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110061. Don't fence me in : the many histories of copyright - Bowrey, Kathy
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110062. On The Differences Between The Sciences: Comparing Knowledge(s) of Health and Disease in the 19th Century - Collyer, Fran
This paper begins with Max Weber’s proposition that the difference between the ‘sciences’ (defined in the broadest sense) is one of values, context and theoretical orientation rather than subject matter. This proposition arises from Weber’s theories of knowledge and of history, theories which can be usefully applied to the way historians theorise the past and the processes of social change. In this paper I argue that Weber’s insights into the difference between the ‘sciences’, despite being formed nearly a century ago, rest on a theory of knowledge and history of continuing relevance, and which offers a more coherent and compelling...

110063. Hydrogeology, hydrochemistry and isotope hydrology of Palm Valley, Central Australia - Wischusen, John David Henry, School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, UNSW
The Palm Valley oasis in arid central Australia is characterised by stands of palm trees (Livistona mariae). How these unique plants, separated by nearly a 1000 kilometres of arid country from their nearest relatives persist, has long fascinated visitors. Defining the hydrogeology of the Hermannsburg Sandstone, a regionally extensive and thick Devonian sequence of the Amadeus Basin that underlies Palm Valley, is the major thrust of investigation. Appraisal of drilling data shows this aquifer to be a dual porosity fractured rock aquifer which, on a regional scale, behaves as a low permeability, hydraulically continuous resource. Groundwater is low salinity (TDS...

110064. Unruly spaces: gender, women's writing and Indigenous feminism in China - Schaffer, Kay; Song, X.L.
Since the 1995 Beijing Women's Conference contemporary women's writing in China has been a privileged site for the exploration of gender relations and female specificity. After defining a specifically indigenous Chinese feminism, this paper studies four directions in women's writing that impact upon feminist practice: rural women's stories that encourage advocacy for women's rights; new historical fiction that challenges the established representations of women in history; popular novels and blog sites by urban women that sexually subvert traditions; and poststructuralist 'personalised writing' that disengages from male-centred discourse and explores women's radical alterity. We argue that these writings give rise to...

110065. Unnatural 'Crimes' and 'Natural' rights: Theorising Queer White Colonialisms - Riggs, Damien Wayne
Within the discipline of history there has of late been an important move towards acknowledging queer histories, including recounting the experiences of ‘queer pioneers’, archiving the achievements of early movements, and rereading historical narratives for the queer stories they contain. Lacking, however, has been a sustained engagement with the role of white people (variously identified as ‘queer’) in the project of colonialism. This paper attempts to map out some of this largely neglected terrain by exploring how it is that white men who we may now tentatively label ‘queer’ were indeed often subject to laws pertaining to sodomy or ‘indecent...

110066. Forensic issues in cases of Diogenes syndrome - Byard, Roger William; Tsokos, Michael
Diogenes syndrome is a syndrome described in the clinical literature in elderly individuals characterized by social isolation and extreme squalor. A number of typical features are found in the forensic evaluation of these deaths as the cases usually initiate medicolegal investigations due to the circumstances and the lack of recorded medical histories. Examinations of the death scenes are often difficult as victim's houses are in a state of disrepair, with filth and clutter, and pet dogs may resent the intrusion of strangers. Bodies are often filthy, with parasitic infestations, and are often putrefied due to the social isolation of the...

110067. On the application of in situ monazite chemical geochronology to constraining P-T-t histories in high-temperature (> 850 degrees C polymetamorphic granulites from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica - Kelsey, David Edward; Hand, Martin Phillip; Clark, Christopher Francis Paul; Wilson, C. J. L.
© 2007 Geological Society of London

110068. The stellar halo metallicity-luminosity relationship for spiral galaxies - Renda, Agostino; Gibson, Brad K.; Mouhcine, Mustapha; Ibata, Rodrigo A.; Kawata, Daisuke; Flynn, Chris; Brook, Chris B.
The stellar haloes of spiral galaxies bear important chemodynamical signatures of galaxy formation. We present here the analysis of 89 semi-cosmological spiral galaxy simulations, spanning ~4 mag in total galactic luminosity. These simulations sample a wide variety of merging histories and show significant dispersion in halo metallicity at a given total luminosity – more than a factor of 10 in metallicity. Our preliminary analysis suggests that galaxies with a more extended merging history possess haloes which have younger and more metal-rich stellar populations than the stellar haloes associated with galaxies with a more abbreviated assembly. A correlation between a halo's...

