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  1. The ‘My Lai Massacre ’ Narrative in American History and Memory: A Story of American Conservatism

    Eric Stewart
    This thesis uses the referent “My Lai Massacre ” to refer to the mythic memory of what happened in Son My on 16 March, 1968. It argues that it is a fitting name for the way it captures the ethnocentrism of the memory in the name by perpetuating an American misnomer rooted in ignorance. It also singularizes the scope of horrors of the day, and fails to differentiate ‘the massacre ’ from the domestic turmoil with which it was conflated. The My Lai Massacre narrative as it currently exists in American history and memory is ‘exceptionalist ’ in that it...

  2. Article Contested Chinatown: Chinese migrants’ incorporation and the urban space in London

    Milan; Panos Hatziprokopiou; Nicola Montagna
    This article discusses Chinese migrants ’ incorporation in European cities and the relevance of the urban space. In particular, it focuses on the Chinatowns of London and Milan, beginning from two recent cases where their space has been contested. Alongside the different histories and contemporary patterns of Chinese migration and settlement and the varying policies and politics of immigration and integration in Britain and Italy, we bring the urban factor in our analysis. More specifically, we look at the political economy of the urban space and the role of Chinatown in the dynamics of urban restructuring in the two cities....

  3. Glass Breaking in Fires

    Patrick J. Pagni; Aruna A. Joshi
    Glass breaking in compartment fires is an important practical problem since a window acts as a wall before breaking and as a vent after breaking. If sufficient excess pyrolyzates have accumulated in the hot layer, this sudden geometric change can lead to backdraft and flashover. As Emmons explained at the First Symposium, windows break in fires due to thermal stress from the differential heating of the central portion and the shaded edge. The focus of this paper is on quantifying the con-nection between the compartment fire and the glass temperature to predict the window breaking time, tb. Techniques are presented...

  4. Approximation of rupture directivity in regional phases using upgoing and downgoing wave

    An K. Saikia; D. V. Helmberger
    Abstract Recent broadband modeling of regional events suggests that vertical directivity is particularly important at high frequency. Conventionally, such directiv-ity is obtained by summing a grid of point sources. This relatively time-consuming procedure can be greatly reduced by introducing directivity time histories appropriate for the various crustal phases in terms of upgoing and downgoing paths that are calculated at only one depth. To achieve this, we formulated frequency-wavenumber solutions for a simultaneous computation of surface displacement for three wave fields, upgoing, downgoing, and the total from a seismic source buried in a layered medium (Appendix A). The concept of upgoing...


    Becipbociit Sysim
    American influence on the British, navigation reforms of the 1820* ® is a subject relatively neglected fcy modem his-torians, $h # Liberal Tory program of fhojaas Wallace and William Huskisson raises several important questions. Did the United State ® force Britain to adopt reciprocity? What role, if any, did Continental powers play in accomplishing this result? Were other factors, including domestic issues, involved in the attack upon British mercantilism? Shese questions have never been answered satisfactorily either in the monograph ® or general histories of the period. In dealing with these problems, this thesis analyzes early Anglo-American commercial relations and...


    Kinslow Kenneth; Kenneth Kinslow
    This essay presents English-language sources which deal with the nineteenth-century Russian novel. It discusses bibliographies; bibliographic indexes and other indexes; dissertations; histories; handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias; and special studies. Twelve notes are included; a 32-item selected bibliography is attached. (SR) * Reproductions supplied by EDRS are the best that can be made * * from the original document. *

  7. DSM-5’s Elimination of the Bereavement Exclusion and the Suicide Risk Question The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,

    Jerome C. Wakefield; Mark F. Schmitz
    Purpose: To evaluate the claim, made repeatedly during Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition debates over eliminating the bereavement exclusion (BE), that ‘‘uncomplicated’ ’ depressive reactions have elevated suicidality like other major depressive disorder (MDD), so exclusions risk missing suicidal cases.Method:We found no published evidence assessing suicide risk specifically in uncomplicated depression. Using data from four epidemiological surveys, we calculated suicide attempt rates both concurrently and predictively for those with histories of no MDD, uncomplicated MDD, and standard MDD. Results: Both concurrently and predictively, uncomplicated MDD suicide attempt rates were no greater than no-MDD history rates and...


