2005 Sunda megathrust ruptures. Simeulue, a 100-km-long island off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia, straddles this boundary: northern Simeulue was uplifted in the 2004 earthquake, whereas southern Simeulue rose in 2005. Northern Simeulue corals reveal that predecessors of the 2004 earthquake occurred in the 10th century AD, in AD 1394 2, and in AD 1450 3. Corals from southern Simeulue indicate that none of the major uplifts...

3. 1 Histories in sound: Disseminating medieval music - Timothy Day; Gwendolyn Tietze; Hannah Vlček
was an attempt to create a recorded historical anthology in the 1950s. From the 1930s, similar projects had been undertaken. They provided a platform for musicologists and pioneering performers keen to educate the public. Background in historiography Although modern editions of medieval polyphony became available in the early twentieth century, musicologists struggled to make medieval music accessible. Published music histories had limited success in making this repertoire more familiar, but recordings presented new opportunities to bring its sound to life. Background in manuscript studies and performance practice Very little fourteenth-century polyphony appeared in the recorded anthologies, despite the availability of...

4. de Historia Natural. - Centro De Museos; Centro De Museos; Museo De; Historia Natural; Ricardo Gómez Giraldo; Germán Gómez Londoño; Carlos Emilio; García Duque; Fabio Hernando; Arias Orozco; Mario Hernán; López Becerra; María Cristina Moreno; Vicerrector Académico; Vicerrector Administrativo; Vicerrector De Proyección; Centro De Museos; Ricardo Walker; Investigador Fundador Boletín; Científico Museo De Historia; Luís Carlos Pardo-locarno; Orden Hermanos; Lasallistas Museo; Luís M. Constantino; Entomólogo Msc; Centro De; Gabriel Jaime Castaño; Ricardo Álvarez León; Biólogo Marino; Msc Fundación; Maguaré Manizales; Ángel L. Viloria
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5. $rec.titulo
rnpEven when that laughable Abner Doubleday creation myth of baseball's origin-foisted on the Ameri-can public by Albert Spalding for crassly commercial reasons-is justly dismissed, still the reputed "American origins " of the national game are tough enough to·shake. Most current sports histories merely substitute one "cre-ation myth " for another. Thus Alex Cartwright gets full credit and-presto-the American birthright of the na-tional pastime remains largely intact. But the Cartwright claim itself rests on shaky enough ground: the Elysian Fields contest of 1846 was no more an instance of "fully evolved baseball " than were numerous earlier matches held throughout the...

6. From Commercial Arithmetic to Life Annuities: The Early History of Financial Economics, 1478-1776, available at Roseveare - Geoffrey Poitras
This paper considers the early history of financial economics, focusing on the origins of security pricing theories. The period under examination, 1478-1725, starts with the first printed commercial arithmetic and ends with de Moivre ' s contributions to the pricing of life annuities. Much of the relevant material is unavailable in conventional sources on the history of economics and is not systematically addressed by histories of mathematics, statistics and science. Unlike other areas of economic analysis, significant theoretical results had been achieved for pricing certain securities by the middle of the 18th century. Subjects examined include the development of commercial...

7. Crowd Fraud Detection in Internet Advertising
The rise of crowdsourcing brings new types of malpractices in Internet advertising. One can easily hire web workers through malicious crowdsourcing platforms to attack oth-er advertisers. Such human generated crowd frauds are hard to detect by conventional fraud detection methods. In this paper, we carefully examine the characteristics of the group behaviors of crowd fraud and identify three persistent pat-terns, which are moderateness, synchronicity and dispersiv-ity. Then we propose an effective crowd fraud detection method for search engine advertising based on these pattern-s, which consists of a constructing stage, a clustering stage and a filtering stage. At the constructing stage,...

8. 2,400 Years of Malacology - Eugene V. Coan; Alan R. Kabat
This compilation provides a comprehensive catalog of biographical and bibliographical publications for over 16,000 malacologists, conchologists, paleontologists and others with an interest in mollusks, from Aristotle to the present. For each person, the birth/death years and nationality are given (when known), followed by bibliographic citations to the literature about that person and his/her collections and publications. Appendices also provide citations to (1) publications on oceanographic expeditions and other natural history expeditions that resulted in the collection and description of mollusks; (2) histories of malacological institutions and organizations; and (3) histories and dates of publication of malacological journals and of journals...

9. Implementing a Score-Time based Model for Handling Deadlocks in Football Group Matches - Olusola Olajide Ajayi
In a typical football event, three possibilities can occur: a winner, a loser/runners-up, or a tie. The latter however is not left in that status especially when it has to do with a group or league game; as a resolve is needed to establish two partitions – winner and loser. Different deadlock models are employed to resolve different deadlock scenarios. Football histories and events have however shown that most models failed to solve some complex deadlocks. Tossing of coin is a particular kind of model that starts where others stopped. Taking the last Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2015 Football...

10. Occurrence and Distribution of Cave Dwelling Frogs of - Jayant Biswas
The life in subterranean caves always needs a high degree of biological adaptability, due to its unusual ecosystem. The cave dwelling species usually get selected from preadapted biological traits for cave life. The cave dwelling tendencies in frog are very uncommon. Majority of reported cave frogs usually prefer cave for temporary shelter. In India, the biospeleological inventory is still in its primary stage. Till date no serious attempt has been taken to understand the cave dwelling habitat for any frog in India. Inspite of it, in India time to time various reports on natural histories of anurans reveal its cave...