110069. Carbon storage in the soils and vegetation of contrasting land uses in northern New South Wales, Australia - Young, R.; Wilson, B. R.; McLeod, M.; Alston, Clair Louise. University of Newcastle
The organic carbon stock in biomass and soil profiles sampled from nearby paddocks with different land-use histories was estimated at 7 sites in the upper Liverpool Plains catchment and the Manilla district of north-western New South Wales, Australia. The distribution of soil carbon concentrations over a depth of 2 m was significantly affected by site and land use. Continuous cultivation and cropping over >= 20 years significantly depleted carbon concentrations compared with grassy woodlands in the surface 0.20 m at all sites and to a depth of 0.60 m at 3 sites. Depth of sampling (0-0.20 v 0-1.0 m) significantly...

110070. Modelling land use and land cover change in the Strzelecki Ranges - Zhang, Zhenyu; Peterson, Jim; Zhu, Xuan; Wright, Wendy
Land use and land cover change (LUCC) has been recognized as an important driver of environmental change on all spatial and temporal scales (Turner et al., 1994). LUCC contributes significantly to earth atmosphere interactions, forest fragmentation, and biodiversity loss. It has become one of the major issues for environmental change monitoring and natural resource management. In Australia, modification of land cover since European settlement has largely been due to land clearing and weed invasion, as well as to some natural disturbances such as bushfire. In the Strzelecki Ranges, located in south eastern Victoria, the wide scale of land clearing, subsequent...

110071. A cultural history of cinema-going in the Illawarra (1900-1950) - Huggett, N.
This thesis explores a cultural history of cinema-going in the Illawarra region of New South Wales over the first half of the twentieth century through oral history interviews with cinema-goers of the period. The research was originally intended to explore the Australian cinema industry from a regional perspective. However, while the interviews contained fascinating details and stories of cinema-going in this period, they did not fit seamlessly into existing academic discussions about cinema which often focus on film texts and national cinema industries. Therefore, as well as considering how the oral histories I collected contributed to pre-existing academic discourses about...

110072. Coloratura Ghosts: Greg Leong's Singing Histories - Jose, Nicholas

110073. Storytracking: texts, stories, and histories in central Australia. - Magowan, Fiona Caroline

110074. Writing 'Incommensurable Histories': Caryl Phillips's The Nature of Blood - Nettelbeck, Amanda Elizabeth

110075. Sea-Level Change and Coastal Stability in South Australia - Harvey, Nicholas
The South Australian policy on coast protection and new coastal development relies in part on local records of coastal erosion, flooding and sea-level change but has also incorporated the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates of greenhouse induced eustatic sealevel rise. The application of this policy requires an accurate determination of local sea-level change. This paper examines two approaches for getting better estimates of local sea-level change. First, South Australian case studies are used to illustrate localised differences in sea-level change records adjacent to historic tide-gauge sites. Second, the paper illustrates the use of an inexpensive GIS-based approach for...

110076. Between history and histories: The making of silences and commemorations. - Monteath, Peter David

110077. Contribution of inbreeding to extinction risk in threaten species - Brook, Barry W.; Tonkyn, D. W.; O'Grady, J. J.; Frankham, R.
Wild populations face threats both from deterministic factors, e.g., habitat loss, overexploitation, pollution, and introduced species, and from stochastic events of a demographic, genetic, and environmental nature, including catastrophes. Inbreeding reduces reproductive fitness in naturally outbreeding species, but its role in extinctions of wild populations is controversial. To evaluate critically the role of inbreeding in extinction, we conducted realistic population viability analyses of 20 threatened species, with and without inbreeding depression, using initial population sizes of 50, 250, and 1000. Inbreeding markedly decreased median times to extinction by 28.5, 30.5, and 25% for initial populations of 50, 250, and 1000,...

110078. Indigenous Life-Histories, Dreaming and Country - Westphalen, L.

110079. Spaces that 'Speak': Indigenous Life-Histories, Dreaming and Country - Westphalen, Linda

110080. Exploring Architectural Discourse and Form through Game-like On-line Learning Strategies - Scriver, Peter Carleton; Wyeld, Theodor G.
This paper describes and interprets the use of game-like on-line learning strategies in an introductory course on the theories and histories of 20th Century Architecture and Landscape. Analogies between games and design have been observed by both design theorists and educators (Hubbard, 1980; Woodbury, 2001). The game/design analogy is a particularly useful conceptual framework for design learning, we argue here, because of its robustness as both a theory of design-thinking, and a heuristic representation through which design discourse and practice may be subjected to playful yet critical scrutiny. Game-like learning strategies described in this paper enabled students to develop a...


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