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  1. Impact of child sexual abuse on mental health: Prospective study in males and females.

    Spataro, Josie; Mullen, Paul E.; Burgess, Philip M.; Wells, David L.; Moss, Simon A.
    Background: The lack of prospective studies and data on male victims leaves major questions regarding associations between child sexual abuse and subsequent psychopathology. Aims: To examine the association between child sexual abuse in both boys and girls and subsequent treatment for mental disorder using a prospective cohort design. Method: Children (n = 1612; 1327 female) ascertained as sexually abused at the time had their histories of mental health treatment established by data linkage and compared with the general population of the same age over a specified period. Results: Both male and female victims of abuse had significantly higher rates of...

  2. Adult mortality: Time for a reappraisal

    Gakidou, E.; Hogan, M.; Lopez, A. D.
    Background In many countries, little is known about adult mortality rates. New innovations are necessary to develop reasonable estimates from available information. One readily available resource is household survey data. While birth histories collected in surveys have produced reasonable estimates of child mortality, the use of sibling survival data collected in similar household surveys has not been comprehensively analysed, largely because of concerns of underreporting. Methods This paper uses sibling survival schedules from 29 Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) to generate estimates of under-5 mortality and of the summary measure of adult mortality 45q15-the probability of dying between ages 15...

  3. Diversity of accuracy profiles for absolute pitch recognition

    Bahr, Nanette; Christensen, Carol; Bahr, Mark
    Most advanced musicians are able to identify and label a heard pitch if given an opportunity to compare it to a known reference note. This is called ‘relative pitch’ (RP). A much rarer skill is the ability to identify and label a heard pitch without the need for a reference. This is colloquially referred to as ‘perfect pitch’, but appears in the academic literature as ‘absolute pitch’ (AP). AP is considered by many as a remarkable skill. As people do not seem able to develop it intentionally, it is generally regarded as innate. It is often seen as a unitary...

  4. Case Study: Literature and the State

    Glover, Stuart
    Will Australia’s once booming book industry be replaced by e-publishing? Are independent publishers and booksellers on the way out? In a world where one ‘mega-author’ can sell millions of books, can anyone else compete?Paper Empires tells the inside story of Australian publishing over the past half-century. It begins with the larrikin pioneers of the 1950s and 60s and follows the fortunes of the independents and multinationals that followed in their wake. Two fascinating local successes include the reinvention of Allen & Unwin as our largest independent, and the creation of Lonely Planet which has turned a passion for travel into...

  5. Symmetric mode resonance of bubbles near a rigid boundary - the nonlinear case with time delay effects

    Payne, E. M. B.; Ooi, A.; Manasseh, R.
    A fundamental understanding of the effect of a surface on the resonance frequency of bubbles will be useful in the future development of diagnostic medical ultrasound equipment, and specifically in the area of targeted contrast agents for the screening and possible treatment of colon cancer. In this work we turn to the wall effects on the nonlinear resonance frequency response of air bubbles in water, following on from an earlier work which considered linear interactions (E. M. B. Payne, S. Illesinghe, A. Ooi, R. Manasseh, J. Acoust Soc. Am. 118, 2841-2849 (2005)). Numerical results for micron-sized bubbles near a rigid...

  6. Domestic Technologies

    Low, M.
    Offering extensive coverage, this Encyclopedia is a new reference that reflects the vibrant, diverse and evolving culture of modern Japan, spanning from the end of the Japanese Imperialist period in 1945 to the present day. Entries cover areas such as literature, film, architecture, food, health, political economy, religion and technology and they range from shorter definitions, histories or biographies to longer overview essays giving an in-depth treatment of major issues. With over 700 alphabetically arranged entries, this Encyclopedia will be an invaluable reference tool for students of Japanese and Asian Studies, as well as providing a fascinating insight into Japanese...