11. Numerals and Language Contact: Albanian, Slavic, and Romani - Victor A. Friedman; A. Mendicino; Cosenza Università Calabria
In this contribution honoring Eric P. Hamp, I shall examine some facts about Albanian, Slavic, and Romani in the histories of their numerals in order to suggest both how they illuminate one another and how they highlight an important variable in the considera-tion of etymologies, one that Eric himself has always been careful to elucidate, namely that of diffusion versus transmission. Hamp (1992) gives us the most thorough account of Albanian numerals and their contribution to the reconstruction of Indo-European. He has argued quite rightly that the perfect etymology must be entirely consistent, but at the same time he recognizes...

12. C (2005) Morphology, behaviour and molecular evolution of giant mouse lemurs (Mirza spp.) Gray, 1870, with description of a new species. Primate Report - Rasoloarison Rm; Razafimanantsoa L; Walter L; Roos C
chrome b, Microcebus, new species Giant mouse lemurs (genus Mirza) are small nocturnal primates endemic to Madagascar, of which a single species (M. coquereli) is currently recognized. It is dis-tributed along Madagascar’s west coast, with a gap of several hundred kilometres between two presumed subpopulations. Previous studies in the field and in captivity indicated substantial differences in several aspects of the biology of these two subpopulations. We therefore collected morphometric, genetic and behavioural data from populations representing the southern and northern end of their range to ex-amine these differences in more detail. We obtained standard morphometric field measurements and DNA...

13. Edited by - Comité International Pour La Muséologie; Muséologie Un; Champ Connaissance; Muséologie Et Histoire; Museología Un; Campo Conocimiento; Museología E Historia; Icofom Sib (siberia/russian Federation; Museo Nacional; Estancia Jesuítica; Alta Gracia; Casa Virrey; Hildegard K. Vieregg; Mónica Risnicoff De Gorgas; Regina Schiller; Martha Troncoso

14. Plastid genome evolution in mycoheterotrophic Ericaceae - Thomas Braukmann
Abstract Unlike parasitic plants, which are linked to their hosts directly through haustoria, mycoheterotrophic (MHT) plants derive all or part of their water and nutrients from autothrophs via fungal mycorrhizal intermediaries. Ericaceae, the heather family, are a large and diverse group of plants known to form elaborate symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungi. Using PHYA sequence data, we first investigated relationships among mycoheterotrophic Ericaceae and their close autotrophic relatives. Phyloge-netic results suggest a minimum of two independent origins of MHT within this family. Additionally, a comparative investigation of plastid genomes (plastomes) grounded within this phylogenetic framework was conducted using a slot-blot...

15. Carbon Trade Watch - Winfried Overbeek; Tamra Gilbertson; Impressão Adelante; O. Pavimento Centro; Neo-colonialismo Um Mapa
Aonde as árvores histórias da terra são um deserto E existem poucos exemplos que representam tão bem este drama da globalização do que as grandes monoculturas de árvores.

16. CSTEX – historie, současny ́ stav a budoucnost - Elektrotechnicka ́ Fakulta Čvut
základnı́ch pilı́řů: CS fonty, CSplain a CSLATEX. V přednášce bych se poza-stavil podrobněji u každého z nich, zavzpomı́nal na to, co se kolem vývoje jednotlivých balı́ku ̊ odehrálo, upozornil na současne ́ novinky a pokusil se odhadnout budoucı ́ vývoj.

ABSTRACT: In-plane dynamic fracture jumps and acoustic emissions in sea ice floes of different sizes are simulated by the particle system. Fracture patterns and time sequences similar to those observed in experiments are achieved. For the given spatial location of hydrophone, the acoustic signals from crack jumps in ice are calculated in the frequency domain by a modified Farmer and Xie's acoustic model for ice plate floating in shallow sea. The acoustic pressure-time histories are synthesized by the Fourier inverse transform. The calculated acoustic signals resemble the recorded signals. Their overall character is found to depend on the plate size....

18. La familia trk de receptores de las neurotrofinas y el receptor p75, un caso de caracterización de hipótesis múltiples en la historia del factor de crecimiento nervioso (NGF) - Wulff Barreiro, Enrique
La órbita del oncogen trk revela la independencia actual de la distintas hipótesis en competencia formuladas en el momento de su descubrimiento. Un conflicto de intereses se produce en el grupo que lo identificó como el receptor para el factor de crecimiento nervioso (NGF). Un supuesto auxiliar, a propósito de la importancia cardinal del receptor de baja afinidad p75, produjo que la consistencia del grupo adoptase pautas de competencia. El nivel de provocación afectó a la iniciativa conjunta. En un ambiente que recuerda el desmentido a Stehelin por parte de los premios Nobel Varmus y Bishop.Hoy en día las funciones...

Uma breve análise sobre a obra “O Neoliberalismo: História e Implicações”, de David Harvey


Roma foi uma cidade que expandiu seu poder ao ponto de se tornar um grande Império, com sua territorialidade presente por séculos em boa parte da Europa Ocidental, além do norte da África e parte da Ásia. Suas táticas de territorialização iam desde o inicial domínio militar até a utilização das políticas de romanização, onde incluímos a introdução dos costumes romanos como a religião, as tradições, numa clara tentativa de transformação dos povos sob o domínio de Roma em romanos. Entre essas táticas existentes destacamos em nossos estudos a padronização da arquitetura e o planejamento urbanístico das cidades construídas ou...

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