    E. Gowen; E. Gowen
    Time histories of rolling and yswing moments on incl-ined bodies of revolution with vertical-tail surfaces were obtained at Mach numbers of 1.45, 1.98, and 2.90 and in the range of Reynolds numbers (based on body diameter) from 0.2 million to 1.3 million. Three ogival-nosed bodies (fineness ratio 5 tangent ogives) with over-all fineness ratios of 9.6, 12.0, and 14.4 and a conical-nosed body with a fineness ratio of 12.0 were tested. These tests were made in an angle-of-attack range from 0 ' to about 3&O which included the angle-of-attack range where insta-bility in the cross flow first occurred. The measurements...

  9. The Dual-Radar Software Development Facility As A Case Study Of Interoperability

    Charles P. Satterthwaite; Gary K. Miyahara
    The Contractor Raytheon, and the Contractor Boeing to provide a common (inter-operable) embedded information support environment for multiple weapon systems. This paper will provide a case study of the multiple programs (along with their associated histories) leading up to the realization of the Dual-radar Software Development Facility. The Dual-radar Software Development Facility supports the radar software for both F-15 APG-70 and AC-130U Gunship APQ-180 Radars. The provision of a common support environment was proven feasible because the APQ-180 radar is a derivative radar of the APG-70, with several common components. The DrSDF program followed the Advanced Avionics Multi-Radar Software Support...

  10. Validation of estimates of energy intake by weighed dietary record and diet history in children and adolescents3

    M Barbara; E Livingstone; Andrew M Prentice; W Andrew Coward; John J Strain; Alison E Black; Peter Sw Davies; C’lodagh M Stewart; P Gerald Mckenna; Roger G Whitehead
    ABSTRACT Energy intakes assessed by 7-d weighed dietary records (EI-WDRs) and diet histories (EI-DHs) were compared with concurrent estimates oftotal energy expenditure (TEE) by the doubly labeled water method in 78 subjects aged 3- 18 y. El-WDRs were not obtained from the 3- and 5-y-old subjects. El-WDRs in the 7- and 9-y-old children were 108 ± 25 % (n = 12) and 97 ± 1 5 % (mm = 12), respectively, of corresponding TEE values showing good agreement. However in the 12-. 1 5-, and 18-y-old subjects EI-WDR averaged 89 ± 12 % (n = 12), 78 ± 18% (ml...

  11. $rec.titulo

    A general problem in qualitative physics is determining the consequences of assumptions about the behavior of a system. If the space of behaviors is represented by an envisionment, many such consequences can be represented by pruning states from the envisionment. This paper provides a formal logic of occurrence which justifies the algorithms involved and provides a language for relating specific histories to envision ments The concepts and axioms are general enough to be applicable to any system of qualitative physics. We further propose the concept of transverse quantities as a general solution to qualitative versions of Zeno's paradox. The utility...

  12. Extracting Topic Maps from Web histories by clustering with Web structure and contents

    Motohiro Mase
    In this paper, we propose a clustering method to extract Topic Maps from the Web browsing history. We improve the structure-based hierarchical clustering method using the contents similarity of the pages and the weight by the types of links and the hierarchical difference of the directories in which the pages are located. The topic maps show the topics that user has seen or not in Web browsing and the relationships between the topics. Using the Web browsing history, we experimentally extract the topic map and evaluate it. 1

  13. Interorganizational Relationships and Online Information Resources

    In this paper, we present a description of research-in-progress into the organizational contexts and interorganizational relationships which generate demand for online information (Or) resources. Researchers who examine the use of OI resources have found that people don’t use online information as often as providers generally expect. But some organizations use these resources intensively within certain contexts. Our study focuses on professional firms and biotechnology companies who use 01 resources routinely during interorganizational relationship building and mediation seeking activities. The 01 resources they use contain digital documentation of corporate histories, researcher expertise, product marketing success, and executive afiliations that help jirm...

  14. Combining clustering with moving sequential pattern mining: A novel and efficient technique. 8th PAKDD

    Shuai Ma; Shiwei Tang; Dongqing Yang; Tengjiao Wang; Jinqiang Han
    Sequential pattern mining is a well-studied problem. In the context of mobile computing, a special sequential pattern, moving sequential pattern that reflects the moving behavior of mobile users attracted researchers ’ interests recently. Moving sequential patterns can be viewed as a special type of conventional sequential pattern with the extension of support. Mining moving sequential patterns has great significance for effective and efficient location management in wireless communication systems. In this paper a novel and efficient technique is proposed to mine moving sequential patterns. Firstly the idea of clustering is introduced to process the original moving histories into moving sequences...