  7. The terra of recognition

    Henderson, Margaret; Dale, Leigh
    The Terra of Recognition: New Essays in Australian Studies- While it is no longer so easy to see Australia as 'tabula rasa', debate over the meaning of 'country' remains critical for reactionary and for progressive forces alike. Dominant narratives that attempt to maintain colonialist ways of knowing are troubled by Aboriginal, multicultural, Left, feminist, and queer voices, who offer dissonant histories and presents. This collection is a further example of this resignification process occurring at a particular historical juncture. A number of the essays were originally presented as papers at the International Australian Studies conference held at the Ipswich campus...

  8. Legends of the Rise and Of the Fall: Towards A Poetics of Histories of the Australian Women's Movement

    Henderson, M.
    Henderson examines several scholarly and popular histories or assessments of second-wave feminism in Australia. She reads the histories of the Australian women's movement in terms of their narrative strategies, so as to suggest a typology and a poetics of these texts, not to discover the truest or most comprehensive account, but rather to explore feminist figurations of feminist history.

  9. Of glitch and men: The place of the human in the successful integration of failure and noise in the digital realm

    Hainge, Greg
    Linking the concept of high-fidelity reproduction to histories of representation, we suggest that the former contradicts widely held beliefs about the nature of representation throughout the 20th century. Through analyses of advertisements for certain sound reproduction technologies at different points in history, however, we propose that a shift is taking place that complicates the high-fidelity ideal. This ideal is complicated further still in the musical genre known as glitch, but the full extent of this problematization can only be apprehended through an analysis of the material ontology of the technology used to create this music. Digital technology thus only appears...

  10. Influence of agricultural land management on organic matter content, microbial activity and aggregate stability in the profiles of two Oxisols

    Dominy, CS; Haynes, RJ
    The effects of agricultural land use on organic matter content and related soil microbial and physical properties were compared with those under undisturbed native grassland in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Two separate farms situated on Oxisols were used and both contained fields with continuous long-term (>20 y) cropping histories. At site 1, soil organic C content in the surface 30 cm followed the order permanent kikuyu pasture > annual ryegrass pasture > native grassland > sugarcane > maize under conventional tillage (CT). At site 2, organic C in the surface 30 cm decreased in the order kikuyu pasture > native grassland...

  11. Oral Health of Children with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease: A Controlled Study

    Linnett, V.; Seow, W. K.; Connor, F.; Shepherd, R.
    Background. The aim of this study was to compare the dental health of children with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) with a healthy control group. Methods: Dental examinations were conducted for 52 children (31 boys and 21 girls) with a definitive history of GERD. For every subject enrolled in the study, a healthy control sibling without the condition was recruited. Medical histories were obtained from medical records, and dental and dietary histories were obtained from parents. The teeth were examined for erosion, dental caries, and enamel hypoplasia, and sampled for Streptococcus mutans. Results: The prevalence of erosion by teeth was found...

  12. Job searching with a history of drugs and crime

    Eley, Susan
    This article explores the experiences and aspirations of offenders with histories of substance misuse in job searching. The analysis is based upon qualitative data from a localised study of 27 men and two women who were undertaking community-based court orders in Scotland. Their perspectives on job searching, job-readiness and aspirations for sustained employment including the role of self-employment are presented. The article concludes that with adequate support, greater tolerance and flexibility by employers and job searchers could contribute to reducing the vicious cycle of suspicion and dishonesty. Policy action needs to be sustained and possibly augmented to include enterprise training.

  13. Depression in women: The family context and risk for recurrence

    Hammen, C.
    Is there something about the lives of depressed women that contribute to a vicious cycle of stress and depression? Examination of the interpersonal lives of depressed women reveals several characteristics that portend recurrent depression and intergenerational transmission of depression. From a large community sample of families in which the mothers had varying histories of depressive disorders (or no depression), 4 sources of stress are illustrated: marriage to men with psychopathology, children with disorders and impaired functioning, marital distress and relatively problematic relationships with children, and high levels of stressful life events to which these sources have contributed. These stressful circumstances...

