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  1. The continuation of the actions, passages, and occurrences, both politike and polemicall, in the upper Germanie. Historically brought downe, from the period of the last relation, till Aprill. Together with a various and intermixed historie, of what hath been done in Turky, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. Faithfully collected out of good and creditable originals and digested methodically, by the times, places, and actions.

    N. C.
    [8], 46, 49-108 p.

  2. An ecclesiastical Protestant historie of the high pastoral and fatherly chardge and care of the Popes of Rome, ouer the church of Britanie, from the first planting of the christia[n] faith there, by S. Peter the Apostle, and his disciples: continued in euery age, and hundred of yeares, by holy bishops, and cleargie men, sent hither and consecrated by them, his successors in the See Apostolicke. Euidently deduced and proued by historicall narration, from the published and priuiledged writings (to appeaseal protestants) of the most learned & allowed English protestant pretended bishops, doctors, antiquaries, & others of that religion.

    Broughton, Richard.
    250 p.

  3. The Bloody husband, and cruell neighbour. Or, A true historie of two murthers,: lately committed in Laurence Parish, in the Isle of Thanet in Knet, neer Sandwich: one murther by the hands of Adam Sprackling Esquire, who upon the 12th day of December last, being Sabbath day; in the morning, cut, mangled, and murthered his own wife; for which fact he was hanged at Sandwich upon Wednesday the 27th day of April last, 1653. The other the murther of Richard Langly, of the same parish, whose blood also (as is here shewed) cryed against the said Mr. Sprackling, written by one that lives neer the place where the said murthers were committed, and was present at Mr. Sprackling's tryall; and published for the warning, and good of all. May 13. 1653. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy.

    [2], 14 p.

  4. Alektor = The cock. Containing the first part, of the most excellent, and mytheologicall historie, of the valorous Squire Alector; sonne to the renowned Prince Macrobius Franc-Gal; and to the peerelesse Princesse Priscaraxe, Queene of high Tartary.

    Aneau, Barthélemy, d. 1561.; Hammon, J.,
    [4], 192 p.

  5. A description and explanation of 268. places in Jerusalem and in the suburbs thereof, as it flourished in the time of Jesus Christ Answerable to each of the 268. figures that are in its large, and most exact description in the map; shewing the several places of the acts and sufferings of Jesus Christ, and his holy Apostles. As also of the Kings, prophets, &c. Very useful for the more clear and fuller opening of very many places in the prophets (as also in Josephus, and other histories) especially in the Gospels, and the Acts of the Apostles. Translated by T.T. Reviewed, and in many places rectified according to the Holy Scriptures, and some things further cleared: with additions of many scripture proofs: by H. Jessey. Imprimatur Joseph Caryl.

    Adrichem, Christiaan van, 1533-1585.; Jessey, Henry, 1603-1663.; T. T.
    [12], 91, [5] p., [6] leaves of plates

  6. Constituição econômica brasileira : história e política

    Moraes, Filomeno
    Divulgação dos SUMÁRIOS das obras recentemente incorporadas ao acervo da Biblioteca Ministro Oscar Saraiva do STJ. Em respeito à lei de Direitos Autorais, não disponibilizamos a obra na íntegra. STJ00091186 342:33(81) M827c (2011)

  7. A discourse or historie of bees. Shewing their nature and usage, and the great profit of them. VVhereunto is added the causes, and cure of blasted wheat. And some remedies for blasted hops, and rie, and fruit. Together with the causes of smutty wheat: all which are very usefull for this later age. Written by Richard Remnant.

    Remnant, Richard.
    [4], 47, [1] p.

  8. Iacobs vovve, or The true historie of tithes: a sermon penned by Richard Perrot Batchelour in Divinitie, vicar of Hessell with the Trinitie Chappell in Kingstone-upon-Hull, and sometimes fellow of Sidney-Sussex-Colledge in Cambridge.

    R. P. (Richard Perrot), 1584?-1641.
    [10], 72, [2], 17, [1] p.

  9. The famous historie of Albions queene. VVherein is discoursed King Edwards ielosie, Queene Katherines chastetie, the Duke of Suffolkes loyaltie, and the Barron of Buckinghams treacherie.

    R. G., fl. 1600.
    [84] p.

  10. Sacred chronologie,: drawn by scripture evidence al-along that vast body of time, (containing the space of almost four thousand years) from the creation of the world, to the passion of our blessed Saviour. By the help of which alone, sundry difficult places of Scripture are unfolded: and the meanest capacity may improve that holy record with abundance of delight and profit: being enabled thereby to refer each several historie and material passage therein contained to its proper time and date. / By R. D. M.D.