  15. Third order asymptotics of a phase-field model

    Tsunenori Mine; Daisuke Matsuno; Akihiro Kogo; Makoto Amamiya
    Abstract. This paper proposes an agent community based information retrieval method, which uses agent communities to manage and look up information related to users. An agent works as a delegate of its user and searches for information that the user wants by communicating with other agents. The communication between agents is carried out in a peerto-peer computing architecture. In order to retrieve relevant information to a user query, an agent uses two histories: a query/retrieved document history(Q/RDH) and a query/sender agent history(Q/SAH). The former is a list of pairs of query and retrieved document information, where the queries were sent...

  16. Phylogenetic networks, trees, and clusters

    Luay Nakhleh; Li-san Wang
    Abstract. Phylogenetic networks model evolutionary histories in the presence of non-treelike events such as hybrid speciation and horizontal gene transfer. In spite of their widely acknowledged importance, very little is known about phylogenetic networks, which have so far been studied mostly for specific datasets. Even when the evolutionary history of a set of species is non-treelike, individual genes in these species usually evolve in a treelike fashion. An important question, then, is whether a gene tree is “contained ” inside a species network. This information is used to detect the presence of events such as horizontal gene transfer and hybrid...

  17. Exploring Web Browser History Comparisons

    Mark Bilezikjian; John C. Tang; James “bo Begole; Nicole Yankelovich
    This work explores how comparing web navigation histories between two people and presenting the results to them might allow them to gain insight about each other. We developed a prototype that presents web matches sorted according to frequency, recency, and web site. Interviews with users of the prototype suggest that common interests and preferences can be inferred from these comparisons.

  18. Mapping the zoonotic niche of Marburg virus disease in Africa

    David M. Pigotta; Nick Goldinga; Adrian Mylnea; Zhi Huanga; Daniel J. Weissa; Oliver J. Bradya; Moritz U. G. Kraemera; Simon I. Haya
    Background: Marburg virus disease (MVD) describes a viral haemorrhagic fever responsible for a number of out-breaks across eastern and southern Africa. It is a zoonotic disease, with the Egyptian rousette (Rousettus aegyp-tiacus) identified as a reservoir host. Infection is suspected to result from contact between this reservoir and human populations, with occasional secondary human-to-human transmission. Methods: Index cases of previous human outbreaks were identified and reports of infection in animals recorded. These data were modelled within a species distribution modelling framework in order to generate a probabilistic surface of zoonotic transmission potential of MVD across sub-Saharan Africa. Results: Areas suitable...

  19. The Seismic Refraction Survey in Landslide Areas By Yoshimasa KOBAYASHI

    Some topics of seismic refraction survey in landslides such as an interpretation procedure for a Mirage layer; fan shooting for detecting faults in the bed rock by a short spread of trans-ducers; a wave-front method for interpreting well-to-surface data are herein described referring to case histories of surveys in landslides in Shikoku and Niigata. Some results by the seismic method are compared with those by other ones such as electrical-resistivity method, r-ray meas-urement, boring-log evaluation, water-table observation by means of boreholes, etc. A synthetic application of a series of geophysical methods is recommended in view of experience in these landslides....

  20. Oral contraceptives and nonfatal stroke in healthy young women. Ann Intern Med

    Hershel Jick; M. D. Jane Porter; Kenneth J. Rothman; Dr. P. H
    obtained medical histories on 29 premenopausal women with a discharge diagnosis of stroke. Of these women, 14 were otherwise healthy with no known predisposing illnesses. Eleven of the 14 patients were taking oral contraceptives just before admission compared with seven of 56 otherwise healthy control women (13%). The relative risk estimate for stroke among oral contraceptive users compared with nonusers is 26 (lower 9 0 % one-sided confidence bound = 7.0). Cigarette smoking was only weakly associated with stroke in this group of women. PREVIOUS REPORTS suggest that women using oral con-traceptives have a greater risk of stroke than nonusers...

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