  14. Familial breast cancer: collaborative reanalysis of individual data from 52 epidemiological studies including 58,209 women with breast cancer and 101,986 women without the disease

    BACKGROUND: Women with a family history of breast cancer are at increased risk of the disease, but no study has been large enough to characterise reliably how, over women's lives, this risk is influenced by particular familial patterns of breast cancer. This report, on the relevance of breast cancer in first-degree relatives, is based on combined data from 52 epidemiological studies. METHODS: Individual data on breast cancer in first-degree relatives (mothers, sisters, and daughters) of 58209 women with breast cancer and of 101986 controls were collected, checked, and analysed centrally. Risk ratios for breast cancer were calculated by conditional logistic...

  15. Numerical simulation of heat transfer from a transonic jet impinging on skin for needle-free powdered drug and vaccine delivery

    Liu, Y.; Kendall, M. A. F.
    In this paper, gas dynamics and temperature distribution of a transient impinging jet, typically used to deliver powdered drug or vaccines ballistically to the skin, have been numerically simulated. Calculations were performed with the unsteady compressible Navier-Stokes equations, solved using a modified implicit flux vector splitting (MIFVS) difference scheme with a modified k-epsilon model. After validation against an experimental underexpanded jet-flow test cast, the code was applied to two biolistic configurations. Firstly, calculated pressure histories were compared with corresponding measurements in an unsilenced biolistic device, with good agreement. Secondly, this calculation was extended to a silenced geometry, with an emphasis...

  16. Los mil forajidos de Antioquia y los mohanes de Ebéxico

    Córdoba Ochoa, Luis Miguel
    Antiguos relatos, viejos como dioses en fuga, y tejidos en un castellano salpicado con los vocablos creados por los indígenas del Nuevo Mundo a lo largo de miles de años para nombrar y explicar la inagotable diversidad de estas tierras, esperan en las páginas de Juan de castellano y de otros cronistas. El sentido de algunas de estas historias es elusivo porque después de cinco siglos lo que debía ser obvio para los contemporáneos de los cronistas no lo es para nosotros. Sin embargo, algunas de las ideas y juicios que ellos se formaron sobre los nativos de las Indias...

  17. Larval spatial distributions and other early life-history characteristics predict genetic differentiation in eastern Pacific blennioid fishes

    Riginos, Cynthia; Victor, Benjamin C.
    In marine organisms, a pelagic larval stage increases the opportunities for long-distance dispersal and is often associated with little genetic differentiation over large geographical distances. Here we test the hypothesis that early life-history characteristics, including larval spatial distributions, affect the rates of dispersal and, therefore, the levels of genetic partitioning among three Gulf of California reef fishes: Axoclinus nigricaudus, Malacoctenus hubbsi and Ophioblennius steindachneri. These three blennioid fishes have markedly different early life histories: A. nigricaudus has a short larval duration 18 days) and develops inshore, M. hubbsi has an intermediate larval duration (24 days) and most individuals develop inshore...

  18. A time–frequency technique for the stability analysis of impulse responses from nonlinear aeroelastic systems

    Dimitriadis, Grigorios; Cooper, Jonathan E
    A time–frequency method is proposed for the analysis of response time histories from nonlinear aeroelastic systems. The approach is based on a time-varying curve-fit of the short time Fourier transform of the impulse response. It is shown that the method can be used in order to obtain a clear picture of the sub-critical stability of a number of aeroelastic systems with a variety of structural and aerodynamic nonlinearities. Additionally, frequency and amplitude information can be obtained for both the linear and nonlinear signatures of the response signals in the sub- and postcritical regions. Finally, it is shown that, given certain...

  19. A Colourful and Many-Textured Inheritance of Myths: The Invention of National Histories and Identities in Bliss, Oscar and Lucinda and True History of the Kelly Gang

    Doherty, S.

  20. Contentious Histories of the Reformation: Emanations of Anti-Protestantism in Britain During the Nineteenth Century

    Madden, M.

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