    R. D. (Roger Drake), 1608-1669.
    [44], 14 p., leaf 15, 16-25p., leaf 26, pp. 27-36p., leaves 37-47, 48-49p., leaves 50-68, 69-72p., leaves 73-74 : tables


    Al arte Precolombino en el Ecuador se lo ha visto como elemento arqueológico o de decoración a lo largo de la historia. Sin embargo no se ha realizado un estudio sistemático desde el Diseño Gráfico que permita generar identidad gráfica en el país. Este estudio se analiza una serie de sellos precolombinos de la Cultura Jama-Coaque; pertenecientes a una colección privada que nunca se ha publicado y menos aún analizado. Se ha considerado esta pequeña pieza de cerámica por su carácter único y además por encerrar la creatividad de los “Comunicadores Visuales” de la época. Estos son los referentes a seguir...

  12. Youths divine pastime containing forty remarkable scripture histories turned into common English verse : with forty curious pictures proper to each story : very delightful for the virtuous imploying the vacant hours of young persons, and preventing vain and vicious divertisements : together with several scripture hymns upon divers occasions.

    R. B., 1632?-1725?
    [5], 94 p. : ill.

  13. Wonderful prodigies of judgment and mercy discovered in above three hundred memorable histories ... / impartially collected from antient and modern authors of undoubted authority and credit, and imbellished with divers curious pictures of several remarkable passages therein by R.B., author of the History of the wars of England, and the Remarks of London &c.

    R. B., 1632?-1725?
    [4], 233 p., 5 leaves of plates : ill.

  14. An easy and compendious introduction for reading all sorts of histories: contrived, in a more facile way then heretofore hath been published, out of the papers of Mathias Prideaux Mr of Arts and sometime fellow of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.

    Prideaux, Mathias, 1622-1646?; Prideaux, John, 1578-1650.
    [8], 256, [2], 257-346 p.

  15. An houreglasse contayning I a computation from the beginning of time to Christ by X. articles. II A confirmation of the same for the times controuersed before Christ: as also that there wanteth a yeare after Christ, in the vsuall computation. With other matters, offered to the iudgement of the learned, and vse of the studious in chronologie and historie. By Thomas Pie Doctor of Diuinitie.

    Pie, Thomas, 1560-1610.
    [14], 98, [8] p.

  16. A compendious history of the Catholick church from the year 600 untill the year 1600 shewing her deformation and reformation : together with the rise, reign, rage, and begin-fall of the Roman AntiChrist : with many other profitable instructions gathered out of divers writers of the several times, and other histories / by Alexander Petrie ...

    Petrie, Alexander, 1594?-1662.
    [14], 587, [1], 582, [10] p.

  17. The letters patents of the presbyterie vvith the plea and fruits of the prelacie. Manifested out of the scriptures, fathers, ecclesiasticall histories, Papists, and sundrie other authors. By Iames Peregrin.

    [Peregin, James].; Partridge, James,
    [4], 55, [1] p.

  18. The historie of Corah, Dathan, and Abiram, & c. Numb. 16. Chap. Applied to the prelacy ministerie and church-assemblies of England. By Mr Iohn Penry, a martyr of Iesus Christ.

    Penry, John, 1559-1593.
    [4], 45, [1] p.

  19. The historie of tithes, or, Tithes vindicated to the presbyters of the Gospel begunne in a visitation sermon, whereunto are added the substance of divers other sermons and treatises, being thought fit by good authority to be published, and is necesary both for clergy and laity : in the which is expressed the true use of the Sabbath without controversie / by B.P.

    Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642.
    [8], 31 p.

  20. The visions and prophecies of Daniel expounded:: wherein the mistakes of former interpreters are modestly discovered, and the true meaning of the text made plain by the words and circumstances of it. The same also illustrated by clear instances taken out of histories, which relate the events of time, mystically foretold by the holy prophet. Amongst other things of note, touching the two witnesses, the New Jerusalem, the thousand yeers, &c. Here is propounded a new way for the finding out of the determinate time signified by Daniel in his seventy weeks: when it did begin, and when we are to expect the end thereof. Very considerable, in respect of the great stirs and tumults of this present age wherein we live. / By Thomas Parker of Newbery in Berkshire, and now pastor to the church at Newbery in New-England.

    Parker, Thomas, 1595-1677.
    [4], 156 p.

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